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A Research Methodology project to explore how websites of Brands(Levi’s 501 and Sunsilk Gang of girls) help in building Brand Associations. The methods used for this Research are In - depth interview and Group discussions. The conclusions arrived have helped prove the hypothesis taken before starting the research on this topic.

The research entails the study of how the consumer became aware of the website? Was the interface user - friendly? Were their any problems? How well did they connect with other consumers online? Did they share their experience?... etc. These questions helped solve not only Design issues but also gave a lot Consumer Insights into the brands.

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Levi's® 501and Sunsilk GOG

  1. 1. Websites in Brand Development
  2. 2. Research Topic: To study and analyze the role of websites in building brand associations. How are websites being used as a medium to support the brand? Significance: • Websites can be used as a platform for Instant and Direct Interaction between the users and the brand • Meant for Focused target groups • Could prove to be a powerful tool for building brand loyalty, making long term relationship with the internet users • Tracking response to a particular product, directly from the consumers • Engage them as brand partners - by building relationships with their clients Websites in Brand Development
  3. 3. Presentation Plan 1. Aim of the Project 2. Research Objectives Research Questions 3. Levis 501.com Introduction History Links on levis.com Information Architecture Advertising the brand Research Methodology Findings Consumer Analysis Research Analysis 4. Sunsilk GangofGirls.com [GoG] Sunsilk – The hair expert GoG history Advertising the website Information Architecture What the site has? Research Methodology Findings Consumer Analysis Research Analysis 5. Conclusions: Hypothesis 1 Hypothesis 2 Hypothesis 3.1 Hypothesis 3.2 6. Recommendations
  4. 4. RO 1: Identifying profile of online consumers of a brand and differentiating them with the consumers who are not available online. From Consumers: RQ1.1: Profile of users logging on brand’s website? RQ1.2: How do they come to know about the website? RQ1.3: What do they use it for? Activities From Companies: RQ1.4: What is the profile of consumers logging online? RQ1.5: What do they use it for? RQ1.6: What is the difference between consumers (users of the product) who have accessed brand’s website and not accessed brand websites? Websites in Brand Development
  5. 5. Websites in Brand Development RO 2. How consumer perception about the brand gets changed after visiting any product/service website. From Consumers: RQ2.1: Has logging onto the website inspired you to buy the product more? Or changed the way you feel about the brand in terms of its image, trust, loyalty? (Change in Brand loyalty) RQ2.2: How often do you log on website? (Frequency of logging on website) RQ2.3: Do they spread your online experience through Word of Mouth? And invite other people to join online activity? How many? From Companies: RQ2.4: How is the response helping the Brand? Importance
  6. 6. Websites in Brand Development RO 3: How Brand Managers look at the importance of this medium for branding and interacting with the consumers via website (interactivity) From Companies: RQ3.1: What is the unique advantage of branding online?
  7. 7. Living Inhibited Unrestrained Unembarrassed Follow your hear Seek Freedom
  8. 8. Levi’s 501 Jeans The Levi's® Brand-- along with its iconic 501 jean - is one of the most beloved, well known, and often imitated brands the world over Originality & Authenticity - Levi Strauss & Co. invented the blue jean in 1853. No other brand can match Levi's® authenticity of 130+ years of denim expertise. True iconic stature, couples its heritage with modern sophistication - The Levi's® brand is one of most impactive brands worldwide. It's contributions to the pop culture and style landscapes transcend fashion's fleeting moments.
  9. 9. 501 Jeans history In 1853, the California gold rush was in full swing, and everyday items were in short supply. Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, arrived in San Francisco and opened a wholesale dry goods business selling clothing, blankets, handkerchiefs to small general stores in America Responding to the demand for a tough fabric for miners, Levis Strauss turned the rough canvas which was originally for tents and wagon covers into pants Later after complaints that they tended to chafe, he substituted it with a twilled cotton cloth from France called ‘serge de Nimes’ The fabric later became known as Denim and the pants were nick named blue jeans.
  10. 10. 501 Jeans history In 1873, Levi Strauss & Company began using the pocket stitch design. Levi Strauss and (Nevada tailor) David Jacobs co-patented the process of putting rivets in pants for strength. On May 20, 1873 – official birthday of ‘blue jeans’ Two-horse brand design was first used in 1886 – to reinforce strength of pants and reinforce its status as originator of riveted clothing The red tab attached to the left rear pocket was created in 1936 as a means of identifying Levi’s jeans at a distance. All are registered trademarks that are still in use.
