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Visual Merchandising Portfolio
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Visual Merchandising Portfolio


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  • 1.  
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  • 3. Visual Merchandising
    • Visual Merchandising is about grabbing the customers attention and enticing them to try and feel the product. And within those few moments of seeing, tell the customer about the product and the possibilities of what it can express and do.
    • Visual Merchandising is about organizing to sell.
    • The sole purpose is to reach out to the customer and making a statement about the product and the brand.
    • Showcase the product in the best possible manner and highlight its functions and aesthetics
  • 4. Modules covered during the course
    • Window Display
    • Styling
    • Merchandise Presentation
    • Material Exploration
    • Luxury Retailing
    • Retail Environment
    • Merchandise Knowledge
    • Applied Visual Merchandising
    • Design Management
    • VM Principles and Practices
    • Retail Brand Management and Research
    • Mockshop
    • PDP
    • Location and Site selection
  • 5. Mood Board Fashion
  • 6. Signage identification exercise on the basis of Type and Materials
  • 7. Signage identification exercise
  • 8. Design management – class Group exercise depicting Café scenario using everyday found objects from the campus
  • 9. Design management
  • 10. Styling Mood Board – Baroque style A class exercise to create a Fashion mood board using mix medium – water colours, pencil colour and magazine cut outs
  • 11. Mood Board – The Body Shop Used green back drop to show sustainability, community trade, target consumers and Brand values
  • 12. Fashion Jewellery display IRS Diwali mela – stall put up to display Fashion Accessories
  • 13. Fashion Jewellery display – Merchandise include necklaces, bangles, rings, Bracelets, earrings, rings, sets in variety of colored semi precious stones
  • 14. Window Display Pears Soap –materials used white satin, levelers, cellophane blue and green
  • 15. Window Display Pears Soap
  • 16. Merchandise Presentation Product based Display (Books on Spirituality)
  • 17. Merchandise Presentation Price based Display (Books on Spirituality)
  • 18. Shadow Box - Sprite soft drink – taking sea beach as a theme and blue green as predominant colour palette
  • 19. Window Display, Maysa (hypothetical, perfume brand)
  • 20. Unpredictable model Materials used – Steel wire and Plastic balls The arms are following a certain pattern with colorful balls and suddenly one arm shoots out in the air with a white ball – breaking the pattern, becoming unpredictable
  • 21. Theme - Spring/Summer Material exploration – display as can be seen in the above pictures
  • 22. Creating a Leveller inspired by the Spring/summer material exploration Theme - Spring/Summer Materials – Sponge and thin wires
  • 23. Window Display Crockery Trying to contrast the contemporary green with textured jute and props like glass jar to give a contemporary look and feel to the crockery set on display targeted to the experimental youth generation
  • 24. Window Display Crockery
  • 25. Window Display Valentine Fashion – targeted at young, urban couples
  • 26. Window Display Valentine Fashion The mannequin is covered in silver with red chilly necklace to hint passion and is the High point in the display, the Fashion accessories are all red – the colour of Valentines day, displayed on black satin cloth to highlight the products
  • 27. Window Display Fashion
  • 28. Window Display Fashion
  • 29. VM Principles and Practices Satya Paul
  • 30. VM Principles and Practices Satya Paul
  • 31. VM Principles and Practices Satya Paul
  • 32. VM Principles and Practices Satya Paul
  • 33. VM Principles and Practices Fabindia – The Bed and Home furnishings section
  • 34. VM Principles and Practices Fabindia
  • 35. VM Principles and Practices Fabindia – The Bed and Home furnishings section
  • 36. VM Principles and Practices Fabindia – Styling the mannequins
  • 37. Merchandise Presentation Magppie – Dining table display in a Shop in Shop in DLF Promenade
  • 38. Merchandise Presentation Magppie – The Focal Point display using techniques of stacking, levelling, angular display and cross merchandising
  • 39. Merchandise Presentation Magppie
  • 40. Merchandise Presentation Magppie
  • 41. Merchandise Presentation Magppie Window Display in West gate mall in Rajouri Garden
  • 42. Merchandise Presentation Magppie Window Display in West Gate mall in Rajouri Garden
  • 43. Styling for Fashion Garage – A hypothetical brand inspired from the late sixties and seventies era. Targeted towards modern women Age Group – 15 – 35 yr olds who are Experimental and Stylish
  • 44. Styling: Beach ware – the bohemian, hippie and casual look
  • 45. View my online portfolio –