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Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support (DCRS) June 2011 Newsletter

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DCRS June 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. DEVON & CORNWALL REFUGEE SUPPORT A Private Company Limited by Guarantee Providing Practical NEWSLETTER Support To Refugees JUNE 2011 Registered Company No. 06271122 Registered Charity No. 1130360 OISC Exemption No. N200100427 7 Whimple Street, Plymouth PL1 2DH Tel: 01752 265952 Fax: 0870 762 6228 Email: dcrsc@btopenworld.com Website: http://dcrsc1.cfsites.org FOREWORD ABOUT FOOD BY THE NEWSLETTER EDITOR Geoffrey N. READ S QUEEZE on Families Gets Worse as Food Prices Soar by 4.7%. This article was published in the Daily Mail on th Wednesday, 4 May 2011 by Sean POULTER Food prices are surging again, fuelling what analystsDear Friends & Supporters, describe as the biggest squeeze on household budgets for 130 years.Refugee Week is this month and there will be lots of events The annual rate of increase in the average cost of a trolleyto visit or take part in. For the full details please visit: of food rose from 4% in March to 4.7% in April, accordinghttp://www.theatreroyal.com/content.asp?CategoryID=1544 to industry figures. The rise in the cost of food has now been running wellAs part of Refugee Week, we will be holding our Open Day, ahead of wage increases for most of the past four years. thand issuing our 2010 Annual Review on Friday, 24 June2011. Do please call in to see us! Lean Times Ahead: The rising cost of foodYours sincerely, is now well ahead ofGeoff Read wage increases.Geoffrey N. READDCRS Trustee & Newsletter Editor As a result, many families have cut down on the amount of food they buy and are switching to cheaper ingredients. There has also been a sharp rise in sales at discount chains EDITORIAL COMMENT Aldi and Lidl, which are growing more quickly than any Written by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Newsletter Editor other supermarkets. The figures are publishedI NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined,then you can click on these links and be taken directly to today by the British Retail Consortium and suggest the surprise fall in theanother site for more information on that particular topic. official Consumer PricePut your cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key Index inflation rate to 4%and click! Ed. in March may soon be reversed. DCRS BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Consortium claimed Written and compiled by Geoffrey N. READ food price rises would DCRS Newsletter Editor have been even bigger but for the large number ofB OARD of Trustees’ Meetings. A meeting of the DCRS st Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, 1 June2011. The next meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, supermarket promotions currently on offer. th29 June 2011 at 2 p.m. Should anyone wish to have a Stephen ROBERTSON, the group’s director general, said: ‘Theparticular matter discussed at either meeting then please upward pressures on food prices, which eased in March, bitcontact any DCRS Trustee. back in April. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 1 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  2. 2. ‘The cost of world commodities, including sugar and wheat,rose even more quickly, inevitably working through to DCRS VISITS Written by Geoffrey N. READsome shop prices. DCRS Newsletter Editor‘The consolation for customers is that there is a mass ofoffers to be had and the fact that 40% of the groceriesbeing bought are on promotion shows that customers are F ORCE Blueprint. Christine REID and Geoff READ, both DCRS Trustees, were invited along to Crownhill Police th Station on Monday, 9 May 2011 by Chief Superintendenttaking up those offers in a big way.’The shop price data is compiled in partnership with retail Andy BICKLEY, to attend a Talk on the Force Blueprint relatingexperts Nielsen. Its senior manager, Mike WATKINS, said: to how the Devon & Cornwall Police Force would‘With higher inflation likely to be with us for the near be making its required savings over the next fourfuture, shoppers need to make the most of their more years, as imposed by HM Government. Svetlanalimited budgets. STOUPNIKOV, another DCRS Trustee was also in‘Supermarkets have responded by maintaining the highest- attendance. The force will be facing numerousever levels of promotional offers on groceries and non-food challenges over the next few years and these areretailers are also delivering more price cuts and mid-season explained further if you just click on this link.sales.’ Andy stressed the importance that he placedResearch published by Deloitte this week shows living upon his City Partnerships with local charitiesstandards have been squeezed for four years in a row by and organisations such as DCRS, and said that herising prices and low or no wage growth. This is the first would be relying on them even more in thetime this has happened since 1870. future. The Diversity Structure is also under review and to this thClimate extremes of drought and flood have hit crops in end a meeting was being scheduled for Friday, 13 May 2011.places such as Russia, Australia and India. Perhaps we can report more on this in our next Newsletter?No Frills:Supermarkets such as Aldi andLidl are booming as consumers L ORD MAYOR’s VISIT.look for cheaper produce.The dry weather in the UK thisyear has also brought predictions that yields could be downby 30%.The drive to turn over farmland to bio-fuels, rather thangrowing food, is also a factor.At the same time, the increasing wealth of populations inChina, India and Brazil is boosting world demand for meatand dairy products.The BRC said prices in some sectors, such as clothing, arefalling, but added that it expects prices ‘to remain volatileover the coming months’.Read more at: dailymail.co.ukSubmitted by Geoffrey N. READ Photograph courtesy of Bill Budge See more pictures of this event in the slideshow at Photobucket.com. (six photographs, courtesy of Bill BUDGE.) 2011 is the 60th Anniversary of the DCRS VOLUNTEERS Written by Geoffrey N. READ UN Refugee Convention DCRS Newsletter Editor V OLUNTEERS’ Meetings. th A meeting was held on Thursday, 26 May and the minutes will be available at the Centre. All volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend th the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, 30 June at 2 p.m. Volunteers who find they’re unable to attend are requested, http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49da0e466.html as a matter of courtesy, to inform our Volunteer Coordinator (Liz HARDING) prior to the meeting. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 2 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  3. 3. BEACH CLEAN AT JENNYCLIFFE Written by Joanne HIGSON DCRS Training & Outreach CoordinatorA GROUP of service users, staff and volunteers took part in th a beach clean at Jennycliff Beach on Monday, 30 April2011. Despite the glorious weather of the preceding weeks,we were not so lucky on the day and did have some rain. Itdidn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the group who collectedaround fifteen bags of rubbish including plastic bottles, glassand metal which would otherwise present a risk to the marinelife in the Plymouth Sound... and to those enjoying the beach.First Buses generously provided bus ticketsfor those travelling from the City Centre toget the No. 2 bus out to Hooe Lake and thegroup walked over the hill to be greeted by thewonderful views of Plymouth Sound!After a quick chat about Health & Safety from IzzyDEAN who, as part of the charity Blue Sound, led the See thesebeach clean, we were kitted out with gloves, rubbish photographs inbags and holders and grabbers to pick up the rubbish. the full-screenWe had a few children among us who were keen on the Slideshow (at photobucket.com).wildlife on the beach and found a few different types ofcrabs. Others engaged in that universally enjoyed Follow DCRSpastime of skimming stones across the water! at Facebook !At lunchtime we headed up to the cafe at Jennycliff andall had huge vegetarian pasties which seemed to beuniversally enjoyed. Photographs courtesy of Joanne HIGSONThere are three other beach cleans running over thenext few months and we’ll look to organising trips outto take part in those too: Saturday, 21st May 2011: Teat’s Hill Beach S ACKS of Trash in Beach Clean-Up. This article was th published in the Plymouth Herald on Friday, 6 May 2011. Meet at Teat’s Hill Park at 11 a.m. REFUGEES and volunteers cleared a Plymouth beach Saturday, 2nd July2011: Commando Beach Meet by the waterside at 11 a.m. of rubbish during a charity conservation day. Saturday, 30th July: Devil’s Point Beach Devon & Cornwall Refugee Meet by the Tidal Pool at 11 a.m. Support (DCRS) joined the Blue Sound Project and other volunteers to collect sacks of trash from Jennycliffe Beach. Fotonow, a community interest company supporting local arts projects, photographed the event. Pictures will be on show at Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery in August. Jo HIGSON, DCRS Training & Outreach Coordinator, said: "For refugees and asylum seekers, this was a welcome opportunity to put aside the worries of their legal cases for a moment, and enjoy the environment and contribute to its preservation as a member of the community." If you know of any school, group or other organisation that would like to have a presentation about the work of the DCRS ... either short or longer... then do please get in touch with the Editor of the Newsletter. Thank you! To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 3 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  4. 4. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Written by Trish BAXTER Compiled by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Lead Project Support Worker DCRS Newsletter EditorR EFUGEE Week. An opportunity for you! Are you looking for an opportunity to raise awareness of issuessurrounding those seeking sanctuary in the South West? From: Kathy XXXXX kathy@xxxxx.co.uk To: Geoffrey READ saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk ndPerhaps you could host a small event in Refugee Week in your Sent: Monday, 2 May 2011home or community! Subject: Re: DCRS NEWSLETTER: MAY 2011DCRS have refugees whose culinary skills are such that they Dear Geoffrey,are willing to share a recipe or two from their own culture withyou and your friends and neighbours. Many thanks for your excellent Newsletter. I would like toWe are looking for a few more venues where one (or two) print out certain parts of it (to share, etc.) so could yourecipe(s) can be shared and the culture of that country send me a version in Microsoft Word?described by the refugee. Tasting the food and taking homethe recipe, as well as being told where to buy the ingredients All good wishes,will be part of the event. KathyWe are going to produce leaflets with this information A copy was sent the very same day! Ed.together with reasons why people have fled that countryseeking sanctuary in safe places, to enable others to be madeaware of current days concerns around the globe. OTHER NEWS & EVENTS Compiled by Geoffrey N. ReadYou may like to invite some friends around on Saturday or DCRS Newsletter EditorSunday and allow your kitchen to be the place to experiencethese culinary delights. Weekdays are available, too. DISCLAIMER Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this section are notAre you a member of a club or group that has access to fully necessarily those held by the DCRS Board of Trustees nor anyoneworking cooking facilities where we would be allowed to connected to DCRS.demonstrate this?Please think about the opportunity and see how it couldbenefit you, your friends, and our work here with thoseseeking sanctuary. A SPECIAL Event for Carers at Plymouth Guildhall. If you provide care or support to someone on a regular basis because they are frail or ill or have a disability this eventAny more information or possible diary dates, please phone is for you. You will be able to pickTrish on (01752) 265952 and ask about “Taste the Difference”. up lots of information about services to support you, as well as a DOES YOUR ORGANISATION PROVIDE chance to try a massage, find out about fun ways to exercise, take FREE MEALS OR FOOD PARCELS? away some freebies and taste someIf your organisation would benefit from receiving free food produce food.then please go on-line to DCFA at http://dcfa.webs.com, downloadthe Application Form & Wish List, complete the details and submit it This Carers’ Awareness Day at Plymouth Guildhall on Friday,to Geoff (details at the foot of the page). th 17 June 2011 starts at 10 a.m. and is part of a week of events th around the city for Carers’ Week from Monday, 13 to Friday, th LIFE-COACHING 17 June 2011. Written by Joanne HIGSON Various organisations will be joining Plymouth City Council, DCRS Training & Outreach Coordinator including the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service,T HIS MONTH I’ve started a one-year course training to be a Life Coach. This will provide me with the skills, knowledgeand experience to be able to help people make plans to move disability specialists, the JobCentre Plus, and befriending and support groups who can offer lots of advice and information, will be there on the day.forward with their lives and make sense of where they are. The Awareness Day is also going to be used to find out whatI’ve always been fascinated with what makes people tick... carers want from future carer support services funded byindividuals and groups or communities... and having Plymouth City Council and there will be a formal consultationexperienced a couple of coaching opportunities myself, I session from 11 a.m. to 12 noon on the day. Everyone isthought I would love to be able to offer other people the welcome to come to this or you can drop-in at any timesame opportunities. The work I’m doing with training and between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to give us your views.outreach at DCRS is very much about helping people findwhat will help them live in their current situation and makeplans for the future, even when that might be uncertain. Thecourse will help me become more effective in doing this. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 4 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  5. 5. Team Entry & Stall Bookings: Please contact: Recardo MCDOWELL: recardo@plymouthhopefc.org.uk 07920404318 General Information: David FEINDOUNO: david.f@plymouthhopefc.org.ukE XETER Respect Festival. This event will be held on th th Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 June 2011 and is beingdedicated to Fran JENKINS who did a lot of work with refugees 07588137412 Organised by: Plymouth HOPE FCin Exeter. The organisers are appealing for volunteers to help supported by the British Red Cross.them out. For further information write to: This annual event is important to us; our partners and toExeter Respect, everyone’s aim of bringing our various City communities inc/o Exeter Phoenix, closer together. Please join us by coming along, and perhapsGandy Street, put an activity of your own. Bring your work colleagues andExeter EX4 3LS friends to meet our members and the wider community. YourPlease note: involvement will help us to achieve our goal and make the dayDo not telephone the Exeter Phoenix regarding any Exeter a great success. Should you be interested in this fantasticRespect enquiry. event, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.Email: info@exeter-respect.org Yours sincerely, David FEINDOUNOI VYBRIDGE Comings and Goings.Donkey Summer Fair at EST Ivybridge, Saturday, 18 June from th Founder / Secretary, Plymouth Hope FC10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Demonstrations, Games & Stalls, Inflatables,BBQ, Donkey Carriage rides and much, much more! Fun FamilyDog Show from 2 p.m. Free entry and parking. For more W HAT IS A CARER? Many people would consider looking after an elderly, disabled or sick relative, spouse or friend to be what is expected of a loved one. Carers often doinformation, please call EST Ivybridge on (01752) 690 200. not recognise themselves as such and see their caring role asCar Boot Sales at EST Ivybridge on: being a normal part of family life or good neighbourliness Sunday, 26th June, within their community. Sunday, 24th July, For many years the role of carer went unrecognised and Sunday, 21st August, and unsupported and carers often felt isolated, frustrated and in Sunday, 25th September. many cases, suicidal. Increasingly however there is nationalThe timings have yet to be confirmed! recognition of the importance of carers and some support available through local councils, charities and support groupsP LYMOUTH HOPE FC Football Festival 2011. We would like to invite you to our second Football Festival. This year,working in partnership with the British Red Cross, we will kick throughout the country. Carers Champions is funded by Plymouth City Council and our role is to provide support, information and advice to adultstart the Refugee Week in our city. unpaid carers of other adults within Plymouth. We are based at Greenbank and the support we offer includes:Please see the event details below and pass these on toanyone else you may think it would interest so as to help  A quarterly newsletter with information relevant to cares in Plymouth.spread the word to friends and families. th  A weekly drop in at our offices plus drop ins at otherDate: Saturday, 18 June 2011 locations in Plymouth.Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Emotional support to help carers new to caring or goingEntry: Open to all... through a difficult time in their caring role.The Tournament Entry & All Activities are absolutely free!  Benefits advice.Venue: Carers Awareness Training.Brickfields Sports Centre, Carers Champions also run Carers Awareness Training forMadden Road, professionals, whose work brings them into contact with thoseDevonport, PL1 4NE who care for others.Activities Description: The training takes the form of half day workshops at the EastSix-a-Side Football Tournament, End Community Resource Centre in Cattedown.Arts & Crafts, Face Painting & Kidz Zone,Fire & Rescue Service Tender, Professionals find this awareness training invaluable, and sayFootball Taster Sessions for Ladies & Children, Mini-olympics Game, that they are more aware of carers’ issues when they haveCommunity Organisation stalls, Food Stalls, Bouncy Castle, Music. completed the training. th th Places are available on Tuesday, 10 May and Tuesday, 12Transport Offered: Pick-up point from City Centre: July, and run from 9.30 until 1 p.m.Theatre Royal on Royal parade from 8.30 a.m. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 5 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  6. 