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Cloud Compt

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Definition: “Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and system software in the data centers that provide those services”. Cloud Computing Infrastructure Infrastructure as a service delivers basic storage and compute capabilities as standardized services over the network. Servers, storage systems, switches, routers, and other systems are pooled and made available to handle workloads that range from application components to high-performance computing applications.
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Diagram
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Models Private: Private clouds are implemented in the enterprise’s data center and managed by internal resources. Public: Public clouds are implemented in the enterprise’s data center and managed by organization and accessed by the all kind of users. Hybrid: To meet the benefits of both approaches, newer execution models have been developed to combine public and private clouds into a unified solution.
  4. 4. Providers * Amazon web services * 3tera * Google App Engine * * Xen * Elastra * * Microsoft azure * Rackspace intensive
  5. 5. Platform Support * Red Hat Enterprise Linux * Opensolaries * Fedora * Windows server 2003/2008 * Opensuse Linux * Gentoo Linux * Oracle Enterprise Linux * Ubuntu Linux * Debian
  6. 6. Web Hosting * Apache Http * IIS/ASP.Net * IBM Lotus Web Content Management * IBM webshere portal server Application Servers * IBM WebSphere Application Server * Java Application Server * Oracle WebLogic Server Application Development Environment * IBM's Mash * JBoss Enterprise Application Platform * Ruby on Rails
  7. 7. Database Support * MySQL Enterprise * SQL Server * Oracle Database 11g * IBM DB2 * IBM Informix Dynamic Server * Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2005 Advantages: * Speed of light in fiber optical cable 1, 24,000 miles per second. * Fetch 10 images for a website per second. * Security Control there is no virus infections.
  8. 8. Offering Cost Volumes: * $0.10 (4.5Rs)per GB-month of provisioned storage * $0.10 (4.5Rs)per 1 million I/O requests Snapshots: * $0.15 (6.75Rs)per GB-month of data stored * $0.01 (0.45Rs)per 1,000 PUT requests (when saving a snapshot) * $0.01 (0.45Rs)per 10,000 GET requests (when loading a snapshot) Data Transfer Out First 10TB per Month $0.17 (7.65Rs)per GB Next 40TB per Month $0.13 (5.85Rs)per GB Next 100TB per Month $0.11 (4.95Rs)per GB Over 150TB per Month $0.10 (4.50Rs)per GB
  9. 9. Cloud Computing Thank You! Presented by, Logesh prabu & Vignesh of Engg, Kanchipuram. Pallavan College
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