The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd (DCFA)NEWSLETTERDecember 2011 – January 2012Patron: Judi Spiers, BBC Radio Devon...
EDITORIAL COMMENT                                                     A DCFA WORKSHOPI  NTERNET Links. If you’re reading t...
A MAJOR MILESTONE                                                     PLYMOUTH                                            ...
NISP                                                        LETTERS TO THE EDITOR               An article by Mrs. Christi...
The problem is particularly relevant at a time when families          amount of water which, when frozen slowly, forms ice...
T   ASTE OF THE WEST is pleased to have    created an elite group of handpicked,industry leaders to become Patron Members ...
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DCFA Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 Newsletter


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DCFA Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 Newsletter

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DCFA Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd (DCFA)NEWSLETTERDecember 2011 – January 2012Patron: Judi Spiers, BBC Radio Devon Spare Food is Share Food!7 Whimple Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2DH Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE COMPANY CHAIR Mrs. Christine REIDDear Friends and Supporters,2011 is nearing its end and what an excitingyear this has been for DCFA! We haveachieved so much and I hope this progresswill continue throughout 2012!Victoria HURTH, our Project Coordinator, isbeginning to get to grips with the finer pointsof her task and we wish her every success!You will see from our website and ourFacebook page that DCFA needs additionalvolunteers to help out on with the weeklydairy produce distribution. Why not makethis your New Year’s resolution? To assist ona rota with others for just a couple of hourseach week... do please think about it.I would like to thank all our Board Members, DCFAand our Friends and Supporters, for all their would like to wish a very Merry Christmashelp during this year. Thank you!And on behalf of all at DCFA, may I wish youall a very Merry Christmas and a Happy andProsperous 2012! and aChristineChristine REID Happy New YearChair to all itsDCFA Board of Trustees Newsletter Readers!The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd. (DCFA) is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.Registered Company No. 07419679.Registered Charity No. - DCFA is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes under Reference X T27083.Members of : Our Funder:NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) – Membership No. MEMBERVC/13004,CASAP (Community &Social Action Plymouth),The Small Charities Coalition,And Volunteering England – Membership No.1278747. … And Voluntary Donations.
  2. 2. EDITORIAL COMMENT A DCFA WORKSHOPI NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, thenyou can click on these links and be taken directly to another P LEASE SEE THE OPEN INVITATION below from Victoria HURTH, the new part-time DCFA Project Coordinator... Dear All,site for more information on that particular topic.If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursor Firstly I would like to introduce myself. I am the new DCFAover the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed. Project Coordinator. My initial role, which is part-time, is to help the DCFA to attract funding so that it can expand its support of all our charitable PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS organisations. As part of this task, it is important to me that I get to know all theB EST WISHES FOR a very Happy Birthday to Amanda th HURLOW for Wednesday, 11 January 2012. Amanda is aFriend of DCFA. Happy Birthday Amanda! organisations we work with, and better understand their current and future requirements. Additionally, in order to put good fundingA VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robert SPRINGETT for st Saturday, 21 January 2012. Rob is a Friend of DCFA andthe organiser of the Polperro Music & Arts Festival for 2012. bids together it is vital that the projects we put forward show best practice in serving those requirements, and how best to involve the end-users of the food we provide forHave a lovely day Rob! If anyone wishes to know more about their long-term benefit.the festival, please click on this link. In this context, I would like to invite you to a half-day DCFA Workshop at the new premises of DCFA to discuss these DCFA HAS A NEW HOME! issues in a semi-structured format. The proposed date for th this is 9.