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TAG Conference Presentation

  1. Our Grantees are on Facebook, Now What? Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog TAG November, 2008
  2. What I’m going to talk about … • Social Networks: Fad? • What are patterns of success for nonprofits? • Secrets of a Free Agent Social Networker • What are the organizational adoption issues that foundations need to address? (Marc Osten via Skype)
  3. http://socialnetworking4nonprofits.wikispaces.com/
  4. Beth Kanter: Free Agent Social Networker Photo by Steve Goodman
  5. http://beth.typepad.com Profiles & Content in Presence many places RSS Powered network Sharing photos, bookmarks, videos, and more Conversations Fundraising
  6. How did that happened?
  7. How are you currently using social networks? • I’m not using any social networking sites just for fun • Just forpart of my degree workup with fun to keep my friends, family,learning (optional) personal or colleagues professional development (required) part of my job • For professional networking and relationships, or professional learning, but not as a formal part of my job • Part of my job
  8. Why did you create your social networking profile? Are you using social networks to get news of your industry or profession? Are you using social networks to get information about the issues you fund? If you had a purpose (fun, networking, or part of work), can you think of the EXISTING grantee needs that it would be useful? Can you think of a grantee information need (as opposed to the service needs above) that would be better met by a real community than by you or the affinity meeting you hold every quarter?
  9. Is social networking a radical once in a decade technology that will fundamentally change how foundations and nonprofits do their work?
  10. IT perspective …
  11. In the 70’s, it was mainframe computers
  12. In the 80’s, it the PC
  13. In the 1990s, it was the Internet
  14. Today, it’s the “online social graph”
  15. The online social graph is the map being constructed by social networking sites such as Facebook, of every person on the Internet and how they are connected.
  16. What makes the impact of the social graph different than technologies from the previous decades?
  17. With my friends How people are getting info to make decisions
  18. Ready to jump into the waters of online social networking?
  19. Some planning first! Objective Audience Strategy Time Staffing Policy Experiment
  20. Objective
  21. Audience
  22. Professional Networking: Your new rolodex?
  23. Friendship Outreach Profile Content Workflow
  24. Establish a routine and stick to it
  25. Automated Content: Friend Feed Update Status/Photo Original Content for FB Share Other People’s FB Content Share Other People’s Off FB Content
  26. CAN, FAN, PAN
  27. Objective: Research Channel
  28. Research Channel …… • Part of an overall listening strategy which included monitoring blogs, twitter, etc • Identified key listening goals/decisions • Launched slowly over 6 months of small, narrowly defined projects • Team – reflection, discussion, internal system – intergenerational trust • First step before setting up organizational presence
  29. Marketing and Communication Goals
  30. Rule of Thirds Homebase One Way Social
  31. Engaging and educating
  32. Organizing and Mobilizing
  33. Regular posting to profile and group Effective in connecting to new people Network with people in similar causes Challenges - time
  34. Used to drive traffic to the blog …
  35. Staffing
  36. “I was a Facebook junkie before I was hired!”
  37. Define a Box Define a box
  38. As part of your job ….
  39. Difference perspectives based on generations
  40. Facebook Fan Page
  41. Start small, reiterate over and over
  42. The best advice from Wendy Harmon, Red Cross Blogger
  43. Thank you