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  1. 1. CHAPTER – I INTRODUCTION Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, Indias largestintegrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprintin all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its inception has been atthe forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecomsector in the country with its world class products and services. Bharti Airtel has been leveraging the Gallup employee engagementframework to drive business for the last five years. Gallup Great WorkPlace awards were created to recognise the efforts of Gallup clients inusing the engagement framework to drive their businesses. STEP orSmall Team Engagement Programme develops the functional and peoplemanagement skills of vertical heads by giving them challenging targetsand leadership roles in cross-functional teams in order to groom them asfuture business leaders. „Life‟ helps families of employees come closer toone another and thus helps in building a „conducive‟ work atmosphere,says Mr. Krish Shankar, Director, HR, Bharti Airtel Ltd. Bharti Enterprises has successfully focused its strategy ontelecom while straddling diverse fields of business. From the creation ofAirtel, one of Indias finest brands, to becoming the largestmanufacturer and exporter of world class telecom terminals under itsBeetel brand, Bharti has created a significant position for itself in theglobal telecommunications sector. Bharti Airtel Limited is todayacknowledged as one of Indias finest companies, and its flagship brandAirtel, has over 22 million customers across the length and breadth ofIndia. 1
  2. 2. While a joint venture with TeleTech Inc., USA marked Bharti.ssuccessful foray into the Customer Management Services business, BhartiEnterprises. Dynamic diversification has continued with the companyventuring into telecom software development. Recently, Bharti hassuccessfully launched an international venture with EL Rothschild Groupowned ELRO Holdings India Ltd., to export fresh Agri productsexclusively to markets in Europe and USA.TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY The telecommunications industry is responsible for radio,television, voice communications, and broadband services. The growthand innovation of the telecom industry has enabled people tocommunicate across the globe and access endless amounts of informationover the internet. Broadband services are becoming faster and easier toaccess with fiber optic networks and wireless services like WiMax andCDMA. Many of the major telecom companies have merged over the last10 years in order to offer massive product and service portfolios, as wellas further capitalize on bundled media packages (triple play"). These newtechnologies and growth through mergers are enabling these companiesto find new revenue sources and growth opportunities in a mostly maturemarket. World‟s telecom industry is an uprising industry, proceedingtowards a goal of achieving two third of the worlds telecom connections.Over the past few years information and communications technology haschanged in a dramatic manner and as a result of that world telecomindustry is going to be a booming industry. Substantial economic growthand mounting population enable the rapid growth of this industry. 2
  3. 3. The telecommunications market is expected to rise at an 11 percentcompound annual growth rate at the end of year 2010. The leadingtelecom companies like AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon, SBCCommunications, Bell South, Qwest Communications are trying to takethe advantage of this growth. These companies are working ontelecommunication fields like broadband technologies, EDGE(EnhancedData rates for Global Evolution) technologies, LAN-WAN internetworking, optical networking, voice over Internet protocol, wirelessdata service etc. The telecom industry is taking a crucial part of world economy.The total revenue earned from this industry is 3 percent of the grossworld products and is aiming at attaining more revenues. One statisticalreport reveals that approximately 16.9% of the world population hasaccess to the Internet. The telecom industry has grown and evolved at an incredible pacefor the last 20 years, dramatically changing the way people communicateand transforming everyday life along the way. Mobile broadbandsubscribership has topped 200 million worldwide. And the rollout of 3Gnetworks in emerging markets means there is the potential for mobilebroadband subscribers to outnumber wireline broadband subscriberswithin the next decade. This rapid growth has created a dynamic and competitive industryclimate with continually evolving technology and staggering financialstakes. The shift of revenue from fixed to mobile and from voice to datais accelerating. Data and media are being untethered from specificdevices or networks. Powerful new mobile devices deliver a combinationof functions previously available only from multiple tools. 3
  4. 4. The telecommunications industry was comprised of a club of bignational and regional operators. Over the past decade, the industry hasbeen swept up in rapid deregulation and innovation. In many countriesaround the world, government monopolies are now privatized and theyface a plethora of new competitors. Traditional markets have been turnedupside down, as the growth in mobile services out paces the fixed lineand the internet starts to replace voice as the staple business.Indian Telecom Industry The India telecom market ranks among the fastest growingindustries in the country. The improvement in the standard of living andthe development of infrastructure and connectivity are some of the mainsreasons for the significant growth of the telecom industry. The growth isexpected to be more over the years. Presently, there are around 200 million telephone lines in Indiawhich make it the third largest phone network in the world after Chinaand the US. Today, the telecom market in India enjoys a growth rate ofaround 45 % which is the highest in the whole world. India continues to be one of the fastest growing telecom markets inthe world. Reforms introduced by successive Indian governments overthe last decade have dramatically changed the nature oftelecommunications in the country. The sector ranks second in the world,with over 225.7 million telephone subscriptions by 2011-end.The fasttrack growth of the Indian telecom industry has made it a key contributorto India‟s progress. India adopted a phased approach for reforming thetelecom sector right from the beginning. Privatization was graduallyintroduced, first in value-added services, followed by cellular and basic 4
  5. 5. services. An independent regulatory body, Telecom Regulatory Authorityof India (TRAI), was established to deal with competition in a balancedmanner. This gradual and thoughtful reform process in India has favoredindustry growth. Today, there are more than 225 million telecomsubscribers in India. Every month, 6-7 million new subscribers are added.Upcoming services such as 3G and WiMax will help to further augmentthe growth rate. Furthermore, the Indian economy is slated to sustain its7-9 per cent growth rate in the near future. This is supported by thepolitical stability that the country is experiencing currently. India‟sdemographic outlook makes it one of the largest markets in the world. Aconducive business environment is also created by a favorable regulatoryregime. There exists enormous business potential for telecom companieson account of the country‟s low teledensity, which is close to 19 per centpresently. The Indian telecom industry is growing at the fastest pace inthe world and India is projected to be the second largest telecom marketglobally by 2011 The Indian Telecommunications network with 200 millionconnections is the fifth largest in the world and the second largest amongthe emerging economies of Asia. Today, it is the fastest growing marketin the world and represents unique opportunities for U.S. companies inthe stagnant global scenario.Mobile Airtel has nationwide presence and is the market leader with amarket share of almost completely (as of May 2010). It is 6th most valuedbrand according to an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance andThe Economic Times in 2010. 5
  6. 6. On 19 October 2004, Airtel announced the launch of a BlackBerryWireless Solution in India. The launch is a result of a tie-up betweenBharti Tele-Ventures Limited and Research In Motion (RIM). The Apple iPhone 3G was rolled out in India on 22 August 2008by Airtel & Vodafone. Both the cellular service providers rolled outtheir AppleiPhone 3GS in the first quarter of 2010. However, high pricesand contract bonds discouraged consumers and it was not as successful asthe iPhone is in other markets of the world. The Apple iPhone 4 wasintroduced on 27 May 2011 by Airtel & Aircel. The iPhone 4S in Indiawas available on Airtel and Aircel. While in other countries carrier lockedphones (phones using the network only of carrier from which they arebrought) have less price compared to fully unlocked phones (phoneshaving the allowance of using any network supported) the carrier of IndiaSell at the same price of an unlocked version and are available moreexpensive than other countries, and therefore having less buys.3G On 18 May 2010, 3G spectrum auction was completed and Airtelwill have to pay the Indian government 12,295 crore (US$2.7billion) for spectrum in 13 circles, the most amount spent by an operatorin this auction. Airtel won 3G licences in 13 telecom circles ofIndia: Delhi,Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, UttarPradesh (east), Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar,Assam, North East, Jammu & Kashmir. Airtel also operates 3G servicesin Maharastra, Goa, Kanpur and Kolkata through an agreementwith Vodafoneand in Gujarat through an agreement with Idea. This givesAirtel a 3G presence in 15 out of 22 circles in India. 6
