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The Phoenix Legacy Ch. 3
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The Phoenix Legacy Ch. 3

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  • 1. The Phoenix LegacyChapter 3: Safe Place
  • 2. Looks like the Phoenix’s have a visitor!
    Anyway... Recap time!Sam Phoenix married Jill Smith, and they had a daughter named Clara. Jill was visited by strange men who want to take Sam away.
    On with the story...
  • 3. This is not good, thought Jill as she vomited into the toilet. Not whilst I have to keep Sam safe. 3 days...
  • 4. The next day, there was a knock at the door.Please, no! thought Jill.“You’re here to take Sam away, aren’t you?” said Jill.“Yes, but not in the same way they want to.”
  • 5. “My name’s Lucy, and I’m here to take you and your family somewhere safe, where they can’t find you.”
  • 6. “But... Why? And who are they?”
  • 7. “They’re called The Agents, and I’m not sure why they want your husband. But I’m from a society which is trying to stop them, as well as save people who they’re trying to abduct.”“Abduct?” Jill gulped.
  • 8. “Yes, abduct. We have a safe house for you, with magic protecting it so it is unlocatable by anyone but us. However, looking at your funds you need $6,000 more. Three days, right?”
  • 9. “O-”“Jill? What’s going on? Who’s this?”“I can explain...”
  • 10. “Jill?”“They... They wanted to take you. These people... Came and said I have three days to hand you over... I... I couldn’t tell you... I’m sorry.”
  • 11. “Explain later!” Lucy said, “There isn’t much time! Do you accept my offer?”“Yes.”“We’ll come when you have the money. Good luck.”
  • 12. Soon Jill began to show signs of being pregnant.I hope we move before the baby is born. I’d rather not move with a young child, though Jill.
  • 13. They soon earned enough money and contacted Lucy.
  • 14. Lucy drove them to the outskirts of town, and they got out at a large cottage.
  • 15. Sam quit his job so he couldn’t be found by The Agents there.
  • 16. “SAM! ARGHHH!”Jill began to give birth later that night.
  • 17. They named their new son Timothy. He had the same genetics as his sister- dark grey eyes, brown hair and pale skin.
  • 18. “I still love you, Sam Phoenix.”“I love you too.”
  • 19. Soon it was time for little Clara’s birthday!
  • 20. She grew into a very cute, energetic child.
  • 21. Clara got her mother’s painting genes.
  • 22. One of the things Clara was most excited about, though, was school.
  • 23. “Jill, I was thinking... I want another child.”“Now? Whilst we have $9 in the bank? I think we should wait a bit...”Sam considered this, and agreed.
  • 24. “Oh. C+... But all the teachers liked me! And all the pupils too!”
  • 25. Clara brought home Marsha, the child-who-is-stuck-in-school-forever.
  • 26. Marsha got along very well with Timothy.“Who’s a cute little baby?”
  • 27. Speaking of Timothy, it was time for his birthday!
  • 28. Not unlike his sister, he looks mostly like his mum.
  • 29. Jill began to teach him to walk and talk, and soon it was clear that he was a very fast learner.
  • 30. Meanwhile, on the other side of town...
  • 31. “It seems Sam Phoenix is no longer here, men... He has discovered us, or someone is helping him...”