  11. 11. 501 Jeans Links on levi’s.com USA Europe Latin America Asia Pacific Canada Store Locator
  12. 12. 501 Jeans Information Architecture Sub brands mentioned on levi’s.com – Asia Pacific Levi's® Lady Style S/SO8 – collection showcases fashion’s latest shape with seasons hottest must haves – the wide leg and skinny jeans Levi's® 501® Jeans is all about living unbuttoned. Being yourself and following your heart Levi's® Red Tab™ collection 08 creates dozens of effortless and new looks Levi's® Copper ™ Jeans – distinctive new brand of self- expression
  13. 13. Advertizing the Brand Akshay Kumar walks the ramp for Levis 501 – The original Button Fly Sonam Kapoor walked the ramp for designer Tarun Tahiliani's Levis collection at Lakme Fashion Week On 22 October 2008
  14. 14. 501 Jeans Research Methodology Data collection method Sample Unit Sample size Sampling Techniques Group Discussion Employees – mall and Flagship store in sec 18, Noida 10 Convenience In-depth interview Store Managers 2 Convenience Questionnaire - unstructured Customers 10 Snowball/ Convenience
  15. 15. 501 Jeans Findings 1. What comes to your mind when say Levi’s 501? Product related attributes: Denims Great fabric Two horse patch –leather patch Red tab Premium Quality 2. What kind of person do you think wears Levi’s 501? User imagery: Mostly youngsters between 15-35 years old Very stylish Fashion forward Rough and tough like Akshay Kumar- the Icon for 501
  16. 16. 501 Jeans Findings 3. How is Levi’s 501 unique from other Jeans in the market? Usage Imagery: No 1 in Denims fabric and a very old history 4. If Levi’s 501 were a boy, he would be? Brand Personality: Chilled Fashion Conscious Sophisticated Universal Urban Contemporary Independent
  17. 17. 501 Jeans Findings 6. What is the best thing about Levi’s? Experiential Benefits: Durable Long lasting Toughest jeans in the market Comfortable Relaxing High quality 5. What kind of work is Levi’s 501 good for? Functional Benefit: Casual Comfortable Tough Street Urban Lifestyle statement
  18. 18. 501 Jeans Findings 7. Have you ever logged onto the website 501.com? Only 4 out of 10 employees I interviewed had logged onto the website but they didn’t participate in the contest online. Both the managers also had logged onto the site. Their main purpose was to get to know the brand well. And only 3 out of 10 customers said that they logged on to the site but it was mainly for checking out the updates and next collection. Only two out of those three had participated in the Live Unbuttoned contest. However it can be noted that people who admitted logging onto its site are regular customers – who want to know what they are buying. What the brand is all about? What are the paying so much for? What is the Brand Personality? And do they associate themselves with that image?
  19. 19. 8. What do you dislike/ bad experiences/ disadvantages of Levi’s 501? For Product: 1. Fitting was an issue for few customers. Mr. Habib Khan - Size 32 was too tight for him as compared to Espirit size 30 or Benetton size 32 2. Durability – the employees confessed that sometimes the button comes out, belt loops get detach but it’s also easily replaced 3. Few employees believe that the ‘variety and style of tops and t-shirts are not as good as Benetton’ For Website: 1. No online shopping facility is offered on 501.com. It's all hard core retailing. 2. Also there is no provision for giving any feedback online though they do have a feedback book in their stores. 501 Jeans Findings
  20. 20. 501 Jeans Findings 9. How often do you log on 501.com? Why? Only to check latest collections [regular] About once in two three months [random] Whenever I want to go shopping [occasional] Check out vintage collection [regular] Not many times Never 10. Do you share your experience with your friends? Hmm not really.. If there is any contest I ask them to participate by inviting them online
  21. 21. 501 Jeans Consumer Analysis Consumers who log online are young adults between the age group of 15 – 35 year olds
  22. 22. 501 Jeans Research Analysis
  23. 23. • Sunsilk was launched in India in 1964 by Hindustan Liver Limited [HLL] • In the initial years, Sunsilk was a cosmetic beauty shampoo • Within 10 years of its launch, it again launched India’s first anti-dandruff shampoo • It was also the first brand to launch a 2-in-1 shampoo (shampoo plus conditioner) • The first to offer shampoo by hair types and a pro-conditioner. • Sunsilk has consistently been a brand that has brought innovations in hair care to the Indian consumer • Brand Ambassadors – Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe, Priyanka Chopra Sunsilk – The Hair Expert