  7. 7. On 20 September 2010, Bharti Airtel said that it has given contractsto Ericsson India, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and HuaweiTechnologies to set up infrastructure for providing 3G services in thecountry. These vendors will plan, design, deploy and maintain 3G-HSPA(third generation, high speed packet access) networks in 13 telecomcircles where the company has won 3G licences. While Bharti Airtel hasawarded network contracts for seven 3G circles to Ericsson India, NSNwould manage networks in three circles. Chinese telecom equipmentvendor Huawei Technologies has been introduced as the third partner forthree circles. On 24 January 2011, Airtel launched 3G services in Bangalore,Karnataka – its largest circle by revenue. With this launch, Airtel becamethe third private operator (fifth overall) to launch its 3G services in thecountry following Reliance Communications and Tata Docomo. On 27January 2011, Airtel launched 3G in Chennai and Coimbatore. On 27 July 2011 Airtel launched 3G in three major cities in Kerala(Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut) with 3G network sharing agreementbetween idea. Airtel plans to cover 1,500 cities across 13 circles by the end ofMarch 2012. The company, which has 3G licences for 13 circles, is alsoin talks with other service providers to roll out the services in theremaining 10 circles as part of its roaming offerings. Airtel had about 3 million 3G subscribers as of May 2011. 7
  8. 8. 4G On 19 May 2010, the broadband wireless access (BWA) or 4Gspectrum auction in India ended. Airtel paid 3314.36 crores forspectrum in 4 circles. The circles it will provide 4G in are Maharashtra,Karnataka, Punjab and Kolkata. Airtel has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to build and operateits TD-LTE network in Maharashtra. Airtel is expected to launch 4G services in by the end of 2012using TD-LTE technology in 2.3 GHz frequency band.VAS Fraud There has been lot of criticism about Airtel for its unauthorisedVAS activation. Many of its services were activated automaticallyaccording to a complaint forum. Several thousands of users were falselybilled, for example downloading wallpaper or ringtones. In return Airtellaunched STOP/START 121 services for such issues. Alternatively, youcan sign up on the "Do Not Disturb" list to avoid all telemarketing callsand SMSes.Controversy Bharti Airtel (India) along with Loop Mobile, Idea Cellular,Reliance Communications and Vodafone was issued notices by TelecomRegulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for violation of Mobile numberportability (MNP) regulations. According to TRAI, they had receivedcomplaints from customers regarding wrong rejection of porting requestsby telecom operators and 10 had been charged for a message requestingporting code through number 1900. Bharti Airtel faces the largest number 8
  9. 9. of complaints, at 893 by December 2011, for rejecting mobile numberporting requests. People having cancer due to tower above building arealso reported while they mostly are found to be of Airtel and has one ofthe worst towers in India.Telemedia The Telemedia business provides services in 89 Indian cities andconsists of two brands. Airtel Broadband provides broadband and IPTV services. Airtelprovides both capped as well as unlimited download plans [reducedspeeds at unlimited data are implied]. The maximum speed available forhome users is 16Mbit/s. Airtel Fixed Line which provides fixed line services. Airtel has about 3.16 million wireline customers, of which 42.6%are broadband/internet subscribers as of August 2010. Until 18 September2004, Bharti provided fixed-line telephony and broadband services underthe Touchtel brand. Bharti now provides all telecom services includingfixed-line services under a common brand "Airtel".Digital Television The Digital TV business provides Direct-to-Home (DTH) TVservices across India under the brand name Airtel digital TV. It startedservices on 9 October 2008 and has about 32.44 million customers as ofAugust 2010. 9
  10. 10. Enterprise The Enterprise business provides end-to-end telecom solutions tocorporate customers and national and international long distance servicesto telcos through its nationwide fiber optic backbone, last mileconnectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles, VSATs, ISP andinternational bandwidth access through the gateways and landing stations.It has two sections under it.Mobile data service The different services under mobile data are BlackBerry services,aweb-enabled mobile email solution working on Push Technology, USBmodem that helps in getting instant access to Internet and corporateapplications, Airtel Data Card that gives the liberty to access the internetanytime, Easy Mail is a platform that provides access topersonal/corporate e-mails independent of handset operating system andapplication services that shorten the queues at the billing section, off-loadthe pressure on the billing staff and bring convenience to the user.Enterprise business solutions There are two kind of solutions offered by Airtel. One is GPRSBased Solutions like mobile applications tools for enterprise, Track Mate,automatic meter reading solutions etc. and the other is SMS BasedSolutions like interactive sms, bulk sms, inbound call center solutions.Android-based tablet Beetel Teletech Ltd., a unit of Bharti Enterprises Ltd., on 18August launched a 9,999 rupees ($220) 7-inch tablet in India based onGoogle Inc.s Android operating system. The offering is intended to 10
  11. 11. capitalize on the expected demand for cheap computing devices in theworlds fastest-growing and second-largest mobile phone market.Rest of the WorldAfricaBangladeshSri LankaChannel Islands: Jersey and Guernsey On 1 May 2007, Jersey Airtel and Guernsey Airtel, both whollyowned subsidiaries of the Bharti Group, announced they would launchmobile services in the British Crown Dependency islands of Jerseyand Guernsey under the brand name Airtel-Vodafone after signing anagreement with Vodafone. Airtel-Vodafone operates a 3G network inJersey and Guernsey. Jersey and Guernsey are British Crown Dependencies. They arenot independent countries. Therefore, Airtels countries of operation isconsidered to be 19.Subscriber Base Bharti Airtel has about 243.336 million subscribers worldwide –232.95 million in India and South Asia and 50.949 million in Africa as ofthe end of December 2011. The numbers include mobile servicessubscribers in 19 countries and Indian Telemedia services and Digitalservices subscribers. 11
  12. 12. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Cellular services are performing well. But it is not that much levelit has to face much competition due to the technology development.Today fashion becomes yesterday‟s model of the cellular. Marketing theproduct is the difficult work of the marketer. Demand of the customer is related to the product increase in sometimes and vice versa. The wide market is not converted by the marketerdue to their demand is essential one. Consumer demand is to be consideredbecause, the consumer as a king of marketing. Marketer should fulfil theconsumer needs.SCOPE OF THE STUDY The market and marketing are important in the modern world. Thisanalysis consists of the airtel cellular service in Salem market, marketsegments and coverage are included under this evaluation. Schemes,types of recharge, market area, beneficiaries of Airtel card andcompetitors were studied under this head. The study limits within theSalem city only. It involves the respondents of all category consumersworking in various fields like Government employees, private sector,professionals, self employee and etc.. The study is aimed to analysis the market and marketed area ofAirtel cellular service over the Tamil Nadu and the respondents of thevarious type of customers in Salem. 12
  13. 13. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To study the consumer trends in telecommunication sector. To study consumer decision-making & preferences. To study marketing strategies adopted by Airtel. To study the level of customer satisfaction in Airtel. To study the market potential. To study customer purchase decision behaviour. To understand the needs of different consumer segments. Comparative study of different mobile companies. 13
  14. 14. METHODOLOGY Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge.One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search forpertinent information as a specific topic. In fact, research is an ofscientific investigation. The Advanced Learner‟s Dictionary of Current English lays downthe meaning of research as “a careful investigation or inquiry speciallythrough search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.” Redman andMore define research as a “systematized effort to gain new knowledge.”Some people consider research as movement, a movement from theknown to the unknown. It is actually a voyage of discovery. We allpossess the vital instinct of inquisitiveness makes us probe and attain fulland fuller understanding of the unknown. This inquisitiveness is themother of all knowledge and the method, which man employs forobtaining the knowledge of whatever the unknown, can be termed asresearch.Defining the research problem: A researcher must find the problem and formulate it so that itbecomes susceptible to research. Like a medical doctor, a researcher mustexamine all the symptoms (observed by him) concerning a problembefore he can diagnose correctly. And therefore, I have also defined theresearch problem i.e. to study consumer trends, behaviour, preferencesand level of satisfaction in Airtel communication Ltd. 14
