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Packard socialmedia lab-module7b-twitter-dan
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Packard socialmedia lab-module7b-twitter-dan


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  • Why – Information/Insight, Marketing, Data Mining, Social Circles
  •’s growth flattened last year. More people are using apps BUT also some people have come and gone. Twitter has limited utility and is best used for finding influentials and dialoguing with the types of supporters who can lead others.90/10 rule = 10% of Tweeters tweet 90% of tweetsTwitter will stay important for those who want the news first – that includes journalists, bloggers, activists and politicos!Soon, there will be a “twitter for normal people” so best to understand now how information spreads and power wields influence in this type of environment.
  • Notes: Profiles are for individual people – not for organizations. For orgs – create a Page. Many orgs also have Groups and Causes. Be aware of search engine optimization when you are setting up your page’s title and description; include both the acronym AND the full name of your org along with a link back to your main website.Walls have their own newsfeeds where Page activity and threaded discussion are shown. Pages also have tabs for Page Info, Photos, Notes, Applications, and other customizable boxes. You can also use FBML (like HTML) to customize your page tabs.You can create Facebook applications that appear both as a tab on your page and elsewhere in FB.
  • But what is different about Twitter and social media tools is the networked effect –
  • Notes:
  • Notes:
  • Transcript

    • 1. Leveraging Social Media:Understanding Strategy and Putting it into Practice
      Module 6b-1: Twitter Mini-Workshop
      This project is being generously supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation
    • 2. This Deck Is A Remix!
    • 3. Twitter: What
      140 Characters of Bon Mots
    • 4. Why – Information/Insight, Marketing, Data Mining, Social Circles, Connections, and Spreading
    • 5. Twitter: Who
      Average tweet = 1x in 72 days
      Most tweeters have 25 or fewer followers
      90/10 rule – Influencers - offline influence
    • 6. Twitter: How
    • 7. Listen First: Twitter As Focus Group
    • 8. Source: Nina Simon
    • 9. Source: Nina Simon
    • 10. Source: Nina Simon
    • 11. They think the people who work at the Smithsonian are cool
      Source: Nina Simon
    • 12. Source: Nina Simon
    • 13. Source: Nina Simon
    • 14. Engage and Build
      Your Network
    • 15. Twitter for Buzz
    • 16. Networked Effect
    • 17.
    • 18. Getting Started: The 7 Steps
      Sign Up
      Set Up Your Profile
      Listen First
      Find & Follow People
      Add Desktop & Mobile Clients
      Engage & Converse
      Measure, Reflect & Improve
    • 19. What’s Your Twitter Brand?
    • 20. The Nonprofit Brand
    • 21. Staffer with Nonprofit Affiliation
    • 22. CEO or Executive Director Brand
    • 23. The Hybrid
    • 24.
    • 25.
    • 26. Basic Listening First
      Twitter Home Page – List of tweets
      People you are following
      Twitter for Us - Part II
    • 27. Use Lists To Manage Followers
    • 28. Basic Searching
      Twitter for Us - Part II
      • Key words relevant to your cause or organization
    • Search a “hashtag”
      Twitter for Us - Part II
    • 29. 7 Ways to Turbocharge Twitter
      Be Informative
      Use #hashtags# and keywords
      Talk to people
      Share & ShoutoutAKA Re-tweet
      Thank people
      Use Twitter tools
    • 30. The Science of Re-tweeting
      Ask for Retweet
      Use Nouns
      Colons Rule!
    • 31. Ask for the ReTweet
    • 32. ReTweets are Noun Heavy
    • 33. ReTweets have More Punctuation: Colons Rule
    • 34. Twitter Tools
      Desktop Tweeting
      Mobile Tweeting
    • 35. Desktop Tweeting
    • 36.
      Twitter for Us - Part II
    • 37. 38
      Twitter for Us - Part II
    • 38. SEED
      Track the
      Whole Funnel
      Identify Influencers
      Tweet Impressions
      Click Thrus
      Sign ups
    • 39.
    • 40. Seed: Twitalyzer to identify Influencers
        # followers   # unique references   Frequency RT you  Frequency RT others   Relative frequency updates
    • 41. Reach: What the Hashtag Tweets
    • 42. Engagement: for Click Thrus
    • 43. Getting Started: The 7 Steps
      Sign Up
      Set Up Your Profile
      Listen First
      Find & Follow People
      Add Desktop & Mobile Clients
      Engage & Converse
      Measure, Reflect & Improve