President Bill Clinton


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President Bill Clinton

  1. 1. Quick Write – April 21/20From April - July 1994, the Hutu-led military inRwanda killed about 800,000 Tutsis and Hutumoderates in the Rwandan genocide. According toclassified documents made available in March2004, President Bill Clinton and his administrationknew that Rwanda was being engulfed by genocidein April 1994 but chose not to get involved.Why would President Clinton choose not tointervene in Rwanda even though he hadintelligence reports of the “final solution toeliminate all Tutsis”?
  2. 2. Political Rise of Bill Clinton16 year old Clinton attended the School of Foreign Serviceat Georgetown University inWashington, D.C., receiving a degree in1968, during which he ran for President of theStudent Council.Sixteen-year-old Bill Clintonshakes hands with President JohnF. Kennedy.
  3. 3. Political Rise of Bill Clinton• Attorney general of Arkansas at 30 years of age• Nation’s youngest governor at 32 years of age (Arkansas)• Chaired the National Governors Association in the late 1980s– Focused on improving education and reforming the welfaresystem
  4. 4. Political Rise of Bill Clinton• Chaired the Democratic Leadership Council—an organizationof centrists• Sought the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1992– Pushed for middle-class tax cuts and a national health-caresystem– Relied on his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of thenation’s top lawyers
  5. 5. The 1992 ElectionClinton presented himself as theprotector of the middle class.Clinton’s running mate was SenatorAl Gore of Tennessee.commercial
  6. 6. Three way race betweenClinton, Republican PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush, and anindependent candidate, H. RossPerot.Clinton won 370 electoral votesto Bush’s 168, although Clintonwon less than 50 percent of thepopular vote.Perot won 19 percent of thepopular vote.The 1992 Election
  7. 7. Domestic Policy IssuesThe 1994 Election• Clinton failed to deliver on hiscampaign promises, such as taxcuts and a health care plan.• Discontent helped contribute toa major Republican victory inthe mid-term elections.• Republicans campaigned with adocument called the Contractwith America.• The Contract had a plan tobalance the budget, fightcrime, and provide tax cuts.• Republicans gained 54 seats inthe House and 8 seats in theSenate—this gave them controlof both houses.What to do about welfare?• The Contract with Americacalled for changes to thewelfare system.• Clinton proposed his ownwelfare-reform plan.• It limited the amount of timepeople could receive benefits.• It required most recipients tofind work within two years ofgetting benefits.• Congress approved this plan.
  8. 8. What to do about health care?• Health care costs were risingand tens of millions ofAmericans had little or nohealth insurance.• Hillary Clinton headed a specialtask force which proposed agovernment-sponsoredprogram of health care.• The plan was defeated aftermonths of debate.Domestic Policy Issues
  9. 9. Oslo Accords• Clinton hosted thesigning of a peaceagreementbetween Israeland thePalestinians.• Agreed to self-rule forPalestinians inreturn for thePalestiniansrecognizingIsrael’s right toexist• Never fullyrealizedSomalia• Bush sent troops tohelp the UNdistribute food tovictims of the civilwar.• UN forces alsoworked to end thefighting.• After a number ofAmericansdied, Clintonwithdrew theremaining soldiers.• Stopped U.S. fromsending help toRwanda.Foreign Policy ChallengesHaiti• Clinton pledgedthe use ofAmerican troopsto lead a UNmission to removea military dictator.• The presence ofUN forces helpedbring about agenerally peacefulchange ingovernment.
  10. 10. Former Yugoslavia• Violence raged between thenew countries formed fromthe breakup of Yugoslavia.• Clinton helped broker theDayton Accords to endfighting in Bosnia andHerzegovina.• He urged NATO to actagainst Serbia.• The Serb army was forcingethnic Albanians from theSerbian region of Kosovo.International Trade• Under NAFTA, the UnitedStates, Mexico, and Canadabecame a free-trade zone.• Clinton needed to wincongressional approval of theagreement.• Critics thought NAFTAwould cost American jobs.• Proponents believedincreasing trade would helpthe economy.• Clinton also helped create theWorld Trade Organization.Foreign Policy Challenges
  11. 11. Scandal and Impeachment• Whitewater real estate deal– Kenneth Starr led an investigation into a failed real estateinvestment the Clintons were involved in during the 1970s.• Paula Jones sexual harassment case– Jones sued Clinton for sexual harassment while he wasgovernor of Arkansas and she was a state employee.– Information emerged suggesting that Clinton had animproper relationship with a White House intern, MonicaLewinsky.• Monica Lewinsky case– Clinton accused of lying under oath about MonicaLewinsky.– House approved two articles of impeachment but theSenate did not have the two-thirds majority necessary toconvict Clinton.