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WALTER explains that the show is not about individual                                   It is a problem for me," Evelyne s...
CfP uses theatre as one of its tools for dialogue, action andtransformation.For an organisation whose bi-national members ...
Unravelling Anomaly: Detention, Discrimination and theProtection Needs of Stateless Persons.                              ...
R    EDEEMING OUR COMMUNITIES. Please CLICK to see     the flyer with an invitation to the launch in Devon andCornwall of ...
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DCRS September - October 2011 Newsletter


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DCRS September - October 2011 Newsletter

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DCRS September - October 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. DEVON & CORNWALL REFUGEE SUPPORTA Private Company Limited by Guarantee Providing PracticalNEWSLETTER Support To RefugeesSEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2011Registered Company No. 06271122 Registered Charity No. 1130360 OISC Exemption No. N2001004277 Whimple Street, Plymouth PL1 2DH Tel: 01752 265952 Fax: 0870 762 6228 Email: Website: FOREWORD EDITORIAL COMMENT BY THE Written by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Newsletter Editor DCRS PROJECT DIRECTOR / TRUSTEE Written by John SHINNERDear Friends & Supporters, I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to another site for more information on that particular topic.I am delighted to introduce this edition of our monthlynewsletter. If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursorDespite the holiday season, August as been as busy as ever over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed.for DCRS. Over the month we averaged between 40 and 50Service User (SU) visits to the centre and in addition, had to DCRS AUDITOR’S REPORT & ACCOUNTSdeal with extra problems sent to us by letter and for 2010telephone. Our Staff of four Project Support Workers and Written by Geoffrey N. READour Training, Sports and Activities Coordinators work under DCRS Newsletter Editorextreme pressure but with great effectiveness. We surveyour SU regularly and without exception they regard thework done with them to be of good quality. A COPY OF our Auditors Report & Accounts for 2010 is now available on our website. All you have to do is click on the button on the Home Page of our website at:The Volunteer Team operating around the Centre provide support both inside and outside. Theyaccompany SU to hospital and work / training interviews, DCRS BOARD OF TRUSTEESas well as supervising our Internet Suite, our Clothing Store Written by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Newsletter Editorand our emergency Food Programme. Our Reception Areaand Triage Desk are staffed by volunteers and allcomplement the hard work of the salaried staff. B OARD OF TRUSTEES’ Meetings. A meeting of the DCRS th Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, 27 July 2011. There will be no meeting in August 2011. The nextAmong our volunteers are a significant number of SU who thbring a special element to the Centre. They see our DCRS as meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 28 September 2011their organisation and value it accordingly. at 7 p.m. Should anyone wish to have a particular matterFor all of you who read the Newsletter I would give you an discussed at this meeting then please contact any DCRSOpen Invitation to visit our Centre for a look-see! We are the process of completely refurbishing our basementarea and have great plans for Training, Language and DCRS HARVEST FESTIVAL APPEAL Written by Christine REIDRecreation as well as improving our Internet Suite. The DCRS Trustee & Food Programme Coordinator Dredecoration was completed by a Volunteer Team and the CRS IS LOOKING for donations again at this time ofarea has been re-carpeted and is now fit-for-purpose! Harvest Festival. Donations from organisations andWe expect the autumn months to be as busy as ever and /or individuals help to supplement the weekly Food Parcelswe thank you all for your continued interest and support. we issue to our destitute Service Users and gives them thatYours sincerely , little bit extra, and sometimes, even the odd “luxury” they might not otherwise receive. John Shinner You can deliver your donations to the Masiandae Centre at 7 Whimple Street. Alternatively, if you would like us toJohn SHINNER collect them from you please call Geoff on (01752) 563800DCRS Project Director / Trustee or text him on 07745819828. You can also email him on Thank you! To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 1 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  2. 