The bible


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The bible

  1. 1. THE BIBLE
  2. 2. Questions that are commonly asked…• Is it a Living Breathing Book ?• Does it contain prophesies that have been fulfilled ?• Does it Pass the Test of Time ?• What Historical proof do we have as to it’s accuracy ?• Is the Bible God’s Word ? Is it Unique ? Who wrote it ?• Where was it written ?• When was it written ?• What Languages was it written in ?• Does it have a continuity from start to finish ?• What is the Central message of the Bible ?• What is our logical Conclusion?
  3. 3. It is a Living Book• It speaks to us directly.• God answers us in his word
  4. 4. Prophesy• Contains hundreds of prophesies most of which have come true with uncanny accuracy• Confirmed by historians and Archeologists
  5. 5. Passes the Test of Time• The Bible is the most written / printed and read book of all time.• It has not changed one “Jot or Tittle” as ordained by God.• It has survived persecution, war, heretics and stood the test of time.
  6. 6. Historical proof• It is the all time best seller and most read book in the world and it• changes lives. There are hundreds of testimonies.• We have more original copies than any other Holy Book.• Our oldest Old Testament copies date 800 BC (Dead Sea Scrolls)• Our oldest New Testament dates 1st century AD.• No other Holy Book can lay such a claim
  7. 7. Unique –What is unique about the Bible• Written over a period of 1500 Years• Written over 40 generations• ONE OR TWO PEOPLE CAN MAKE UP A STORY AND WRITE A BOOK, BUT IT IS NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO DO SO IF THE WRITERS ARE BORN HUNDREDS OF YEARS APART, IN DIFFERENT CULTURES, SPEAK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AND IN DIFFERENT CONTINENTS. THIS IS UNQUESTIONABLE PROOF THAT THE REAL AUTHOR OF THE BIBLE IS GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT• Written by over 40 different authors, from kings to peasants, fishermen, scholars, philosophers, poets and more. Most of these people were separated by hundreds of years.• Moses was a prince of Egypt• Isaiah was a nobleman• Peter was a fisherman• Nehemiah was a cup bearer• Daniel a prime minister• Luke a doctor• Solomon a King• Matthew a Tax Collector• Paul a Rabbi• Amos a herdsman & more.
  8. 8. Written in Different Places• A Moses in the Wilderness• B Paul inside Prison Walls• C Paul while Travelling• D Jeremiah in a Dungeon• E David during the rigors of a military campaign• F Written on 3 Different Continents, Asia, Africa and Europe•WRITTEN OVER A PERIOD OF 1500 YEARS, BY OVER 40 DIFFERENT WRITERS, ALL OF WHOM WERE INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT
  9. 9. Written in Different Times• Moses wrote 1420 BC (about 3400 years ago)• Judges 11th Century BC (about 3100 years ago)• Isaiah 8th Century BC (about 2800 years ago)• Kings 6th Century BC (about 2600 years ago)• Malachi 450-425 BC (about 2450 years ago)• John 90-96 AD (about 1900 years ago)• Matthew 60-70 AD (about 1930 years ago)
  10. 10. Written in 3 Different Languages• Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
  11. 11. Has a Continuity• From Genesis to Revelation the Bible has continuity of meaning and purpose. Stories are told in an understandable manner and do not jump from the middle of one story to another.
  12. 12. Bible’s Central MessageJESUS CHRIST• Genesis points to Christ and God’s redemption of man in other words Jesus the Christ.• Revelation and all the books in between point to “The Alpha and the Omega, The Lamb of God who alone is worthy to open the Scrolls”• It can never be completely understood. It always has more meanings. An example is John 1:1.• It does not need to be updated or corrected. It is just as accurate for us today as it was 3500 years ago when Moses started writing the first five books
  13. 13. Logical Conclusion• It is not a book written by man but by the hand of God.• It is an accurate book, with no errors.• It is therefore reliable.It’s central message is “God’s redemption of Man thru Christ the Son”. It draws our attention to Jesus Christ as our God and Savior.