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Uweal to date


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451UWEAL TODAY UWEAL USHERS IN A NEW LEADERSHIPThe year began with great anticipation of the exciting activities and changes that were coming toUWEAL in 2012, the key highlight of the first half of the New Year being the appointment of a newBoard of Directors (BOD) into office. At an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Kati KatiRestaurant in Lugogo on the 31st of March, 2012, more than one hundred paid up UWEAL memberselected a new Board into power to govern the association for the next three years. The newleadership will oversee the development and implementation of key policies, structures and systemsthat will support UWEAL to achieve its corporate goals.
  • 2. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451The outgoing and incoming Board of Directors after the handover ceremony at the UWEAL Secretariat. Left to right on the front row:Mabel Kiggundu outgoing Treasurer, Eleanor Bageine incoming Secretary General, Jennifer Mwijukye outgoing Chairperson, Dr.GudulaNaiga Basaza incoming Chairperson, Hope Jemimah Kasimbazi incoming Publicity Secretary, Hannah Namuyomba outgoing Member.Right to left on the back row: Pauline Ofong outgoing Publicity Secretary, Catherine Okot incoming Member (Chapters Representative),Dr.Maggie Kigozi incoming Member, Penninah Ngategize incoming Treasurer, Rusia Orikiriza-Bariho incoming Member (YoungEntrepreneurs Representative) and Margaret Kulaba outgoing Member (Chapter Representative). NEW BOARD MEMBERS AND THEIR POSITIONS BOARD POSITION NAME CHAIRPERSON DR. GUDULA NAIGA BASAZA SECRETARY GENERAL ELEANOR BAGEINE TREASURER PENNINAH NGATEGIZE PUBLICITY SECRETARY HOPE JEMIMAH KASIMBAZI CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVE CATHERINE OKOT YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS REPRESENTATIVE RUSIA ORIKIRIZA-BARIHO BOARD MEMBER DR. MAGGIE KIGOZI CORPORATE GOVERNANCE) UWEAL is strongly committed to cultivating a culture of good governance and hence, as part of the induction process of the new leadership, UWEAL, with support from Vital Voices Global Partnership, organized a Corporate Governance training for its new BOD, District Chapter Leaders and Management aimed at equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge required to effectively incorporate good governance principles and best practices in the day to day management of the association. The two-day training took place at Grand Imperial Hotel, Kampala from 29th May
  • 3. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451to 30th May, 2012 and was conducted by the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU). Atotal of twenty (20) participants were awarded certificates for successful completion of the training. ROLLING OUT THE GIRL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM MANUAL The Girl Entrepreneurship Program is an initiative that creates awareness about business and entrepreneurship among young women in secondary school, tertiary institutions and universities. It aims at promoting entrepreneurship within their settings using the readily available resources. The program provides economic empowerment and awareness Hannah Namuyomba a member of UWEAL and an expert in entrepreneurship at St. for young girls. To implement Joseph’s SS Nsambya. In this session students of Senior One and Two were taught the basics of entrepreneurship. the program effectively UWEAL designed a manual that wasbased on sequential visits and targeted educational material delivered to different schools andinstitutions. To roll out the Manual, UWEAL carried out presentations in St Joseph’s SS Nsambya for both Ordinary level and Advanced levels of Education while at Rubaga the first phase of the presentations were targeting Senior Ones and twos.The manual is a holistic guide to personal and professional development of the studentsimplemented throughout the academic year within the selected schools. The methodology of themanual delivery includes interactive exercises, presentations, supplementary facilitations, andentrepreneurship clubs. Role models are invited to give empowering talks on practical skills based ontheir life experiences.
  • 4. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 The main objective of the GEP program is to inspire girls to have an entrepreneurship spirit and start businesses of their own at an early age with the intention of supporting young women’s self awareness, provide basics in business and improve economic sustainability. DEVELOPING LEADERS THROUGH THE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM UWEAL’s 2012 Mentoring Program was launched on 17th May, 2012 at the UWEAL Secretariat with Yvonne Finch, a Coaching Specialist, Facilitator and Business Strategist with Yvonne Finch Consulting in South Africa facilitating a training session for business women that had signed up for the program. The Mentoring Program aims at facilitating personal and professional growth and development for bothYvonne Finch, Coaching Specialist, Facilitator and Business Strategist facilitating in the e mentors and mentees and will last six for matching exercise mentors to Mentees (6) months. REACHING OUT TO THE RURAL WOMAN The major objective of UWEALs service delivery this year was to actively support enterprise development in areas outside Kampala. Entrepreneurship and Business Management training workshops targeting sixty (60) women owned businesses were held in Gulu, Jinja and Mbarara during a three week period from 26th June, 2012 to 12th July, 2012. The initiative aimed at strengthening the business competencies of women owned enterprises in these regions and addressed key areas including marketing, customer care, human resource management, product development and financial planning.