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 11 January 2012.D CFA HAS FINALLY taken possession of its new home at the SHIP Hostel in Plymouth. We are so very grateful toPlymouth City Council for the assistance they have given to We are working to fairly tight timescales and I would therefore be grateful if you were able to find time toDCFA in this matter. Although DCFA has signed the attend this meeting. If you cannot attend this date then itdocumentation to take possession of rooms at the hostel we would help me if you could provide the dates you couldwill not actual start trading from there until the middle of make that week and the week after, so I can judge if aJanuary 2012. In the meantime, Wisemans will continue to revision is necessary.deliver dairy produce to us at the Congress Hall off Armada I am looking forward to meeting you all. In the meantime IWay. When we started operations from the SHIP Hostel we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!hope to be able to receive two deliveries of produce from VictoriaWisemans each week... probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays.We will also be able to take delivery of other types of food This invitation is open to all with priority being given to ourproduce for our Customers. We just need a little time to get DCFA Customers (those organisations receiving dairy producesorted before we start our new and improved service in each week). Would you please send me the name andJanuary. But just for interest here’s a picture of our new contact details of the representatives you wish to attend?premieses and our new address: For further information please see this link... DCFA, SHIP Hostel, George Place, We have to limit the number of vacancies on this DCFA Stonehouse, PLYMOUTH, PL1 3NY, Workshop and these will be allocated on a first-come-first- Devon served basis, with priority being given to representatives from our DCFA Customers. Please contact Geoff READ to ask for vacancies or further information. (Details on top of page 1.) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED N OW THAT DCFA has permanent premises we will soon be trading in earnest and looking to accept deliveries of food produce from all manner of food producers and food outlets. DCFA is going to need a lot of help from volunteers. Can you help? Please contact Geoff READ to ask for vacancies or further information. (Details on top of page 1.) Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 2
  3. 3. A MAJOR MILESTONE PLYMOUTH FUNDRAISER GROUP MEETINGT HE DCFA DAIRY PRODUCE TEAM Has Reached a Major Milestone! DCFA has broken through the 10,000 litremilestone for the amount of milk issued to THE NEXT GROUP MEETING will be held at 12 noon on th Tuesday, 26 January 2012 at Routeways in Devonport. Ifour participating charitable organisations so anyone wishes to know more about this Group then pleasefar. So... Congratulations to Karen BOWLER, contact: Paul READ at Team Coordinator and to all thevolunteer Team Members! Also, many, many thanks to THE PLYMOUTH HERALDJulie WINDMILL-MAY at Wisemans Dairies at Pensilva in EOFF READ MANAGED to get a couple of lettersCornwall, and to her team of truck drivers who deliver to usweek in, week out. Thank you one and all!Our webmaster, Kanda, has shared a link on The Devon & G 2011: published in The Herald in October and November 2011. th Here’s one that was published on Saturday, 5 NovemberCornwall Food Association’s (DCFA) Facebook Wall: th I READ with interest, a letter (24 October) which stated:I’ve just updated DCFA statistics page. More than 10,040 "How come when there is a major problem in anotherlitres of good quality in-date milk have been country, Britain goes rushing to their aid?saved from landfill sites since DCFA started our "They have spent time, and effort, packaging up food parcels,weekly trading! Not to mention various types of and tents, to send across the other side of the world, andcream... and many big fat turkeys! they dont even acknowledge that we have a problem here."Please click on this link to go to the DCFA website: The Devon & Cornwall Food Association certainly realises there is an urgent need for food to feed our own people inTo see DCFA’s Facebook Wall, follow the link below, our own communities, and that an awful lot of food is beingand when you get there, do please leave a comment wasted.and click on LIKE: DCFA is trying to stop good quality, in-date food from being sent to landfill by food producers and retailers in Devon andDCFA/190586610995140 Cornwall, and redistribute it to the disadvantaged in ourSTOP PRESS: As an added bonus, DCFA have been offered communities.some pheasant meat and we are in negotiations regarding You can learn more about us by visiting our website:this new project now! Thanks, The DCFA Facebook Team GEOFFREY N READ DCFA MEETINGS The Devon & Cornwall Food AssociationD ECEMBER 2011 Meeting. This Board Meeting held on th Tuesday, 6 December at the Shekinah Mission in Plymouth. Those attending demolished the Mince Pies and PLYMOUTH SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DAYCream after the meeting. Our thanks go to the Shekinah fortheir seasonal hospitality! P LYMOUTH SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Day took place on th Thursday, 17 November 2011 at Plymouth University. There was be a small exhibition of social enterprises including:N EXT MEETING. The next DCFA Board Meeting will be on th Tuesday, 7 February 2011 at the Catherine Street BaptistChurch, Plymouth. This meeting will start at 10.30 a.m. FotoNow, North Prospect Garage Project, Memory matters, Locality, Cosmic, Janner Jam, University of Plymouth-Business School, Devon & Cornwall Food Association, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network.F UTURE MEETINGS. All meetings are scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each calendar month atthe Catherine Street Baptist Church unless stated otherwise. DCFA had a small display this