Outcomes, Impact, and Communications


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Outcomes, Impact and Communications
Outcomes and communicating impact are hot topics in philanthropy, but how does your organization incorporate outcome data along with communications into program and grants management? Are there systems in place to support each function and how do they work together? Learn how different foundations have incorporated outcomes tracking along with communications into day-to-day activities and the difference it has made. Hear about the systems they use and how they are designed to support program, grants management, and communications functions. Session panelist: Danette Peters, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Beth Kanter, author of “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” and Roberto Cremonini, Cremonini Consulting.

Participants will:
● Learn why data tracking is so important.
● Understand the integrated approach of using communications with outcomes data and program.
● Learn some techniques for facilitating staff meetings to identify and prioritize measurement indicators, data analysis, and sense-making steps.

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Outcomes, Impact, and Communications

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