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  1. 1. Course Project CS147 Intro to Human Computer Interaction & Design Developed ByMake Study Fun! Tim Hsieh Kanit Wong Chih Chiang Wei
  2. 2. Turn Study into Challenge, Beat a friend & Get “A” Add New View Challenge Challenge List of All Win Challenge Challenge User Profile & Rankings History
  3. 3. List of AllChallenge
  4. 4. Add NewChallenge
  5. 5. ViewChallenge
  6. 6. WinChallenge
  7. 7. Profile &History
  8. 8. UserRankings
  9. 9. DESIGNPROCESS Needfinding Prototyping User Testing Solution
  10. 10. Needfinding Interviewing ObservationFind Inspiration“How might we” Brainstormed Filtering Ideas (Discussion)“Human is by nature a social animal” - AristotleWhile fighting against reading and assignments with friends until midnight is theprecious memory for most students, working on assignments alone is boring andfrustrating. When students do assignment alone, they need more fun things andmore motivation to help them keep fighting!
  11. 11. Prototyping <storyboard> Storyboard helps us visual- ize how user will use our application and in turn design it t obe more intui- tive and fit to user’s needs <paper prototype> Think through the action flow for users to discover dead corners and create a variation of visual model that we can use to get feedback from users. Our first two designs are tabs style and tile style UI.
  12. 12. <heuristic evalution>Quick evaluation of design in ourpaper prototype as quick itera-tion before real development.Finding: Users were confusedwhen they navigated deeper intothe application. <functional prototype> - first partial implemention that focused on the most essential aspect and functionalities of our design. - let us iterate functions with users Finding: Discover dead corners where people really get struck in real interface.
  13. 13. User Testing <direct testing> Let users run through our interface several times, first without instruction, second with specific tasks to do and fi- nally, let them run through alternative designs. Key Findings: - User are not so excited by challenge so we add “bet” to the challenge. - Creating a challenge is too compli- cated - User get lost when they have no friend so we add some instructions to help them.
  14. 14. User Testing <online testing> Tools: Clicktest & Fivesecondtest 1. Is the title bar easily noticed by the user? Finding: putting title of challenge within the page would get more attention from user 2. Would user know what to do based on instructions given on this page? Finding: depends on design but having color and button can effectively draw users attention. 3. Would people use the in-page Back button or the browser back button? Finding: Some people would use browser back button because they’re used to it.
  15. 15. SolutionStudymania provide a simple way to createfun challenge/bet against their friends. Thiscompetitive settings will drive users to workhard and thus get stuff done in order to beattheir friends.