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Presentation on setting goals & beliefs
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  • 1. SettingGoals&Beliefs
  • 2. • When you answer the first questions honestlyabout setting a goal in our video called one ofthe first steps to long term business goalcreation....• Their are a couple challenges within setting thatgoal that arise for most of us if we are bigdreamers.• And one of those challenges comes from thedifference between where our beliefs are nowwhile we are setting a goal....and the beliefs wehave to have to create the goal we are setting.
  • 3. Setting a Goal...And Optimizing Your Beliefs to Create it• Our beliefs about ourselves, our industry, and theeconomy, for example will determine the choices wemake with our available resources; both time andmoney.• And that is why one of the most important areas tofocus on when setting a goal is our beliefs.• When most people think about developing the properbeliefs for business success they miss the pointbecause the idea of using your beliefs for successhasnt been explained very well in very many places.
  • 4. Most of us fall into one of two categories..when we thinkabout beliefs and success:• 1. The first, is the generic “think big and you can makeanything possible.” Sit on a stump somewhere and imagineyour goal manifesting and the universe will deliver what youwant to you at your door step. The truth is you are part ofthat universe. So if you are not taking all the action youcan. Your missing an important part of the equation.• 2. Then there are the people that think when setting a goaltheir beliefs dont matter and their results have to do withtheir external situation. The challenge with this kind ofthinking about setting a goal is...you let go of yourresponsibility of your results. When you let go of yourresponsibility of your results you let go of ever havingcontrol over your results.
  • 5. • So, just so you are clear. When setting agoal, I am not talking about either side ofthose extremes. I am talking about usingyour beliefs to get a specific response inyour environment.• Because if we believe we can develop aparticular skill and adapt to our changingmarket conditions, we get a massivelydifferent response than if we just think itstoo complicated.
  • 6. • Or if we believe that our customers will buylarger amounts of our higher end products orservices, if given the appropriate valueproposition or USP from someone they trust,because of your follow marketing we get amassively different result than if we believethat our customers dont want to spendmoney at all because we are in a recession.• Or if we believe we are responsible for theresults we want, we get a hugely differentresult than if we blame others.
  • 7. • So how do we design our beliefs to align upwith and optimized for the goals we aresetting?• Resist any thoughts of “I cant,” and askyourself:“If I was able to develop the workflow thatwould get me the results I described, whatwould it be?”....just pretend
  • 8. • 1. Now do your best to describe the workflowto reaching your holistic and idealisticoutcome within seven steps.• Writing your workflow goal within seven stepskeeps us thinking in big picture terms, andallows us to focus on chunking down thespecific short term business goals a little later.• Will you have to use give away marketing? Orwhat are the best ways to get profit fast? Orhow do we increase your ROI with your followup marketing?
  • 9. • 2. Outline the skills you would have to develop inorder to create that workflow or small businessmarketing funnel.• Do you have to learn how to ask for the sale moreeffectively, or become better at your relationshipmanagement strategy with customers?• 3. Outline the challenges inherent in developingthose skills, and developing your profit buildingplan. (This will give you an understanding of themost challenging parts of the terrain.)
  • 10. • 4. As your highest version of you - as youapproached those challenges - what doyou believe about yourself that makes iteasy for your to overcome and leveragethem to your benefit?• 5. How can I create the ecosystem thatassists me in growing the beliefs I need toovercome those or any other challenges Imight face?
  • 11. • This will give you the beginning of your internalstructure of the beliefs you have to have toovercome any obstacles you face.• Do you need a goal partner? Someone thatsupports you with the setting of goals andsomeone that you support them in the achievingof their goals? Do you need a coach? Do youneed to surround yourself with inspiring people?• Do the best to create an ecosystem that supportsthe beliefs that you need to hold as you create anew reality.
  • 12. ThanksToAllG.M. Kamrul HassanTrainerBMTCBangladeshCall No:+8801717335900E-Mail: gmkhasan@gmail.com