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Swastik  A Symbolof Health

Swastik A Symbolof Health



Here is the value of the Swastika in India as well as ouutside

Here is the value of the Swastika in India as well as ouutside



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    Swastik  A Symbolof Health Swastik A Symbolof Health Presentation Transcript

      • AN APPEAL BY
      • NMO
      • Derived from su, "well" and astu , "may it be," or "be it so .
      • Given by Lord Ganesha
      • The four bent arms stand for the four human aims, called purushartha; a potent emblem of Sanatana Dharma
      • Single most common emblem in earth cultures
      • Encyclopaedia Britannica : "It was a favorite symbol on ancient Mesopotamian coinage; it appeared in early Christian and Byzantine art (where it became known as the gammadion cross because its arms resemble the Greek letter gamma); and it occurred in South and Central America (among the Mayans) and in North America (principally among the Navajos). In India it continues to be the most widely used auspicious symbol of Hindus, Jainas and Buddhists."
    • SWASTIKA- Two Variants
      • The right-hand swastika is one of the 108 symbols of the god Vishnu as well as a symbol of the sun and of the sun god Surya. The symbol imitates in the rotation of its arms the course taken daily by the sun, which appears in the Northern Hemisphere to pass from east, then south, to west. (It is also a symbol of the sun among Native Americans.)
    • SWASTIKA- Two Variants
      • The left-hand swastika (called a sauvastika ) usually represents the terrifying goddess Kali, night and magic. However, this form of the swastika is not "evil" and it is the form most commonly used in Budhism .
    • Swastika- Universal Symbol
      • In all C ontinents, all C ountries, all C ultures
      • Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period.
      • Continental Tour
        • Africa
        • America
        • Asia
        • Europe
        • Oceania
    • Swastika in Africa
    • Swastika in Africa
      • In the city of Daressalem (Tanzania)
    • Swastika in Africa
      • Ghana –
      • Ashanti goldweights
    • Swastika in Africa
      • The Rockchurch of Lalibela (Ethiopia, 12th century)
    • Swastika in America
    • Swastika in America
    • Swastika in America
      • Quilt, for display at the Nevada state museum
    • Swastika in America
      • Navajo carpet
    • Swastika in America
      • 45th Infantry - Lucky Star - May this emblem protect you well from every bullet, every shell
    • Swastika in America
      • Embossed and airbrushed American postcard of the 1905 - 1910 era, bearing the legend "To Darling Baby," accompanied by a lavender swastika and a bunch of Lily-of-the-Valley flowers
    • Swastika in America
      • Postcard 1907-Copyright 1907 by E. Phillips, a U.S. card publisher
    • Swastika in America
      • Postcard from 1910
    • Swastika in America
      • Postcard from 1915
    • Swastika in America
      • Windsor Swastikas Dark Outfits 1910
    • Swastika in America
      • Edmonton Swastikas Hockey Team 1916
    • Swastika in America Coca Cola Swastika lucky watch fob Will’s Cigarettes 1921
    • Swastika in America
      • The Laguna Diversion Dam is an earthfill diversion dam located 13 miles Northeast of Yuma, Arizona. It creates the Laguna Reservoir along the Colorado River. Constructed between 1909 and 1924, the Laguna Dam was decorated with numerous swastikas, thus developing the eventual nickname "Swastika Dam."
    • Swastika in America 1929 to 1932 & 1941 Boeing P-12 F4B Boeing fighter plane-
    • Swastika in America
      • A town in Ontario (Canada) was named 'Swastika' after a lucky Gold strike in 1911. There is also a town called 'Swastika' across the border in Clinton County / New York.
    • Swastika in America
      • York University campus in Ontario
    • Swastika in Asia
    • Swastika in Asia Jainism Seals from the Indus Valley Civilization (from around 3000–1500 BC)
    • Swastika in Asia Buddha statue The Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead
    • Swastika in Asia
      • Buddha Feet Buddhist Temple in Korea
    • Swastika in Asia Market in India
    • Swastika in Asia Low-fired pottery bowl from the Banshan Culture Majiawan Village, China Neolithic Period (2165-1965 BCE) Chinese stamp
    • Swastika in Asia
      • Subway map of Taipei, Buddhist temples are marked with swastika
    • Swastika in Asia
      • A swastika crossed by two arrows, within a shield and surmounted by a royal crown on an orange background was used as the coat of arms of the samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga in the early 17th century
    • Swastika in Asia Hindu swastika in Bali Tibetan pot
    • Swastika in Europe
    • Swastika in Europe
      • Before the Germanic people possessed any form of script, they used pictorial symbols that they scratched onto rocks. Especially common in Sweden, these prehistoric rock carvings or hallristningar are dated from the second Bronze Age (c. 1300 BCE).
    • Swastika in Europe Greek helmet with swastika marks, 350-325 BCE, found at Herculanum, Tarente
    • Swastika in Europe Danish Snoldelev Stone, 800 CE Golden geometrical disc from Skyros
    • Swastika in Europe British Boy Scout Shoes
    • Swastika in Europe French Planes- Guerre Aerienne Lafayette Escadrille 1917
    • Swastika in Europe
      • Finnish Air Force- It is important to understand that the swastika emblem of the early Finnish Air Force has nothing to do with the Nazi Germany. The swastika was the symbol of good fortune used by the Swedish Count Eric von Rosen who during the Finnish Civil War presented to the Finnish White Army its first aircraft on March 6th, 1918. The swastika was painted on the upper side and under side of the wings of the Thulin Parasol he brought from Sweden. The symbol was adopted by the Finnish Air Force to honor him.
    • Swastika in Europe Socialist Sovient banknote from 1917. The designer of that banknote was an ethnic Latvian Rihards Zariņš. He created designs of paper money, postage stamps, certificates and more. He enjoyed the socialist symbolism of the swastika and he used it frequently, as in this banknote.
    • Swastika in Europe Soviet Army 1919/1920
    • Swastika in Europe Swastika from Roman mosaic II cent. CE Amiens cathedral, France
    • Swastika in Europe Wooden hand cross (Ukraine) Masonic Lodge in Rennes, France
    • Swastika in Europe Bishop's mitre The tomb of a Bishop of Coventry has a ‘relief’ of him over the grave. His Mitre (Bishop’s hat) has a band decorated with Swastikas. Ironically this is one of the only things left intact after Coventry Cathedral (in England) was bombed … by the Third Reich
    • Swastika in Oceania
    • Swastika in Oceania New Zealand – Geometric Bowl at the Otago Museum
    • Swastika in Oceania ChristChurch- In New Zealand there are swastikas on the tiling patterns in Christchurch Cathedral (and a little notice explaining it's ancient usages)
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
      • Hitler - In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man,
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
      • Thule Gesellschaft
      • The Nazi Party (NSDAP) formally adopted the swastika in 1920. What inspired Hitler to use the swastika as a symbol for the NSDAP was its use by the Thule Society since there were many connections between them and the DAP. The Thule Society was a German occultist and Völkisch group in Munich, named after a mythical northern country from Greek legend.
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
      • Used by left-wing parties
      • So the swastika symbol has not been created by the Nazis at all, they simply used an already existing symbol. The complete lack of any far-right connotations of the swastika in Asia is best illustrated by its use as a generic electoral symbol even by parties of the far-left.
      Communist party electoral banner in Nepal, 1994.
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
      • Used in Israel -
      • One can also find a swastika on the floor of the Ein Geidi Synagoge. Ein Gedi is an oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, some 400 m below sea level.
    • Why It Is NOT a Nazi Symbol
      • Banning symbol?
      • European children should be told at school what a beautiful symbol the swastika is instead of referring only to the dark use made by the Nazis. If some European countries want to ban the swastika because the Nazis used it then in order to be consistent they should then also ban this symbol here
    • Contemporary Usage
    • Contemporary Usage The Unit Colour of the Finnish Air Force Academy features swastika as a central element Colour of Finnish Utti Jaeger Regiment has a swastika on it, symbolizing its airborne transport by helicopters