event. The space available to us was not very big so we were not able to display our boardsBut this information is subject to change at short notice! effectively. Thanks to Jackie and Phil BARNETT, both DCFA Trustees, for transporting and setting-up our Display Stands! January, March, May 2012 NO MEETING Tuesday, 7 th February 2012 General Board Meeting DCFA had a few visitors to the stand and all were very Tuesday, 3 rd April 2012 General Board Meeting supportive of our project and leaflets were taken... always a Tuesday, 12 th June 2012 General Board Meeting good sign! Victoria HURTH, the DCFA Project Coordinator, was able to FRIENDS OF DCFA network and no doubt she found this to be beneficial to her new task.D CFA HAS RECENTLY updated their brochure and the latest version can be downloaded from our website.Would you like to do something to help DCFA? Why Patrick HUDSON, a Co-opted Member to the DCFA Board of Trustees put in an appearance as did George TRICKER, one ofnot print off a few copies of our brochure, in colour, our Dairy Team Members.back-to-back, and pass them out at your Christmas All-in-all, this was worthwhile day which brought the DCFAsocial events! Networking is half the battle! enterprise to the fore. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 3
  4. 4. NISP LETTERS TO THE EDITOR An article by Mrs. Christine REID From: Jenny PatonQ UICK WINS. This was Speed Dating with a difference! Aworkshop aims to enable businesses to 1 quick wins workshop. The unique NISP “Quick Wins” To: Sent: Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 15:19 Subject: MILK AND CREAM DONATIONSidentify new opportunities between Dear Mr. Read,delegates at events through the matching of resources, I have just been in contact with Julie WINDMILL-MAY whoincluding waste, logistics and expertise. I attended this has explained that she distributes milk donations to you toworkshop to give a short presentation about the work of DCFA, distribute to charities in the request of Patrick HUDSON who is a Co-opted Member Having just checked with our Centre Manager I understandof the DCFA Board of Trustees and a king-pin at NISP. that you have kindly been donating to Shekinah MissionWe sat at numbered tables and, after the presentations, the which is wonderful… during these cold winter months this isfun began! We were each given a sheet of paper to list vital for us… so we hugely welcome your support.anything we had to dispose of, and another piece of paper to Many thankslist the items we needed. The idea being for NISP to match Jennyeverything up afterwards to the mutual benefit of all. Jenny PatonI was absolutely amazed at what some firms had available to Trust Fundraiserdispose of: hay bales, office fittings, rubber tyres and plastic Shekinah Missionsheeting, etc. And it was also interesting to realise just what Leonard Stocks Centre Factory Row Torquay Devonitems people could find a home for! TQ2 5QQI found this whole exercise totally fascinating! And gave me agood insight to the workings of NISP. OTHER NEWS1 The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme is a free businessopportunity programme that delivers bottom line, environmental and DISCLAIMERsocial benefits and is the first industrial symbiosis initiative in the world DCFA reserves the right to select and edit articles submitted. Theto be launched on a national scale. opinions expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent those of DCFA. Although we do our best to ensure the information is accurate, DCFA is not liable for any incorrect information or errors THE DCFA TURKEY RUN contained herein.S LADESDOWN MEAT & POULTRY FARM very kindly contacted DCFA in early November 2011 to C ONFUSING PRICE LABELS Making it Difficult for Supermarket Shoppers to Find the Best Deal. This article was published in The Mail by Sean Poulter on Thursday, 17 thsay they had a quantity of in-date frozenturkeys which they wished to shift to make November 2011:room for fresh stock. Could DCFA offer them a Stores are pulling the wool over shoppers’ eyes with complexgood home? Indeed we could! Geoff READ price and pack combinations thatdrove up to collect twenty 20lb free-range turkeys from make it difficult to find the bestSladesdown Farm at Ashburton and delivered them the same to our participating charitable organisations: Some products are sold in penceNot content with that, Daniel telephone us again later in the per kilo alongside similar items soldmonth to ask if we needed more. Geoff took a second trip to at pence per 100g, but to compare ththe farm on Friday, 25 November and collected a second the two requires a calculation thatbatch. This time there were 31 turkeys of varying sizes. These many busy shoppers don’t haveare some of the charitable organisations that benefitted: time to do. Amber Initiatives Similarly, fruit and veg will be sold Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support loose with a pence per kilo price The Action Group for Halcyon (The Halcyon Centre) alongside packs of three or four of the same items where The Befriending Consortium the price per kilo is hidden in the small print or may not The Discovery Cafe The Elder Tree Visiting & Befriending Service appear at all. The Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust Tricky calculation: Shoppers may The Oasis Centre be paying over the odds as a result The Plymouth FoodBank The Plymouth Refuge (Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service) of inconsistent price labelling, says The Reestart Recovery House consumer watchdog Which? The Salvation Army: Congress Hall Consumer watchdog Which? says The Shekinah Mission the failure to offer clear pricesDCFA is so very grateful to Daniel & Elaine MASON of means shoppers may be payingSladesdown Farm at Ashburton. more than necessary. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 4