  • 5. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451The goal of the training was to facilitate the transition of women owned businesses from microenterprises to SMEs and to fortify existing women owned SMEs by enhancing their knowledge andskills in entrepreneurship and business management. The objectives of this intervention were:a. To encourage women owned businesses to transition from micro enterprises to the SME levelb. To improve the performance of women owned businesses in terms of revenues and profits by equipping them with the relevant business management skills and knowledge.c. To improve financial literacy of women business owners by exposing them to modern, practical and relevant financial information and practices.The participants hailed the training as ‘excellent’ and ‘practical’ and appreciated the creativemethods employed by the trainers that helped them understand the applicability of the content.One of the exciting results from these workshops was the resolution of the business women inMbarara district to establish a vibrant Women Entrepreneurs Association which will work withorganizations like UWEAL to extend business development services to the grassroots in this area.UWEAL is closely working with them to see that this initiative succeeds. The trainings in Pictures 1 2
  • 6. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 3 4 5 6 7 81. The Gulu Chapter members pose for a photo after the training 2. A member of the Gulu Chapter receives a certificate of merit aftercompletion of the training 3. Members of Mbarara Chapter have an energizer to keep them alert during a training session 4. MabelKiggundu one of the Consultants in a training session that was mainly focused on discussion 5. One of the Participants Eunice presentinggroup work on behalf of her group 6. Mbarara Chapter participants pose for a group photo with the facilitators and the LC V Chairmanof Mbarara after the training 7. Rhona Ngobi, one of the participants from Jinja women entrepreneurs receives her certificate of meritafter the training 8. Participants of Jinja Chapter pose for a photo with the facilitators after the training.
  • 7. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 MEMBERS BREAKFAST MEETINGUWEAL held its first member breakfast meeting on 15th February, 2012 at the Secretariat. Themeeting which attracted over 35 participants addressed the topic, ‘Keeping Customers,’ and wasfacilitated by Ms. Dorothy Tuma, proprietor of DMT Consultants Ltd and author of KeepingCustomers and Getting Their Friends Too! This was followed by another Member Breakfast Meetingon 17th May on ‘Branding for Business Competitiveness.’ The successful event was facilitated byYvonne Finch, a Business Coach and CET Member of Vital Voices Global Partnership which attractedover fifty five (55) people.On 21st June, UWEAL hosted its members to yet another breakfast meeting organized around thetheme, ‘It is time for Ugandan Women to Rise – Exploring Issues of Women and Power within aUgandan Business Context’. This breakfast was facilitated by Audrey Addison Williams, who is anInternational Social Entrepreneur and an expert in both personal and community transformation.She is a proprietor of Addison Williams Inc, a Consultant Firm that offers high level business start upcoaching and business diagnosis on companies that want to go to the next level. She inspired thewomen with her passion and her determination which helped her walk ‘the man’s path’ and getgrow through the rank. She encouraged the women to exercise their power and freedom to choose adifferent life for themselves and exploit it. In her concluding remarks, Audrey called on the women tobe more vigilant and determined and to work together to rise to the top positions in all spheres. CORPORATE BREAKFAST MEETINGOn 19th April, 2012, UWEAL organized a Corporate Breakfast Meeting, an exciting and inspiring eventfacilitated by seasoned enterprise developer and motivational speaker, Charles Ocici, the ExecutiveDirector of Enterprise Uganda. The event which took place at Imperial Royale Hotel attracted onehundred and thirty (130) people and addressed the topic, ‘The Competitive Edge: Defining Your Businessand Setting Yourself Apart.’
  • 8. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 SHARING IDEAS TO COLLECTIVELY GROWOn 16th March, 2012, UWEAL organized a B2B exchange visit for twenty eight (28) business women to St.Jude Family Projects in Masaka district. The exchange visit targeted members in the agricultural sectorand was aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of participants in integrating crops and animalsand also at facilitating networking. Participants mainly comprised of agri-business owners and otherwomen interested in joining the sector. The Visit in Pictures 1 2 3 4
  • 9. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 6 5 7 8 1. Entrepreneurs enjoy a cup of tea that the host prepared for them 2. Entrepreneurs in a class session at the farm 3. The entrepreneurs learn how to mulch 4. The farm guide teaches the women entrepreneurs on the uses of the herbs that are grown at the farm 5. Women entrepreneurs learn how to make manure using waste materials on a farm 6. Visiting the piggery section 7. Visiting the wine production section 8. Demonstration on how to plant vegetables within the smallest unit available to any entrepreneur. EXPANDING THE EXPORTING POTENTIAL AMONG WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSThe association organized an ACCESS! Dissemination Workshop on 9th February, 2011 at HotelAfricana with the main objectives of presenting results to stakeholders, share lessons, receive
