Manifest Destiny


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Manifest Destiny

  1. 1. You own a 25 year old familybusiness (movie theater, bowlingalley, restaurant, lumberyard,hardware store, photo studio,hair salon, or pharmacy).Competitor Mal-Wart has justbuilt a superstore within twomiles of your business. Andthere’s already another SuperMal-Wart on the other side oftown. In fact there are 50 Mal-Warts within a two-hour drive.Aug 31/Sept 01 – Quick Write (p. 30)List three choices thatyou have to maintain orimprove your currentlifestyle.
  2. 2. The Power of an IdeaManifest Destiny
  3. 3. “It is America’s right to stretchfrom sea to shining sea.”“Not only do we have aresponsibility to our citizens togain valuable natural resourceswe also have a responsibility tocivilize this beautiful land.”
  4. 4. The term Manifest Destiny was firstcoined by Congressman RobertWinthrop and then made popular bynewspaper publisher John O’Sullivanin the 1840s.Origin of theTermRobert Winthrop John O’Sullivan
  5. 5. When JohnO’Sullivan wrotehis first articleabout ManifestDestiny in 1839 theidea of anAmerican destinywas not new.Origin of theTerm
  6. 6. Since the beginning of Englishcolonial history, the Puritansemphasized the special destinyof America.This notion, based onexceptionalism, wasfundamentally religious.Origin of theTerm
  7. 7. ExceptionalismAmerican exceptionalismis the belief that the UnitedStates of America is aunique nation and differshistorically from the rest ofthe world in ways that offeropportunity and hope forhumanity.
  8. 8. The Puritans believed thatGod had made a covenantwith their people and hadchosen them to lead theother nations of theworld.The Puritans
  9. 9. In the 1800s itmeant that it wasGod’s will thatAmericansexpand from “seato shining sea.”What isManifest Destiny?
  10. 10. Americans claimedthey were bringingGod, technology,and civilization tothe west.Manifest Destiny
  11. 11. Of course theyalso broughtdeath, disease, andwar, but that was notpublicized.Manifest Destiny
  12. 12. In the 19th century, thistheme became a politicalambition, an officialpolicy led by PresidentPolk, who was electedon a Manifest Destinyplatform.“Fifty-fourforty orfight!”Manifest Destiny
  13. 13. TerritorialExpansion19th Century
  14. 14. Settlers moving west on the Oregon Trailwere embarking on the most significantjourney of their lives. Thoughts of ManifestDestiny danced in their heads--indeed, it wasa fever sweeping the nation.Manifest Destiny
  15. 15. These pioneers were filled with mixedemotions--hope for the future; despair overleaving their homes; and fear of the unknown.Manifest Destiny
  16. 16. In this assignment, you will have theopportunity to express the thoughts andactions, hopes and fears of the bravepeople as they departed “civilization” forthe unknown.Your Assignment
  17. 17. You will design a souvenir article of clothingthat illustrates your understanding of pioneersmoving West.Your Assignment
  18. 18. If you walked into The T-Shirt Shop (assuming they had oneduring this time period), in Independence, MO, in the 1840s tobuy a last-stop souvenir before departing on the Oregon Trailwith visions of Manifest Destiny on your mind, what would youhave seen for sale?1-- What would a T-Shirt say about the peopleliving during this time?2-- What symbols, pictures, people, things, etc.might be seen on T-Shirts from thistime period?3-- By what you see on the T-Shirts, what valuesare important to these people?ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES:
  19. 19. You may illustrate your clothing in avariety of ways, using color if desired:1-- Art work only2-- Slogans or writing only3-- A combination4-- Illustrate both sides, if desiredAll material that appears on the clothingmust be accurate for the time period andschool appropriate.You cannot use the words “fear,”“hope,” or “despair.”
  20. 20. TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: The Pioneer Laundry BasketMake a chart on a piece of paper titled: The Pioneer LaundryBasketThe chart should have three columns:1--100% Cotton (Hopes/Dreams)2--50/50 Cotton/Polyester (Despair)3--100% Polyester (Fears)•Categorize all the clothing on the clothesline into your laundrybasket.•Select your favorite article of clothing.•At the bottom of the page that serves as the laundry basket,explain your selection. Include the category that it fits intoand why it is your favorite.