6. Do you provide support to someone who is elderly, ill or has a disability? A NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT: Children worse off in UK than in Estonia in the well-being stakes. This article was published in The Mail by Daily Mail Reporter on Tuesday, 3 rd May 2011: Children in Britain are lagging behind those in Slovenia, Estonia and Greece according to a charity’s calculation of their relative well-being. offers support and advice to help you keep well in your caring role. Save The Children put Britain at 23 out of 43 ‘more developed’ Call us on 01752 211 348, countries in its table and described the result as a ‘national e-mail carers@colebrookhousing.co.uk or visit our website embarrassment’. http://www.colebrookhousing.co.uk/ and click on ‘CARERS’ The charity’s annual State of the World’s Mothers report grades children’s well-being according to three factors:T HE WORST Ten countries in Which to be a Mother: The 2011 Index.   pre-primary enrolment, secondary school enrolment and,  under-five mortality rate.1) Afghanistan,2) Niger, Concern: The proportion of3) Guinea-Bissau, children enrolled in pre-primary4) Yemen, education in the UK is 81%...5) Chad, compared to 100% in France.6) DR Congo,7) Eritrea, It said it was ‘particularly concerned’ about the proportion of8) Mali, children in the UK enrolled in pre-primary education.9) Sudan and10) Central African Republic This stands at 81% compared with 100% in countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands.A typical Norwegian (best place to be a mother) woman has18 years of formal education and will live to be 83 years old; Justin FORSYTH, the charity’s Chief Executive, said: ‘We know82% are using some modern method of contraception, and pre-school nursery or playgroup access helps all children butonly one in 175 will lose a child before his or her fifth birthday. especially the poorest. It is a national embarrassment that the UK lags so far behindA typical Afghanistan (worst place to be a mother) woman has other countries of a similar size and wealth.’fewer than five years of education and will not live to be 45.Less than 16% of women are using modern contraception, and He criticised Government plans to cut support for childcareone child in five dies before reaching age five. costs, saying this would hurt the poorest children even more. He said: By cutting childcare support, the government isSave the Childrens twelfth annual Mothers Index making it harder for low-income parents to return to work butcompared the well-being of mothers and children just as important, more of our poorest children are likely toin 164 countries. miss out on pre-school education, a key to later educationalClick on this link to go to the full report. achievement. Sweden is the best place for a child’s well-being, with Italy and Japan in joint second place. Somalia is worst, the report shows. THIS SPACE Britain fared better in the rankings for the well-being of its th mothers who were put in 13 place. COULD HAVE BEEN USED British children lag behind TO PLACE those in Estonia and Greece according to a charity’s YOUR NOTICE! calculation of their relative well-being. Pictured is the Baltic states capital Tallin. Why not contact the Editor? Read more at dailymail.co.uk To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 6 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  7. 7. U K BORDER Agency Criticised Over Intelligence Use. th Broadcast on BBC on Friday, 13 May 2011. http://www.asylumaid.org.uk/data/files/publications/133/Wo mensAsylumCharter2Yearson.pdfThere are failings in the way the UK Border Agency uses To endorse the Charter you simply need to email yourintelligence to tackle illegal immigration, a report by its name and the name of the organisation toindependent chief inspector says. charter@asylumaid.org.uk,John VINE said intelligence was stating that you wish to endorse the Charter.used inconsistently and the If you have any questions or suggestions, please do notoutcome of allegations was not hesitate to get in touch with me atalways tracked. charter@asylumaid.org.uk.He also warned some staff could be disproportionately With thanks and all best wishes,targeting some nationalities. Debora SINGERMinisters say the UKBAs "intelligence-led" approach is Policy & Research Managerfocusing resources where they were most needed. Asylum Aid Club Union HouseClick on this link to listen to the interview. 