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This Junk Mail was written by Nicky Scott and Richard Gomme.

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  1. 1. Issue 7 2011 Devon Community Recycling & Community Composting Network News Spare food is share food The future of waste in DevonAnaerobic digester in Plymouth Recycle rigid plastic This issue: The Big Society Plastic Planet In a Pickle Transition Town Update
  2. 2. Features: PEDAL PUSHING tents 1 Recycling awareness STAFF RAISE bike ride RECYCLING AWARENESS 3 “Spare Food is Share AND CASH FOR Food!” CHARITY 4 Predicting the future of waste in Devon A team of staff from Teignbridge The event provided an amusing specta- District Council got on their bikes cle for passers-by as the team towed 7 AD Plant at Plymouth to cycle 38 miles around Teignbridge, a trailer decorated as a recycling bank 9 AD Methane & grass cuttings raising awareness of the 10 new plastic packaging recycling banks in the area, carrying a stuffed panda passenger. They also took time to surprise recycling and raising £300 for World Wildlife Fund bank users, awarding recycling goodyThis Junk Mail was written by Nicky Scottand Richard Gomme.Designed by Isolde Brampton-Greene with 10 Do you drink bottled water? to support its work tackling the effects of bags to the first person they saw usingillustrations by Bob Gale (Proper Job) climate change. the new banks in each location.Printing by MoorPrint.Contact Details 12 Bottle deposit schemesPlease send copy/pictures/drawings forBob to develop to:Richard Gomme 13 Recycle rigid plasticDevon Community Recycling NetworkChapel Cottage, Thorn, Chagford, Devon,TQ13 8DX. 14 Refurnish opens in BuckfastleighTel: 01647 433872email: info@dcrn.org.ukwww.dcrn.org.ukNicky Scott 15 Torbay celebratesDevon Community Composting Network8 Meldon Road, Chagford, Devon, TQ13 8BG 16 Devon ScrapstoresTel: 01647 433148email: nicky.scott@devon.gov.ukwww.dccn.org.uk 19 This is rubbish PEDAL PUSHING STAFF RAISING AWARENESS 1
  3. 3. mornings at the Congress Hall Congress Hall & Open Door Café, on Armada Way in Plymouth Shekinah Mission City Centre. Currently our team of volunteers take delivery of Wiseman Dairies surplus milk At the end of April 2011, DCFA otherwise destined for the drain, had helped to divert more than sort it, update our databank and 2,000 litres of milk from landfill then immediately issues it to the and has brought smiles to more ten charitable organisations that volunteers. Many also work or than ten charitable organisations have registered with DCFA so far.“Spare Food is volunteer for other charitable organisations in the area which These organisations currently in our region. This has saved Share Food!” means they understand all include: them an expenditure of £2,000 too well just how difficult and in the first ten weeks that DCFADevon and Cornwall Food About Time, Age Concern,Association (DCFA) aims to try to stop expensive it is to provide food for Amber Initiatives, Befriending has been trading! Obviously,good, in-date food produce from the disadvantaged Consortium, Devon & Cornwall bigger savings will be made asgoing to landfill and then to share among us. Refugee Support (DCRS), Elder DCFA progresses. The result ofit out to community organisations Tree Visiting & Befriendingin Devon and Cornwall that feed DCFA does not and will not issue re-distributing this food produce Service, Friends & Residentsdisadvantaged individuals either to our registered organisations food directly to individuals... of Sutton Trust (FROST), Gileadby providing meals or issuing only to registered charitable Foundations Charity, Oasis means that they in turn can savefood parcels. Hence our Strapline: organisations. Centre, Plymouth FoodBank,“Spare Food is Share Food!” money. And the cash saved can Plymouth & District MIND be put to their own core-aims.DCFA currently has no paid Without any permanent premises Association, Plymouth Refugestaff. All its helpers, including of its own, DCFA is currently only (Plymouth Domestic Abuse A good result all round! (editedits Board of Trustees, are unpaid able to operate on Wednesday Service), Salvation Army: from DCFA)2 Spare food is share food Spare food is share food 3