2. DCRS HISTORY DESTITUTE & HOMELESS Written by Geoffrey N. Read DCRS Newsletter Editor ASYLUM SEEKERS & REFUGEES in the City of PlymouthA BRIEF HISTORY of DCRS has been added to our website. Just go to our Website Home Page and then click on theHistory in the left-hand column. Do please take a look. AN OPEN LETTER OF INVITATION DCRS VOLUNTEERS Dear Friend of Refugees, Written by Geoffrey N. READ It has been a concern of our Staff and Volunteers that in DCRS Trustee & Newsletter Editor this present economic climate, there are a growing numberT th HE JULY 2011 Meeting took place on Thursday, 28 July of destitute and homeless asylum seekers and refugees 2011 and the Minutes are available for collection from (ASR ) in the city of Plymouth.the Masiandae Centre. There was no meeting in August2011. The September 2011 Meeting is expected to be In this situation it can be very depressing for people thscheduled for 2 p.m. on Thursday, 29 September 2011 at recently given status to find housing shortages and rentthe Masiandae Centre. All volunteers are cordially invited prices are a huge obstacle to moving forward into a stableto attend. lifestyle.A PPLY TO VOLUNTEER With DCRS! Liz, our Volunteer Coordinator, has set some new procedures in place forthose who wish to volunteer some of their time at the Those whose claims have been refused, have no hope of evidence, no safe route of return, and are given no choice as to finding a home or sustenance for their basicMasiandae Centre. This new procedures are outlined essentials.below and on our website: We would like, therefore, to invite those in the communityAre you interested in volunteering some of your time with who have an equal interest in meeting this need by comingDCRS? There are various opportunities available to you, as together and discussing what options there may be to bringexplained in this link. about some refuge in the city that will supply basic housingIf you are interested in becoming a volunteer with DCRS needs in these circumstances on a regular basis.then please download theDCRS Volunteer Application Formon our website. Complete it, and then email, post or in Therefore, we are looking towards a better and moreperson to the Volunteer Coordinator at the Masiandae sustainable solution to this, once we have the views of those,Centre. like you, who can make a real difference in the future.The Volunteer Coordinator will then get in touch with you Thus, we would like to host a forum for discussion duringto arrange an interview. an evening in September, when we can share the findingsFor directions to the Masiandae Centre please check out of our first research. Please would you let us know if youour map and photograph on the menu on the left of DCRS will be available to come along to the Masiandae Centre in thhomepage. Whimple Street, Plymouth on Thursday 8 September at 7.30 p.m. or send another person who would representFor those would-be volunteers who are not on-line, an your concerns? We have invited a director of Boaz TrustApplication Form can be obtained from the Reception Desk who has a lot of experience in this field to join the Masiandae Centre. Yours sincerely, CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY Written by Geoffrey N. READ Mrs. Patricia BAXTER Ms. Sheila BODDINGTON DCRS Newsletter Editor Lead Project Support Worker DCRS VolunteerE VERY NOW AND AGAIN... something comes along to restore one’s faith in the work we do! I attended aCitizenship Ceremony, along August 2011with one or two others from Our Funders:DCRS for the family of one ofour Service Users. This tookplace in the Reception Room ofThe Council House, Plymouth, that 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 in the presenceof Their Worships: Lord Mayor Councillor PeterBROOKSHAW and Lady Mayoress Mrs. Brenda BROOKSHAW.The family took the Oath of Allegiance and Pledge ofLoyalty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and receivedtheir Certificate of Naturalisation.The ceremony is the very summit of what the family hasstrived for, after so many years of heartbreak. They are so …and Voluntary Donations.very proud of their achievement and deservedly so! To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 2 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  3. 3. VISIT OF THE OTHER NEWS & EVENTS Compiled by Geoffrey N. Read LORD MAYOR & LADY MAYORESS DCRS Newsletter Editor Written by one of the DCRS TrusteesO TH N WEDNESDAY 10 AUGUST 2011 we were honoured DISCLAIMER with a visit by the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress of Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this section are not necessarily those held by the DCRS Board of TrusteesPlymouth, Councillor & Mrs Peter BROOKSHAW. nor anyone connected to DCRS. A SYLUM LIFE: The Trials of Women Refugees, Through Their Own Eyes. This article was published in The th Observer, Sunday, 14 August 2011 by Kate KELLAWAY. Women refugees fleeing persecution across the world have photographed their daily struggle to survive in Britain. Now their work will go on show in Parliament. Street life... Photograph by N. YEMEN entitledThey both expressed great interest in our work, and the Waiting, whichplight of our Service Users (SU), and assured us of their features in thesupport in our dealings with the City Council. They were Home Sweetshown the waiting area, our Support Workers rooms, our Home exhibition at the House ofFood Programme Kitchen, our Internet Suite and Clothing Commons.Store. They talked to a number of our Staff, Volunteersand SU, and were informed all about the DCRS activities, The basement of a building near Old Street, in east London,especially since receiving the Big Lottery monetary award. is full: female asylum seekers from all over the world...Their visit ran considerably over its allotted time. Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, the DemocraticThe Grant of the Dignity of Lord Mayor for Plymouth Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and thwas announced on 6 May 1935 on the occasion of HM Zimbabwe... are getting together. Several English lessons areKing George V’s Silver Jubilee and the post was assumed going on at the same time; the room is a hubbub of noise. Thisby the Chief Magistrate. Sir Francis DRAKE was Mayor of is the meeting place for a small charity, Women for RefugeePlymouth before the post of Lord Mayor was instituted. Women, that helps refugees find their feet, and their voices.The Lord Mayor holds the post for one year, and is elected Many of the women here are destitute. They have spenton the third Friday in May by a selection committee of six months... years, in some cases... on the streets while fightingcouncillors whose nomination is submitted to the full the British asylum system. I am visiting because of a powerfulcouncil. The post alternates between Conservative and exhibition of their photographs, called, with an irony thatLabour councillors irrespective of which party has control does not need labouring, Home Sweet Home – an attempt toof the Council. capture what home means for them in this country.The post of Lord Mayor is primarily ceremonial, except for Natasha WALTER, a writer who founded the charity afterpresiding over the meetings of the City Council every eight meeting a destitute asylum seeker in London, explains thatweeks. Not a day goes by without him and the Lady the original intention was to help women with poor EnglishMayoress attending one function or another. find an alternative way of communicating about the difficulties of their lives in London... every snap worth a thousand words.At the end of his year of office he nominates a charity The idea was also that, as they went off with their loanedto receive funds from the Lord Mayor’s Fund, and this is cameras, they might enlighten us... and this is what theydistributed at Christmas. have done. On the face of it, the photographs seem no moreCouncillor BROOKSHAW is one of 12 siblings, and was born than a neutral record... but its this that gives them the forceand bred in Plymouth. He went into the painting and of a protest. The cameras cannot lie. The exhibition turns outdecorating business and now owns his own company, to be as much about us and our responsibilities as aboutSouth West Decorating Services Ltd. He has been a them... an unnerving education.councillor since 2000, and has been a ward councillor for It is impossible to look at these images without feelingGlenholt, Moorview and Eggbuckland, with the housing outraged compassion. They document the most basicPortfolio and Safer & Stronger Communities (which covers struggle to survive; the sense of how little the women haveAsylum Seekers & Refugees) and Sport, Tourism & is inescapable. Bare necessities dominate: suitcases areActivities. He directed the transfer of Plymouth council never unpacked (the women are always on the move); a hothousing stock to the private landlord Plymouth Community water bottle keeps out the cold; meagre groceries... sugar,Homes. rice, Ovaltine... are arranged as if for a group portrait. ManyCouncillor BROOKSHAW is well known amongst his of the snaps suggest a lost property department... only it iscolleagues on the council for his extremely colourful shirts the owners, not the objects, who are lost.and ties, of which he was wearing good examples when hevisited DCRS! To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 3 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  4. 4. WALTER explains that the show is not about individual It is a problem for me," Evelyne says simply. Esther tells measylum cases but about the “importance of letting people she has three children and then dries up. Herlinde suffers aknow how difficult circumstances are for these women. The cruel and chronic homesickness: "Id be better if I could be invast majority who come to this group have fled serious Congo," she says, "but I cant go there."human rights abuses, including sexual violence, ethnic and When they talk about the kindness and hostility they havepolitical persecution. They are traumatised by the loss of encountered in London, Madeleine is incredulous at thosetheir homes and families. And what is so awful about their who believe they would leave home for opportunisticexperiences here is that the struggle to find asylum can reasons: "Why would we want to come?" she asks. "Wetraumatise them all over again; they have to negotiate a very only come here to save our lives! We are not coming herecomplex system, and however real their persecution, they for adventure." Herlinde agrees: When a woman comesare very often disbelieved." here, fleeing, with a genuine fear, it is because she has aAs failed asylum seekers, the women are moved from place genuine problem. We feel we dont have fair treatmentto place and can be made destitute, which means they are from the Home Office."left homeless and without any benefits or right to work. "We Still, they