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Citi Signages
Citi Signages
Citi Signages
Citi Signages
Citi Signages
Citi Signages
Citi Signages
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Citi Signages


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Trip to Printing Press

Trip to Printing Press

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  • 1. Trip to Citi Signages – Printing Press
  • 2. Introduction
    • Citi signages has one of the offices located in Mayapuri, Delhi
    • It had eco solvent printing, vinyl plotter and laser technology used for etching, cutting, carving. . etc for custom/ designer products
  • 3. Printing process
    • Eco solvent Printing –
    • Poster for kurkure was being printed at 1440 dpi (dots per inch)
    • It’s a 6 colour printing process –Cyan, magenta, black, yellow, light cyan, light magenta
    • The poster was being printed in 2 parts – 52” width and the other part had 45” width. The length could vary
    • The two halves were then to be joined by industry adhesive this process is called “tiling”
    • General flex size is 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft till about 10 ft
    • Roadside banners are printed at 360 dpi – as they are at quite a distance from the viewers eye. Sometimes low quality ones are printed at 80 – 90 dpi
  • 4. Vinyl Plotting
    • As the name suggests it used for cutting processes
    • Plots for name plate car stickers, house name plates. . etc
    • These files are raster files and cannot be used for etching or cutting purposes
  • 5. Laser process
    • Laser Plotter/ machine
    • It can etch or carve or cut any object – wood, acrylic, metal depending on the requirement
    • The time taken depends on how deep and intricate is the pattern, thereby deciding the time limit
    • The costing depends on time taken by the laser
    • The laser bed was about 28 X 32 inches
    • These files are vector files as the laser can easily follow and fill a pattern
  • 6. Types of Material used for printing
    • Mesh Vinyl – One way vision
    • Fabric
    • Reflective Vinyl
    • Banner
    • Translite
    • Matt canvas
    • Gloss clear
    • Matt clear
    • Gloss SAV
  • 7. Vinyl plotting
    • Observed the process:
    • Name plotted on a sticker for cars, decorative purposes etc.
    Laser process
    • Observed the following:
    • Lettering on MDF on Laser bed
    • Boxes with unusual shapes and sizes with designs etched with laser – cigar box, Diwali gift box, others
    • Buddha statue made of acrylic layers cut and piled on vertically. The structure is displayed in Taman Gang in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj.
    • Pen stands, paperweight, trays made by using this technique