253-254 Upper Street LondonC HARTER of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum. An open letter from Debora SINGER: N1 1RY Tel: 020 7354 9631 Extension 208 Fax: 020 7354 5620Dear Colleague,I am writing to ask if your organisation DIARY DATESwould consider endorsing the Charter Compiled by Geoffrey N. Readof Rights of Women Seeking Asylum. All the dates are shown using the Gregorian (Western) calendar. TheSupported by a broad coalition of calendar is accurate, but some dates may vary regionally because theyover 200 organisations, including are determined by the lunar calendar. Jewish festivals usually begin atOxfam, Refugee Council and Amnesty sundown on the previous day.International, the Charter of rights of If you have access to the internet, just click on the faith links for furtherwomen seeking asylum is a framework of principles aimed at information.persuading the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to take a strategicapproach to the needs of women seeking asylum, and to putin place operational procedures and safeguards that willremove the discriminatory barriers faced by women.The Charter is the result of an extensive consultationprocess with asylum seeking women, and with peer st Wednesday, 1 Juneagencies across the refugee, women’s and human rights Yom Yerushalayim (Jewish)sectors. It is concerned solely with actions that are the Jerusalem Day.responsibility of UKBA. ndEndorsers of the Charter believe that a culture change in the Thursday, 2 Juneasylum system is urgently needed to ensure that women Ascension Day (Christian)asylum seekers receive a comparable standard of treatment Ascension Day marks the last earthly appearance of Christto women in similar situations who are settled in the UK. after his resurrection. Christians believe Christ ascended into heaven.In a recent article in Women’s Asylum News, a signatory wrote It is celebrated 40 days after Easter.about why they endorsed the charter: “We have endorsed thbecause It highlights some specific gender issues facing Sunday, 5 Junewomen seeking sanctuary and also it represents hope for us. Ascension Day (Catholic Church in England & Wales)We believe that it is a useful tool to engage the UKBA to treat (Christian)women fairly and with dignity during the asylum process and Ascension Day is normally celebrated 40 days after Easter. Thetherefore have some better chances to rebuild their lives.” Catholic Church in England & Wales celebrates it on the following Sunday instead.For more information on the Charter and its current Every thSingle Woman campaign, please look on our website: Wednesday, 8 Junewww.asylumaid.org.uk/charter Shavuot (first day) (Jewish) Shavuot is a two-day festival that marks the time when theWe have seen progress since the Charter was published. first harvest was taken to the Temple.You can find more information about the impact of the Also known as the Festival of Weeks.Charter in our report Rights of Women Seeking Asylum 2 Work is not permitted for the duration of the festival.years on: impacts and actions; use this link to read thereport or download it from our website: To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 7 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  8. 8. thSunday, 12 JunePentecost - Whitsun (Christian) DOES YOUR ORGANISATION PROVIDEThe seventh Sunday after Easter, commemorating the descent FREE MEALS OR FOOD PARCELS?of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and the birth of theChristian Church. If your organisation would benefit from thThursday, 16 June receiving free food produce then please go on-Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev (Nanakshahi calendar) (Sikh) line to DCFA at http://dcfa.webs.com, download th stGuru Arjan Dev was the 5 Sikh Guru and the 1 Sikh martyr. the Application Form & Wish List, complete theHe also compiled all of the past Gurus writings into one book, details and submit it to Geoff (details at the footwhich is now the Sikh holy scripture: the Guru Granth Sahib. of the page). thSunday, 19 JuneTrinity Sunday (Christian)The first Sunday after Pentecost.Christians meditate on the nature of God as "Three in one".All Saints Day (Orthodox) (Christian)This day honours all saints, known and unknown, of theChristian church. stWestern churches celebrate All Saints Day on 1 November. stTuesday, 21 JuneSummer Solstice - Litha (Pagan)Longest day of the year. rdThursday, 23 June Devon & Cornwall Refugee SupportCorpus Christi (Christian) (DCRS)Roman Catholic festival celebrating the "real presence ofChrist in the Eucharist".The festival falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. thSunday, 26 JuneCorpus Christi (Catholic Church in England & Wales)(Christian)Corpus Christi falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. TheCatholic Church in England and Wales celebrates it on thefollowing Sunday instead. thWednesday, 29 JuneSt. Peters Day (Christian)Observed by Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheranchurches. 7 Whimple Street, Plymouth PL1 2DHOne of the oldest saints days. Tel: 01752 265952 Fax: 0870 762 6228 Email: dcrsc@btopenworld.com Website: http://dcrsc1.cfsites.org 2011 is the 60th Anniversary Our Funders: of the UN Refugee Convention http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49da0e466.html To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 8 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.