  15. 15. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES:-  To identify the market standing of the airtel limited with its competitive telecom companies.  To study and analyze the perception status and the movement of the airtel services along with its competitors.SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:-  Find out the potential market and also prefer to write for competitive.  Find out the potential customers, who can be very beneficial for the company.  To make aware the customer about company‟s services and to educate them and aware about the different benefits.  To have a healthy conversation with customer to build a good relationship, to find out the problem related with the service of the company.  To motivate the customer towards company‟s services and to collect the meaningful suggestion for company betterment.  To formulate the competitive marketing strategies to have better approach to the customer.  To study the present, past and response of customer towards the services of airtel. 15
  16. 16. RESEARCH DESIGN Marketing research is often concerned with the behaviours of theconsumer in the respect marketing research have drawn heavily on thebehavioural. Sciences such a psychology and sociology in fact thecontribution of these science to marketing research have been verysignificant especially with regard to two aspect. 1. The research technique used by psychology and they have amply used sociologists being of considerable relevance to marketing researchers. 2. The concept and the theories of these behavioural sciences are also proved to be relevant to market researcher.Type of information to be collected: a. Phrasing of the questionnaire. b. Order or sequence of the question. c. Number of question to be asked. d. Lay out of the questionnaire. 16
  17. 17. LIMITATIONS In this project, I have tried to present facts with figures penetrating to my survey skill it has some limitation, which are there in this project need identification. The sample survey is done on a very small number of people thus the results drawn may be different from the opinion of the universe. The time of two months is very less for covering all the aspects of the project. The feedback received from the individuals is according to his perception, limited exposure and personal knowledge level. Very less time was there for interacting with corporate clients. Problem in meeting with the concern person without appointment. The last but not the least is that the database which I gathered from the websites is not so reliable because many times I face a difficulty to find the address of the companies and sometimes the companies change the address and not upgrade in the websites due to which I waste my time as well as money also. 17
  18. 18. CHAPTER SCHEME  The introductory chapters deals with the introduction, evolution of market scope of the study, statement of the problem, objectives, Hypothesis, methodology, statistical tools and limitation of the study.  The second chapter include the profile of the study, company profile and area of the study.  The third chapter consists of review of literature.  The fourth chapter contains of analysis and interpretations of data relating to Airtel cellular service.  The final chapter „resume‟ consolidates findings, suggestions and conclusion. 18
  19. 19. CHAPTER – IICOMPANY PROFILE Telecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of BhartiEnterprises. The Bharti Group, has a diverse business portfolio and hascreated global brands in the telecommunication sector. Bharti has recentlyforayed into retail business as Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. under a MoU withWal-Mart for the cash & carry business. It has successfully launched aninternational venture with EL Rothschild Group to export fresh agriproducts exclusively to markets in Europe and USA and has launchedBharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd under a joint venture withAXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management. Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, India‟s largestintegrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprintin all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its inception has been atthe forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecomsector in the country with its world class products and services. Thebusinesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individualstrategic business units (SBU‟s) - Mobile Services, Airtel TelemediaServices & Enterprise Services. The mobile business provides mobile &fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circleswhile the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband &telephone services in 95 cities. The Enterprise services provide end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & internationallong distance services to carriers. All these services are provided underthe Airtel brand 19
  20. 20. Airtel Brand Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with arelentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged withenergy, creativity and a team driven “to seize the day” with an ambitionto become the most globally admired telecom service. Airtel, in just tenyears of operations, rose to the pinnacle of achievement. As Indias leading telecommunications company Airtel brand hasplayed the role as a major catalyst in Indias reforms, contributing to itseconomic resurgence. Today we touch peoples‟ lives with our Mobile services,Telemedia services, to connecting Indias leading 1000+ corporate. Wealso connect Indians living in USA, UK and Canada with our call homeservice.VISION & PROMISESBy 2011 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India: Loved by more customers Targeted by top talent Benchmarked by more businesses “We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about theneeds of our customers and how we want them to feel. We deliver whatwe promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bitmore” 20
  21. 21. Corporate Responsibility at Bharti Airtel At Bharti, CSR is a way of life. Each department and employeestrives to be sensitive to the stakeholders and environment within theirwork context. Bharti encourages employees to take decisions and designbusiness-linked processes that are sensitive to communities andenvironment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bharti encompassesmuch more than only social outreach programs. It is an integral part ofthe way Bharti conducts its business. The essence of Bharti‟scommitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the„Corporate Values‟, which stem from its deepest held beliefs. TheseValues are:1. To be responsive to the needs of our customers2. To trust and respect our employees3. To continuously improve our services – innovatively and expeditiously4. To be transparent and sensitive in our dealings with all stakeholders We encourage our employees to take decisions and design businessprocesses, keeping in mind the following: Ethics, fairness and being correct Meeting and going beyond compliances and legal requirements Showing respect and sensitivity towards stakeholders and communities, and Nurturing the environment We practice our CSR beliefs and commitments through a three-pronged approach: 21
  22. 22. Engaging with stakeholders Ensuring stakeholder sensitive policies and practices Undertaking programs for our employees, community and environmentEnvironment, Health and Safety At Bharti we believe in the philosophy to refuse, reduce, reuse andrecycle. The company has taken many initiatives in this regard, bothwithin the offices for the benefit of our employees; and for outside worldfor the convenience of the peopleFew examples of the initiatives taken are mentioned below:(a) Most of the new Airtel buildings recycle waste water for sanitary andcooling of equipment purposes e.g. DG sets and AC systems. Thesebuildings also have rain water harvesting systems for ground waterreplenishment where appropriate.(b) All Airtel offices have energy efficient light fittings and DG sets. Wealso ensure automation that enables energy savings in our buildings.Building Management System (BMS) – Intelligent Building concept isbeing followed in all the new Airtel building and campuses that arecoming up. The BMS controls The Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) system,, electricity load management, watermanagement, parking management, security and safety systems to ensurean efficiently run building on optimal resources.(c) New buildings also incorporate the concept of and Energy Wheelwhich optimises energy efficiency in buildings. The AC system in ourbuildings adds a certain amount of fresh air periodically; In the process ofadding this fresh air the cool air within the building vents out which may 22