  24. 24. • On June 17, 2006, HLL launched Sunsilkgangofgirls.com • Which was claimed as India’s first ‘online all girls community’ • The aim is to provide an online retreat to females anywhere between 13 to female in their 20’s, wherein they can connect over shared passions • Advertising the website: to create intrigue and generate interest towards ‘what is the gang of girls?’ And to advertize Sunsilk Hair care Products • The ads appealed to the desire for emotional bonding over issues of common interest to them and invited them to join GoG. • On 16 Nov, 2006 Sunsilk GoG decided to go international after its phenomenal success in India with 2,50,000 registered members and 25,000 gangs within few months of its inception, also registered over 200 million hits and got on an average 12-13 million page views per month By ICMR [Indian Centre for Management Research] Sunsilkgangofgirls.com History
  25. 25. • In March 07, launched GoG Tv for user generated Videos • Forged Allainces for Jobs section with Monster.com , astrology section with Astro life, fashion and relationship content with print publication New Woman • In August 2007, Sunsilk Gang of Girls tied up with Zoom for a reality show called ‘Spotlight Mein’ in which four contestants were selected online by submission of audio or video clips or CDs sent to zoom – and then were groomed and trained by the people from the entertainment industry • The show was launched on 27 Sep, 2007. A new member was added to the gang on Nov 30 and the Girls went live on stage for a performance in Dec, 2007 • Tied up with Radio One for ‘Chak de India’ contest • Launched an online bookstore called ‘Book Bar’ in collaboration with Oxford Bookstore Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Advertising the website
  26. 26. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Daily Pageview : 14767 Daily Ads Revenue : $46.54 Net Worth : $33974.2 / 1,601,046.15 [Last updated 134 Days ago] retrieved on 10 Nov,2008
  27. 27. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Information Architecture 1.Home 2.Planet g 3.Express yourself 4.Career clicks 5.Destination hair 6.GoG chat 7.Sunsilk Icons 8.Makeover Machine 9.Entertainment 10.Ask experts 11.Join now
  28. 28. Join Sunsilk Gang Of Girls because Life Can't Wait What does the site have? Make Over Machine: allows you to choose your pic., or upload your pic. offers you 6 stylish hair-dos to choose from click on one - offers you the choice of eye liner, lipstick, contact lens, Eye shadow to choose from. -All virtually! By Posting images and photos online Listen to music on their own music channel Juke Box – listen to music and watch videos – Madonna, Lilly Allen, kylie Minogue Hair care and Fashion Advice from experts Gang Wars: this feature allows members to post personal fashion tips on the web and ,creative tips on fashion. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com
  29. 29. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Hot Jobs: Members can post jobs. finds like minded/talented girls at one place. Chill Out zone: has a newsletter section on the latest fashion trends. From Lakme Fashion Week- Narender Kumar styles for LFW, Sunsilk Icon Madonna on Rhythm Lounge, Sunsilk Style studio, Fashionistas blogging on the Fashion world Good Hair Guide – packed with tips, tricks and celeb styles you can imitate Global Surveys – What the girls around the world are saying about their hair GOG chat - download gang of girls messenger
  30. 30. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Research Methodology Data collection method Sample Unit Sample size Sampling Techniques Group Discussion Online registered users 5 Convenience In-depth interview People who use sunsilk/have used sunsilk earlier- irregular 10 Convenience
  31. 31. In depth Interviews 1.What comes to your mind when I say Sunsilk? [Product Attributes] A lot of lather, easy to shampoo – long hair, shampoo 2. What kind of person do you think uses Sunsilk? [User Imagery] Beautiful, Bright, ready to shine in the world, charming 3. How is Sunsilk different from other shampoos in the market? [Usage Imagery] Offers a lot of variety, like the smell – my favourite is black, pink. I have tried yellow earlier 4. If Sunsilk was girl she would be clean, fresh ,beautiful, vibrant, ready to go out! [Brand Personality] 5. What is the best thing about sunsilk? [Experiential and Functional benefits] Have been using from a long time – feel emotional about it, suits me, gives lots of shine to my hair, best for long hair, I also like its fragrance, makes me feel nice and pretty Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Findings
  32. 32. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Findings 6. What do you dislike about Sunsilk? [Product Disadvantage] It’s not as effective as Dove, some of the shampoos like Hair next – Snap Shine didn’t give the desired results, takes a lot of washes/uses for it to make your soft and smooth as it claims 7. Are you a registered member of sunsilkgangofgirl.com? 6 out of 10 members that I interviewed had logged online and were members. Out of them, two of had logged in a year back but because of reasons like • Takes a lot of time to download messenger chat • Checked out all the stuff online in few days…didn’t have much to go back to • Site doesn’t offer you many reason to repeatedly visit it • It takes time to get answers from experts/ stylists online… Also it can be observed that respondents who are not regular users of the website, had moved onto using other brands [dove, pantene] after getting better results from the their usage
