DCRS July 2011 Newsletter


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DCRS July 2011 Newsletter
Edited by Geoffrey N. Read

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DCRS July 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. DEVON & CORNWALL REFUGEE SUPPORTA Private Company Limited by Guarantee Providing PracticalNEWSLETTER Support To RefugeesJULY 2011Registered Company No. 06271122 Registered Charity No. 1130360 OISC Exemption No. N2001004277 Whimple Street, Plymouth PL1 2DH Tel: 01752 265952 Fax: 0870 762 6228 Email: dcrsc@btopenworld.com Website: http://dcrsc1.cfsites.org FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR I have now received further correspondence from Ms. SEABECK enclosing a reply from Mr. Damian GREEN, the OF Immigration Minister. “Further Education must make it’s THE DCRS BOARD OF TRUSTEES contribution”. Ms. SEABECK has made “particular emphasis Written by Lorna M. SEWELL on Plymouth where, because of the relatively small number of people from other ethnic backgrounds, there is a needDear Friends & Supporters, for support... to avoid a breakdown in community cohesion”.Our Staff have been, as usual, exceedingly busy and withsome Staff Members on holiday during the past few We shall have to wait to see however, if the availability ofmonths. This has added to the work load of those left in free English lessons for our Service Users, does actuallythe Centre. Added to the normal day-to-day work, and as improve in Plymouth. In the meantime, our Training &the result of a successful funding bid, our basement has Outreach Coordinator, Jo HIGSON, is doing her very best tohad a complete refurbishment with the help from our organise one-to-one sessions with our Volunteers and byVolunteers, Service Users, Staff and Trustees... and also a other means, to help our Service Users with their languagewilling Trustee’s spouse! This will improve our Internet problems.Suite and also give much needed facilities for our Sport’sCoordinator, Ellis RANSOM. Our Trustees are alwaysgrateful for this dedication to our organisation. Yours sincerelyOn behalf of the Trustees, I have been in correspondence Lorna M. SEWELLwith our MPs regarding the lack of facilities in Plymouth for ChairESOL (English as a Second Language) lessons for our Service DCRS Board of TrusteesUsers. The ability to speak and understand our language, isvital for integration into the community. Mr. OliverCOLVILE, our Conservative Member of Parliament, statesthat there is an ”impact assessment” taking place on how EDITORIAL COMMENTthe Government’s changes may affect ESOL learners, and Written by Geoffrey N. READhe feels that it would be “inappropriate to comment on the DCRS Newsletter Editorlikely impact of funding changes before the impactassessment has been published.” I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly toMs. Alison SEABECK, our Labour Member of Parliament and another site for more information on that particular topic.Shadow Housing Minister, has replied to say that she has Put your cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Keywritten to the Immigration Minister to “seek the and click! Ed.Government’s views and plans on this matter”. She says th 2011 is the 60 Anniversary of the UN Refugee onventionthat she has put particular emphasis on Plymouth where,because of the relatively small number of people fromother ethnic backgrounds, there is a “need for supporttowards integration in order to avoid a breakdown incommunity cohesion”. http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49da0e466.html To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 1 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  2. 2. HARVEST FESTIVAL APPEAL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Written by Christine REID Written by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Trustee & Food Programme Coordinator DCRS Newsletter EditorT HAT TIME OF THE YEAR is fast approaching when DCRS likes to remind faith groups, schools and similarorganisations that it will soon be time S OME of you will remember that Sarah from Italy did some volunteering with DCRS during her stay in the UK and we were sad to see her return home again! Sarah recently sentfor Harvest Festival. As in previous this missive to some of us at the Centre and as she didn’t haveyears, donations of all types of food everyone’s email address, asked that this be published in ourwould be very much appreciated. Newsletter for all to see. I’ve not changed a word of it! EdThe DCRS Food Programme doeshave a budget which provides for the very basic needs but From: Sara xxxxx@xxxxx.itwe do look upon donations to provide a little bit of “luxury” To: Various addresseesand change in the diet of our Service Users (SU). Last year Sent: Tue, 24 May, 2011 22:45:50we issued about 1,700 food parcels to Service Users who Subject: Sara from Italy :)would have otherwise gone hungry. Dear Friends of DCRSC,We also provide toiletry packs for some of our SU and male It is Sara from Italy! Just to say to all of you THANK YOUtoiletries are especially welcome. very much for your kindness and your patience with myYou can deliver your donations to the Masiandae Centre at mistakes at the