  4. 4. planned change, but what happens if/ Essentially we would like to see more when a different scenario unfolds? It resources being directed at waste reminds me of the radio 4 programme prevention and reduction, such as: Questions dot Questions? - are there, in fact, questions for which we do not 1 Home and in situ composting of have suitable answers for? Who knows kitchen and garden waste, how fast changes may be, when they may occur, and what impact they may 2 More community based facilities have? How fast will oil supplies decline to support ways of dealing with waste or prices increase? What impact at source (localisation) and recovering will this have on the consumption and adding value to include reuse, of products & plastic packaging repair and spare parts centres, DIY dependent on cheap oil for production and building material reclamation, and distribution, and on the waste that community composting & garden arises from them? Will it cause waste waste shredder hire service, microPredicting • How waste will be managed in AD (anaerobic digestion), small scale arising to reduce sharply as opposed the future in line with the waste combined heat and power from waste/ to current thinking which assumes hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle/ bio mass. Old fashioned common waste will grow? What will be thethe future compost, energy recovery, landfill), making informed knock-on effect on resource recovery and waste transportation? What will sense such as allowing waste food to be fed to animals.of waste in assumptions about recycling and be the outcome of the economic crisis, 3 Facilities to enable trade waste recovery rates and the extent to or worse crisis, and social change and reuse/recycling to be dealt with which the use of landfill can be technological progress? How far offDevon alongside household reuse/recycling. minimised. is personal carbon rationing – where consuming less is rewarded, and 4 Facilities where composite items • The plan has identified three those who consume a lot of stuff andDevon Local Authorities have been may be dismantled for component spatial options. Briefly: a smaller produce a lot of waste pay their fairconsulting on their Core Waste reuse/recycling (de-manufacture and number of large centralised share?Strategy which seeks to plan for future up-cycling). Think appliances, furniture, facilities, a larger number of bedbases, mattresses, bikes, windowswaste arising and appropriate waste smaller local facilities, and We may have a not-so-distant etc – so many items, large and small,management facilities for Devon to an appropriate mix of both future that is very different from our are made using different materials2031. This will include predicting: centralised and localised facilities. current situation, where flexibility and which require separation for recycling. adaptability may be key, where much• How much waste will be It would be wise to acknowledge more resources must be recovered, 5 Facilities to enable reuse targets/ generated up to 2031 that waste planning is a difficult and where waste must be dealt with as quotas with producer responsibility• How much additional waste challenging task, not least because the near to source as possible, where for product durability, take-back & management capacity will be future tends to be unpredictable, we live individuals and communities have eco-design for reuse. needed in uncertain times and changes can be more responsibility for their waste, sudden. Authorities will plan for current and costs and values have changed 6 Facilities to enable reusable and trends to continue with gradual and beyond expectation. refillable packaging such as bottle &4 Predicting the future of waste Predicting the future of waste 5
  5. 5. container deposit return schemes. Plans need to be considered that7 Facilities for screening residual include alternative scenarios. Transition Totnes produced their Energy Descent Anaerobic digestion,waste to tackle careless disposaland missed recyclables and enable Action Plan www.totnesedap.org. uk. How would a more detailed bio-methaneresource recovery capture rate targets. descent plan for waste look? There’s the book ‘Future Scenarios’ by David and vehicle fuel8 Is it time to reappraise the from food waste Holmgren, previously reviewed in JM.kerbside collection of waste and www.futurescenarios.org. It considersrecycling? Could individual household scenarios and their implications, fromcollection be phased out and replaced rapid oil decline/rapid climate changewith more communal arrangements through to slow oil decline/slow climateand enhanced bring facilities, so that change, and evaluates ‘green-techthe householder undertakes increased fixes’ and earth stewardship. Richardsource segregation, and saves money Heinberg’s ‘end of growth’ message isfor their community. also thought provoking as economies come up against resource constraints.Many of these suggestions would www.richardheinberg.com.reduce