  33. 33. 8. How often do you log on Sunsilk GoG? Why? • Initially I used to log on regularly. but now its very rare.. • I try makeover machine lot of times • Logged on during Lakme Fashion week to check updates • I asked for advice for skin problem once • Never 9.Do you share your online experience with your friends? • Once about makeover machine • I told my friends about GoG messenger, we chat occasionally • Yes…I do • nope Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Findings
  34. 34. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Findings In depth Interviews 10. How did you get to know about sunsilkgangofgirls.com? Initially TV Advertisements, print advertisements and road side hoardings, friends 11. What did you dislike about the Sunsilk GoG? • There was some problem with private messaging on GoG messenger last year • Uploading pic. is tedious as the makeover machine would not accept heavy files • Everytime I do a new makeover the previous one gets replaced. I can’t even take a print out [Makeover photos] • Can not even download/save my pics from the makeover machine • There is no provision for knowing who all are online when I log onto the site • Site has become very boring • Homepage has been the same for past one year now
  35. 35. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Consumer Analysis really cool for all of us. It's just our type – ana hey girls, its really a fun place for us to hang out - manjulika jaiswal very girly site…you can find out about new hair products from lakme and some trendy hairstyling tips – mehak sunsilkgangofgirls.com ? huh hell it's a gang for fighting. some girls are just pathetic anyways. – ankita The website is basically targeted at young girls [13- early 20’s] who can share common interests with other users online
  36. 36. Sunsilkgangofgirls.com Research Analysis • Sunsilk GoG worked exceptionally well after its launch initially - being a new concept, connecting the brand directly with the consumer by providing a platform for them to interact directly with other consumers and the industry experts • However the major challenges came later, of keeping up with the trends and technical problems every social networking site faces • And luring the consumers to keep logging on through constant innovation • Its strength lies in its ability to prove that websites can be used effectively as a medium to promote a product and to forge alliances with other online groups like moster.com, msn.com, astrolife.com, print publication – New Woman, Radio One • Its drawbacks are facing technical social website problems, requiring flash on every comp, not reaching out to rural India, lack of constantly inventing new game/contests online
  37. 37. Conclusion: Advertising the website through TV and print Ads are effective means of engaging consumers online Consumers mostly get to know about the website mostly through Tv Commercials. 8 out of 15 respondents said that they were influenced by TV commercial. 4 of them had seen a print Ad in [lifestyle] magazine or newspaper and 3 out of 15 said that they usually log on after [word of mouth] knowing from their friends Also Ad links on other sites like hotmail, indiatimes, yahoo help increase recall value of the brand And they can always use the Search Engine if they want to know about a particular brand Regular customers get latest updates from the brands through e-mails and sms on their mobile phones. Also there is lots of in store marketing of website through danglers and wall papers, graffitis mainly on their flagship store Hypothesis 1: Best way to engage people online is advertising the website through TV and print ads
  38. 38. Consumers having a positive experience on the website become more loyal as they tend to develop an emotional bond with the website • People who go online 501.com are those mostly regular customers who actually buy these products and play contests. Their main aim is to check for latest updates while Sunsilk GoG offers branded online space for social networking • On 501.com - they want to know the personality of the brand and associate with it. On GoG, consumers are more interested in finding latest fashion trends, lakme fashion week and so on • There is store locator option available online to help them find Levi’s store nearby or any other place in the world – global connectivity. • There are also exciting online contest usually whenever new range of clothing is launched. The main Levi’s website has links to its sub-brands like Copper, Lady Style, Mix It Up, Strauss, Signature, Dockers..etc. depending on the country location. • Each of these websites are vibrant, youthful, exciting and exude its own exclusive persona that is targeted at different age groups Hypothesis 2: Consumers become more loyal after visiting the website, if its not a bad experience