  23. 23. result into higher usage of energy to bring the cooling/ temperature back.The Energy Wheel concept ensures that as we bring the fresh air in it ispre-cooled thereby optimizing energy efficiency.(d) Air quality is checked periodically in all Bharti Airtel offices, andbased on the results, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, chair and sofashampooing is undertaken. Water quality is also monitored in coolingtowers for DG sets and Air Conditioner systems so that water borndiseases such as legionella, etc. are avoided.(e) Use of air curtains on major office exits and double glazing alsoresults in significant energy saving.(f)At the time of oil change in DG sets etc. the discarded oil for disposalis only sent to companies/ vendors approved by the Central PollutionControl Board (CPCB) for proper disposal as per CPCB approvedprocesses. All Bharti Airtel offices follow the basic requirementsspecified by the Pollution Control Board) and ensure statutorycompliance.(g) All Bharti Airtel offices have fire alarm systems. Periodic fire drillsare carried out in Bharti Airtel offices as a practice. All Airtel offices areprovided with First Aid boxes and have identified people as First Aidspecialists.Community Initiatives Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in, and built upon, thestated „values‟ of Bharti – the institution. These values guide all ouractivities and each employee is encouraged to take decisions and designbusiness-linked processes that are sensitive to communities andenvironment. 23
  24. 24. “We have an obligation to fulfill to society and the communities inwhich we operate, and help improve the quality of life for everyone,today and in the future.”Based on the basic guidelines and directionprovided in the Code of Conduct, Bharti has undertaken manycommunity programs. Bharti‟s contribution to society is (a) Bharti‟s Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) Initiatives, including initiatives undertaken by wayof employee mobilization as well as running environment relatedprograms; and (b) Bharti Foundation, a separate vehicle established in2000 to lead the CSR agenda of Bharti Group of Companies.BUSINESS DIVISIONS Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 23-telecomcircles of India and is the largest mobile service provider in the country,based on the number of customers. The group offers high speed broadband internet with a best in classnetwork. With Landline services in 94 cities we help you stay in touchwith your friends & family and the world. The group focuses on delivering telecommunications services as anintegrated offering including mobile, broadband & telephone, nationaland international long distance and data connectivity services tocorporate, small and medium scale enterprises. The Airtel subscriber base according to Cellular OperatorsAssociation of India (COAI) as of December 2010 was: 24
  25. 25. Metros  Hyderabad −8,947,870  Chennai – 2,947,870  Delhi – 7,420,171  Mumbai – 3,263,688  Kanpur - 3,259,687  Kolkata – 3,181,073"A" Circle  Andhra Pradesh – 15,329,598  Gujarat – 5,980,024  Karnataka – 14,004,247  Maharashtra – 7,865,425  Tamil Nadu – 9,157,295"B" Circle  Haryana – 1,856,093  Kerala – 3,383,097  Madhya Pradesh – 8,527,584  Punjab – 5,946,742  Rajasthan – 12,001,442  Uttar Pradesh (East) – 11,455,638  Uttar Pradesh (West) – 5,475,843  West Bengal – 7,592,487"C" Circle  Assam – 2,828,490  Bihar – 13,901,163 25
  26. 26.  Himachal Pradesh – 1,528,727  Jammu and Kashmir – 1,879,828  North Eastern States – 1,748,202  Orissa – 4,989,102 Airtel is the market leader in India with about 152,495,219 out of thetotal 745,000,000 subscribers in India or about 20.46% market share as ofDecember 2010. The Brand Trust Report published by Trust Research Advisory, placesAirtel as the only mobile operator in the top 10 most trusted brands inIndia.MTN In May 2008, it emerged that Bharti Airtel was exploring thepossibility of buying the MTN Group, a South Africa-basedtelecommunications company with coverage in 21 countries in Africa andthe Middle East. The Financial Times reported that Bharti wasconsidering offering US$45 billion for a 100% stake in MTN, whichwould be the largest overseas acquisition ever by an Indian firm.However, both sides emphasize the tentative nature of the talks,while The Economist magazine noted, "If anything, Bharti wouldbe marrying up," as MTN has more subscribers, higher revenues andbroader geographic coverage. However, the talks fell apart as MTN grouptried to reverse the negotiations by making Bharti almost a subsidiary ofthe new company. In May 2009, Bharti Airtel again confirmed that it is in Talks withMTN and companies have now agreed discuss the potential transactionexclusively by 31 July 2009. Bharti Airtel said in a statement "Bharti 26
  27. 27. Airtel Ltd is pleased to announce that it has renewed its effort for asignificant partnership with MTN Group". Talks eventually ended without agreement, due to the SouthAfrican government opposition.Joint VenturesAirtel-Ericsson As per a five-year managed services agreement signed recently.Ericsson will manage and optimize Airtel‟s mobile networks in Africa.Ericsson will modernize and upgrade Airtel‟s mobile networks in Africawith the latest technology including its multi standard RBS 6000 basestation.As part of the modernization, Ericsson will also providetechnology consulting, network planning & design and networkdeployment.Ericsson has been the managed services and networktechnology partner in the Asian operations.Signature tune The signature tune of Airtel is composed by Indian musician A. R.Rahman. The tune became hugely popular and is the worlds mostdownloaded mobile music with over 150 million downloads. A newversion of the song was released on 18 November 2010, as part of therebranding of the company. This version too was composed by Rahmanhimself. 27
  28. 28. AIRTEL CUSTOMERS Bharti had 7.99 Cr subscribers, as on September 30, 2011, anincrease in the total subscriber base of 57% over the corresponding periodlast year and maintained its leadership position through an improvedmarket share of all India wireless subscribers at 24.6% as on September30, 2011, up from 23.4% corresponding to the same period of last year. Commenting on the results and performance, Mr. Sunil BhartiMittal, Chairman & Managing Director, Bharti Airtel Limited, said“With record customer additions every month, Airtel continues toconsolidate its leadership position in the market. The successful launch ofDTH service has provided another opportunity to the brand to strengthenit‟s connect with the customers, while generating a new revenue stream.”Bharti Airtel Limited - Summary of Consolidated FinancialStatements - represents Consolidated Statement of Income as per UnitedStates Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP)(A mount in Rs. Cr, expert ratios) Quarter EndedParticulars Sept. 2011 Sept. 2010 Y-o-Y Growth Audited AuditedTotal revenues 9,020 3,337 42%EBITDA 3,699 2,710 37%Cash profit from operations 3,125 2,597 20%Income before income taxes 1,972 1,747 13%Net income 2,046 1,614 27% 28
  29. 29. Operating Highlights(Figures in nos, except ratios) Sept. June Q-on-Q Sept. 30, Y-on-YParticulars Unit 30, 30, Growth 2009 Growth 2011 2010Customers on ourNetworkMobile Services 000s 77,479 69,384 12% 48,876 59%Tel-media Services 000s 2,509 2,394 5% 2,075 21%Total 000s 79,989 71,777 11% 50,951 57%Market Share of Major mobile Operators as of September 2011 (%) Mobile Operators Market Share Bharti Airtel 24.96 Reliance Communication 18.22 Vodafone Essar 17.76 BSNL 12.19 Idea Cellular 9.88 Tata Teleservices 9.54 Others 7.45 29
  30. 30. Investor Relations Creating value for our customers, employees, investors, partners,vendors and the society at large lies at the root of our fundamentalbusiness strategy. Our core principles of trust and transparency havecome a long way in helping us develop and nurture long-termrelationships with our key stakeholders. Our performance exudes fromour belief in and commitment to the telecom sector; and translates intocreating innovative exciting opportunities for one and all. We are one of India‟s leading providers of telecommunicationservices with a nationwide presence in all the 23 licensed jurisdictions(also known as Telecom Circles). We served an aggregate of 82,748,790customers as of October 31, 2011; of whom 80,199,747 subscribe to ourGSM services and 2,549,043 use our Telemedia Services either for voiceand/or broadband access delivered through DSL. We are the largestwireless service provider in the country, based on the number ofsubscribers as of October 31, 2011. We also offer an integrated suite oftelecom solutions to our enterprise customers, in addition to providinglong distance connectivity both nationally and internationally. We haverecently forayed into media by launching our DTH Services in October2011. All these services are rendered under a unified brand “Airtel”. 30
  31. 31. Fact sheetName Bharti Airtel Limited.Business Description Provides GSM mobile services in all the 23 telecom circles in India, and was the first private operator to have an all India presence. Provides tele-media services (fixed line and broadband services through DSL) in 95 cities in India.Established July 07, 1995, as a Public Limited CompanyProportionate Revenue Rs. 270,122 million (year ended March 31, 2011-Audited) Rs. 184,202 million (year ended March 31, 2007-Audited) As per Indian GAAP AccountsProportionate Rs. 114,018 million (year ended March 31, 2011EBITDA - Audited) Rs. 74,407 million (year ended March 31, 2007 - Audited) As per Indian GAAP AccountsShares in Issue 1,898,101,604 as at September 30, 2011Listings The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) 31
