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The causes of world war ii






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The causes of world war ii The causes of world war ii Presentation Transcript

  • The Causes of World War II Kamolnat Tabattanon P.5
  • 5 Main Reasons
    • Treaty of Versailles
    • League of Nations
    • Appeasement
    • Hitler
    • Eight Steps to War
  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Angered Germans
    • “ Neither just nor wise” ~Harold Nicolson (British delegate at Versailles)
    • Loss of land
    • Justified Hitler’s early actions
  • Germans and the Treaty
    • “ May the hand wither that signs this treaty.” (Frederick Scheidemann, the German Chancellor (June 1919) then he resigned rather than agree to the Treaty)
    • Were not permitted to debate-just told to sign
    • Tiny army
    • Loss of land (1/10 lost)
  • League of Nations
    • America, Britain, France (main powers)
    • Failed to keep the peace
    • Originally weak
    • Failed to achieve disarmament of Germany
    • Defended Versailles settlement
      • Hitler did not object
  • Appeasement
    • Encouraged war
    • Encouraged Hitler
    • “Giving in to a bully”
    • Hitler grew in power
    • Failed attempt to prevent death in war
    British Prime Minister Chamberlain
  • Appeasement- Chamberlain
    • “You have only to look at the map to see that nothing we could do could possibly save Czechoslovakia from being overrun by the Germans.”   (Chamberlain, writing to his sister in 1938)
    • Chamberlain is now criticized for appeasing
    • 5 Reasons Hitler was appeased in general
      • Some people approved
      • Treaty of Versailles- unfair
      • Believed would stop communism
      • Wanted general peace
      • Did not care
    • Gave Britain time to re-arm
  • Hitler
    • Argument:
      • Had no aim-improvising
      • Greater Germany
      • Revise Treaty of Versailles
      • Fighting his own personal war
        • Germany’s revenge of WW I
    • “My foreign policy was to abolish the Treaty of Versailles.   It is futile nonsense for the rest of the world to pretend today that I did not reveal this program until 1933 or 1935 or 1937.   Instead of listening to foolish chatter, these gentlemen would have been wiser to read what I have written thousands of times.”
      • Hitler talking about the Treaty
  • Eight Steps to War
    • Saar Plebisicite
    • Conscription & Re-Armament
    • Rhineland
    • Austria
    • Munich
    • Czechoslovakia
    • Ussr/Nazi Pact
    • Poland
    “ Chain of Friendship”
  • Saar Plebsicite
    • Treaty of Versailles
    • Put the Saar under League of Nations
    • Inhabitants of the Saar voted to return to Germany
    Refers to a region of Germany that was occupied and run by the British and French government
  • Conscription & Re-Armament
    • 1935- Hitler called men up to army
    • Broke Treaty of Versailles but was not stopped by Britain of France
  • Rhineland
    • Hitler invaded on March 7 1936
    • Broke Treaty of Versailles
    • Bluff
    • 22000 had orders to retreat if resistance came
    • Britain and France did not stop
    Rhineland: a general name used to indicate the land on either sides of the Rhine River
  • Austria
    • 1938- Hitler took over
    • March 11 1938
    • Broke Treaty of Versailles
    • Was, again, not stopped
  • Munich
    • 1938- Hitler went for Sudetenland
    • Chamberlain appeased Hitler
      • Encouraged him even more
    • Invaded on September 1938
    Chamberlain at Munich Conference People of Sudetenland saluting Hitler
  • Czechoslovakia
    • March 15 1939
    • Was the point of realization for many that Hitler would keep going
    • The only obvious way to solve problem was war
    Political cartoon: West giving Hitler Czechoslovakia
  • Ussr/Nazi Pact
    • 1939
    • Hitler revealed plans to invade Poland
    • Chamberlain promised to support Poles if Germany were to attack
    • Hitler made pact with Russia
      • Hoped it would prevent Britain and France from helping Poland
  • Poland
    • September 1 1939
      • Hitler invaded poland
    • Last step to war
    • September 3 1939
      • Chamberlain declared war on Germany
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