  39. 39. Conclusion: Having Brand Icons help increase recall value and association with the consumers. Website as a website as a mdium • Levi’s 501 has captured the pulse of the youth with its Live Unbuttoned attitude and Icon Akshay Kumar. • Icons – people associate the qualities of the icon with that of the brand. • Linking the brand in consumers mind as they already are aware of the celebrity’s personality and can easily identify and associate with him • Being an International premium brand with a long and glorious history, the major purpose of the Levi’s website is to convey what the brand is all about and promote it through online contests. • While Sunsilk GoG is an online branded space, which is also providing opportunities for social networking for young girls. Getting into direct contact with consumers and trying to create an emotional bonding. Hypothesis 3.1: Branding is moving from ‘having a website is good’ to having a website is ‘essential for brand to build effective relationships with consumers’
  40. 40. Hypothesis 3.2: Online activity supports a brand Conclusion: Online activity can help convert aware customers into regular customers • Websites can be used as a tool to connect the users with the brand, ensuring that they have a positive experience online and ensure the website has the same look and feel as of the Brand • Motivating them to participate and become a part of the campaign • Offline consumers can be converted into regular consumers of the brand by inviting people to log on • The challenge is to keep up the motivation level of consumers by regular promotional campaigns – contests, adding innovative features to the website • It is also essential that the consumers have a positive response to the brand- website by ensuring the site is easily navigable, not cluttered so that it doesn't overwhelms the consumers on their first visit itself
  41. 41. It is essential for the Luxury industry to have a dynamic and vibrant website to build effective relationships with the consumer Online branding can majorly help brands develop loyalty and trust among consumers. The consumers can be divided into 3 categories Aware Customers: who know about the brand but are not regular buyers, don’t know much about brand personality Regular Customers: who go online and easily associate themselves with the brand Potential Customers: people who may have just heard about the brand, never bought or experienced the brand Websites in Brand Development Recommendations
  42. 42. Websites in Brand Development Recommendations For AWARE customers: it is essential to develop a strong emotional connection with them by the following means: Providing consumers online space to express themselves- 1. Virtual chatting Room 2. Blogging space 3. Interactive Softwares like makeover machine 4. Discussion Boards for topics relevant to the consumer, not necessarily related to the brand 5. Features like Juke Box for music lovers Book Corner for people who like to read Astrology Corner – Chinese year forecast, fortune cookie, numerology, crystal ball, daily forecast 6. Experts Advice, Tips, Blogs, Forecasts 7. Entertainment Gallery – wall papers, posters, screensavers 8. Offer Free Merchandise, Goody bags
  43. 43. For REGULAR customers: it is important to keep them interested in the brand by the following means: Providing consumers online space to express themselves- 1. Exclusive offers / Discount offers 2. Online party sessions, Get together for launch of a New Collection 3. Easy Online shopping facility 4. Special mascot for them to make them feel privileged online 5. Providing Fame Opportunities by putting the consumer picture online for every collection like ‘M. Levis’ or ‘Ms Sunsilkgangofgirls.com’ so that they become more loyal and can also connect with other regular consumers 6. Regular online contests – there is something new every time they log on 7. Ensuring the website has the ‘Look and Feel’ of the brand Websites in Brand Development Recommendations
  44. 44. For POTENTIAL customers: Website should be impactful and positive to entice consumer online: Providing opportunity to consumers to associate and identify with the brand: 1. Personality Polls linking the consumer to the brand 2. Online Quizzes about consumer choices in that particular brand segment like clothing, lipsticks etc. 3. Forming alliances with other media channels radio stations, bookstores, other sites for jobs, astrology, TV channels 4. Providing viral advertising on other mail websites like yahoomail, gmail, hotmail, msn, google, indiatimes, hindustan times 5. Announcing online contests – highlighting best brand features 6. Brand Icons easily identify with people. There views on the brand and what they like about it can be interviewed and posted on the Websites in Brand Development Recommendations