Reception! I tried to give my best but I7 Whimple Street. Alternatively, if you would like us to know I need to improve my English!collect them from you please call Geoff on (01752) 563800 I had a wonderful time with all of you and I miss you tooor text him on 07745819828. You can also email him on much!saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you! A big embrace to all the ladies and gentlemen that I met in your Centre coming from every part of the world, I dont DCRS BOARD OF TRUSTEES write the names because I do not want to forgot anyone. Written and compiled by Geoffrey N. READ And a lot of greetings to all other people / volunteers who DCRS Newsletter Editor do not have an email address like Paul (he is great!), Margaret and to all others with whom I wasnt able toB OARD of Trustees’ Meetings. A meeting of the DCRS th Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, 29 June 2011.The next meeting will probably be scheduled for Wednesday, exchange the email addresses like Irena, Ellis, Jan, Mary (I would be very happy if someone of you could pass them my th email please) and many other people that of course I forgot27 July 2011 at 5 p.m. Should anyone wish to have a to mention (and I apologise for that).particular matter discussed at either meeting then please YOU ARE A SPECIAL TEAM, A WONDERFUL GROUP ANDcontact any DCRS Trustee. GREAT FRIENDS. I’ll come and see you if I come back to UK. In the DCRS BROCHURES meantime I wish you the best for everything, I was LUCKY Written by Geoffrey N. READ to meet people like of all you! DCRS Newsletter Editor Take care,W E have recently updated all three of our DCRS Brochures: Sara from Italy If anyone wishes to get in touch with Sara, please contact me  General Information and I will send your message on to her. Ed.  Food Programme  Friends of DCRS Sara has emailed us some pictures. Here’s one:Copies are available for viewing and / or downloading fromour website. They are designed to be printed off back-to-back, preferably in colour, and then carefully folded into three.Please feel free to forward copies on through your ownnetworks. DCRS VOLUNTEERS Written by Liz HARDINGE DCRS Volunteer CoordinatorF AREWELL to Paula WILSON. We should like to express our thanks to Paula for all the help she has given us over anumber of years. Paula has been a regular volunteer in ourClothing Store but is no longer able to assist us any more forpersonal reasons. DCRS is so very grateful to Paula for all shehas done and we all wish her well in the future. See more pictures from Sara at Photobucket.com To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 2 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  3. 3. HOLIDAY CLOSURE OTHER NEWS & EVENTS Written by Geoffrey N. READ Compiled by Geoffrey N. Read DCRS Trustee & Newsletter Editor DCRS Newsletter EditorP LEASE note that the Masiandae Centre will be closed all th day on Monday, 29 August 2011 for the Summer BankHoliday. DISCLAIMER Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this section are not necessarily those held by the DCRS Board of Trustees nor anyone connected to DCRS. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE THE DEVON & CORNWALL Written by Trish BAXTER DCRS Lead Project Support Worker FOOD ASSOCIATION GOES FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH!S HARING food with other people has always been a most helpful way to cross the divides of language, culture, prejudice and ignorance. Submitted by Geoffrey N. READ DCRS Newsletter Editor With the ongoing hope that our communities, in this S INCE February this year, DCFA has distributed over 4,450 litres of milk, and some cream, to charitable organisations across Plymouth thanks to the generosity and generation, will still be open support of Robert Wiseman Dairies based in Cornwall. This is to learn how to respect and good quality milk and cream that tolerate differences of was surplus to the dairy’s ethnicities other than their requirements and would own, we provided the otherwise have gone to landfill. opportunity for some to To date, this has saved the localtaste food made by refugees who chose their traditional charitable organisations we workrecipes to make a difference. with almost £3,000. And this comes at a time when manyEthiopian Bread, Lebanese Whirls, Zimbabwean Bean Stew & groups and individuals are under great financial pressure andSadza, as well as Kurdish Rice Dishes were devoured with experiencing severe hardship.joyous celebration of spices and culinary skills demonstrated DCFA, completely staffed by committed that our Open Day on Friday, 24 June. volunteers, seeks more local people to join the Team. We have some promises ofAt a more private venue, one loans of transport and volunteer driversof our Palestinian chefs but DCFA will be needing more in thecooked a most delicious future.range of items for guests, We started off with a small team ofwho shared both insight to volunteers from the City Collegethe cooking of the recipes Plymouth, ably led by their Trainingbut more particularly, the Officer, Danielle Jackson. We now have aunderstanding of what it is very small group of volunteers on ourlike for those born into a family of persons without