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Lsm cinnabar outline for ppt

  1. 1. SLIDE 1A: Cinnabar Title Page -Experiment Type: Twitter (but a lot of Listening too!) SLIDE 1B: when we started we didn’t know anything and were excited to fill our glass with knowledge SLIDE 2: OBJECTIVE: Improve our communications to our audiences a) start talking and stop selling b) create some thoughtful conversations c) learn more about our audience SLIDE 3: GOAL: Increase our audience on both Twitter & Facebook Twitter followers 120 now 240 Facebook Education Page 71 to 82 Facebook Fan Page 223 to 311 Facebook Member Page 180 members to 420 *we believed if we increase our following on FB and Twitter our audience will grow SLIDE 4: What was my strategy to begin? 1) started following groups I admired 2) started following who they admired 3) I began to copy them SLIDE 5: Tactics I tried: Conversation starters & forwarding Blogs 1) Is He Dead? show about an artist who decides he can be more famous dead then alive...true or false? What do you think? Fri Apr 2 22:16:20 2010 via web 2) #petaluma #california @chiliempress How would you judge
  2. 2. chili? Find out how one of our VIP judges is Cookoff Sat May 1 08:15:33 2010 via web 3) @CinnabarTheater Is opera kid’s stuff? Or just silly? @Cinnabartheater #classical #sonoma #2amt #opera Wed May 26 12:11:30 2010 via web SLIDE 6: PLUS: started creating content: Created Videos Created these short videos we call Cinna-minute; a less then 2 minute videos SLIDE 7: THE RESPONSE? Small to moderate response on Twitter, but on Facebook we’ve started to build an audience and they are just starting to talk SLIDE 8: Obstacles –already too busy -I found that my already busy schedule made it hard to start this -As theater that is sort of a hybrid the task is great, with opera, comedy, improv, musical theater, classical music, huge community events & an education program –building groups has been slow *Since this class started: -Produced 1 Small Comedy Fundraiser -3 Improv Shows -Large City-wide Community Event (fundraiser) -2 matching grant campaigns ($15k & $10k) -Finished our Last Play for the season -Open and closed our Young Rep Musical -Opened and are closing our last Opera for the season -Created and presented our Annual Budget to our Finance Committee -squeezed in a vacation
  3. 3. -due to the small staff – we all have so much on our plate --made it hard to create a whole new set of marketing strategies mid-season SLIDE 9: WHAT WOULD I DO DIFFERENTLY? -wouldn’t have bit off too much to begin with, would have focused on listening project only –started slower SLIDE 10: MY BIG AH HA INSIGHT FOR NEXT TIME I have much to do 1) Find an influencer and “woo them” 2) Begin to offer things to metric our audience 3) Continue to listen and grow our audience