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  • Facebook is the leading online social networkThe site claims more than 200 million active users (worldwide)That’s an audience twice the size of the SuperbowlMore than 50%, or 100 million users, log on at least once a dayMore than 4 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day
  • Program was designed to get raise awareness on passing healthcare reform. Target = Members of CongressMomsRising built a Facebook app that allows people to “Pin Congress Down on Facebook”Could create their own pacifier pin to change their Facebook photo and status while contacting legislators – letters, calls and visits“MomsRising members sent over 15,000 letters and made hundreds of phone calls to Congress letting them know, “We are pinning our hopes on you because kids need healthcare too!”Got over 20 members of Congress to wear a pacifier pin
  • Branding and Reputation Management = make sure your name, logo and your website are available. Show what you are doing – it’s your second website
  • Engagement/Focus Group Example = Page as an Idea generator – provides a layer of research, objectives
  • Acquisition/Retention Example. Acquisition is a big word. Best to think of it being about recruiting supporters, talk to people, understand themRetention means simply – keep people on board and interested in you!
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  • Notes: Profiles are for individual people – not for organizations. For orgs – create a Page. Many orgs also have Groups and Causes. Be aware of search engine optimization when you are setting up your page’s title and description; include both the acronym AND the full name of your org along with a link back to your main website.Walls have their own newsfeeds where Page activity and threaded discussion are shown. Pages also have tabs for Page Info, Photos, Notes, Applications, and other customizable boxes. You can also use FBML (like HTML) to customize your page tabs.You can create Facebook applications that appear both as a tab on your page and elsewhere in FB.
  • ACE is a good example – they have a customized url =
  • Notes: Admins on Facebook exercise a lot of power but ultimately they are “faceless”. Encourage team members & supporters (via email list, blog, newsletter, etc) to become fans of your FB page and spread your message.For smaller orgs, you can auto-update your FB page with your twitter feed and/or your blog feed – thus getting two for one in terms of effort expended.Be sure to check your page and respond to comments and questions from supporters. This sparks more visits and people off your page will see the conversation, encouraging others to join.Here are a few more ideas for way in which you can update your page to keep the content fresh.Campaign Activities That Show Up In Feeds include:Post pictures on your pageCreate or join a groupFavorite another FB pagePost a video on your pagePosting a link to your pageWriting and sharing a note on your pagePosting a status update on your pageCreating or RSVPing “yes” for an eventPosting a comment on a someone’s wall, photo, or note (this will only show up on someone’s News feed if they are friends with both you and the person whose content you comment on)
  • Notes:Insights offer a lot of data about your audience – how they respond to you, who they are, how their interactions change over time. Too many nonprofits fail to take advantage of this very valuable information that would be costly to obtain otherwise.
  • ways to engage and recruit supporters on your websites
  • Packard socialmedia lab-module 7c-facebook

    1. Leveraging Social Media:Understanding Strategy and Putting it into Practice<br />Module 6c: Facebook Mini-Workshop<br />This project is being generously supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation<br />
    2. Why You Should Care?<br /><ul><li>The fastest growing segment on Facebook: 55-65 year old women</li></li></ul><li>Why Should You Care?<br />
    3. Awareness: Post link on Facebook Fan Page<br />Interest: Like the post<br />Desire: Click through to the blog to check out other content<br />Action: Subscribe to the blog<br />% New Visitors referred to Beth’s Blog<br />
    4. MomsRising Pacifier Healthcare<br />
    5. Branding and Reputation Management <br />
    6. Engagement/Focus Group /Research<br />
    7. Acquisition and Retention <br />
    8. Rome wasn’t built in a day <br /><ul><li>Relationships take time
    9. Take an initial step, evaluate, learn and scale it up</li></ul>Facebook = marketing shift from monologue to dialogue<br /><ul><li>Make sure to listen and respond
    10. Encourage fan participation</li></ul>Incentivize Fans<br /><ul><li>Provide Fans with relevant benefits
    11. Contests, coupons, and giveaways still rule</li></ul>Global Brands Have Global Fans<br /><ul><li>Need to think globally and act locally
    12. Post content with global appeal
    13. Reach local via targeted updates</li></ul>If you Promote it, They’ll Come<br /><ul><li>Ads drive users</li></li></ul><li>Pages – The 411<br />Public Profile for Organizations<br />Pages have “fans” instead of “friends”<br />Pages have walls (with ears!)<br />Pages have admins<br />Page admins can promote their pages using Facebook Ads<br />Page admins have access to Insights statistics about usage<br />
    14. Pages – How To Engage<br />Administrators can message an unlimited number of fans, however those messages are sent as “updates”<br />Fans can find by visiting their home page and clicking an “update” button or they view in their newsfeed<br />Updates can include attachments like photos, links, or videos <br />Can target to a subset of Page fans based on location, gender and age<br />New fans can view an archive of all updates sent <br />