nationality, Milk Team, one of which is 82 yearsand without the right to legal employment in Palestinian young!Refugee Camps in Lebanon. DCFA has no permanent premises of itsThe impact of personal testimony moved them to consider the own yet otherwise it would be operatingbenefits of our British heritage we may often take for granted. on a daily basis. DCFA could achieve soSuch events like these will certainly be on our agenda for next much more as it has several foodyears Refugee Week when we hope to find willing hosts to producers who have expressed a wish to join us in our projectsuch events and they can “Taste the Difference” too. and help us out with food produce! However DCFA is unable to accept these kind offers until it has a warehouse or shop- type premises in or near to Plymouth City Centre. So... if you can help us out with this then do please let us know! In the meantime, good quality food continues to end up at landfill! In April, DCFA was delighted to be honoured with a Certificate of Significant Achievement from The Drake Foundation Spirit of Community Awards for the City of Plymouth. The Chair of DCFA, Christine Reid, and Milk Volunteer Co-ordinator Esme Goss, were proud to be at the ceremony to collect the award on behalf of everyone at DCFA. If you wish for more information or if you think you can help in any way then do please contact Geoff (details at the foot ofClick to read the recipes at Slideshare.net. the page), or take a look at DCFAs website at: dcfa.webs.com To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 3 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  4. 4. DOES YOUR ORGANISATION PROVIDE While the current asylum system was not perfect, he said it FREE MEALS OR FOOD PARCELS? was hugely improved and 60% of applications were now dealt with within 30 days. If your organisation would benefit from receiving He added: "The number of applications we had is running at a free food produce then please go on-line to DCFA at 20-year low, we are spending £100m less of taxpayers money http://dcfa.webs.com , on asylum support than we were two years ago. download the Application Form & Wish List, Finally, after years of chaos and shambles we inherited, the complete the details and submit it to Geoff asylum system is getting back to some kind of health and (details at the foot of the page). stability." Campaigners for lower immigration levels said the reportA SYLUM Seekers Granted Amnesty by UKBA. This article nd was broadcast by the BBC on Thursday, 2 June 2011: suggested the "green light was being given" to illegal incomers. "The removal of those people who overstay their visas and noSo many asylum seekers have been given leave to remain in longer have the right to be in the country is absolutelythe UK that it "amounts to an amnesty", MPs have said. essential to the credibility of the whole system," said AndrewSince 2006, the Home Affairs GREEN, Chairman of Migration Watch UK. "This reportCommittee said 40% of outstanding suggests that the removal effort is much too feeble."cases dealt with by the UK Border Family life But Keith BEST, former Chief Executive of theAgency (UKBA) led to individuals Immigration Advisory Service, said many of the applicants hadbeing allowed to stay. simply been "forgotten about" and "left in limbo" by theIt said the UKBA also had "no idea" what happened to tens of authorities.thousands of others whose cases had to be shelved. And the Refugee Council said allowing many asylum seekers toImmigration Minister Damian GREEN said there was remain in the UK was the "humane" thing to do given their"absolutely no amnesty" and the system was "getting better". circumstances.Asylum is protection given by a country to someone who is "Many will have settled down with families and made strongfleeing persecution in their own country. bonds with their local communities while it has been unsafe toNot fit In 2006, the then Labour Home Secretary John - return to their own countries," said the organisationsow Lord - REID described the immigration system as "not fit for Jonathan ELLIS.purpose" after it emerged there was a backlog of about Labour said the UKBAs efforts were being undermined by cuts450,000 asylum cases which had not be dealt with, some in its funding which would reduce staff levels by 5,000.dating back many years. According to Home Office statistics, the number of peopleHe vowed to tackle the problem and, after taking office last year, granted asylum in the UK rose every year between 2004 andthe coalition said it would clear the backlog by this summer. 