  32. 32. Market Capitalisation Market Capitalization (as on January 05, 2012) Approx. Rs. 1,301 billion Closing BSE share price = Rs. 685.35Customer Base 80,199,747 GSM mobile and 2,549,043 Telemedia Customers (status as on October 31, 2011)Operational Network Provides GSM mobile services in all the 23 telecom circles in India, and was the first private operator to have an all India presence. Provides telemedia services (fixed line) in 95 cities in India.Company’s Current Situation Bharti Airtel is one of India‟s leading providers oftelecommunication services with a nationwide presence in all the 23licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles). We served anaggregate of 82,748,790 customers as of October 31, 2011; of whom80,199,747 subscribe to our GSM services and 2,549,043 use ourTelemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access deliveredthrough DSL. We also offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions to ourenterprise customers, in addition to providing long distance connectivityboth nationally and internationally. We have recently forayed into mediaby launching our DTH Services in October 2011. All these services arerendered under a unified brand “Airtel” 32
  33. 33. . The company also deploys, owns and manages passiveinfrastructure pertaining to telecom operations under its subsidiary BhartiInfratel Limited. Bharti Infratel owns 42% of Indus Towers Limited. Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers are the two top providers ofpassive infrastructure services in India Company shares are listed on The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE)and The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE)Partners The company has a strategic alliance with SingTel. The investmentmade by SingTel is one of the largest investments made in the worldoutside Singapore, in the company. The company‟s mobile network equipment partners includeEricsson and Nokia. In the case of the broadband and telephone servicesand enterprise services (carriers), equipment suppliers include Siemens,Nortel, Corning, among others. The Company also has an informationtechnology alliance with IBM for its group-wide information technologyrequirements and with Nortel for call center technology requirements.The call center operations for the mobile services have been outsourcedto IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teletech & Mphasis.Managing Director’s profileSunil Bharti MittalChairman & Managing Director since October 2001Board director since: July 1995 Age: 51 years 33
  34. 34. Sunil Bharti Mittal is the Chairman & Managing Director ofBharti Airtel Ltd. head quartered at New Delhi, India.Bharti Airtel, India‟s leading private integrated telecom company,has been at the forefront of the telecom revolution and hastransformed the telecom sector with its world-class services builton leading edge technologies. Bharti has been a pioneering forcein the telecom sector and today enjoys a strong nationwidepresence.Sunil started his career at a young age of 18 after graduating fromPunjab University in India and founded Bharti, with a modestcapital, in the year 1976. Today, at 49 he heads a successfulenterprise, amongst the top 5 in India, with a market capitalizationof over US$ 40 billion and employing over 30,000 peopleBharti has grown successfully in partnership with various leadingcompanies of the world - Singapore Telecom, Vodafone, WarburgPincus, British Telecom to name a few.The other businesses in the group are consumer electronics(Beetel), life insurance with AXA of France (Bharti AXA), and ajoint venture with the Rothschild group to develop Indianhorticulture and export fruits and vegetables to the world(FieldFresh)Bharti has recently entered into a JV with Wal-Mart for setting upsupply chain, logistics and cash and carry to support theburgeoning retail market in India.Sunil is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, MA, USA.Sunil has been conferred one of the highest civilian award –Padma BhushanSunil has been conferred the degree of Doctor of Science (HonorisCausa) by the G B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology. 34
  35. 35. Awards and Recognitions August 7, 2011: Bharti Airtel adjudged the Best Cellular Service Provider and Best Broadband Service Provider at the 2011 V&D 100 Awards. July 11, 2011: Bharti Airtel Limited voted as India s most innovative company , in a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal . Bharti Airtel was ranked as the most innovative in responding to customer needs in a survey conducted to determine Asia s 200 most-admired companies. June 13, 2011: Sunil Bharti Mittal received U.S.-India Business Councils Global Vision Award. The prestigious award recognizes his entrepreneurial zeal and contribution to Indian business. June 11, 2011: Airtel voted the 2nd Most Trusted Service Brand in the Annual Economic Times-Brand Equity, Most Trusted Brands survey June 2011: Airtel wins the Platinum Trusted Brand Award in the Mobile Service provider category in the Readers Digest Asia Trusted Brands Survey . May 26, 2011: Airtel was honoured with the prestigious Wireless Service Provider of the Year award at the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards. April 17, 2011: Bharti Airtel had the distinction of being amongst 20 companies worldwide and the only one in India , to be honoured with the Gallup Great Workplace Award. April 8, 2011: Airtel adjudged as the Best Carrier India at the Telecom Asia Award 2011. The Telecom Asia Awards, constituted by the Telecom Asia magazine, seek to recognize outstanding performances of companies and individuals in the Asian 35
  36. 36. telecommunication industry based on criteria such as financials, market standing, technology and corporate governance.Shares The equity shares of Bharti Airtel are currently listed on NationalStock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and The Stock Exchange,Mumbai, (BSE). Bharti Airtel offered 185,336,700 equity shares in theinitial public offering (IPO) and raised Rs 8,340.15 million through thisprocess. The shares were oversubscribed 2.56 times. With this IPO, Bharti Airtel established certain importantlandmarks in the history of the Indian capital market. Together with beingthe first 100% book building process that this country has seen, the listingwas completed within a record time of ten working days. of the close ofthe issue. Moreover the process of allotment and issue of shares was alsocompleted within one day of the last day of pay-in. The book running lead managers for the IPO were JM MorganStanley and DSP Merrill Lynch and the registrars to the issue was KarvyConsultants Limited. 36
  37. 37. Area ProfileIntroduction The unit deals with a detail study of the Salem city. It includesgeographical location, surroundings, Population, Offices, industrialbackground.Geographical LocationSalem is located at average elevation is 278 m (912 ft). The city of Salem lies in the north central part of Tamil Nadu andis surrounded by hills on all sides viz. Nagaramalai to thenorth, Jarugumalai to the south, Kanjamalai to the west, Godumalai to theeast and the Shevaroy Hills to the north east. The Kariyaperumal Hill issituated within the city to the southwest. The Thirumanimutharriver flows through the city, dividing it into 2 parts. The fort area is theoldest part of the town. Salem local planning area extends up to 100 km2.(39 sq. mi.) within the city.Economy Salem is one of the major producers of traditional silver anklets,which are popular among women. It boasts large textile, steel,automotive, poultry and sago industries. Salem also has one of thelargest magnetite deposits in India. Companies like Dalmia andTANMAG have mines here. The Leigh Bazaar market is a large regionalmarket for agro products. Silk and cotton fabrics from Salem are sold throughout Tamil Naduand are a big buy. The Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, thesecond of its kind in India, is found here. Salem is one of the chiefproducers of customary silver anklets, which are a rage with the women-folk here. The Leigh Bazaar market is known for selling agricultural 37
  38. 38. produce and is usually abounding with visitors and shoppers. Fabricexporting has been the oldest business in Salem, going back to the 30s.Salem has always been known for exporting fabrics and clothes and isstill consistently doing so.Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Being one of the fastest growing tier II cities, the Tamil Nadugovernment and ELCOT are planning to establish an IT park in Salemcovering about 160 acres (0.65 km2). SAIL is planning a Steel SEZ insidethe Salem Steel plant covering about 250 acres (1.0 km2) There is an exclusive Electrical and Electronics Industrial Estate inthe Suramangalam area of Salem town. Coimbatore-Erode-Salem stretchwas well known for Industries and Textile processings and it isannounced as Coimbatore-Salem Industrial Corridor and furtherdevelopment works are carried by SIPCOT Linking Scheme.POPULAR IN SALEM Salem is known as the Mango city in Tamil Nadu Salem is alsobuilding, Hand loom weaving and Steel Plants. Salem is a Geologistsparadise, surrounded by hills and the landscape dotted with hillocks.Salem has vibrant culture dating back to the ancient Kongu Nadu. As adistrict, Salem has its significance in various aspects. Salem is one of the major textile centers in the country. Shevaroysand Yercaud hills are famous tourist places in Salem District. Salem is animportant regional centre. It is well connected with most of the city byrail and road networks. 38
  39. 39. Human Resource (HR)/ Remuneration CommitteeComposition In compliance with the non- mandatory requirements of Clause 49of the Listing Agreement, Bharti Airtel has constituted a RemunerationCommittee (which is known as HR Committee). The HR Committeecomprises of following six non-executive directors, out of which fourmembers including the chairman of the committee are independentdirectors.ESOP Compensation CommitteeComposition of ESOP Compensation Committee The ESOP Compensation Committee of the Board is constituted inaccordance with SEBI (Employee Stock Option Scheme and EmployeeStock Purchase Scheme) Guidelines, 1999. The Committee comprises offollowing six members of whom four are independent and all are non-executive. 39