waste, create local jobs, keepmore value within communities, and There were 5 waste core strategyreduce the need for large centralised statements in the Waste Strategydisposal facilities. As a flavour of the document, so we suggested acost of centralised waste disposal sixth: How the waste strategy canDevon LA’s have recently signed accomodate an Energy Descent Actioncontracts for a £45m Viridor Energy Plan to incorporate different scenarios.from Waste (EfW) 60,000 tonnes p/a RG.plant in Exeter and the Umvelt contractfor the proposed EfW plant at Plymouthto serve Torbay, south & west Devon The recent opening of a £3.4m anaero- 12,000 tonnes p/a of food waste willand Plymouth will cost £1bn. bic digestion (AD) plant at Langage come from households. Farm outside Plymouth has highlighted However, there are concerns that the growing role of AD. Langage Farm Energy from Waste plants, which burn produces dairy products and the AD food waste in residual waste to gener- plant capacity of 20,000 tonnes p/a will ate electricity, may discourage separate combine slurry from dairy cows with food waste collections for AD. Marcus food waste to produce energy, heat and Grover of WRAP said “AD is a growing digestate fertiliser. It is anticipated that part of the resource efficiency solution,6 Predicting the future of waste AD Plant at Langage Farm 7
  6. 6. capable of diverting bio-degradablewaste from landfill, creating renewable will be double that of producing electricity from biogas by 2020. Biogas AD, Methane, if allowed to vent directly into the atmosphere, hundreds of cubic metresenergy, stimulating the green economy, from the AD process must be converted food and grass of methane, from small amounts ofand improving the sustainability of into bio-methane before being suitable high nitrogen waste. Grass cuttings,commercial agriculture. We really see it as vehicle fuel. Bio-methane trans- cuttings one of the most commonly wastedas a huge opportunity for the UK”. port fuel from food waste has huge materials are extremely potent emitters I visited Rothampstead Research potential because we have insufficient of methane and that smell I notice, every recently and was shown around by alternatives to petroleum fuels. the Bio Energy team. It was fascinating time I walk my dog around the localThe Holsworthy biogas plant was anAD pioneer in the region 10 years ago, to see all the experiments they are playing field, just makes me think of allbut the technology has been slow to Food waste, both household and conducting. Seeing how they can the people that are dumping grass andspread. AD is widely used in Europe commercial remains the big waste extract the maximum amount of making little methane polluting pileswith Germany having 5,000 AD plants. stream to be tackled. WRAP estimates methane during the process to be all over the place. (Methane is overWRAP (Waste & Resources Action £12bn of food and drink is wasted used as energy to make fuel to power twenty times more potent than CO2 as aProgramme) says AD of food waste annually, equating to 20 million tonnes greenhouse gas). vehicles, heat homes etc. Part of theirin England could generate enough of food waste. The first task is waste work is looking at and selecting theelectricity for 600,000 homes, the prevention, but if this food waste were most effective microorganisms over So whilst Anaerobic Digestion is aNational Grid suggests that up to 50% treated by AD it has the benefit of a range of different feedstocks. I was great thing, and I would love to haveof the UK’s domestic gas heating could producing bio-methane transport fuel, shown a prototype small scale digester a community AD plant in Chagford,be met, and The Carbon Trust is calling bio-gas, heat, electricity, and fertiliser, and there are obviously many more it is rather more complicated to do,for the conversion of biogas from AD and avoiding harmful landfill. RGto bio-methane for transport fuel to technical challenges than involved with than aerobic composting, and I justbe incentivised by the Government, composting. For one thing methane is wish all those lawn grass cutting andbecause the climate change benefits highly explosive and so you need to dumping fanatics would either; leave have pretty stringent safety checks! But it on the lawn, or layer with cardboard, small scale digesters are going to be woodchip, sawdust, prunings, dry plant coming in and the thought of using a stems etc and make a lovely aerobic communities waste to turn into local compost pile instead of these oozing, power is very inspiring. smelly polluting methane bombs! NS I was shocked to hear of the amounts of methane released by various materials,8 AD Plant at Langage Farm AD, Methane and grass cuttings 9