2008 before falling in 2009.So far 403,500 applications from the backlog have been fully During last years election campaign, David CAMERONprocessed. Of those, only 38,000 were rejected compared with attacked what he said were Lib Dem proposals for an amnesty161,000 who were given permission to remain. for illegal immigrants who had been living in the UK for aThe latter was "such a large proportion that it amounts in certain amount of time... although the Lib Dems said thiseffect to an amnesty", the MPs said. misrepresented their position.Of the remaining 205,500 applications, 40,500 were effectively The coalition has continued Labours ban on low-skilled workersshelved simply because "the applicants cannot be found and it from outside Europe, but has also introduced a cap on non-EUis unknown whether they are in the UK, have left the country skilled workers as part of a pledge to bring net migration downor are dead" - an outcome MPs said was "indefensible". to "tens of thousands" by the end of the Parliament.The remainder are said to be duplicates and errors in the Click to read more.system. Analysis by Matt PRODGER, Home affairs correspondent, BBC NewsAdministrative problem Keith VAZ, the Labour MP who Its five years since the then Home Secretary John Reid describedchairs the committee, said he "welcomed" the fact the backlog his immigration department as "not fit for purpose".had been cleared but questioned the methods used. At the time, the Labour government was only just beginning to"The problem with the UKBA, which predates this clear the backlog of unresolved cases.government, is a lack of administrative control," he told Radio Its a labour-intensive process and private contractors had to be4s Today. "It is an administrative issue rather than a political brought in to help. While the coalition government has introduced tougher criteriaproblem and we would like to see it resolved so the for those who qualify to come to the UK, they dont apply togovernment can meet the targets it has set out." asylum seekers who make up this backlog. Nor do they addressBut Mr. GREEN said all cases had been considered on their another problem... cuts to the Border Agency budget, which willmerits and the number of people being granted leave to see 5,000 posts go by 2015.remain had not risen over the past year. Immigration policy is a headache for every government, and the"Absolutely, there is no amnesty and the system is getting word "amnesty" when applied to it is like kryptonite. In fact, Nickbetter now," he told Today. Clegg suggested a limited amnesty while on the campaign trail inAsked about the 40,500 cases where individuals could not be 2010, but it was rejected by his Conservative coalition partners.traced, he said he believed most had either left the country or The Home Office emphatically denies theres been an amnesty, but with 75,000 asylum seekers effectively "missing" as well,died as they had not shown up on any government databases todays report echoes John Reids words.since then. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 4 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  5. 5. H ISTORIC Decision at the United Nations. Human Rights Council Passes First-Ever Resolution on SexualOrientation & Gender Identity. This article was published by   A quarterly newsletter with information relevant to cares in Plymouth. A weekly drop in at our offices plus drop ins at other th locations in Plymouth.Human Rights Watch on Friday, 17 June 2011:Todays resolution is the first UN resolution ever to bring  Emotional support to help carers new to caring or going through a difficult time in their caring role.specific focus to human rights violations based on sexualorientation and gender identity, and follows a  Benefits advice.joint statement on these issues delivered at Carers Awareness Training.the March session of the council. It affirms the Carers Champions also run Carers Awareness Training foruniversality of human rights, and notes professionals, whose work brings them into contact with thoseconcern about acts of violence and who care for others.discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The training takes the form of half day workshops at the East(Geneva) - In a groundbreaking achievement for upholding the End Community Resource Centre in Cattedown.principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Professionals find this awareness training invaluable, and say(UDHR), the United Nations Human Rights Council has passed that they are more aware of carers’ issues when they havea resolution on human rights violations based on sexual completed the training.orientation and gender identity. th Places are available on Tuesday, 12 July, 9.30 - 1 p.m.The resolution, presented by South Africa along with Brazil and39 additional co-sponsors from all regions of the world, was Do you provide support to someonepassed by a vote of 23 in favour, 19 against, and 3 abstentions: who is elderly, ill or has a disability? offers support and adviceStates Supporting the Resolution: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, to help you keep well in your caring role.Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Call us on 01752 211 348,Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Slovakia, e-mail carers@colebrookhousing.co.uk or visit our website www.colebrookhousing.co.uk/Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Thailand, UK, USA, Uruguay. and click on ‘CARERS’.States Against the Resolution: Angola, Bahrain, Bangladesh,Cameroon, Djibouti, Gabon, Ghana, Jordan, Malaysia,Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Moldova,Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Uganda. W ORLDS Most Dangerous Countries for Women. Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Pakistan, and Somalia are the worlds most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging fromAbstentions: Burkina Faso, China, Zambia. violence and rape to dismal healthcare and honour killings.Absent: Kyrgyzstan, Libya (suspended) Afghanistan:Co-Sponsors of the Resolution: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Beleaguered by insurgency, corruption and dire poverty,Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Afghanistan ranked as most dangerous to women overall andCroatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, came out worst in three of the polls key risk categories:France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Israel,  health,Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland,  non-sexual violence andPortugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden,  economic discrimination.Switzerland, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Women in Afghanistan have a one in 11 chance of dying inNorthern Ireland, United States of America, and Uruguay. childbirth.To read more please click on this link. Some 87% women are illiterate. 70% - 80% of girls and women face forced marriages.W HAT IS A CARER? Many people would consider looking after an elderly, disabled or sick relative, spouse orfriend to be what is expected of a loved one. Carers often do Democratic Republic of Congo: Still reeling from a 1998-2003 war and accompanyingnot recognise themselves as such and see their caring role as humanitarian disaster that killed 5.4 million, DR Congo ranksbeing a normal part of family life or good neighbourliness second due mainly to staggering levels of sexual violence.within their community.  About 1,150 women are raped every day, or some 420,000 aFor many years the role of carer went unrecognised and year, according to a recent report in the American Journal ofunsupported and carers often felt isolated, frustrated and in Public Health.many cases, suicidal. Increasingly however there is national  The Congolese Womens Campaign Against Sexual Violencerecognition of the importance of carers and some support puts the number of rapes at 40 women a day.available through local councils, charities and support groups 57% of pregnant women are anaemic.throughout the country. Pakistan:Carers Champions is funded by Plymouth City Council and our Those polled cited cultural, tribal and religious practicesrole is to provide support, information and advice to adult harmful to women, including acid attacks, child, and forcedunpaid carers of other adults within Plymouth. We are based marriage and punishment, or retribution by stoning or otherat Greenbank and the support we offer includes: physical abuse. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 5 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  6. 6. More than 1,000 women and girls are victims of honour  Recruit members who have specialist knowledge in finance /killings every year, according to Pakistans Human Rights property backgrounds.Commission. Responsibilities include:90% of women in Pakistan face domestic violence.  regular attendance at and being prepared for meetingsWomen earn 82% less than men.  ensuring the vision and values of the organisation are upheldIndia:  monitoring how the organisation is achieving its goalsFemale foeticide, child marriage and high levels of trafficking  approving annual accountsand domestic servitude make the worlds largest democracythe fourth most dangerous place for women, the poll showed.  working with other Members, to ensure the Management Committee is an effective body acting in the best interests of100 million people, mostly women and girls, are involved in the organisation and its stakeholders.trafficking in one way or another, according to former IndianHome Secretay Madhukar Gupta. How to apply:Up to 50 million girls are missing over the past century due to For an informal discussion and general enquiries, pleasefemale infanticide and foeticide. contact Kerry Thompson, Business Manager on (01752)44.5% of girls are married before the age of 18. 211247 or committee@colebrookhousing.co.uk. Details of the application process will be advised then.Somalia:One of the poorest, most violent and lawless countries.Somalia ranks fifth due to a catalogue of dangers including DIARY DATEShigh maternal mortality, rape, female genital mutilation (FGM) Compiled by Geoffrey N. Readand child marriage. All the dates are shown using the Gregorian (Western) calendar. The95% of women face FGM, mostly between the ages of 4 – 11. calendar is accurate, but some dates may vary regionally because theyOnly 9% of women give birth at a health facility. are determined by the lunar calendar. Jewish festivals usually begin atOnly 7.5% of parliament seats are held by women. sundown on the previous day. If you have access to the internet, just click on the faith links forSource: Alertnet, 15 Jun 2011 further information. ADVERTISEMENTC OLEBROOK Housing Society: Voluntary Management Committee Opportunities!Colebrook Housing Society Ltd. is a not-for-profit organisationwith over 25 years experience of delivering a variety ofsupport services to vulnerable people in local communities.This includes personalised packages of support, housingrelated support, advice and information and advocacy. th Tuesday, 