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  1. 1. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association (DCFA) Spare food is share food!INSTRUCTIONS FOR MILK & CREAM RECEIVING CUSTOMERSDear Friends, 7, Whimple Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2DH Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.ukIm sending these instructions to all organisations that receive weekly issues of milk from DCFA. Patron: Ms. Judi SpiersDo please read this email carefully as you need to take some action! Website: http://dcfa.webs.com BBC Radio DevonDELIVERY TIMES QUANTITIES Are you all receiving copies of our DCFA Newsletter each month?Robert Wisemans Dairies at Pensilva in Cornwall deliver milk A list is available showing the usual amounts of produce that Do feel free to forward an article to me for inclusion in any issue...to DCFA at Congress Hall in Armada Way at 9.15 a.m. every each organisation has requested. and photographs too!Thursday. DCFA has absolutely no control on the amount of produce we THE WAY AHEADOf course, theyll sometimes be late and sometimes early. receive from the dairy and consequently you may not always Theres so much potential for DCFA!DCFA has absolutely no redress on this and has to take receive the amounts you ask for. DCFA could do so much more.delivery at whatever time it turns up! Sometimes DCFA will receive less than the required amount, DCFA has been promised fresh and ambient food from localSORTING sometimes more. producers but of course well need our own premises beforeOur terrific team of volunteers, ably led by Karen BOWLER, I would like you all to check the Quantities List and let me we can head off in that direction.then needs 30 minutes or so to sort the produce into types know of any amendments required. It is hoped that we will soon be able to announce some goodand sizes, and then to allocate the produce into batches for When we receive extra we can issue extra. news regarding this!each receiving organisation. Important: WHO ELSE CAN WE HELP?Each package of produce must be checked to ensure that it has In case DCFA receives more produce than normal, we also Do you know of other organisations that may benefit fromnot passed its Use-by Date. Such items must be disposed of need to know the maximum amounts that you could handle receiving milk but havent yet heard of us?and never issued to our customers. without any being wasted. Do get them to contact us!Please bear with us whilst the Team does this! It doesnt take This is produce that would otherwise go to landfill... but DCFAlong to do but it’s better done without interruption. only wants to give it to you if you can use it! COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONSSo if your milk issue isnt quite ready do please be patient! If you have any cause for complaint or indeed, if you have any DELIVERIES suggestions to make for the good and benefit of us all, thenCOLLECTION DCFA will not normally deliver produce to any organisation and please dont hesitate to get in touch with me.All being well, DCFA would hope to have the produce sorted there are good reasons for this. DCFA will endeavour to do the best with it has!ready for collection by 10 a.m. DCFA does recognise however, that its customers are in theI would therefore ask you all to collect your product issues voluntary sector as are we, and that problems sometimes arise! Yours sincerely,between 10 and 10.30 a.m. So if there is the odd occasion when youre unable to collect Geoffrey N. ReadMILK TEMPERATURES milk at the stipulated time then do please let one of Milk Team Geoffrey N. Read, MCIMMilk is delivered to us in a refrigerated vehicle. Volunteers know and theyll try to assist. Company SecretaryWe immediately take it inside the building Congress Hall where However, it must be emphasised that this must be the exception The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd. rather than the rule. A Private Company Limited by Guaranteewe try to keep it as cool as we can until you collect it. Register Company No. 7419679Its important that you bring Kool Boxes of some description CONTACT DETAILS Registered Charity No. DCFA is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for taxwith you when collecting the milk and then place it somewhere Im attaching a second list that gives everyones contact details. purposes under Reference XT27083.cool as soon as you get back to your location. If there are any amendments required then do please let me know.It should be kept to 5⁰C! Youll note that this list includes the details of the Milk Team Our Funder:During the warmer months coming it’s obviously important Volunteers if you need to contact them for any reason.that you collect your milk issues at the prescribed time so as to … And Voluntary Donations. DCFA INFORMATIONhelp to keep it cool. Please see the attached notice! The quantities of produce issued so far are displayed on our website. Do please do take a look!
  2. 2. HEALTH & SAFETY NOTICE CONCERNING FOOD SAFETY In terms of Food Safety we should check the temperature when milk arrives at Congress Hall and it should be five degrees or below. This is good practice!The actual legal limit is eight degrees. However, ensuring food is kept below five degrees gives us a margin of safety.