are delighted... fired up... about the exhibition.want to show the impact of an unjust system on their daily Madeleine believes it may help people understand theirlives," WALTER says. plight and "make this group grow... that would be good forIn one particularly haunting image, Shadow, an unlaced women".patent shoe sets forth on a London pavement. The body of Before I leave, I ask if they might have a go at describing thethe woman wearing it casts shadows across the stone. The homes they have left behind. They struggle with this...photograph comes close to being an invitation: can you something more than the language barrier, I imagine, isimagine stepping into her shoes? holding them back. Then Esther, unexpectedly, takes myI meet four of the photographers: Evelyne, Madeleine, Esther notebook and painstakingly writes down her home addressand Herlinde. They are warm but wary. They are from the in Congo. She passes it back to me as if, in another life, IDemocratic Republic of Congo but were strangers until they might be able to call in on her there.met, for the first time, in this room. They are all fleeing "Home Sweet Home" can be seen at the House of Commonsethnic and political persecution, but here they can at least th from Monday, 12 September 2011 by prior arrangementshare their experiences... and be pointed in the direction of a (email for details). And atlawyer, be part of a network. We converse in an effortful th Riverside Studios, London W6 from Sunday, 18 Septembermixture of English and French. We start with Londons they laugh, exclaim, shudder... and then move onto food.Herlinde remembers a visit to Margate and being repelledand mystified by English food, while Evelynes eyes light up asshe describes kwanga – the cassava roots that remind her ofhome. She buys them in Dalston, and has fondlyphotographed them.When they talk about their feelings, the laughter ceases. C OMBATANTS FOR PEACE (CfP). A unique group of Israeli and Palestinian former combatants engaged in a non-violent joint struggle to end the Israeli occupation, visitHerlinde describes her head as "like a coconut… it is as if my rd th England Saturday, 3 – Saturday, 10 September 2011.brain was shaking. They say it is depression". She is the most Hosted by Encounters in association with Amnesty Inter-fluent of the four and has now been granted leave to stay. national UK and the Forgiveness Project. Encounters areWith assistance, she has written about her feelings: "Being very proud to once more be hosting a group of Israeli anddestitute affects your mind, body and soul. I found that when Palestinian members of the pioneering Combatants forI was destitute, I couldnt plan my life. You feel useless and Peace movement for a UK tour of public events to sharedown; you are not steady, you become like a child." their personal stories and non-violent creative methods forMadeleine, a queenly woman dressed like an engine driver, resolving conflict, with a focus on the Israeli / Palestinianin dungarees and a jaunty peaked cap, says: "I am a victim conflict.because of my fathers blood." She talks, with spirit, about The CfP movement was started in 2005 by Palestinians whothe social challenges of her life, the danger of false friends... had been part of the violent struggle against the occupationand of men in particular: "Men say they want to help you and Israelis who had fought in the Israeli army.but, actually, they want to abuse you. And then you are left Having put down their arms, CfP members are engaged in aalone with a child. Or you can get diseases such as Aids." non-violent struggle against the Israeli occupation and for aShe has been here eight years: "My mind is all over the viable peace in the area. They are committed to usingplace. I am not at peace. I want to work to help myself... but dialogue and reconciliation as a way to promote thetime is passing." establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in EastAll the women are eager to work, but as one of them says: Jerusalem, alongside the State of Israel."If you try to work, you get arrested." Several have children CfP are represented in the UK by 16 members of Movementsstill in Congo, and the pain of separation is almost Steering Group, who are responsible for coordinatingunspeakable. "I dont get to talk to my 11-year-old daughter. the five bi–national local activist groups operating in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 4 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  5. 