    • Contemporary Usage
      • Tajikistan
      • In 2005, authorities in Tajikistan called for the widespread adoption of the swastika as a national symbol.
      • Canada
      • The town of Swastika, Ontario , founded in 1908, got its name from a former mine of the same name, and inhabitants refused to have it changed during and after the Second World War.
    • Contemporary Usage
      • Official Raelian Symbol –
      • The star of David represents infinity in space whereas the swastika represents infinity in time i.e. there being no beginning, no end in time and everything being cyclical.
      • In 1991, the symbol was changed to remove the Swastika, out of respect to the victims of the holocaust, but as of 2007 has been restored to its original form
    • Contemporary Usage
      • The Theosophical Society uses a swastika as part of its seal, along with an Aum , a hexagram, a Star of David , an Ankh and an Ouroboros
      • The Tantra -based religious movement Ananda Marga uses a motif similar to the Raëlians, but in their case the apparent star of David is defined as intersecting triangles with no specific reference to Jewish culture
    • Scientific Basis
    • Scientific Basis- Bovis scale
      • The intensity of the rays or vibrations, of a place, plant or object can be measured using a dowsing pendulum. The Bovis scale utilises the knowledge of electromagnetic wavelengths and specifically the wavelength of red light which is in the region of 6,500 Ångström.
      • The modern version of the Bovis scale was developed by Blanche Merz from the original by the engineer Simoneton, and the French physicist Andre Bovis .
      • As units, he used the angstrom as used for light. After him the physicist Simonton realized that the angstrom is not the right unit; it is something else and called the units BOVIS units. The BOVIS Scale quantifies or measures how positively or negatively charged a substance is.
    • Scientific Basis- Bovis Scale is the desired minimal energy level for humans or slightly positive. Between 8,000 to10, 000     the energy gradually becomes more POSITIVE, or life enhancing Above 6,500 point the charge is in the NEGATIVE range, or life detracting 0 to 6,500 is the key reference point 6,500 health - promoting while those below this number are harmful, living organisms Readings Above 6,500 Effects BOVIS Energy Units
    • Scientific Basis- Bovis Scale
      • The Earth itself creates energy in the 7,000 to 18,000 ranges. This energy is also referred to as "Bio- photons ", which are light particles invisible to our eyes. This positive radiation is necessary to the maintenance of life on Earth.”
    • Scientific Basis- Bovis Scale It is not rare to verify that his has medium power. Above 9000 A man who is able to heal people using his hands Between 8500 and 9000    Very tired person, it is final limit, and under this point you are sick. At 6000 A tired person At 6500 Person in good health At 7500 Is person’s top, completely recharge. At 8500
    • Scientific Basis- Bovis Scale Swastika (Any Size) 1000000 BOVIS Tibetan Temple 14000 BOVIS  Church Bell 11000 BOVIS   Chakras. 6500 to 16000 BOVIS  Human Being  6500 BOVIS  The good Cosmo -telluric place are often Above 10,000 
    • Scientific Basis- New Role
      • Swastika has new applications in optical communications and could have a role in quantum cryptography
      • Dr Darren Bagnall from the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton has found that he can arrange tens of thousands of gold swastikas on a square millimetre to form new optical metamaterials that act to artificially change the polarisation of light, effectively "twisting" light in accordance with the rotation of the swastikas. By changing the degree of twist in a predictable way the chiral metamaterials can provide an alternative way to code information that is being transmitted using light.
    • Scientific Basis- New Role
      • "The swastika has a number of special features, it is entirely made up of vertical and horizontal straight lines and it is square but can still provide the feeling of left-handed or right-handed rotation known as chirality. It is this chirality which causes our swastikas to twist light.”
      • “ While we are still at an early stage in our experiments, we can already anticipate applications in optoelectronics, laser physics and optical communications.”
    • सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया