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  • Official Welcome
  • Step 1. Link Listening To Social Media Strategy DecisionsStep 2. Who will do the work?Step 3. Use your RSS Reader like a Rock StarBrainstorm Keywords
  • WorkFlowWho will set up your dashboard?Who will read the the feeds?Who will summarize the findings and share with others on staff?If you're working an intern, will they be empowered to respond to comments?If you are going to do the work yourself, how will you integrate listening in your routine?
  • California Shakespeare TheaterCalifornia Shakespeare TheatreCalifornia Shakespeare FestivalCal ShakesJonathan MosconeSusie FalkAs the season approaches -- the names of that season's directors and productions.
  • California Shakespeare TheaterCalifornia Shakespeare TheatreCalifornia Shakespeare FestivalCal ShakesJonathan MosconeSusie FalkAs the season approaches -- the names of that season's directors and productions.
  • Peer Discussion (35 minutes)I want everyone to take five minutes and think about these questions and jot the answers in your Wiki journal and then we’ll have each person share and ask questions on the phone linesWhat is your goal for listening?Who will do the work?What RSS reader will you use?What is your initial thinking about keywords?
  • Reflection and Closing (5 minutes)I want everyone to take a silent minute and reflect on what steps you need to do this month before we meet again for your Twitter experiment. Type it into the chat.Just a reminder, for the next call, we’re going to cover the art of Tweeting.
  • LSM: Listening Conference Call 1

    1. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Listening Cohort GroupConference Call 1: May 3, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Beth Kanter and Julie Pippert, Zoetica<br />
    2. Beth Kanter<br />Julie Pippert<br />Photo by Geoff Livingston<br />
    3. Agenda<br />Roll Call (5 minutes)Quick Wiki Pointers (5 minutes)DYI Listening Experiment: First Steps (15 minutes)Peer Assist  (25 minutes)<br />Reflection and Next Call<br />
    4. Roll Call: Phone/Voice<br />When I call your name, Unmute by *7, say hello and Mute by *6<br />Type Into Chat<br />Your organization’s name and why you selected the DYI Listening experiment ….. <br />
    5. Demo: Adding Notes To Your Journal<br /><br />Your Turn: Add a sentence to your listening journal about why you decided on this experiment.<br />
    6. A reminder about where <br />to get “just in time” help ….<br /><br /><br />
    7. Listening Experiment: First Steps<br /><ul><li> Link listening to decisions
    8. Work flow
    9. Select an RSS Reader
    10. Brainstorm Keywords</li></li></ul><li>
    11. Step 1: Link Listening to Strategy Decision-Making or Learning<br />To get a better understanding of what people are saying about our brand, organization, or artists<br />To analyze conversations online about an artist and art form that may help inform our marketing and outreach messaging<br />To understand who are the key bloggers who write about our art form that we should cultivate<br />To get a better understanding of what social media channel we should focus our time<br />
    12. SFGMC: Listening Goals<br />Discover where our ticket buyers live on Social Media – we didn’t really know, and if we can’t find them, we can’t talk to them<br />Hear what they are saying about LGBT music and issues – by our nature we are involved in equal rights battles. Every time we step on stage, we make a political statement, and there are people in the world who fight vehemently against what we do and who we are. It’s imperative our ear is to the ground not just in music, but LGBT issues<br />Look for trends in GALA Chorus performances – adapt/adopt/innovate<br />Establish Social Media Best Practices<br />Help to prove value of Social Media to SFGMC Leadership – this speaks for itself.<br />
    13. A minute of reflection<br />Type into the chat one or two simple goals for listening …..<br />#7unmute - #6 mute<br />
    14. Team or Solo<br />Who will do the work?<br />Set Up<br />Transfer<br />1-2 Hours Per Week<br />
    15. Select An RSS Reader<br />Good RSS Habits• Set up aside a small block of time to read your feeds everyday• Clean house often, RSS subscriptions tend to pile up• Don't feel like you have to read every post on every blog, use the "Mark Read" option<br />
    16. What RSS Browser Do/Will You Use? <br />
    17. Brainstorm Keywords<br />The basic keywords you'll want to monitor are:Other nonprofit names in your spaceProgram, services, and event namesCEO or well-known personalities associated with your organizationOther nonprofits with similar program namesYour brand or taglineURLs for your blog, web site, online communityIndustry terms or other phrases that illustrate needGet creative! Involve other people in your organization.<br />
    18. 42nd Street Moon<br />42 st moon<br />42 Street Moon<br />forty-second street moon<br />forty second street moon<br />42nd St Moon<br />42ndstmoon<br />Greg MacKellan<br />All show titles per season<br />Eureka Theatre<br />Eureka Theater<br />
    19. counterpulse<br />performing diaspora<br />artist in residence names<br />counterpulse blog<br />words first<br />shaping san francisco<br />dance discourse project<br />
    20. California Shakespeare Theater<br />California Shakespeare Theatre<br />California Shakespeare Festival<br />Cal Shakes<br />Jonathan Moscone<br />Susie Falk<br />As the season approaches -- the names of that season's directors and productions.<br />
    21. Peer Assist<br />*6 mute<br />*7 unmute<br />
    22. Reflection and Closing<br /><ul><li> One minute of silence
    23. Type into Chat: What is one thing you are going to do for your experiment before we meet again?</li></ul>Check out the DYI Listening experiment on the wiki:<br /><br />Notes on the Wiki, Next June 7th<br />