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Ki overview-2014 Ki overview-2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Shaping the Future of Digital Identity… Get to know us
  • Who We Are Public, Private, Industry, Gov Diversity
  • Values and Leadership Founded in 2009 as a 501c6. 60+ Organizations, 100’s of Participants. Kantara Initiative Members value: Trustees: l  Trust Operating Accreditation, Approval and Certification programs l  Privacy Developing privacy respecting solutions. l  Security Developing high security solutions and practices Trustees At-Large: Community Bridging technology and policy requirements •  Government of Canada •  Trans-European Research Education Networking Association l  Join. Innovate. Trust. View slide
  • Open, Transparent, Harmonization Governance Model Board of Trustees & Leadership Council Programs Assurance Review Board & Interoperability Review Board Operates Compliance Programs Join. Innovate. Trust. Innovation House Work and Discussion Groups Develops Requirements, Frameworks, and Practices View slide
  • Highlights and Pilots IDPV CSP AM CM IDESG (Liaison) (Liaison) Join. Innovate. Trust. 5
  • Kantara Initiative: Overview Values Kantara Initiative - Trust Frameworks: A Global Context 6
  • What We Do Open, Transparent, Harmonizing - Always
  • Our Trust Framework Evolution Technical Profile Privacy Profile Specific Technical Deployment Rules Specific Policy / Regulation Rules Core Framework Common, Well-Vetted Foundation Jurisdiction Profile Industry Profile Specific Policy / Regulation Rules Specific Industry Based Considerations / Rules Join. Innovate. Trust.
  • Agile Component Services Kantara Initiative industry leader Members innovate component service recognition. Component Services: •  Identity Proofing / Verification •  Credential Issuance and Management Organizational Trust Identity Proofing / Verification See: Anil John’s most popular blog post of 2013 Join. Innovate. Trust. Credential Issuance / Management Credential Service Provider
  • Trust Framework in Motion Assessment Trust Status Listing Service Verification Registration Certification Process Join. Innovate. Trust. Interested Parties Kantara Trust Status List and Registry
  • Accredited and Approved Kantara Accredited LoA 1-4 Kantara Approved to LoA 1-3 non-crpyto Verizon Universal Identity Service (VUIS) IDPV Component Recognition Norton Credential Service Provider Registered Applicant MITREid (LoA 1) Multiple organizations in pipeline Join. Innovate. Trust.
  • Where Are We High Profile and International - Borderless
  • Relationships at-a-glance High Profile Themes •  Trust •  Privacy •  Cloud Broker •  Interoperability TFPs ISO IDESG FCCX OECD NSTIC Join. Innovate. Trust. EUSTIC
  • International, Public, and Private l  ICAM l  l  Only cross-vertical LoA 1-3 non-crypto Approved Trust Framework Provider NSTIC l  l  l  Kantara Identity Assurance Framework – Service Assessment Criteria Ecosystem of Assessors UK IDAP l  l  EUSTIC l  l  Kantara supporting as media sponsor and relevance to Kantara initiatives Government of Canada and SWEDEN E-legitimation l  l  Working to harmonize Cross Jurisdiction recognition Kantara Identity Assurance Framework referenced Industry Visibility Footprint l  ISO, OECD-ITAC, ITU-T, OASIS, IDESG, Join. Innovate. Trust. 14
  • We’re Ready To Innovate with You - Now
  • Why Communities Join Enabling industry, communities, and governments to trust and leverage high-value identity credentials. . Our Members innovate Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and grow more trustworthy markets. Members join Kantara Initiative to: •  •  •  •  •  Increase visibility for their organization, Influence markets, Learn the latest trends, Share a table with competitors, Generate business leads. Join. Innovate. Trust. Kantara Initiative provides: •  •  •  •  easy access to IdM leaders Lightweight tools and rules to ensure innovation support Ability shape Assurance and Interoperability programs Access to liaison organizations like ISO & ITU-T
  • Who Values the Work Enabling industry, communities, and governments to trust and leverage high-value identity credentials. Kantara Members are leaders in: Identity Assurance, Privacy, Policy and Information Systems Assessment. We help your community ensure Federated Identity Systems actors are assessed for trust. Join. Innovate. Trust. Value to: •  Industry •  Healthcare •  Commerce •  Governments •  Research and Academia
  • Shaping the Future of Digital Identity @kantaranews l l l l l  Join. Innovate. Trust.
  • Thanks! Send inquiries to