5. CfP uses theatre as one of its tools for dialogue, action andtransformation.For an organisation whose bi-national members routinely I MMIGRATION STATISTICS: April-June 2011. The latest immigration statistics from Home Office administrative sources, covering April - June 2011 and detailed tables forrisk arrest and resentment from within their own the calendar year 2010, together with earlier data are nowcommunities simply for meeting together, this extra- available.ordinary UK visit offers a safe space for CfP members to The April – June 2011 summary provides keydeepen relationships within their group as well as share points and details of what’s new in thistheir creative approach through a series of public events. release. More detailed information, coveringTheir UK hosts, Encounters, are an arts practice working at the work of the UK Border Agency, is alsothe intersection of social and ecological sustainability to available.offer frameworks for people to explore their identity andimagine new interconnected stories to live by.We will be hosting this unique group at our new home on rd ththe Dartington Hall Estate (3 - 7 ) and then travelling toLondon to join with our Partners, Amnesty International UKand Cardboard Citizens Theatre Company.Encounters and Combatants for Peace invite you to join them.Members of Combatants for Peace share their journeys from T HE IMPORTANCE OF Belonging. Not having a nationality is to be marginalised, not to belong. Many stateless persons have little possibility to make themselves heard anddivision and violence towards non-violence and peace. are in many cases silenced by fear of discrimination. The most important thing is that governments, ombudsmen, nationalNo Victory in Violence: human rights institutions and non-governmental organisations th Tuesday, 6 September 2011 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. take action to defend their rights. An Evening with Combatants for Peace in Exeter. Six hundred thousand people in Europe are stateless - The Mint Methodist Church, Fore Street, Exeter, EX4 3AT. they need extra protection. An article by: Thomas th Wednesday, 7 September 2011 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights, 02/ 08/ 11 An Evening with Combatants for Peace in Totnes. Having a nationality is a Totnes Civic Hall, Totnes Market Square. basic human right... soCombatants for Peace UK visit is funded by J.A. Clark basic that it amounts to aCharitable Trust, The Cornish Foundation and other donors. "right to have rights". The tragedy of personsFor further information about the visit, please contact without nationality gainedBen YEGER, Creative Director of Encounters and attention after World WarUK representative of Combatants for Peace on: II and a first or 07977 449901. Nations treaty was agreedT HE CULTURAL KITCHEN is having a break for August 2011 and Ramadan, and will start again in September. The dates of future Cultural Kitchens for your diary are: in 1954 on the Status of Stateless Persons to be followed by another convention in 1961 on the Reduction th of Statelessness. However, even now... on the 50 th rd Friday, 9 and 23 September anniversary of one of these accords... many people remain th st Friday, 7 and 21 October without a nationality. Even in relatively peaceful Europe th th Friday, 4 and 18 November they can be counted in hundreds of thousands. The UN nd th Friday, 2 and 16 December refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates the number to be as th th Friday, 13 and 27 January 2012 many as 589,000. th th Friday, 10 and 24 February 2012 Some stateless people are refugees or migrants, having left their countries of origin. Others live in their home countryWe would like to thank all those who have attended the but are not recognised as citizens.Cultural Kitchen over the past year. The plight of the stateless, who are estimated to number 12Regards million worldwide, has received limited attention in recentJanet, Isaac & Susie years and seems to be little understood.START Management Team No papers - no rightsStudents & Refugees Together Stateless persons are often marginalised. When they lackUnit 4 HQ Building birth certificates, identity cards, passports and other237 Union Street documents, they risk being excluded from education,Plymouth, PL1 3HQ healthcare, social assistance and the right to vote. ATel: (01752) 255 200 stateless person may not be able to travel or work legally.Fax: (01752) 668 826 As a result the stateless have to grapple with inequality andEmail: discrimination - and with a heightened risk of beingWebsite: perceived as irregular. This dire situation was recently described in a report from the Equal Rights Trust (ERT): To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 5 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  6. 6. Unravelling Anomaly: Detention, Discrimination and theProtection Needs of Stateless Persons. T OGETHER WE CAN Defeat Hate Crime. In last month’s issue of our Newsletter we published an article relating to The New Geographies of Racism and how Plymouth inThe political developments in Europe after 1989 led to particular was highlighted. The following article is what theincreasing numbers of stateless persons, especially those Plymouth Herald published as their Editorial Comment onbelonging to national minorities. The breakup of the Soviet nd Friday, 22 July 2011:Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia caused enormousdifficulties for people who were regarded by the new OVER the centuries, Plymouth has provided a welcominggovernments as belonging somewhere else... even when safe haven for minorities from around the world of everythey had resided in their current location for many years. colour and creed.A big problem in Europe It is a tradition which continues until today. Indeed, inIn Latvia and Estonia large numbers of residents remain recent years, our city has thrown open its arms tonon-citizens, even if the number of those