Advetising opportunities @ LinkedIn
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Advetising opportunities @ LinkedIn






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  • Thanks for your time, we’re thrilled to be here and we’re really excited to share a very special launch partner opportunity with you.
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Advetising opportunities @ LinkedIn Advetising opportunities @ LinkedIn Presentation Transcript

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutionsreaching professional consumers for your brand
  • To engage effectively, marketers need to understand thedifference in mindset across social platforms Personal Networks Professional Networks 1 Socialize Maintain professional identity 2 Stay in touch Make useful contacts Be entertained 3 Search for opportunities Kill time Stay in touch 4 Share content Keep up to date for career 5 “Spend Time” “Invest Time” Sources: ‘The Mindset Divide”, TNS and LinkedIn, September 2012 2
  • The globally connectedprofessional network200,000,000+ UK NL 10M 3M+ + DACHregistered members 2M+ France 4M+ Italy Canada Spain 3M+ 6M+ Europe 3M+ USA 39M+ M+70 India 18M+ Brazil Australia 11M 3M+ +
  • Highly matured internet user Average 11.4 hours is spent on the Internet in a week 90% using internet since more than 3 years agoHighly educated user47% of LinkedIn India users have at least a post grad qualification Travel and Living 55% of LinkedIn users own a car 79% of LinkedIn users have travelled in the past 6 months
  • Where are these professionals on LinkedIn? 30 25 JobsAverage age views when using section 20 People Search Profile Viewing Groups 15 Home Page Inbox 10 Address Book Company 5 0 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% % of visitors using section when visiting Source: internal data
  • Prosumer Audience Segments C-Level, Director, VP, Elite 1.8 MN Owner, Partner Manager, Senior,Premium 6.2 MN Entrepreneur Entry Level, Young Earning Individual 10 MN Professionals Contributors
  • The power of targeting with LinkedIn 7
  • LinkedIn: New Targeting Parameters• Opinion Leaders• Career Changers• MBA Degree• Smartphone Users• Graduate Education• Business Travellers• Career Starters• Fortune 1Ks• Event Planners• Freelancers• Doctors• Nurses• Mobile/Device• CFO Network 8
  • Targeted Media 9
  • LinkedIn: Display AdvertisingText Ads and Targeted Display (hosted or 3rd-party served) Text Ad 300x250 160x600 Prominent Placement Little competition IAB Standard Units Not part of any ad network
  • LinkedIn:
  • LinkedIn Content Ads – Expandable VideoBring a variety of content to your target audience. Creative Built by LinkedIn Can include Video, RSS, Whitepapers, Twitter Expandable Video, etc Either 300x250 & 160x600 units Video plays without leaving the ad unit Video gallery Unit sized 300x250 (600x250 when expanded) 12
  • Engage: Audience RoadblockWhen a small businessprofessional logs ontoLinkedIn, target them withCairn solutions and offering  Perfect for the launch of the campaign and to promote Business solutions from Cairn  Ownership of all ad units on LinkedIn homepage  Textlink, 300x250, 728x90 | 13
  • LinkedIn iPad users are Affluent and Engaged  2X more likely to be Senior Decision Makers than the desktop 1  Highly integrated ad experience  Engagement is 4X higher on iPad LinkedIn ad units than average engagement for standard desktop 300x250 ad units 21, 2. LinkedIn Internal data 17
  • Platform Media 18
  • LinkedIn : Sponsored Polls •A Polling Ad unit can be served to the What Do you look for when buying a target audience which can carry TV? customizable, brand relevant Design questions & initiate interactions Screen Size Picture Resolution Price •Rich functionality allows the Sound Quality members to both Vote and Comment •This is a great tool for the advertiser to gain deeper insights in its product from the target audience
  • LinkedIn : Sponsored Polls (Results) What Do you look for when buying a TV? Design Easy Health Maxima Optima Restore Individual Personal Experiment
  • LinkedIn: Group Targetting
  • Custom Solutions
  • Custom Solutions for AMEX 23
  • Why would you recommend?
  • Message to an affluent user in LinkedIn India
  • First Attempt in India outside our Walled Garden
  • Authentication
  • Use of Connections API
  • Technically, only one field to be filled, auto publish on profile
  • Using the Social Stream
  • Creating Urgency buzzing!45-Day only campaign to build in virality, getting the network
  • Using the Mailbox API – Hits the Inbox
  • Personalized Messaging for Nominee
  • Custom Solutions for Woodland 34
  • This WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, Step Out for a Green EconomySimple, viral concept using LinkedIn APIs for Woodland’s Pro Planet Initiative
  • Woodland API Solution Deal Deep dive – Region India (North) What tilted Woodland in favour of LinkedIn is the15 million member base in India to reach out to forTo build an interactive platform where we can share ideas for a green informative and innovative ideas toeconomy make the environment, a greener place to live Goal: No of visits : 100000+ No of ideas shared: 1000+To inspire the next generation and increase their participation in theconservation of nature.Targeted Media to API Destination (Contest between June 5th toAugust 18th 2012)
  • Banners: Running on LinkedIn
  • Pixel Concept: More Ideas you Share, More Our World Goes Green! DAY 90-120 Entire Forest Wall goes Green
  • Professionals Share Ideas on 10 Sectors Identified by theUnited Nations Environment Programme for Green Economy 10 IDENTIFIED SECTORS All Sectors :- Share your ideas on how businesses can contribute to a green economy… Buildings :- share your ideas to construct a better world… Fisheries – Share an idea to replenish fish stock… Forestry – Share your ideas to increase forest land.. Transport – Congestion, pollution, traffic accidents . . . theres a better way! Share your ideas here… Water -- Billions of people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water or improved sanitation services. Share your ideas to conserve water… Agriculture -- Use your consumer power to support local, organic and sustainable agriculture! Share your ideas here… Energy Supply -- Share your ideas to tackle energy supply here… Tourism -- Tread lightly on your travel destinations. Share your ideas around ecotourism Waste -- If everything you buy becomes waste, where will we put it all? Share your ideas here… Manufacturing and Industry -- Its no big secret that industry and manufacturing have been rough on the environment - but things can change, and you can help! Tell us how…