LSM Call 4


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  • Official Welcome
  • Pre-Conference CallInformation for Participants Login Information866-740-1260Code: 740-5939http://www.readytalk.comTechnical InformationAs people arrive, welcome them by name – tell them you’ll be getting starting promptly on the hourAs people arrive, remind them about mute and un mute commands and ask them to mute their phonesEvery few minutes give a count down until you’re getting startingAs new people arrive, tell them who is already on the line – give organization name, person name Tell people that the conference call is going to be interactive and that each person is going to have an opportunity to speak or type into the chat
  • recording about 2 minutes late to let people join *2
  • Official Welcome
  • The reason we’re asking you to keep a journal is because it will make the final face-to-face workshop the week of October 10th easier.
  • You will have to participate in the peer share workshop the week of October 10th and finish your experiment to be eligible.
  • out all planned communication and marketing events and opportunities for the year and determine which ones you want to socialize …
  • It is important to have
  • You should be collecting your metrics – like comments per post and impressions and feedback percentage – and reviewing your metrics for each post.
  • In the last example, if the goal was to further engagement to program goals. The metric for success would be comments per post. You can track them using a free tool like or the analytics program that comes with Facebook pages, called insights.
  • Peer Discussion (15 minutes)Now It is Time for Us To Ask/Answer Questions and Share TipsLet’s go in alphabetical order by organization name. I want to give everyone a chance to speak for a few minutes. So, please be brief as possible. If you don’t want to talk that’s okay too – just let me know.Call out the organization, tell them to unmute – and ask:What questions do you have about tips just shared?What will you put into practice this month?
  • Reflection and Closing (5 minutes)I want everyone to take a silent minute and reflect on what steps you need to do this month before we meet again for your Listening experiment. Type it into the chat.
  • LSM Call 4

    1. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Facebook Cohort GroupConference Call 4: August 3, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Julie Pippert and Beth Kanter, Zoetica<br />
    2. Welcome!<br />If you experience any technical difficulties logging into the system, please contact Ready/Talk Customer support: 800.843.9166<br />Please use *6 to Mute your conference line<br />While we’re waiting for everyone to arrive<br />Type into the chat: What is your burning question about effective Facebook? <br />
    3. This call is being recorded<br />* 2<br />Flickr Photo by Malinki<br />
    4. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Listening Cohort GroupConference Call 4: August 3, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Julie Pippert and Beth Kanter, Zoetica<br />
    5. Julie Pippert<br />
    6. Agenda<br />Roll Call (5 minutes)Where we’ve been, where we’re headed (15 minutes)FacebookExperiment: Insight (15 minutes)Peer Assist  (20 minutes)<br />Reflection and Next Call (5 minutes)<br />
    7. Roll Call: Phone/Voice<br />When I call your name, Unmute by *7, say hello and Mute by *6<br />
    8. Wiki: Remember Your Journals<br /><br />Reflections to add as you: <br />What did you do?<br />What did you learn?What is not yet clear? <br />
    9. Learning Culmination WorkshopWeek of October 10th<br />Face-to-Face Workshop<br />Present your experiment:<br />What you did<br />Results<br />Lessons Learn<br />Ignite Style Presentation OR<br />Small Group Verbal Presentation<br />
    10. Implementation Grant: $2,500<br />
    11. Last month we shared ……..<br />
    12. Charting: What are your planned events, web content, and opportunities for the year? <br /> Micro Content for FB<br />Tips and Techniques for creating content strategy<br />
    13. The most important thing to do over the next 6 weeks is implement your content strategy , measure it, and reflect on it<br />To measure, you will be using two tools:<br /><ul><li> Spreadsheet (on the wiki)
    14. Facebook Insights</li></li></ul><li> Spreadsheet: Who is Posting What, Where, When<br /> Recycle, Repurpose, Reimagine<br />
    15. What did they like most? Repeat, Tweak, and Test Again<br />
    16. Facebook Insights Tool counts ‘impressions” for awareness and “Feedback” for engagement for each post<br />
    17. Facebook Measurement Tool<br />Posts By Admin (37) Divided by Total Number of Comments (206) = 5.5 comments per post<br />
    18. Peer Assist<br />*6 mute<br />*7 unmute<br />
    19. Reflection and Closing<br /><ul><li> One minute of silence
    20. Type into Chat: What is one thing you are going to do for your Listening experiment before we meet again?</li></ul>Check out the Facebookexperiment on the wiki<br />Homework: Have a month’s of insight data analyzed and be ready to reflect for the next call<br />Facebook Spreadsheet on the Wiki<br />Notes on the Wiki, Next Meeting September 15th<br />THURSDAY<br />