  40. 40. ‘COMPANY’S PLANS’Prepaid Plans Are you wary of committing yourself to a date for making your billpayments? Is it too much of a bother for you to remember dates for billpayments? Do you often end up paying late fees against your monthlyutility services bills? Do you end up spending too much if you have theoption to pay the bill later? Think over for if one of these represents you, we have a solutionfor you. Start thinking prepaid is our advise! So what exactly is this prepaid! It is simply a way of going cellularby paying for the talk time in advance. For eg if you feel that you need Rs300 worth of talktime for a month, you can buy a recharge coupon whichgives you that much talktime on your cellphone. Once that money getsexhausted you can buy another recharge coupon for the same or differentdenomination depending on your future need. Prepaid allows you to be in control of your cellular expenses evenwhile you are spending. You will be surprised that today In India, Prepaidconnections account for almost 60 to 70 percent of the total new entrantsinto cellular telephony. That‟s because almost everyone of us wants to bein control of our cellular expense. 40
  41. 41. Some of the many advantages that you enjoy with Airtel Pre-Paid... Total Cost ControlEnjoy the liberty of total cost control with your Airtel Pre-paid! Re-charge as much as you feel the need to! Now thats what we call completefreedom! No RentalsBuy an Airtel prepaid card without having to pay any rentals! No depositsYour Airtel prepaid card comes without you having to pay heaftydeposits! STD/ISD facility till the last rupeeNow experience complete freedom like never before with Airtel! OurSTD/ISD facility allows you to make long distance calls in India andOverseas from your cellular phone! Instant Balance InquiryCheck your talk-time instantly by calling our toll-free number! 60 second pulseAirtel provides you with a 60-second pulse rate! Freedom for you toexperience like never before! Instant RechargeAvail of instant recharge on your Airtel prepaid card with just a fewsimple steps! 24-hour recharge facilityWith our round-the-clock recharge facility, recharge you Airtel prepaidcard anytime, anywhere! 41
  42. 42. Caller Line IdentificationCall Line Identification gives you the power to know the phone numberof the calling party even before you answer the call, thus giving you thechoice to either reject or take the call. It provides the added advantage ofsaving the incoming number directly in the Handset Phone Book. So thatthe next time you want to call the same person, you dont need to retypehis number, simply use your phone book. Call Divert, Call Hold and Call WaitAvail of special services like call waiting, call hold and call divert – allwith your Airtel prepaid card! Short Messaging Service (SMS)With Airtel‟s Short Messaging Service (SMS), send messages and jokesto your friends and colleagues, anytime anywhere! SMS based Information ServicesWith Airtels SMS based information services, you can get upto-the-minute cricket scores, order flowers as well as send couriers or checkyour daily horoscope! Voice Mail serviceVoice Mail lets you receive messages even when your handset isswitched off or when you are outside the coverage area. You can listen toyour messages whenever you feel like, from anywhere in the world.Voice Mail can store up to 75 messages, with each message of two-minute duration.Post-paid Plan Airtel welcomes you to a vibrant world of unlimited opportunities.More exciting, innovative yet simple new ways to communicate, justwhen you want to, not just through words but ideas, emotions and 42
  43. 43. feelings. To give you the unlimited freedom to reach out to your specialpeople in your special way.Airtel Out of Home Circle We have established one of the most extensive roaming tie-ups -both national and international- with the best service providers in therespective regions to ensure that you get uninterrupted coveragethroughout. We currently provide roaming coverage in more than 1000cities and major highways across India. We also provide internationalroaming in 56 countries across 101 networks.National Roaming Our national roaming coverage currently spans across more than a1000 cities across India. To subscribe to National Roaming, you have topay the following:Security Deposit- Rs 1500 Monthly Rental- Rs 49Customer Care Do you need any clarifications on your bills? Do you have anyfeedback or query on our Products & services? You can call us, send usan E-mail or meet us in person. We shall be glad to help you out in everypossible way.Contact us by phone If you are on Airtel, just call us on 121 your Airtel Prepaid phone.If you are on Airtel postpaid, just call us on 9897012345 or toll free 121from yourAirtel Postpaid phone.These toll free numbers however, cannotbe dialed when you are roaming. 43
  44. 44. Group Links of BhartiBharti AirtelBharti TeletechTelecom SeychellesBharti TelesoftBharti Del Monte IndiaBharti RetailBharti AXA General InsuranceBharti AXA Life InsuranceBharti AXA Investment ManagersBharti Learning SystemsJersey AirtelGuernsey AirtelBharti FoundationBharti Realty 44
  45. 45. CHPTER – III REVIEW OF LITERATUREMARKET ANALYSIS A sound marketing is programmed should start with a carefulanalysis of the market demand for a product r service. A market is usuallythought of as the total number of prospective customers for products n acountry. The marketer, often use terms like, available markets, served andpenetrated markets.MARKET AND MARKETING The root word in the term marketing is market. Market is a groupof potential customers for a particular product who are willing and able tospend money or exchange other resources to obtain the product.Marketing is focused on the market place. Infect the shoppers of postgenerations, the words marketing meant to buy groceries. Function ofmarketing activities is to bring buyers and sellers together. Consists of consumer oriented mix of business activities plannedand implemented by the marketer to facilitate the exchange or transfer ofgoods, services, and ideas, so that both parties profit in some way. A market is a group of potential customers for a particular productwho are willing and able to spend money or exchange other resources toobtain the product. Good or service is a consumer product sold in theconsumer market organization is buying an organizational or business.Market conditions more conducive the sale prospects. The transport workand its expansion are necessary for the easy flow of goods for the market.Market, can be classified into Rural market, Agricultural market, primary 45
  46. 46. village market, primary whole sale market etc., Consumer market refersto the market for goods and services purchased by individual andhouseholds to satisfy their consumption desires. The term market does not mean any particulars market place inwhich things are bought and sold but the whole of any region in whichthe buyers and sellers are in such inter course with one another that theprices of the same goods tend to be equalized easily and quickly. It is theprocess of planning executing the conception, pricing, promotion anddistribution of ideas and services to crate exchange will satisfy individualand organizational objectives keeping customers and buildingrelationship. Marketers want customers for life. Effective marketers workto build long term relationships with their customers. Marketing as anactivity involved in getting and keeping customers.MARKET ANALYSIS The term market analysis includes the market demand and Marketsegmentation. Market Demand for any product or service three factors to beconsidered as a) People with a satisfied wants. b) People with money to spend. c) People with Willingness to Spend Money. 46
  47. 47. The size of the demand can be represented by considering these factors. M=P1xP2xP3 M = Market Demand P1 = Purchasing Pattern P2 = Purchasing Power P3 = Population patterns The market analysis market demand for a product is the totaldemand that would be bought by a defined marketing environment undera defined marketing programmed. The market demand is influenced by many factors. In a competitivemarket, the lower the product prices, the more be the consumers demandfor when price drops, the quantity sold goes up. If there is a change indemand, the supply and price both are affected. Changes id amend causeddue to social or economic factor. The increase in demand results in higherprices and an increase in supply. In order to find out the probable market demand for a particularproduct, the formula can be used.Market potential = N x R x P N = Number of people in a specific market for the product R = Average quantity of purchase per person P = Average price per product unit. 47
  48. 48. Definition of Market Segmentation A marketing term referring to the aggregating of prospectivebuyers into groups (segments) that have common needs and will respondsimilarly to a marketing action. Market segmentation enables companiesto target different categories of consumers who perceive the full value ofcertain products and services differently from one another. Generallythree criteria can be used to identify different market segments: 1) Homogeneity (common needs within segment) 2) Distinction (unique from other groups) 3) Reaction (similar response to market)Market Segmentation The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow yourmarketing/sales program to focus on the subset of prospects that are"most likely" to purchase your offering. If done properly this will help toinsure the highest return for your marketing/sales expenditures.Depending on whether you are selling your offering to individualconsumers or a business, there are definite differences in what you willconsider when defining market segments.Category of Need The first thing you can establish is a category of need that youroffering satisfies. The following classifications may help. 48
