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Send Cambodian Youngsters To School
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  • What did you notice about the experience of eating the chocolate?What tweets were successful and why?What might they use from this exercise for their class project?What is a good collaborative goal?What is a good success metric?

Send Cambodian Youngsters To School Send Cambodian Youngsters To School Presentation Transcript

  • Spreading “Happy Birthday” to Send Cambodia Youngsters to School with Social Technology
    The Art of Retweet, Chocolate, and Learning Loops
    Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
    How I’m Celebrating My 53rd Birthday: Jan. 11, 2010
  • I’m spending my birthday doing three things I love!
  • Teaching and learning
    Photo by Steve Goodman
  • Helping children in Cambodia
  • Engaging
    Content in
    many places
    Learning and content creation
    Social Technology
  • Today is my birthday, but I don’t any more stuff
  • I don’t want cake and ice cream
  • I want to use social technology to help send Cambodian Youngsters to school!
  • Share some insights with you about how to do it …
  • Spread happiness too!
  • And eat chocolate!
  • Why Cambodia ?
  • 1
  • The results …
  • Ladder of Engagement
    Participator Type
    Personal Fundraiser does the Network Weaving
  • Strategy:Stories
  • Where did they get all those embarrassing photos?
  • 125 people donated
    142 birthday wishes
    180 views on “see me naked” photo
    • Birthday feature: How time/effort is needed and document for others
    • Causes matching feature
    • Conversational Fundraising
    • Apply Learning Loops
    • $6,300
    • # of Members Recruited - 253
  • Beth is turning 53rd today! And we’re going to learn about the art and science of retweeting!
  • The Science of Retweeting
    Ask for Retweet
    Use Nouns
    Colons Rule!
  • Ask for the ReTweet
  • ReTweets are Noun Heavy
  • ReTweets have More Punctuation: Colons Rule
  • The Art of ReTweet
    Compose retweet of this message:
    Happy birthday Beth! #beth53! Let's send 53 Cambodian kids to school: http://bit.ly/beth53
    Must include hashtagand the bit.ly url
    Write ReTweetin your own words in a way you think will get attention from your network.  
    Happiness and provoking
    Review the call to action: http://bit.ly/beth53
  • The Secret Sauce: Learning Loops
    Review your goals against your metrics , extract insights, and adapt or delete what isn’t working.
    Learning Loops: Real Time Tracking and Reflection
    David ArmanoListen, Learn, and Adapt
  • Before
    Listening and tracking
  • Some tracking tools …
    For our experiment ….
    Many tools, pick right ones
  • Real Time Tracking Tools for 53rd Birthday
      # followers   # unique references   Frequency RT you  Frequency RT others   Relative frequency updates
  • Real Time Tracking Tools for 53rd Birthday
  • Real Time Tracking Tools for 53rd Birthday
  • Learning
    “We spend more time figuring out whether something is a good idea than we would have just trying it." - Clay Shirky
  • Think like a rocket scientist
  • Observe and sift through qualitative data like a Primatologist
  • You’re saying that your followers are primates?
    Anthropologist * is a better metaphor
    Armano describes it as “digital anthropologist”
  • 52nd Birthday Campaign Objectives
    • Raise $5,200 using Causes
    • Increase the # of people joining by 100
    • Test birthday feature to understand how time/effort is needed and document for others
    • Test Causes matching feature
    • Test conversational fundraising
  • My Learning Process For Every Campaign…
    • Document on the fly
    • Test and tweak
    • Pick the right hard data points
    • Harvest insights
    • Look at what other nonprofits are doing in the space
    • Pause for reflection time before next reiteration: How to improve results?
  • Document on the fly
  • I like to visually document too …
  • Test and Tweak
  • Look at numbers .. You still have to measure to improve
  • Pick the right metrics that translates into a value …
    Photo by smitty
  • Harvest Insights
  • Grand Synthesis
  • Exercise: Shift Into A Reflective Mindset
  • What did you notice about the experience of eating the chocolate?
  • Let’s Reflect on Your ReTweet
    Go to your @sign and look at the ReTweets
    Go to http://wthashtag.com/Beth53 and review the transcript
  • Reflection Questions
    What tweets were successful and why?
    What can you take away form this exercise for your class project?
    What is a good collaborative goal?
    What is a good success metric?
  • Thank You!
    Beth’s Bloghttp://beth.typepad.com
    Have a blog post topic idea?beth@bethkanter.org