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Nonprofit Young Leaders Keynote - Pepperdine University
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Nonprofit Young Leaders Keynote - Pepperdine University


Published on

My keynote to kick off world cafe session

My keynote to kick off world cafe session

Published in: Technology

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  • Started in Tech 1992 Front row seatModem/MicrowaveArtsWireLearning/sharing
  • I was lucky to have a front row seat at the beginning of the nonprofit tech field back in 1992 – when nonprofits were first exploring how the Internet could be used for activist and mission-driven work. I confess to being an early adopter – someone who overpaid for technology tools that didn’t work and still do that today.My first job in this area was with an online network called Arts Wire where I learned new technologies as they came out – like email, HTML, and created and lead trainings, provided online support.
  • Worked in the nonprofit sector for over 33 years. Had a front row seat at the creation of a field – nonprofit technology – use of technology for mission-driven work. I’m a master trainer so I get to travel around the work and work with changemakers on how to use the tools for social change or mission driven work. Most recently, have designed and delivered curriculum for nonprofits to become networked nonprofit – Middle East, Africa, India, etc. There are wicked problems in the world -- I’m passionate about social change and strongly believe that two of the skills that nonprofits need to embrace to solve them. Also a share of the royalities are going
  • For example, I wanted to learn more about content curation and did this presentation in the US by brought in Robin Good, the world’s expert in content curation to share his tips with 300 nonprofits in NY. I’ll be sharing what I learned from him with you this afternoon!
  • My kids were adopted from Cambodia and I took them to visit their homeland last month – and there is now pervasive broadband wifi and even 3 g in the on smart phones that can be access in rural areas CHEAPLY
  • I originally got started blogging in 2002 because I had adopted two beautiful kids from Cambodia – early on combined my love of Cambodia with experimenting with social fundraising – raised money on my blog and took first place in America’s Giving Challenge to support the Sharing Foundation’s education programs – and to send LengSopharath to college. My kids got to meet her finally her face-to-face and communicating with her through Facebook …
  • Also through Facebook, I’ve kept connected to the bloggers, like Mongkol who we met in Phnom Phnom. We decided to take a taxi from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap – a five hour drive – the road was good, but still the safety standards are not what they are in the US – and the drivers go fast. So I had mongkol write a sign in Khmer that read …
  • We made safely to Siem Reap and the Temples – and even climbed up to the Tre Rup and got this photo with the monk … … .. Had a glorius time
  • But we had to drive back to Phnom Penh. This time, the taxi had seat belts in the back of the card, but thee road often looked this … Our driver didn’t understand much english, and was talking on his cell phone a lot of the time!
  • I distracted myself by looking at Facebook with my 3G connection! So I posted this status update …
  • Meet KeoSavon. It is important to me that the book has a social change mission so I am donating my royalities to send her to college in Cambodia through supporting the Sharing Foundation program for education. It will make difference in her life.She is a civil engineering major and is 2nd in her class. I met her this summer when I visited Cambodia. She lives in the orphanage that my daughter came from in Cambodia – and KeoSavon also calls me “mom.” She told me she wants to go to graduate school in the US – MIT or Stanford. I told her that I would have to sell a lot of books!
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Career, A Job or A Calling?
    • 2. What I love … Nonprofits Teaching/Learning CambodiaI get paid to do what I love!
    • 3. During the last year …….
    • 4. In 1979, when I a graduated from college I neverdreamed that this is what I would be doing …..My story is one about …..CuriosityDiscoveryDriveFollowing my heartLearning from mistakesTaking a few calculated risksBuilding a professional networkHaving fun
    • 5. Nonprofit Executive Director (and Techie): 1979
    • 6. I Discovered Internet and Online Networks: 1992My nonprofit tech workbegins ….
    • 7. NpTech, Social Media, and Learning: 2004 # NPTECH Tag
    • 8. Cambodia, NP Social Media, and Networked Learning: 2009 Engaging Content in Scholar 2.0 many places Crowdsourcing network Sharing Conversations FundraisingLearning and content creation
    • 9. Author: 2010
    • 10. Keynote Speaker
    • 11. Keynote Speaker
    • 12. Keynote Speaker
    • 13. 2010-2013: Global Master Trainer and ChangeMaker
    • 14. E-Mediat: Train the Trainers
    • 15. E-Mediat: Meeting Amazing People
    • 16. E-Mediat: Seeing Amazing Places
    • 17. E-Mediat: Experience the Culture
    • 18. E-Mediat: Not Getting Lost in Translation
    • 19. Teaching Young Women To Use Twitter for Professional Networking
    • 20. Grace and Favorite in Rwanda
    • 21. Germaine, Giselle and Favorite in Rwanda
    • 22. Rajens in Coorg India
    • 23. Rajens in Coorg India
    • 24. Rajens in Coorg India
    • 25. Rajens in Coorg India
    • 26. Photo by Steve Goodman 2007
    • 27. 2012
    • 28. 2012
    • 29. Photo by Steve Goodman 2007
    • 30. 2007
    • 31. 2003-2005
    • 32. “Schwank”
    • 33. Gave away a lot of t-shirts!
    • 34. Cambodia is a family affair …..
    • 35. • Set realistic and measurable objectives • Get organized • Identify and cultivate champions and influencers • Engaging stories that inspire people to share • Weave, support, and rally the network • Say thank you in creative ways Ongoing relationship building • Use measurement and reflection to learn and improveI’ve been using social media since 2003, thetools have changed, but principles are thesame
    • 36. Teaching My Kids
    • 37. Don’t think you’re too small tomake a difference… Flickr photo by Claudio Matsuoka
    • 38. “If you’ve been in bed with a mosquito,you know that isn’t true .” – AriannaHuffington
    • 39. What is your passion for socialchange?How can you make that yourcalling?