  7. 7. Do you process of water bottles in the UK to schemes? (is that old fashioned taps! or • Bottled water generates up to 600 keep 17,000 cars on the road for a year. spring water refill tanks recently seen at times more CO2 than tap water. festivals). EU countries already exten- Bottled water is subject to less stringent • takes 162g of oil and seven litresdrink sively reuse plastic bottles, so why not purity standards than tap water. It may of water (including power plant the UK? We must think beyond recycling. have sat around for months, subjected cooling water) just to manufacture So what is the relative impact of single to high temperatures during transporta- a one-litre bottle, creating overbottled use plastic bottles? tion and storage, and may contain toxic 100g of greenhouse gas emissions chemicals like bisphenol A which leach- • According to the Earth Policy Insti- (10 balloons full of CO2) per empty es from the plastic - far from the image tute it would take less than a third bottle.water? of fresh mountain mineral water depict- ed on labels. Dr Richard Thompson, a marine scientist from Plymouth Univer- of the annual amount spent by consumers on bottled water ($100 billion) to achieve the UN’s Millen- • Most bottles are made from virgin plastic polymers due to purity issues; plastic recycling is gener- sity says, ‘We’ve now tracked plastics nium Development Goal of halving ally ‘downcycling’ as it degrades particles smaller than the thickness of a the number of people without and gets contaminated. It is often human hair, to 20 microns…and we’ve access to safe drinking water by used for end products like pipes, found nine different polymers, consist- 2015. recycling boxes, composters, water ent with water bottles, all over the UK • Bottled water is just as expensive butts etc. (environment) and further afield as well.’ as petrol. Britons spend £2 billion It would appear the impact of bottled If you don’t like tap water there are per year consuming about 3bn water runs far deeper than litter. many filters on the market that will litres of it, and about 10bn plastic improve the taste. So remember to take In total, UK plastic bottle consumption bottles end up in landfill every year. a drink out with you next time!Have you ever considered that bottled within the household waste streamswater can cost the equivalent price is about 557,000 tonnes, and 260,000 Sources ‘Recoup’ and www.reusable-to petrol, and may contain harmful tonnes were recycled representing a bottle.co.uk (check out the great rangesubstances leaching from the plastic? recycling rate of 45% for plastic bottles. of water bottles, including stainlessApparently one bottle of water has the Plastic bottles are a recent phenom- steel, available from the site). RG.same impact on the environment as ena. They could be easily minimised bydriving a car for a kilometre! There’s using reusable drinking bottles or waterenough oil used in the production filters. Or why not have refill dispensing10 Do you drink bottled water? Do you drink bottled water? 11
  8. 8. You can now recycle your rigid plasticBottle Deposit Schemes packaging pots, tubs and trays at the new collection banks locatedBottle Deposit schemes – across Teignbridge.90% recycling? ‘Stop The Drop’ CPRE campaign manager Samantha Harding said “we This is additional to the current plastic never hear what these ‘other ways’The Campaign to Protect Rural England recycling collection available at all DCC are or how they would match the 90% Recycling Centres. The new plastichas renewed its call for the introduc- recycling rates deposits schemes could packaging banks are situated in thetion of a deposit refund system for drink deliver in the UK”. following car parks;containers, despite the governmentruling out the option in last month’s Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton All of the following items will be accepted Victoria Woodholme Car Park, in the new plasticWaste Review. “The government seems unwilling to Buckfastleigh packaging bank; encourage producers to take respon- Barton Hill and Sandy Lane, Dawlish yogurt pots sibility for their products and in theThe charity recently launched research Market Way, Chudleigh margarine tubs meantime we have to pay nearly acarried out by Bristol consultancy billion pounds a year to have litter Tesco, Kingsteignton plastic bottles and bottle topsEunomia which it claims demonstrates cleared up and sent to landfill.” ready meal trays (please remove film lid) B & Q and Sainsburys, Newton Abbothow bringing in a deposit refund plastic sandwich containers Brook Street, Teignmouth.system (DRS) could create up to 4,300 CD cases Methodist Church Car Park,full time-equivalent jobs, reduce litter, (RG - not to mention the cost and Plastic flower pots Bovey Traceyincrease recycling rates up to 90%, and energy consumed in collecting, smash- Wolborough Way Car Park, plastic fruit containerssave councils money. Proposals would ing, transporting, remaking and distrib- Newton Abbot pre formed biscuit or chocolate box traysbe for a deposit of between 15-30p per uting every bottle, jam jar and glass Trago Mills Car Park Please remember to rinse and squash!bottle or can, refundable on return. conainer! i recently saw new jam jars for sale to smallholders at 60p each. Betton Way Car Park, Moretonhampstead The following items are not accepted; Or imagine taking your own reusableThe Government does not support containers to get refills - previously JM The Strand Car Park, Starcross plastic bags, cling film, crisps anda deposit scheme but favours ‘other reported on research that showed that Jacks Patch Car Park, Bishopsteignton biscuit wrappers, bubble wrap, plasticways’ of increasing recycling and cost savings of up to 70% could be toys, ink cartridges, paint containers, Please note that only the banks ataddressing litter, it claims set up costs achieved by using refills and cheaper these locations are for mixed plastic. plastic razors, pet food/drink pouches,for businesses would be high. packaging solutions.) All other banks are currently for plastic polystyrene, bio-plastics (e.g. bottles only. compostable packaging).12 Bottle deposit schemes Recycle rigid plastic packaging 13
  9. 9. REFURNISH opens Torbay celebrates its recycling centreBuckfastleigh improvementsshop. Torbay’s Deputy Mayor Cllr David Thomas and SW England MEP Giles Chichester joined the celebrations on June 24th to mark the official re-opening of the Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Yalberton on the outskirts of Paignton , which takes both house-Refurnish, the friendly community “All we ask is that they are in a reason- hold and trade waste. The £500k improvements to facilities are part of Torbay’s new recycling programme run by TOR2, the joint venture company set up last yearcharity that sells secondhand furni- able cosmetic condition – we have by Torbay Council and May Gurney to deliver a wide range of essential front-lineture and household goods, and full-time trained engineers working services across the Bay.provides jobs and training for young in Totnes and Newton Abbot, and The initiative has led to a 9% boost to the Bay’s recycling rate, from 36 to 45%, withpeople who need help to get into Ivybridge, so we can fix any electri- high hopes that it will hit its 50% target in 2012.employment, has opened a new cal or mechanical problems. All our The HWRC also has a new collection facility for unwanted re-saleable furnitureshop in Buckfastleigh, next to the electrical items are fully checked and which will be sold in Rowcroft Hospice charity shops. Free household collections of reusable furniture are also available via Refurnish from its Victoria Square furnitureCo-op on the high street. This adds approved before we sell them.” reuse shop 01803 559065.to the Refurnish shops in Paignton, Please call Refurnish first: “Some Further information about recycling can be found on the Torbay Council website atNewton Abbot, Ivybridge, Tavistock breakdowns can make repair uneco- www.torbay.gov.uk and the TOR2 website at www.tor2.co.ukand Totnes. nomic,” said David. “If we have to write-off a washing machine, for example, we can re-use spare parts Register with Environment Agency for your newAs well as a great source of goodquality, affordable furniture and electri- and sell the rest for scrap, but some Community Composting permit by October fridges can sometimes just cost toocal items, Refurnish is also a good The deadline for holders of an old style Paragraph 12 composting exemption to much to repair and we have to pay move to a new T23 composting exemption is fast approaching, and many of youway of getting rid of unwanted items to dispose of some non-recyclable are yet to register for the new exemption. This is a very simple, quick process which– especially those hard to dispose of can be completed online, for free. components.”white goods. The Environment Agency have confirmed that operators have until the 1 October 2011 to have submitted an application for an exemption or permit under the Environ-Refurnish regional