  49. 49. For businesses: Strategic - your offering is in some way important to the enterprisemission, objectives and operational oversight. For example, a service thathelped evaluate capital investment opportunities would fall into thisdomain of influence. The purchase decision for this category of offeringwill be made by the prospects top level executive management. Operations - your offering affects the general operating policies andprocedures. Examples might be, an employee insurance plan or acorporate wide communications system. This purchase decision will bemade by the prospects top level operations management. Functional - your offering deals with a specific function within theenterprise such as data processing, accounting, human resources, plantmaintenance, engineering design, manufacturing, inventory control, etc.This is the most likely domain for a product or service, but you mustrecognize that the other domains may also get involved if the purchase ofthe product or service becomes a high profile decision. This purchasedecision will be made by the prospects functional management. 49
  50. 50. SWOT ANALYSIS OF AIRTELSTRENGTHS 1. Strong Brand Image. 2. Good Network Connectivity. 3. Wide Network Coverage. 4. Attractive Promotional Schemes. 5. Good Value Added Services. 6. Operating In 65 Countries With 157 Operators.WEAKNESS 1. Perceived As An Expensive Brand. 2. Absence In The Rural And Interior Areas.OPPORTUNITY 1. Poor Network Connectivity of Its Competitors. 2. Large Chunk Of Dissatisfied Customer. 3. Though Being The 4th Entrant, They Are Operating At 900 Frequencies.THREATS 1. Strong Visibility of Competitors. 2. Sour Experience With Airtel By Few Can Lead To Bad Word Of Mouth. 3. Continuous Improvement In Competitor‟s Services. 50
  51. 51. CHAPTER – IV DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION The data collected by the researcher were analyzed thoroughly andthey were also interpreted by applying statistical tools. The interpretationof all the table were given as follows. TABLE 4.1CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR GENDER Gender No. of respondents Percentage Male 50 40 Female 75 60 Total 125 100Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 40% percentage of therespondents is male and remaining 60% percentage of the respondents arefemale. 51
  53. 53. TABLE 4.2CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR AGE Age group No. of respondents Percentage Below 20 8 6% 20 - 30 27 22% 30 - 40 40 32% 40 - 50 23 18% Above 50 27 22% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 6% of the respondents fallunder the age group of below 20 years old., 22% each of the respondentsfall under the age group of 20-30 years and 32% of the respondents 30 to40 years old. 18% of the respondents 40-50years old and other 22% of therespondents above 50 years old. 53
  54. 54. CHART 4.2(a)CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR AGE Percentage Percentage 32% 22% 22% 18% 6% Below 20 20 - 30 30 - 40 40 - 50 Above 50 54
  55. 55. TABLE 4.3CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR OCCUPATION OCCUPUTION No. of respondents Percentage Business 50 40% Professional 13 11% Government 12 9% Employee Student 50 40% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 40% of the respondentsBusiness, 11% each of the respondents Professional 9% of therespondents government employees and 40% of the respondents arestudents. 55
  56. 56. CHART 4.3(a)CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR OCCUPATION 40% 40% 9% 11% Percentage Business Professional Government Student Employee 56
  57. 57. TABLE 4.4 RESPONDENTS USING MOBILE CONNECTION STATUS Mobile No. of respondents Percentage Connection Yes 120 96 No 5 4 Total 125 100Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 96% percentage of therespondents is have a mobile connection and remaining 4% percentage ofthe respondents are have not any mobile or telephone. 57
  59. 59. TABLE 4.5 KNOWN THE NO. OF TELE COMPANIES Companies In Number Percentage 6 75 60% 5 37 30% 4 5 4% Not confirm 8 6% Total 125 100Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 60% of the respondents known6 nos. of the mobile connecting companies. 30% respondents known 5nos. of the mobile connecting companies. 4% of the respondents known4 nos. of the mobile connecting companies. Other 6% of the respondentsdon‟t know or not confirm. 59
  60. 60. CHART 4.5 KNOWN THE NO. OF TELE COMPANIES70% 60%60%50%40% 30%30%20%10% 4% 6%0% Percentage 6 5 4 Not confirm 60
  61. 61. TABLE 4.6 RESPONDENTS USING COMPETITIVE MOBILE SERVICE Company Name In Number Percentage Airtel 40 32% Idea 19 15% Reliance 9 7% Vodafone 40 32% BSNL 17 14% Total 125 100Source: Primary data The above table clearly shows that 32% of the respondents usingAirtel service both 32% of the respondents using vodafone, 15% of therespondents Idea, 14% of the respondents BSNL service and 7% of therespondents Reliance service. More respondents using Airtel and Vodafone service providers. 61
  62. 62. CHART 4.6RESPONDENTS USING COMPETITIVE MOBILE SERVICE 35% 32% 32% 30% 25% 20% 15% 15% 14% 10% 7% 5% 0% Percentage Airtel Idea Reliance Vodaphone BSNL 62
  63. 63. Table: 4.7 IMPORTANCE REGARDING SERVICE In Number Percentage Connectivity 15 12% Coverage 31 25% Roaming 26 21% Local Call 19 15% All 34 27% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 12% respondent using the airtel mobilenetwork connectivity service only. 25% of the respondents are usingcoverage packs, 21% of the respondents use roaming service, 15% of therespondents use only local call services and another 27% of therespondents taking all service packages. 63
  64. 64. Chart: 4.7 IMPORTANCE REGARDING SERVICE Percentage Connectivi ty All 12% Coverage 27% 25%Local call Roaming15% 21% 64
  65. 65. Table: 4.8 FEATURE OF AIRTEL FORCED PEOPLE SERVICE In Number Percentage Advertisement 44 35% Connectivity 25 20% Schemes 12 10% Goodwill 44 35% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 35% respondent using the airtel mobilenetwork good advertisement. 20% of the respondents are usingconnectivity, 10% of the respondent‟s use schemes, 35% of therespondents use to their goodwill attract. 65
  66. 66. Chart : 4.8 FEATURE OF AIRTEL FORCED PEOPLE SERVICE504540 35 35353025 202015 101050 Advertisment Connectivity Schems Goodwill 66
  67. 67. Table: 4.9 FEATURE OF AIRTEL IS BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE’S PREVIOUS CELLULAR SERVICE In Number Percentage Advertisement 31 25% Connectivity 75 60% Schemes 19 15% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 25% respondents using the airtel mobilenetwork compare previous good advertisement. 60% of the respondentsare using compare previous connectivity, 15% of the respondent‟s usecompare previous schemes. 67
  68. 68. Chart: 4.9FEATURE OF AIRTEL IS BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE’S PREVIOUS CELLULAR SERVICE Schemes 15% Advertisment 25% Connectivity 60% 68
  69. 69. Table 4.10 TYPE OF ADVERTISEMENT MOSTLY LIKE BY PEOPLE IN AIRTEL In Number Percentage Audio Visual 106 85% Audio 16 13% Print 3 2% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 85% respondents attractive airtel audiovisual advertisement. 13% of the respondents are attractive airtel audioadvertisement. another 2% of the respondent‟s only attractive their printadvertisement. 69
  70. 70. Chart: 4.10TYPE OF ADVERTISEMENT MOSTLY LIKE BY PEOPLE IN AIRTEL IS Audio Visual, 85 % Audio, 13 Print, 2% % 70
  71. 71. TABLE 4.11 CELEBRITY LIKED BY PEOPLE VERY MUCH IN AIRTEL In Number Percentage Sachin 69 55% Sharukh 47 38% A.R.Rahman 6 5% Kareena 3 2% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 55% respondents attractive airteladvertisement using cricket hero Sachin. 38% of the respondents areattractive airtel advertisement using bollywood hero Sharukh. 5% of therespondents attractive Airtel ad. world famous musician A.R.Rahmananother 2% of the respondent‟s only attractive Bollywood queenKareena. 71
  72. 72. CHART 4.11CELEBRITY LIKED BY PEOPLE VERY MUCH IN AIRTEL Shahrukh Sachin 38% 55% A.R. Kareena Rehman 5% 2% 72
  73. 73. TABLE 4.12 PEOPLE TAKE BENEFITS OF SCHEMES OFFERED BY AIRTEL In Number Percentage Yes 106 85% No 16 13% Can‟t Say 3 2% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows their respondents take benefits ofschemes offered 85% said yes. 13% of the respondents are said no. 2%of the respondents said can‟t. 73
  74. 74. CHART 4.12PEOPLE TAKE BENEFITS OF SCHEMES OFFERED BY AIRTEL People take benifits of Schemes offered by AIrtel 2% 13% Yes(85%) No(13%) Cann`t say(2%) 85% 74
  75. 75. TABLE 4.13 PEOPLE LIKE MOST IN AIRTEL PACKAGE In Number Percentage Nokia + Airtel 108 86% Airtel Magic 6 5% Airtel Post paid 10 8% Airtel Broadband 1 1% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 86% of the respondents using Nokiawith Airtel, 5% of the respondents Airtel Magic service, 8% of therespondents using post paid service and another 1% of the respondentonly airtel broad band service. 75
  76. 76. CHART 4.13 PEOPLE LIKE MOST IN AIRTEL PACKAGE Airtel MagicNokia+Airtel 5% 86% Postpaid services 8% Airtel Board Band 1% 76
