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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • India’s wine consumption - growth rate of 27 per cent from 2010-12.
    • One of the fastest growing markets for wine consumption on the global map.
    • Of total still wine consumption in India, 72% were red, 27% white, 1% Rosé.
    • The perception of wines as being up-market and sophisticated is helping in bringing about a change.
    • The per capita consumption in India is only 0.07 liter/person/year.
    • The biggest consumption up to 80% is confined to major cities - Mumbai (39%), Delhi (23%), Bangalore (9%), Goa (9%), whereas Rest of India has only 20% consumption.
    Wine Scenario
  • 3. Why does Fratelli need Social Media?
    • Brands are increasingly moving from broadcast (tv, print) to the conversational ( ‘ buzz ’ , ‘ word of mouth ’ ) space
    • Opportunity to turn consumers into lifelong ambassadors
    • Wine = Storytelling
    • Wine and Social Media go together
  • 4. Our Social Media Strategy More awareness Explore, identify, create new categories Engage with Wine lovers More preference = More sales
  • 5. Wine Occasions
    • Formal and Informal gatherings:
    • Corporate dinners
    • Girls’ Night Out
    • Weddings
    • Romantic Evenings
    • Housewarmings
  • 6.
    • Young professionals - i.e tech savvy professionals with a taste for new experiences (for eg: the first 500 people to join Google +)
    • Young independent-minded women (for eg: a Sex and the City DVD collection owner)
  • 7. Idea - I This idea targets the Young professionals - The tech savvy people with a taste for new experiences
  • 8. Make wine more ‘ fun ’ Target Audience - Young professionals (22-35 years) Where do they hang out? Music Events, Restaurants, Pubs, Facebook What are they interested in? Movies, Music, Travel, Eating and Drinking out Let ’ s change the idea of wine amongst Indians. It ’ s not just an artist ’ s/snooty man ’ s tipple of choice. Let ’ s make wine more ‘ India-friendly! ’ Did You Know? 53% say the Web/ online is how they prefer to learn about new brands
  • 9. Make wine a fun drink for Indians
    • We initiate conversations about pairing wine with unconventional Indian food like dosas, tandoori tikkas or even street food.
    • Piero Masi can recommend his list of wines to be paired with Indian food. (via an article or a video)
    • Suggest/review restaurants to our audience where they can try it out themselves.
  • 10. Make wine a fun drink for Indians ‘ THE GRAPE ESCAPE ’
    • The Grape Escape will be a contest where winners get the chance to stay at Fratelli Residency for a week during crushing season(February)
    • Through this contest we can take our fans deeper into the different aspects of Fratelli wines.
    • Talking about the brand, the brothers, Piero Masi, the winery, the vineyards at Motewadi and Garwad and the Fratelli Residency.
    Did You Know? I ndian internet users view blogs and forums as good sources of information and an excellent platform for publishing their own views to the world.
  • 11. Make wine a fun drink for Indians
    • Lots of wine regions in Maharastra are increasingly attracting discerning travelers who want to mix their wanderlust with wine
    • By exploring a possible tie-up with the Maharastra Tourism Board we can organize ‘ vino-tourism ’ trips to the Fratelli Residency
    • We will use social media to promote these trips and post photos of our guests doing different things at Motewadi and Garwad(for eg: grape stomping, wine tasting at the labs etc)
    Promoting ‘ vino-tourism ’ in Maharastra
  • 12. Idea - 2 This idea is targeted at Young independent-minded women
  • 13. Increasingly more women are drinking wine as compared to men. We will promote wine as the tipple of choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Target Audience - people who are engaged in/dabble with or simply patronize art and culture(primarily women) Where do they hang out? Art Galleries, Cultural Events, Travel cafes and Restaurants What are they interested in? Art, Music, Movies, Theatre The Fratelli School of Wine
  • 14.
    • We give out a list of wines decided by Piero Masi to our fans
    • Give them information on where to shop for the wines and a week ’ s time
    • When ready, we ’ ll stream a live wine tasting session by Piero Masi from the Fratelli Residency
    • At such a virtual event, users will be asked to log onto where users can rally their comments and questions to him
    • The buildup and post event feedback/comments will happen on the facebook page
    ‘ VIRTUAL WINE TASTING EVENTS ’ How do we do this?
  • 15.
    • Let ’ s explore sponsoring art and cultural events and give our partners the opportunity to showcase their artist ’ s works on the Fratelli Facebook page
    • For instance, when an art gallery opens an exhibition, Fratelli can sponsor the wine and also promote the event via social media
    • Apart from initiating conversations about the event, it will also establish brand Fratelli as a patron of art and culture.
    ‘ FRATELLI ART & MUSIC EVENTS ’ How do we do this?
  • 16.
    • Recycled wine bottle products will be an environmental friendly feature
    • Here people can send us old empty bottles and we ’ ll send it back as a lamp/bottle art/vase, etc.
    ‘ RECYCLED WINE PRODUCTS ’ How do we do this? Note: While the key audience is women, we will make women invite men too. Like a nightclub ‘Couples Only’ policy.
  • 17. “ Going beyond Facebook ” - Creating a social eco system
    • Youtube Videos
    • Twitter hashtags (#)
    • Wine-related apps
    • Micro sites (if required)
  • 18. Measuring Success
    • Likes, retweets, shares
    • Enquiries
    • Data collection through contests, apps
  • 19. The Plan Create new & repackaged content Create FB page with tabs 3 posts-a-day Make wine related conversations as per the ideas chosen
  • 20. Let ’ s add fuel to the fire...
  • 21. Facebook Ads
    • Some users find Facebook ads a good tool to promote events or get new fans to the pages.
    • From an engagement standpoint think in terms of using the ads to promote content and value and not so much to sell something.
    • The most successful use of ads on social networks is to create deeper engagement so you have the ability to sell once trust is built.
  • 22. Facebook Apps
    • Gift a wine coupon
    • Customized Apps for wine lovers
    • Guess the ingredient game
    • Customized tabs
    • Fratelli Recommends
    • Wine Crossword
    • Wine Dictionary
  • 23. Thank You