June 2008                                                                                                     Issue 2  L I...
Case Study - Exa (cont.)department is key to the success of AGCO’s market     “The ability for AGCO to use our fully-detai...
LinkedIn CFD                   Your Input       Group Manager       Kamran Fouladi                As you know, members can...
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Issue2 06 2008


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LinkedIn CFD Group Newsletter.

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Issue2 06 2008

  1. 1. June 2008 Issue 2 L INKED I N CFDA networking forum for CFD professionals Inside This IssueGrowing Everyday Growing Everyday 1Our CFD group is growing everyday at a rapid CFD Pain 1pace. Presently, our group has 75 members (up FUN3D Update 1from 28 just a month ago). Our membership Exa Case Study 1roster is diverse both in background and location. COMSOL 2 Your Input 3The wide range of our members’ expertiseincludes application, flow solver and gridgeneration software development, hardwaredevelopment, teaching & training, marketing, More Fun – FUN3D Updaterecruiting, and even outsourcing. Our members By Bil Kleb (Bil.Kleb@NASA.gov)are also geographically dispersed around theglobe (USA, Canada, Italy, UK, France, Sweden, FUN3D 10.5.0 has been released. Features areGermany, Switzerland, India, and China). With documented in the Release Notes section of thesuch a strong start, it is easy to predict that our website: http://fun3d.larc.nasa.govCFD group will continue to grow. Hopefully, thestrong membership will also translate into Case Study - Exabenefits to all members and the CFD communityas a whole. By Rich Oasis (ROasis@exa.com) ENGINEERING THE ENGINE OF THE FUTURE - AGCOTop 3 CFD Pain LOOKS TO EXA FOR AERO/THERMAL ENGINE SIMULATIONSBy Greg Burgreen (burgreen@SimCenter.MsState.Edu) Five years ago, with over thirty years of engineeringOptimal LLC (www.o-ptimal.com) has received a experience, David Bloch joined AGCO as their Chiefstrong response to its CFD Pain Survey Engineer of Engine Installations. His team’s primary(http://www.o-ptimal.com/survey.html) that responsibility—to find a way to design and fitinquires about significant pain or bottlenecks engines within a small underhood compartmentassociated with CFD applications. The current top while balancing optimal performance, new spacethree CFD pains include: 1) Software expense (71% demands required for Tier 4 emissions-reducingrespondents indicating intense or searing pain); 2) equipment, and styling requirements. With theMesh generation (67%); and 3) Geometry larger farms growing at an average of 30% per year,creation/clean-up (65%). Do these findings the market potential for heavy equipment sales isresonate with your own experience? We invite you enormous, and companies that can offer reliabilityto contribute your own unique response to our and efficiency will get the orders. Block knows hissurvey. This is your opportunity to provide directinput toward software aimed at reducing your CFD Continued on Page 2pain.
  2. 2. Case Study - Exa (cont.)department is key to the success of AGCO’s market “The ability for AGCO to use our fully-detailedshare growth and stated, “Cutting-edge geometry, with Exa’s PowerFLOW and PowerCOOLengineering of the underhood is now a critical part applications, was very reassuring, as we knew forof the design process. AGCO has made engineering the first time the results would reflect the extremelythe best equipment for our customers our number complex underhood geometry. We’ve found Exa’sone priority.” results to be fast and consistently accurate.” Bloch also discovered great value in Exa’s On DemandMOVING TO VIRTUAL DESIGN servers where PowerFLOW and PowerCOOLTraditionally, David Bloch had used a series of simulations can be turned around in record time asphysical tests to map out and analyze engine CPU hours can be picked up as needed. David Blochairflow and thermal management issues, often commented, “To have CPU-capacity ready andrunning up to twenty iterations for each proposed waiting is a luxury most companies cannot afford.design. In the end, hundreds of thousands of Exa has made it easy for us to perform geometrydollars and thousands of man hours were required iterations in record time.”to run, analyze, redesign and run again eachphysical model test.With multiple platforms and numerous variations ofengines and cooling packages to support for eachplatform, Bloch quickly realized that CAE would berequired to make his deadlines, streamline theprocess and reduce his budget. He beganresearching commercial computational fluiddynamics (CFD) packages. Unfortunately, Bloch wasimmediately disappointed. “The first softwareapplication I investigated was not user-friendly,and in our numerous attempts to run thermal and To read the entire AGCO case study, please visitairflow simulations, we never got acceptable www.exa.com or email info@exa.com.results; often, no results,” Bloch stated. “That’swhen I began to work with Exa.” ConferenceSERVICES & AN ON DEMAND SOLUTION By Daniel Ericsson (daniel.ericsson@comsol.com)After evaluating the extensive list of simulations The COMSOL Conference 2008 is the fourth annualrequired, and with his team already being pulled in conference highlighting multiphysics modeling andmany directions, Bloch quickly came to the simulation using COMSOL. The conferences takeconclusion to try Exa’s services and its On Demand place at 11 different locations and the Conferenceoption. “I was pleased to finally find a one stop proceedings will be distributed to over 100,000solution that not only handled both our underhood engineers and scientists world wide. To learn more,cooling and airflow management demands, but visitalso virtually extended my engineering staff,” http://www.comsol.com/conference2008/usa/.commented Bloch.
  3. 3. LinkedIn CFD Your Input Group Manager Kamran Fouladi As you know, members can reach one another fouladi@infomec.cc individually. On the other hand, this newsletter allows members to broadcast their requests, news, events, Phone: and opinions to the entire group easily and 610-291-6642 effectively. Your participation is needed and appreciated. E-Mail: CFDlinked@gmail.com Following is our current guidelines for your input: • Inputs should be no more than 300 words • Inputs should be in Microsoft Word format • Inputs should exclude any direct sales pitchPast issues (we don’t want to turn this into a billboard) • Inputs can include a link to send interestedPast issues of this newsletter can readers to the full story (pitch)be accessed at: • Inputs can include one or two small imageshttp://www.infomec.cc/news.htm Email us at: CFDlinkedin@gmail.com