  77. 77. TABLE 4.14 PEOPLE LIKE THE AIRTEL PLANS In Number Percentage Pre paid 100 80% Post paid 25 20% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 80% of the respondents would like usePre-paid connection, and other 20% of the respondents only use Post paidconnection. 77
  78. 78. CHART 4.14PEOPLE LIKE THE AIRTEL PLANS Percentage 20% Pre-paid Post-paid 80% 78
  79. 79. TABLE 4.15 RESPONDENTS PHONE BOOK IN AIRTEL USERS In Number Percentage Less than 30% 75 60% 30% to 70% 28 22% More than 70% 22 18% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 60% of the respondent‟s phonebook innos. less than 30% nos. only. 22% of the respondents phonebook in nos.30% nos. to 70% nos., and another 18% of the respondents phonebooknos. more than 70% airtel users. 79
  80. 80. CHART 4.15RESPONDENTS PHONE BOOK IN AIRTEL USERS Percentage 60% 22% 18%Less than 30% 30% to 70% More than 70% 80
  81. 81. TABLE 4.16THE RESPONDENTS LIKE TO CHEAPEST AIRTEL SERVICES Service No. of Respondents Percentage Low cost internet 17 13.6% service Free ringtones 23 18.4% Low cost night 30 24% time call charges Rate cutters 55 44% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 13.6% of the respondent‟s like to Airtelcheapest internet service. 18.4% of the respondents like the company freeringtones, 24% of the respondents like night time call cheaper chargesand another 44% of the of the respondents like airtel rate cutters.. 81
  82. 82. TABLE 4.16THE RESPONDENTS LIKE TO CHEAPEST AIRTEL SERVICES Percentage 44% 24% 18.40% 13.60% Low cost internet Free ringtones Low cost night time Rate cutters service call charges 82
  83. 83. TABLE 4.17 THE RESPONDENTS LIKE TO RECHARGE IN AIRTEL SERVICES Recharge type No. of Respondents Percentage Full talk time 50 40% SMS booster 39 31% Limited time full 10 8% talk time Recharge cards 26 21% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 40% of the respondent‟s like to rechargefull talk time offers only. 31% of the respondents like recharge mostlySMS booster, 8% of the respondents like recharges limited time offerrecharge and another 21% of the of the respondents like recharge userecharge cards or easy recharge. 83
  84. 84. TABLE 4.17THE RESPONDENTS LIKE TO CHEAPEST AIRTEL SERVICES Percentage 40% 31% 21% 8% Percentage Full talk time SMS booster Limited time full Recharge cards talk time 84
  85. 85. TABLE 4.18RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL SERVICE NO.1 IN INDIA Opinion No. of Respondents Percentage Yes 100 80% No 25 20% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 80%the respondents feel best opinionthe Airtel service provider is No. 1 in India. Another 20% of therespondents feel not in No.1, but Airtel performance some better. 85
  86. 86. CHART 4.18RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL SERVICE NO.1 IN INDIA Percentage No 20% Yes 80% 86
  87. 87. TABLE 4.19 RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL CALL CHARGES Opinion No. of Respondents Percentage Highly satisfied 34 27% Satisfied 70 56% Dissatisfied 22 17% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 27%the respondents feel best opinionthe Airtel call charges highly satisfied. 56% of the respondents justsatisfied but still Another 17% of the respondents feel dissatisfied inAirtel calling charges. 87
  88. 88. CHART 4.19 RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL CALL CHARGES Percentage Percentage60% 56%50%40%30% 27%20% 17%10%0% Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied 88
  89. 89. TABLE 4.20 RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL OFFERS Opinion No. of Respondents Percentage Highly satisfied 58 46% Satisfied 47 38% Dissatisfied 20 16% Total 125 100%Source: Primary data The above the table shows 46%the respondents feel best opinionthe Airtel offers highly satisfied. 38% of the respondents just satisfied butstill Another 16% of the respondents feel dissatisfied in Airtel offers. 89
  90. 90. TABLE 4.20 RESPONDENTS OPINION IN AIRTEL OFFERS Percentage Percentage Highly satisfied, 46% Satisfied, 38% Dissatisfied , 16%0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 90
  91. 91. CHPTER – V FINDINGS, SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSIONFINDINGS The data shows that the total sample size of 125 people takenrandomly for the research, 120 person out of then taken mobile withthem. This segment comprise of professions, businessperson, service man& students. About awareness of Telecom Company in Salem Town the datacollected shows that 60% of the people knows about all the telephonecompanies dealing in Salem Town market, 30% of person knows onlyfew companies, 5% of person knows only one company, 5% are notknowing another company. The segment belong to business like to have Post paid connection.Whereas students, professional and service persons give their preferenceto Prepaid connection. When the preferences for mobile phone connections were asked,results drawn that 40% of persons prefer to take AirTel because theybelieve in AirTel‟s better coverage & cheaper rates after AirTel, 20% ofpeople opt TATA indicom services because of its cheaper rate andflexible schemes, then Reliance is only 25% . Airtel is rich in attractiveschemes and plans for business persons and persons related to corporateworld. 91
  92. 92. SUGGESTION The Study was conducted in to very vast group of respondents and soits reflections and interpretations provide a suggestion platform me as: 1. No charge for SMS advertising 2. Advertising should not be over contend, like Advertisements via e- mail 3. Small jingle and funny massage must be used preferably 4. Approach of Advertising should not be like T.V. Advertising but it must be in SMS Flash or in funny tone. It these suggestion and limitations will entertained properly theyshould be very brighter. SMS Advertising world semester, Innovative andcreative way of Advertising. 92
  93. 93. CONCLUSION Among its priorities it now counts new economic and social concernsas the information society develops: national coverage is a major issueand Airtel intends to play its part to protect the interests of all consumers. To this backdrop, a new regulatory organisation is emerging. It mustsupply regulatory activity with new tools to encourage lastingcompetition in the telecommunications sector. It must also contribute tothe development of a more consistent UP west market that is better ableto face up to the challenges of the information society within the contextof globalisation. After thorough analysis and interpretation of result obtained I studiedoverall consumer trends in Airtel Telecommunication Ltd. How peoplereact to its services and schemes. How company attract its customer byadopting effective strategies. In the last the conclusion is drawn throughthis research that being the biggest and oldest network of mobiletelecommunication in Uttar Pradesh West, having good quality of service,taking along a big part of people aware about Airtel, it is subsisting hard.For Airtel connection most of customers are professional and businesssegment. “Good service is the way to retain clients” 93
  94. 94. BIBLIOGRAPHY  William G. Zikmund Micheal.D Basic Marketing, Anico west publishing company.  Richard J.Semenik Gary J.Bamossy A Global perpective, Principles of marketing, College division south western publishing company, 1998.  A.K.Phophalia, sarita Sharma, G.R.Bastia, Marketing management Analysis planning and control, Kanislcha Publisher and Distributers, New Delhi 1997. 94
  95. 95. A STUDY ON AIRTEL MARKETING ANALYSIS IN SALEM TOWN QUESTIONNAIREName :Address :Gender : 1. Which age group you belong to? (a)Below 20 (b)20-30 (c)30-40 (d)40-50 e) above 50 2. What occupation do you have? (a)Business (b) Professional (c)Government Employee (d) Student 3. Do you have any mobile connection? a. Yes b. No 4. Do you know how many telecommunication companies exist in Salem Town region? (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) Not confirm 5. If you have to purchase mobile phone connection which company you will prefer and why? (a)Airtel (b) Reliance (c) TATA indicom (d)Vodafone 95
  96. 96. 6. Which service in importance in Airtel? (a) Connectivity (b) Coverage (c) Roaming (d) Local Call e) All7. Which feature of AIRTEL forced you to used AIRTEL? a)Advertisements b) Connectivity c) Schemes d) Goodwill8. Which feature of AIRTEL is better than your previous cellular service? a) Advertisements b) Connectivity c) Schemes9. Which type of advertisement you most like in AIRTEL? a)Audiovisual b)Print c) Audio10.Which celebrity you like very much in AIRTEL? a) Sachin b) Shahrukh c) Kareena d) A.R. Rehman11.Have you take benefits of any scheme offered by AIRTEL? a) YES b)NO12.Which you like most in AIRTEL? a) NOKIA + AIRTEL b) AIRTEL MAGIC c) Postpaid services d) Airtel Broadband 96
  97. 97. 13.You would like to take prepaid connection or Post paid connection? (a) Prepaid (b) Post paid14.How many AIRTEL users in your phone book? a) Less than 30% b)30% - 70% c) More than 70%15.Which service you like most in AIRTEL? a) Low cost Internet service b) Free Ringtones c) Low cost night time call charges d) Rate cutters16.Which type of recharge cards you like most? a) Full talk time recharges b) SMS cards c) Limited time full talk time d) Recharge cards17. According to you is AIRTEL is #1 in India? a) Yes b) No18.Are you satisfied in Airtel call charges? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) dissatisfied19. Are you satisfied in Airtel Offers? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) dissatisfied20.Your Suggestion ------------------------------------------------------------ 97