who have been accommodate even more foreign residents than evergranted full citizenship has increased in recent years, and before, thanks to the expansion of the European Union andothers have been provided with personal identity its status as a designated asylum dispersal area. Thisdocuments which enable them to travel and work more willingness to welcome others is something of which weeasily. But non-citizens, even those who were born in the should all be immensely proud. But unfortunately, thecountry, are still not granted the right to vote in national untold good work being done by so many people andelections. A great number of stateless persons in Europe agencies to make ours a truly integrated multicultural city isare Roma, particularly in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. being undermined by a dark undercurrent of hate crime.Some, who have moved from that region to other parts of This stain on Plymouths good name has been highlighted inEurope, are living as de facto stateless since they lack a shocking new report entitled The New Geographies ofpersonal documents and live in legal uncertainty. Racism, which highlights our city as one of three areasFor instance, there are approximately 15,000 persons in which are experiencing particularly high levels of racistthis situation in Italy. incidents.The exclusion and marginalisation that Roma persons Worryingly, Anne WILKINSON, co-director of the Plymouthalready experience is compounded by the lack of effective & Devon Racial Equality Council, told us that racism is morenationality. overt here than in places such as London. The situation is such that there are an estimated 50 racist or religiouslyThere are rules - to be respected aggravated incidents every day... a shocking figure whichChildren should not be denied their right to a nationality should horrify all decent people. Even one incident of thisjust because their parents are stateless. The host country nature is too many. We should pride ourselves on ourhas an obligation to ensure that children have citizenship. ability and willingness to tolerate others, whatever theirBoth the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the background, as the number of newcomers to our cityInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stipulate rises... and the key to harmonious multiculturalism isthat children shall have the right to acquire a nationality. working together.Children who would otherwise be stateless should be thgranted the nationality of the host state. 2011 is the 60 AnniversaryThe Council of Europe has adopted two highly relevant of the UN Refugee Conventiontreaties to guide a rights-based approach towardsnationality and statelessness. However, these have notbeen widely ratified.Only twenty Council of Europe member states have ratified 1997 Convention on Nationality, and only five stateshave so far ratified the 2006 Convention on the Avoidance DOES YOUR ORGANISATION PROVIDEof Statelessness in relation to State Succession. All member FREE MEALS OR FOOD PARCELS?states should sign and ratify these conventions as well as If your organisation would benefit from receivingthe two UN treaties. It is crucial that states bind themselves free food produce then please go on-line to DCFA atlegally to respect these agreed standards. ,The importance of belonging download the Application Form & Wish List,Not having a nationality is to be marginalised, not to complete the details and submit it to Geoffbelong. Many stateless persons have little possibility to (details at the foot of the page).make them-selves heard and are in many cases silenced byfear of discrimination. The most important thing is thatgovern-ments, ombudsmen, national human rights WANT TO PLACE YOUR NOTICEinstitutions and non-governmental organisations take IN THE DCRS NEWSLETTER?action to defend their rights.Thomas HAMMARBERG Contact the Editor! To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 6 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  7. 7. R EDEEMING OUR COMMUNITIES. Please CLICK to see the flyer with an invitation to the launch in Devon andCornwall of an exciting new initiative, which it is hoped, will V SO & The Zebra Collective Global Xchange Programme: Surkhet, Nepal & Plymouth, UK: October 2011 – April 2012 Open meetingbring people closer together with public and other agencies At Devonport Guildhall,for the benefit of our communities. Monday 5th September 2011 6.00pm – 7.30pm (7.30pm – 8.00pm networking) Zebra Collective is now looking for expressions of interest from potential hosts and work placements so come along and find out how you can get involved.  Volunteer Work placements must be based in Plymouth and engaged in work which benefits communities. The volunteers will do genuine, sustainable work with you around the programme theme - Well-being & Social Inclusion.  Being a Host Home is a great opportunity to learn about others’ lives, in Nepal and other parts of the UK.  Host Homes must be in Plymouth or within the travel to work area.  