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BCI brochure
BCI brochure
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BCI brochure


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SME, mr, wpp, kantar, kantar media, business

SME, mr, wpp, kantar, kantar media, business

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Business Culture Index (BCI) Understand and exploit the UK small and medium size enterprise (SME) market Understand SMEs by what drives their culture – mindset, character, attitude etc Pinpoint the most valuable, dynamic, aggressively growing SMEs Choose the mix of media and brands that will most engage your SME target Target flexibly by sector and company size (sole traders to 250 employees) Speak the language of SME decision makers by understanding their outlook Details overleaf > > >
  • 2. Business Culture Index (BCI) BCI is an annual survey of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK. Based on a large, representative 3,500 sample of owners or board directors of SMEs, the study covers businesses with up to 250 employees (the official government SME size definition). The survey is a collaboration between TGI and the SME think tank CultureMap. BCI is the first ever SME survey for marketing processes and covers: - Business structure - Cultural characteristics - Products and services used - Media usage and attitudes Target the most dynamic SMEs By using BCI to focus marketing activity on those SMEs likely to be particularly valuable, brands can avoid a great deal of wastage. For example, owners or board directors of SMEs with aggressive growth targets are significantly more likely to consume a range of media brands than those at the average SME. These include social networking sites, online press titles and radio stations. For those used to consumer marketing, the small business sector represents a vast new and traditionally far less exploited area. However, its value is immense. BCI enables effective mining of this market by avoiding pre-selection of specific audiences. It gives you a representative sample of the UK’s small and medium businesses, enriched with colour and nuance and a wealth of information that will allow you to clearly see the SMEs you want and craft your messaging by group. Business Culture Index Business Cultural Products and Media usage structure characteristics services used and attitudes Structural information How SMEs decide on ‘The way we do describing type and and use key product How SMEs use media business round here’ outlook of a business categories For more information, please get in touch: T: +44 (0)20 8433 4000 E: W: