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About Me


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  1. Kristina Angelova<br />BA (Hons) Business Studies, University of Portsmouth<br />Business Development and Marketing<br />
  2. About me<br />Name:Angelova, Kristina Angelova<br />BIO: Born on the 4th of February, 1990 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Raised with the idea that nothing valuable is achieved without devotion and hard work. Took part in many clubs and societies such as Drama School, Dance Classes, UN and EU clubs, journalism society. This developed my creativity skills and gave me broad knowledge base on different topics.<br />Career motivation: Currently seeking a career in the area of Business Develpmentand/or Marketing. <br />Dissertation and Research: New Product Development and Innovation;<br />
  3. Qualifications<br />Education :<br /><ul><li>University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom (September 2009 – July 2013)</li></ul> BA Business Studies : First (expected)<br /><ul><li>Foreign Languages High School “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov”, Bulgaria (2004 – 2009); Diploma of Secondary Education - English/German/Mathematics/Geography:Excellent 5. 84</li></ul>Computer Skills : <br />Ms Windows, Ms Office 2003-2007; HTML, Adobe CS, MySQL, CMS systems, Business Software (SAGE, SAP, ERP systems);<br />Foreign Languages:<br />English – excellent (TOEFL Certificate – April 2008), German, Russian, Bulgarian; <br />
  4. Skills and Attributes<br />Why ME?<br />
  5. <ul><li> Leadership and Creativity. Organisational and entrepreneurial skills were demonstrated in leading a team of five and winning the University Enterprise challenge in May 2010; my team is currently in the final 5 in PWC Business Champions Competition;
  6. Team Working. Good organizational and team working skills were essential within my role as a team member in different national and multinational projects (such as “Digitalization of European Cultural Heritage”, Bulgaria 2008-2010).
  7. Social Responsibilities. Proved myself responsible by volunteering for one of the United Nations’ projects on Prevention of Harassment and Worst Forms of Child Labour. This experience triggered my interest in psychology and how it relates to human behavior.
  8. Time Management. Working as a Freelance Photographer/Graphical Designer in the UK, taught me how to manage my time effectively and meet client expectations.</li></li></ul><li>experience<br />Lincomp Ltd (09/2007-09/2010)<br />Working for Lincomp Ltd (small but highly productive and successful software company), taught me how to efficiently manage my time and meet client expectations. It gave me experience in many aspects of the IT profession. I developed my skills and learnt how to manage a small team of 3-5 people. I also gained knowledge of different project models and how to apply them successfully (such as the Waterfall and Agile model).<br />R & K Footwear (05/2009 – 09/2010)<br />Before heading to England to start my Bachelor’s degree I took a full time job in the retail sector. This advanced my flexibility skills as I had a range of responsibilities. My ability to spot trends helped me to manage the stock levels and choose the best selling products for my branch.<br />I dealt with client enquires, which was a valuable experience towards my communication and problem solving skills. <br />
  9. Interests<br />Major Fields of Interest (Keywords):<br />Marketing and Advertising; Photography, Design, Art, Visual arts,Web, E-commerce, General Business and finance;<br />My portfolio is published online at<br />Professional and Scientific Awards:<br /><ul><li> University of Portsmouth Enterprise Challenge winner (Rising Star category), Portsmouth, UK. 2010
  10. Certificate for Social Competences, Bulgaria. 2008
  11. American Foundation for Bulgaria – Scholarship for achievements. 2007 - 2009.
  12. “The Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians” - distinction for achievements in the area of Information Technologies. 2007
  13. United Nations Ambassador Certificate. 2007
  14. Student of the Year – Government distinction for achievements, Bulgaria. 2006
  15. Silver Award – Cyber Fair Competition (web project presenting Bulgarian culture and history), USA. 2006
  16. “My Beautiful Bulgaria” – prized Photo and short story</li></li></ul><li>Strengths and Weaknesses<br /><ul><li> Focused on change and achievements. I am passionate in achieving results and helping other people developing their potential. I am often perceived as influencing and inspiring.
  17. Flexibility. Proved myself adaptable by successful study and work in a foreign environment.
  18. Self-motivation. My enthusiasm and personal commitment won me high grades and recognition amongst colleagues at University;
  19. Communication. Volunteering inthe multinationalSocrates’ project (“Democracy & Young people” 2006/8) advanced my communication skills and multitask experience. My role within the program was to co – ordinate and train a Polish team; Overcoming the language barrier;
  20. Observation. Analyzing situation and finding solution to potential problems;
  21. Lack of enough experience.</li></ul>I am focused on my career and I had a part-time work and voluntary positions but I still don’t have enough business-related work experience.<br /><ul><li> Difficulties tackling critique. </li></ul>I am perfectionist in nature so when receiving a critique (even constructive) it is hard not to take it too personally. I am working on perceiving it in a positive way.<br /><ul><li> Strong drive of competence. Sometimes I question the ability of those around me and fear that they won’t deliver the high standard I require. Thus, I take more tasks than I can (and I am required to) and leave the minorities to the others. This comes in contrast with my good ability to work in teams and communicate;</li></li></ul><li>MY Action Plan<br />Placement year: developing my skills and career.<br /><ul><li> Improve my skills and learn new attributes.
  22. Gain understanding of all aspects of the business profession and focusing on specific area I find particularly interesting and rewarding.
  23. Help the company in adding value to their brand and present themselves excellent to current and potential clients.</li></ul>Learning and Performing<br />I enjoy questioning and challenging to get beyond the superficial. I like to investigate, plan and perform, developing new skills in the process. I am naturally enthusiastic and initiative individual and I will try to demonstrate that whenever possible. <br />
  24. Thank YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! <br />