Friending the Finish Line Call

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  • Molly, does that sound reasonable? ·         Welcome and roll call·         Check in·         "KPI" and "Associated Metrics"  o   Have more groups share their "results" to continue the conversation around this·         Relationship mapping·         Present a CWRF indicator
  • Kansas Action for Children will be one of the examples during the webinar.  They will share: Objectives for a new campaign to protect the Children’s Initiatives FundWhy building their email list is important for the campaignWhy they chose to use promoted posts on FacebookTheir experience using promoted postsResults in terms of views, shares, clicks and signups
  • The organization has mapped its network of individuals and organization partners using social analysis tools, ranging from low tech (hand-drawn maps) to social network analysis tools
  • Mapping NetworksSocial network mapping tools help you visual your network. Use to draw your network because it helps you see the connections and identify strategy. There is a range from simple to complex, free to expensive, and low-tech to high-tech. Example: Draw Network: National Wildlife Federation: Low Tech and High Tech - Twitter Network MapHow Networked Nonprofits Visualize Their Networks
  • What was it like to work on this?Has it saved you time?
  • Social Content Optimization is the process measuring, testing best practices from research, and refining content that you create, repurpose, or curate so it get results.
  • What was it like to work on this?Has it saved you time?


  • 1. Welcome Dial in: Conference Line #: 1-877-885-3221 Passcode: 5775274 To mute and unmute your line, press *6.Feel free to use the chat function to share thoughts or questions.
  • 2. Agenda1. Welcome and Roll Call2. Check In3. Showcasing KPI and Associated Metrics4. Relationship Mapping: CWRF Indicator and How To Do It5. Next Steps
  • 3. Check InWhat did you try coming out of last month’s webinar? What worked? What didnt? Please type your responses into the chat.
  • 4. Showcasing KPI and Associated MetricsKansas
  • 5. Showcasing KPI and Associated MetricsKansas
  • 6. Relationship MappingWhat: The process of visualizing ormapping your network of individualsand organization partners using low-tech options (e.g., hand-drawnmaps) or social network analysistools.Why: Relationships are thecurrency of social media and helpyou be intentional about leveraging.
  • 7. Relationship MappingNational Wildlife FederationBrought together a team that is workingon advocacy strategy to support a law thatencourages children to play outside.Team mapped their five “go-to people”about this issue.Look at connections and strategic valueof relationships and gaps.
  • 8. Relationship Mapping
  • 9. Relationship Mapping
  • 10. Relationship Mapping
  • 11. Relationship Mapping
  • 12. Relationship Mapping
  • 13. Relationship Mapping Can you think of an example whereexternal relationships have helped your organization achieve a goal? How could “relationship mapping” support your social strategy and help you get more impact?
  • 14. Relationship Mapping Crawl Walk Run FlyLists organizations Uses low-tech Uses low-tech Uses low-techor partners but has methods (drawings methods and free methods, free andnot visualized or and sticky notes) to social network professional socialidentified new ones. visualize networks of analysis tools to network analysis tools. individuals and visualize networks. Uses visualization to organizations. Uses data to inform inform strategy and strategy and tactics. measure results.
  • 15. Relationship MappingWhere is your current practice? What do you need to get to the next level?
  • 16. Next Steps What action step will you commit to trying between now and the next call? Type your responses into chat andwe’ll ask you to unmute (*6) to share.
  • 17. Thanks!The next webinar is scheduled for: Thursday, November 29, 2012 2-3pm ET/11am-12pm PT Please contact your Spitfire coachif you have any questions about today’s presentation.