Host Homes will be given an expenses allowance of £100 per week (£50 per volunteer). Contacts: Marc Gardiner, GX Programme Superviser: Liza Packer, GX Programme Organiser: Tel: 01752 395131 DIARY DATES Written by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Newsletter EditorDownload the Flyer (3.33MB, from All the dates are shown using the Gregorian (Western) calendar. The calendar is accurate, but some dates may vary regionally because theyY OU COMPLAIN THAT Your Neighbour is an Immigrant?Your car is Japanese. are determined by the lunar calendar. Jewish festivals usually begin at sundown on the previous day. If you have access to the internet, just click on the faith links forYour pizza is Italian. further information.Your falafel is Lebanese.Your democracy is Greek.Your coffee is Brazilian.Your movies are American.Your tea is Tamil.Your shirt is Indian. th Thursday, 8 SeptemberYour oil is Saudi Arabian.Your electronics are Chinese. Nativity of the Theotokos (Christian).Your number are Arabic. Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.Your letters are Latin. Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christian). Roman Catholics celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.... and you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant? Feast of the Birth of Mary (Christian).Pull yourself together! Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches celebrateSubmitted by Pamela CURR the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus.Campaign Coordinator thAsylum Seeker Resource Centre Sunday, 11 September 12 Batman St. West Melbourne Ethiopian New Year (Rastafari)."No one chooses to be an asylum seeker!" The start of the New Year in Ethiopia is recognised because Rastafarians believe Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland, and a place to which they want to return. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 7 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  8. 8. rdFriday, 23 September Sukkot (Jewish)Autumn Equinox (Pagan) Sukkot or The Feast of Tabernacles, commemorates theThis day is celebrated when day and night are of equal duration. years that the Jews spent in the desert on their way to the Promised Land, and celebrates the way in which God tookWednesday, 28 September th special care of them under impossible conditions. Sukkot lasts for seven days, and work is not permitted onNavaratri (start) (Hindu). the first two days.Navaratri (nine nights) symbolises the triumph of good overevil and marks the start of autumn. th Wednesday, 19 October thThursday, 29 September Hoshanah Rabbah (Jewish) th The 7 day of Sukkot.Michaelmas / St. Michael, St. Gabriel & St. Raphaels Day(Christian). th Thursday, 20 OctoberA feast day in honour of the archangel Michael.Michael is one of the angels named in the Bible (along with Shemini Atzeret (Jewish)Gabriel and, in some traditions including Roman Catholic, Shemini Atzeret can be translated as "the assembly of theRaphael.) eighth (day)." In Israel the festival is combined with Simchat Torah.Rosh Hashanah (first day) (Jewish).Jewish New Year. Birth of the Bab (Bahai)A two-day festival during which work is not permitted. Celebrates the birth of the precursor of the founder of the Bahai faith. st Friday, 21 October Simchat Torah (Jewish) Simchat Torah means "Rejoicing in the Torah." This holiday marks the completion of the yearly cycle of stSaturday, 1 October weekly Torah readings.Fast of Gedalliah (Jewish) Wednesday, 26 October thFast in memory of the assassination of Gedalliah BenAchikam, the Governor of Israel during the days of Paryushana (Jain)Nebuchadnetzar, King of Babylonia. The most important Jain festival, it consists of eight (Swetambara) or ten (Digambara) days of intensive fasting ndSunday, 2 October and repentance. A time of reflection.Feast of the Guardian Angels (Christian) Diwali (Hindu, Jain, Sikh)A Catholic festival celebrated annually on 2nd October in Diwali, the Festival of Light, comes at the end of October orhonour of guardian angels. early November. Its a festival that Sikhs, Hindus and Jains celebrate. thThursday, 6 October For Sikhs, Diwali is particularly important because itDussera (Hindu) celebrates the release from prison of the sixth guru, GuruCelebrates Lord Ramas victory over the evil demon Ravana. Hargobind, and 52 other princes with him, in 1619. st thSaturday, 8 October Monday, 31 OctoberYom Kippur (Jewish) Samhain (Halloween) (Pagan)Day of Atonement... the most solemn day of the Jewish year. Samhain (pronounced sowinn) marks the Feast of the Dead. Many Pagans also celebrate it as the old Celtic New Year thSunday, 9 October (although some mark this at Imbolc).Birthday of Guru Ram Das (Nanakshahi calendar) (Sikh) Halloween (All Hallows Eve) (Christian)Guru Ram Das (1534-1581) was the fourth of the Sikh Gurus. The night before All Saints Day (All Hallows Day). Its origins date back over 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of thThursday, 13 October th Samhain. It was celebrated as a Christian festival by the 8 Century.St. Edwards Day (Christian)Edward the Confessor was King of England 1042 - 1066. Hebuilt Westminster Abbey where there is a shrine to him...and where the saint is also celebrated on 5th January eachyear, the anniversary of his death. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 8 Alternatively email: For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.