  5. 5. The problem is particularly relevant at a time when families amount of water which, when frozen slowly, forms iceare experiencing the biggest cost of living squeeze in more crystals much larger than the original water molecules duethan 60 years, with most cutting back on food spending to to the rigidity of ices crystal lattice structure. These icemake ends meet. crystals cause the walls of the cells to rupture, leading to aMisleading: Pricing on loose and packaged fruit and veg loss of structural integrity which is cause for the mushinesscan make it hard to find the best value product. witnessed in fruits and vegetables when thawed.”Which? found two thirds of consumers generally try to compare According to Alex, when the cells rupture, enzymes are alsothe costs of the same type of products using unit prices. Yet released, which can result in a loss of flavour and the foodsonly half of these find it easy and many are confused. turning brown when defrosted. Tomatoes however, can beShoppers from the consumer champion who visited cooked into sauces and soups, for example, and then frozen.branches of the main supermarkets found unit prices often Eggs in shells and mayonnaisenot being shown for multi-buys or promotions, and Eggs aren’t the world’s most successful freezer food. If youdifferent units being used for varieties of the same product. freeze raw eggs in their shells, the shells will crack andIts researchers found pre-packed red onions priced at £1.35 burst and you’ll have egg all over your freezer. If you freezefor three, or 45p per item, were being sold alongside loose hard-boiled eggs they’ll go onions priced at 95p per kg. And you should never freeze mayonnaise. RichardA seven pack of mini bananas with a selling price of 99p and a KEMPSEY, Farms Director at Clarence Court, explains:unit price of 14.1p each was sold next to loose bananas “Mayonnaise is an oil in water emulsion of olive or corn oil (forpriced at 68p per kg. example) with broken out egg. A natural part of egg yolk-Red peppers were sold in 500g packs for £2.09 or £4.18 per kg Lecithin, which is a surfactant emulsifier, greatly helps thealongside packs of three mixed peppers priced at £1.65 or 55p formation of good mayonnaise... it forms a stable emulsion.each. On thawing mayonnaise after putting it in a freezer theWhich? wants clear, consistent food pricing where the unit emulsion breaks down leaving a rather soupy mess!”price is prominent and easy to read; consistent units used on Richard recommends making up mayonnaise from fresh oilall products; and multi-buys and promotions to show the unit and eggs and using immediately. But if you’ve used eggprice. To read more please click on this link. yolks to make fresh pasta or custard, don’t throw away the whites. Freeze egg whites in a clearly labelled freezer bagF IVE FOODS THAT you should never freeze. This article was published by Jo ROMERO on Thursday, 24November 201 in: th and... great for making meringues. Non-vacuum packed ready to eat (cooked) fish Fish goes off quickly and it’s tempting to sling a packet into theStrawberries freezer for another day. But according to Sue LUCAS, who co-While many foods can be frozen to runs Passionate About Fish Ltd and has spent all her workingincrease their shelf life, there are some life in the seafood industry, this isn’t always the best move.that rapidly deteriorate after a spell in While vacuum-packed ready to eat (cooked) fish can bethe icy freezer. Here are five of them. frozen as it is, if the packaging contains air (as in the ‘overSome iced cakes wrapped’ plastic trays covered with cling film), freezing canClaire MELVIN, who runs the cake company Claire’s make the fish go soggy.Handmade Cakes, told us that the issue of freezing iced cakes Sue told us, “If the ready-to-eat fish is loose or overisn’t exactly clear cut. “It is possible to freeze iced cakes, but wrapped, it can’t really be frozen, as the fish absorbsnot really advisable,” she told us. While some small iced cakes moisture which will create poor quality after defrosting.”can be carefully frozen, she doesn’t recommend freezing But if your ready-to-eat fish is in a vacuum or ‘skin’ pack youwhole iced cakes. “Whilst the icing is defrosting, it will can happily freeze it for up to three months.become very sticky. Single creamYou may also find that it grazes or cracks. If it happens to be a While double cream can be frozen either as it is, or whipped,warm day, you could end up with condensation on top of the single cream turns into a gloopy, split mixture after beingcake and also air bubbles popping under the icing… if you frozen. Christine THOMPSON, of The Dishy Cookery Schoolreally want to freeze a cake,” she says, “freeze it un-iced”. advises: “the higher the