manager David mental Permitting Regulations 2010 or cease the activity, they are not automaticallyBanks said: “We will collect unwanted Contact Buckfastleigh Refurnish shop transferred . So everyone needs to register for a new exemption regardless of whatwashing machines, fridges, freezers 01364 643661 or 01364 643661, type of exemption they have held in the past.and so on free of charge – or they can or visit www.dff.org.uk for details of You can apply online (or download a form) from the EA website: http://www.be dropped off at any of our branches, the other branches across the area. environment-agency.gov.uk/business/topics/permitting/121138.aspxMonday to Saturday. David Banks. And you can read all about the new exemptions here: http://www.community- compost.org/index.php/projects/legislation14 Refurnish opens Buckfastleigh shop 15
  10. 10. Scrapstores The scrapstores provide an ever-changing amount of various materials and provide low cost arts and crafts giving you the opportunity to purchase items 1 Paignton Ali Way – part of and surplus materials at affordable prices. Hollocombe Resource Centre, 386 Torquay Rd, 01803 527711 2 Exeter Scrapstore, Belmont Pk, Ali Way Community Recycling Enterprise: Gordon Rd, 01392 665509 www. Ali-Way Community Recycling Enterprise, based at exeterscrapstore.co.uk email: jo@ Hollacombe Community Resource Centre, has been exeterscrapstore.co.uk running for 4 years and comprises of foil and can 3 Holsworthy Family collections and recycling, milk bottle top recycling, Workshop Resource Centre, a Scrap Store, with approx 100 members. AlsoDevon North Rd, 01409 254272 email: Community Composting. holsworthyholsworthyfamilyworkshop@ Exeter Scrapstore: googlemail.com website: www.hfwrc. com Exeter Scrapstore is a vibrant resource for education, recycling, and creative activities in Exeter’s Belmont 4 Plymouth Play Association, Park. The facility provides a service for nearly 1000 Union rd, Stonehouse, Plymouth current cardholders within Exeter and across the whole 01752 256633 email: development@ of Devon. The Scrapstore mainly benefits children plymouthplay.org and young people and the membership includes 5 R.O.P.E. scrapstore, unit 3, lower families, community groups, children’s centres, youth union rd, Kingsbridge 01548 857952 groups, schools, colleges and other organisations. It is estimated the Scrapstore reaches over 10,000 children 6 Proper Job at Chagford, c/o and young people across Devon each year. The store Crannafords Ind Estate, 01647 432985, helps reduce waste sent to landfill by providing a good textiles & other materials. Email: variety of materials from businesses and industries recycling@proper-job.orgDevon has a brilliant network of that have chosen to recycle their off-cuts and linescrapstores offering a wide range of 7 Tavistock Community Scrapstore ends. These materials are then used for play andsurplus materials, crafts, play and at Molly Owen Centre, Westbridge Ind creative activities.educational resources available to Estate. 01822 612981 Holsworthy Family Workshop and Resource Centreeveryone. Scrapstores often organise There may be scrapstore membership (HFWRC):activities and events and provide required to access the resources andvaluable support to children, families, The Centre provides social and educational specific opening times. To find outcarers, and disadvantaged and opportunities in an informal atmosphere where more follow the appropriate link on thedisabled people as well as reducing parents, children and professionals can network. recycledevon website.waste and promoting reuse. It is Services include arts and crafts supplies, creativeestimated over 10,000 children benefit www.recycledevon.org/kidszone/ family workshops, Bouncy Castle hire, Badge-makerfrom the scrapstore activities around teachers/primary/books-resources. hire. Membership to the Project for the year is: £24.00Devon every year. Here’s a list: php#Scrapstores a group or £12.00 a family.16 Devon Scrapstores Devon Scrapstores 17