5 July 2011To find out more, please visit:www.colebrookhousing.co.uk Birthday of Guru Hargobind (Nanakshahi calendar) (Sikh)www.colebrookhousing.co.uk/carers Guru Hargobind (1595-1644) was the sixth of the Sikh Gurus.We are also the host organisation for the Local Involvement th Saturday, 9 July 2011Network (LINk). Visit: www.plymouth-link.co.uk.Colebrook’s vision is one of promoting independence, social Martyrdom of the Bab (Bahai)inclusion and empowerment to all members of the community. Anniversary of the Babs execution in 1850 in Tabriz, Iran.Over the next few months we want to recruit some new thmembers to our Committee. Having recently done a review Friday, 15 July 2011with committee we are particularly looking to increase our St. Swithins Day (Christian)female representation and considering the aims of our business th Swithin (or Swithun) was a Saxon bishop in the 9 century.plan; we wish to increase and recruit more people who: th Legend has it that the weather on his feast day, 15 July, Have personal experiences being from a BME or diversity will determine the weather for the next 40 days. background and a keen interest in helping us achieve our objectives. Asala - Dharma Day (Buddhist) Have experience of accessing or trying to access mental health The anniversary of the start of Buddhas teaching: his first or other services and who can bring valuable insights from a sermon ,"The Wheel of Truth", after his enlightenment. BME perspective. thWe also want to: Tuesday, 19 July 2011 Ensure our committee is more representative of the diverse th 17 Tammuz (Jewish) communities of Plymouth. An important Jewish fast day. Ensure our services are helpful and accessible to all communities. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 6 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  7. 7. th thWednesday, 20 July 2011 Monday, 15 August 2011Jamshedi Noruz (Qadimi) (Zoroastrian) Dormition of the Theotokos (Christian)Zoroastrian New Years Day in the Qadimi calendar. An Orthodox festival that commemorates the death, resurrection, and glorification of Christs mother. rdSaturday, 23 July 2011 Dormition means falling asleep.Birthday of Guru Har Krishen (Nanakshahi calendar) (Sikh) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christian)Guru Har Krishan (1656-1664) was the eighth of the Sikh Gurus. A largely Roman Catholic festival celebrating their belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken body and soulBirthday of Haile Selassie I (Rastafari) into heaven.Haile Selassie was the Emperor of Ethiopia.Rastas believe Haile Selassie is God, and that he will return to th Wednesday, 17 August 2011Africa members of the black community who are living in exile. Birthday of Marcus Garvey (Rastafari) thSunday, 24 July 2011 Commemorates the birthday of Marcus Garvey, thePioneer Day (Mormon) Jamaican politician born in 1887 who predicted theCommemorates the arrival in 1847 of the first Latter Day crowning of a King in Africa, and instigated the Back toSaints pioneers in Salt Lake Valley. Africa movement. th thMonday, 25 July 2011 Friday, 19 August 2011Khordad Sal (Qadimi) (Zoroastrian) Jamshedi Noruz (Shenshai) (Zoroastrian)The birthday of Zoroaster, celebrated on this date in the Zoroastrian New Years Day in the Shenshai calendar.Qadimi calendar. nd Monday, 22 August 2011 Janmashtami - Krishna Jayanti (Hindu) The Janamashtami festival marks the birth of Krishna, the most highly venerated God in the Hindu pantheon. th Wednesday, 24 August 2011 Khordad Sal (Shenshai) (Zoroastrian) stMonday, 1 August 2011 The birthday of Zoroaster, celebrated on this date in the Shenshai calendar.Lughnasadh - Lammas (Pagan)A harvest festival and one of the Pagan festivals of Celtic Tuesday, 30th August 2011origin which split the year into four. Eid-Ul-Fitr (Muslim)Ramadan (start) (Muslim) The end of Ramadan when Muslims celebrate the end ofRamadan is the Muslim month of fasting. fasting and thank Allah for His help with their month-long th act of self-control.Saturday, 6 August 2011Transfiguration (Christian)Orthodox Christian feast commemorating the suddenemanation of radiance from the person of Jesus thatoccurred on the mountain. th THIS SPACETuesday, 9 August 2011Tisha BAv (Jewish) COULD HAVE BEEN USEDA solemn day that commemorates a series of tragedies thathave befallen the Jewish people over the years, many of TO PLACEwhich have coincidentally happened on this day. th YOUR NOTICE!Saturday, 13 August 2011Raksha Bandhan (Hindu)Raksha Bandhan is the Hindu festival that celebrates Why not contact the Editor?brotherhood and love.Raksha Bandhan means a thread for protection. To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 7 Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.
  8. 8. Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support (DCRS) 7 Whimple Street, Plymouth PL1 2DH Tel: 01752 265952 Fax: 0870 762 6228 Email: dcrsc@btopenworld.com Website: http://dcrsc1.cfsites.org Our Funders: J. Franklin Trust To contact Geoff READ, the Newsletter Editor, please call 07745819828 (text only) or (01752) 563800. 8Alternatively email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. For the contact details of DCRS, please see the top of Page 1.