fat content, the better it freezes… theAs well as the cracking, Claire adds that cakes iced with best way to freeze single cream is to make a sauce with it andcoloured icing can run into an “unsightly mess” on defrosting. then freeze it. If you’re making sweet or savoury dishes with cream it’sFruit and vegetables with high water content best to use double or whipping cream as these freeze well ifEver defrosted a packet of frozen summer fruits, only to whisked first... hence why ice cream recipes use thickerfind the strawberries have turned to mush? Food science creams.” A nutrition scientist from The Dairy Councilblogger Alex LATHBRIDGE, of the Procrastibaking blog, told confirmed: “Single, soured, extra thick double and Channelus why. "Fruits and vegetables (such as strawberries, Island creams are not suitable for freezing.”lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes) are made up of cellswhich give them their structure. These cells contain a large Please click on this link for the source of this information. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 5
  6. 6. T ASTE OF THE WEST is pleased to have created an elite group of handpicked,industry leaders to become Patron Members She also announced the results of the first major research into the benefits of greater reuse of materials such as textiles. This showed, she said, that there would be significant gains for bothof the largest independent regional food group UK jobs and the environment through reusing goods andin the country. services more, rather than just throwing them away.Please click on this link to find out more! Dr. GOODWIN said she was very proud of the contribution WRAP is making to help business and families find cost savings and identify growth opportunities for the UK economy, given the current severe financial pressures we all face. She said: “All the governments of the UK which fund our work have the goal of moving swiftly towards a zero waste society.W HAT IS “TRANSITION”? The world is changing, the climates heating up and the oil is running out. But howis all this going to affect us, here in Plymouth? What do you Their priority is to find ways of tackling waste... including food waste... and keep scarce resources in use for as long as possible. “This is where WRAP’s work comes into play.”think? Come and obtain information on the problem and She added: “WRAP’s work in supporting families and businesssolutions, discuss your own ideas about it and share your in wasting less and recycling more is well known. Less wellvisions for the future of our city. With a guest speaker from known is the ground-breaking research and technologicalthe Transition Network. innovation we have pioneered which supports the UK thWhen? Saturday, 10 December, economy through major breakthroughs in resource efficiencyTime? 12 noon – 4 p.m. that deliver cost savings.”Where? 171 Armada way. Food waste, recycling services for businesses, and encouragingThat’s the Corner building opposite the Armada Way Shopping greater reuse of scarce resources will be the top priorities forCentre. WRAP over the next three years.Free snacks and soft drinks available! Please click on this link for the source of this information.Families welcome! Children’s area available. Useful links:This event is brought to you in association with Healthy Planet,  The Benefits of Reuse report can be found here.the Co-operative Community Fund and the Plymouth Trades  The Household Food Waste Figures report can be found here.Union Council.  Towards Resource Efficiency – WRAP Business Plan 2008-11 A Report on Impact can be found here.W RAP REPORTS SIGNIFICANT Progress On Waste Reduction. This press release was issued thby WRAP on Tuesday, 15 November 2011:  The Love Food Hate Waste website can be found here. 2Speaking at WRAP’s annual conference today, Chief Executive ADVERTISEMENTS NEED HELP WITH YOURDr. Liz GOODWIN published results of the organisation’s workover the past three years and set out its future agenda.She revealed that WRAP has met all its published majortargets, having helped keep 11 million tonnes of waste out oflandfill, avoid 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions accounts, books andand generate £2bn of benefits to the UK economy, including records, or tax returns?£1.8bn of cost savings.As an important part of the information reporting on progress Dont get out of your depth!in the last three years, WRAP published new research which Call Sarah on (01752) 768549 for a FREEshowed a sharp fall in household food waste by 13% but initial appointment.showed we still throw away edible food worth £12bn a year.Dr. GOODWIN, commenting on the food waste figures, said Spare Food is Share Food.that the fall in household food waste since 2006 / 07 from 8.3million tonnes to 7.2 million tonnes per year was very welcome Come join DCFA!and probably due to a range of factors. Stop good food from ending up at landfill sites!However, there was a big job still to be done given the food wewaste in homes alone is worth £12bn a year, and food wasted Talk to DCFA on Facebookthroughout the supply chain was ‘significant’ at a time whenfood security was a major global issue. Follow DCFA on Twitter2 Waste & Resources Action Programme View DCFA on LinkedIn Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 6