  11. 11. This is rubbish Plymouth Play Association: The project offers toys and equipment hire, a huge scrapstore selection of clean and safe waste products, equality and diversity resources, play advice and support, craft workshops and an art shop. Membership starts supply chain can significantly reduce at £4.00 for students, £5.00 for individuals £15.00 for a green house gas emissions, save charitable organisation £20.00 for a private provider and consumers money and stop good food £30.00 for schools. going to waste. This is Rubbish was R.O.P.E. Scrapstore: voted a winner in the Big Lottery Peoples R.O.P.E Scrapstore operate out of a small business unit with Millions and it seeks to emphasise the the aim of offering as wide a variety of stock as they can. fact that reducing food waste is the joint In order to make the Scrapstore as accessible as possible responsibility of people and companies: a one off membership subscription of £1.00 for individuals, £5.00 for groups and £10.00 for schools is required. People * Less than 40% of UK food waste is with Learning Disabilities are offered opportunities to help produced by households. run the Scrapstore. It facilitates inclusion within the local community, fosters confidence in the people they work with * TIR want to see all retailers obliged and also provide a valuable and much appreciated service to report on the food waste they to the community. Transition Town Totnes recently held a generate in their activities, with Proper Job reuse, recycling and composting centre, large street ‘eat out’ using local food annual reports audited and publicised Chagford. to highlight the issue of food waste as by an independent commission. part of the ‘This is Rubbish’ campaign. The site is open to the public 6 days a week10- 4pm, weds * TIR want the government to close 1pm. Comprehensive reuse and recycling facilities, TIR aims to hold events around the introduce an obligation upon retailers bring and buy facilities, wide range of one off items and country to raise awareness among to reduce food waste. materials for sale, good range of textiles, paint, wood, bric people about the shocking scale of a brac, vintage, reclamation . Occassional workshops. food waste in the UK. * TIR strive to find redistribution Eco-buildings. PJ also run The Courtyard café and shop in solutions within the food industry, and Chagford. Over 20 million tonnes of good food at community level. is wasted in the UK every year whilst Tavistock Community Scrapstore: 4 million of its citizens are unable to http://www.thisisrubbish.org.uk/ The Scrapstore is at the heart of creative activities in the access or afford a nutritional diet. If we Tavistock area, providing resources for and supporting stopped wasting food that could haveall sorts of events & theatre activities. It also provides opportunities for adults withlearning disabilities to help run the Scrapstore and pursue their own art based been eaten, we could also reduceprojects. The scrapstore stocks anything that has a possible art/craft application that environmental impacts the equivalent ofwould otherwise go to land fill, and is donated by industry and the public. Reduce, taking 1 in 4 cars off UK roads! Tacklingreuse, recycle! They also have a small craft shop to augment their stock. Tavistock the problem at every stage of the foodCommunity Scrapstore are open between 10 – 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Membership: £5 for individuals, £10 for organizations, ‘scrap’ is £1 per carrier bag.18 Devon Scrapstores 19
  12. 12. DCRN & DCCN 2011 Conference Wednesday 2 November 9.30am - 3.30pm Boniface Centre, Crediton Church Lane, East St, EX17 2AH Unrivalled opportunity for networking with community activists, social enterprises and local projects, volunteers, Councillors and Recycling Officers from across Devon involved in composting, reuse, recycling, climate change local action, and Transition Towns. NOTICE OF DCRN AGM AT 9.45 AM All welcome. Please let us know if you wish to attend. AGM papers will be available on the day. Book a free place including lunch via e-mailing Jan : dcrn-ccn@hotmail.com send a chq for £10 to Jan Freeman, Carters Barn, Churndon, Bridestowe, Okehampton, EX20 4QH chq payable to ‘devon community recycling network’. this is a refundable deposit to secure lunch and ensure no wasted food, your chq will be given back to you on the day. LA delegates cost is £15 non-refundable. ISSUES RELATING DIRECTLY TO THIS PUBLICATIONWe hope you enjoy this edition of Junk Mail. Did you know you can receive Junk Mail as apaper copy or via email? If you would like to change the way you receive Junk Mail, pleaselet us know. Any changes you wish to make, including change of address and/or namecan be made either via email to yourjmnewsletter@hotmail.com or write to DCRN/DCCN,c/o Proper Job, Crannafords Industrial Park, Chagford, Devon. TQ13 8DR. Please ensureyou give us as much information as possible to enable us to locate you on our extensivemailing list.If you have an article you would like to be considered for inclusion in a future edition, pleasecontact Nicky Scott either at the postal address above or email: nicky.scott@devon.gov.uk