  • 10. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451feedback from the women entrepreneurs that benefited from the program and disseminateinformation about results and the program to the media.At the workshop Business Counselors shared with the participants, the technical frameworkunder which the business counseling was implemented and key learning’s noted as regardsparticipating enterprises. They shared practical issues facing women entrepreneurs and howBusiness Counseling Framework was important at addressing them with detailedrecommendations to the enterprises for implementation During the workshop, four participants including Grace Nandawula, Center Manager, TextileDevelopment Agency (TEXDA), Joy Lwanga, MD, Shalom Organic Ltd, Annette Ayamba, MD, YourChoice Agro-processing Ltd and Maria Murisa Gateja, proprietor, Kwetu Africa Ltd were recognizedfor the outstanding growth and improvements they had made in their businesses. The fourentrepreneurs were selected to advance to the next stage of Market Access where they will besupported to participate in regional and international marketing opportunities including trade fairs. GROWING OUR WINGS TO THE REGIONAL LEVEL-UWEAL CHAIRS THE EAST AFRICAN WOMEN IN BUSINESS PLATFORM (EAWIBP)Towards the end of 2011, with the support of Trademark East Africa (TMEA), the East African Business Council (EABC) established the East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP) with the view of putting in place mechanisms to address challenges faced by women-owned businesses within the region. The Platform brings together national apex bodies and associations of women in business from the five East African Partner States. With the view of articulating its mandate and objectives, the Platform developed a three- year Strategic Plan with a vision of; A Women’s Centre of Excellence for Intra and Extra –EAC Trade and its mission is To Position and Catalyze the Participation of Women-Owned Businesses in EAC’s Integration Process. On Thursday, May 24, 2012Dorothy Tuma a member of UWEAL and theChairperson of East African Women in Business EABC together with Trade Mark East Africa launched thePlatform (EAWiBP) East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP) and its
  • 11. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451three-year Strategic Plan at the East African all Suites Hotel in Arusha and Dorothy Tuma who is anexpert in International Trade will chair the platform for the next three years.The Strategic Plan envisages that the Plat-form will achieve the following outcomes within the three yearperiod;1. Increased effective participation of women in business in EAC integration processes.2. Improved economic contribution of women in business in EAC Partner States.3. Increased progression of women-owned enterprises in EAC from informal to formal status. UPCOMING EVENTS Celebration of 25 Years of Existence2012 will close in Merry Celebration for UWEAL as we celebrate 25 years of excellence in servingwomen entrepreneurs. The celebrations will start on the 25th October, 2012 and end on the 26thOctober, 2012 with activities ranging from press briefs, a business forum and a parade. Month of the Woman Entrepreneur (MOWE)The organization and implementation of MOWE events is a means of supporting womenentrepreneurs to consolidate their own networks, have their concerns given due attention by policymakers and have their roles as entrepreneurs recognized by the wider community. This year acombination of awareness creation campaigns, enterprise skills trainings, advocacy forums, awarddinners, networking events and exhibitions by women entrepreneurs will implement.MOWE’s target beneficiaries will include individual women entrepreneurs, Women EntrepreneursAssociations (WEAs), employers’ organizations, key Government ministries like Trade and Gender,donors, business development service providers and other members of the public and private sector.
  • 12. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451UWEAL calls upon all stakeholders to come and participate as we celebrate the spirit ofentrepreneurship. The Economic Advocacy Campaigns 2012One of the mandates for UWEAL throughout the years has been advocacy. Since 2011, UWEAL hasbeen strongly engaging the public in its advocacy activities in abide to create an enablingenvironment for women to do business. This year, with support from The Ministry of Foreign Affairsin Netherlands and through Vital Voices, UWEAL will launch a new program code named SupportingPublic Advocacy for Regional Competitiveness (SPARC).The program’s main aim is to increase women’s economic engagement in the labor force andentrepreneurship, creating a more enabling environment for women’s economic engagement andgreater poverty alleviation. UWEAL through consultations with other stakeholders indentified anadvocacy issue of broadening and improving women’s access to economic opportunities in Ugandaby identifying, promoting and developing appropriate interventions that will support women’seconomic empowerment.UWEAL has signed the Grant Award Agreement with implementation process expected to start inAugust 2012 that will see UWEAL engage in awareness creation, lobbying and development ofappropriate reforms, policies and strategies to address the issues identified. The Entrepreneurs in HandcraftsThe Entrepreneurs in Handcrafts (EinH) training is an excellent program that prepares womenentrepreneurs who own handcrafts businesses to compete successfully on the global market byenhancing their product development and business management competencies. A 5 day intensivetraining addressing key areas such as product development, marketing, business management,financial management, export and other disciplines will take place from 24th September to 28thSeptember, 2012. The program is supported by Vital Voices Global Partnership and the ExxonMobilFoundation.
  • 13. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited Plot 38 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Email: P. O. Box 10002 Kampala Website: TEL: 0414 343952 OR 0312271451 UWEAL Marketing Basics for Women Entrepreneurs (UMBWE)UWEAL in collaboration with aBi Trust is set to begin implementing the UWEAL Marketing Basics forWomen Entrepreneurs (UMBWE) program. UMBWE is a new program that will seek to improve thecompetitiveness of 200 women owned enterprises the agri-business and handcrafts sectors byequipping tem with marketing basics. CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTERESTUWEAL handles different projects and needs professional consultants and trainers. We are thereforecalling upon all consultants interested in working with UWEAL to bring their CVs to the UWEALSecretariat.Please note that submission of a CV does not imply that UWEAL has committed to awarding you acontract for provision of the above named services.JOBS UWEAL is currently seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from service providers to develop its advocacy strategy. We are also looking for an individual or firm to carry out a baseline survey on women’s access and engagement in the NAADS program - Phase 11.For more details on the above, please contact the secretariat.