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The Game of Life - Chapter 1, Part 1
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The Game of Life - Chapter 1, Part 1


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  • 1. The Game of Life: Chapter 1, Part 1Hello! I’m back with a new legacy! I was playing The Game of Life with myfamily, and thought it would be a pretty cool idea for a legacy. Prettymuch, I spin the spinner at least once (number of spins depends on whatI land on) for each chapter, and that’s the theme of the chapter!
  • 2. Welcome to your new home, Poppy Game.(Poppy will be living here until I land on the square ‘buy starter home’.Yes, no upgrades until then!)
  • 3. “Let’s do this.”
  • 4. “I’m sure we’ll be good friends soon, Pinky. Life’s just a game, after all.”
  • 5. She doesn’t need a job for her LTW (have 6 grandchildren), but she gotone in the Politics career anyway.
  • 6. When the welcome wagon arrived, it was clear my game liked generatingone thing – ugly noses.
  • 7. Poppy had two bolts with the man named Paul, who wasn’t greatlooking, so I sent him home.
  • 8. And at the same time, noticed that poor old Pinky had tried to escape hissquare.
  • 9. Meanwhile the two women from the welcome were having a water fight.
  • 10. Leaving our founder bored.
  • 11. Luckily she soon had to leave for work.
  • 12. Whilst she was gone, it started raining and some weeds grew.
  • 13. Then she came back.This is so interesting.
  • 14. Because we’ve had no luck finding Poppy a husband yet, I sent her to acommunity lot.
  • 15. Run, Poppy. Run. Now. Fast.
  • 16. Poppy started off the evening by playing Mishuano (or however you spellit) with Orlando Centowski.
  • 17. She then joined Joe Carr in the hot tub.
  • 18. “Football is amazing! It should be treated with a passion, and no oneshould overlook it!”
  • 19. “Uh, sure. Football’s... Great.”
  • 20. When Joe left, Poppy ran after him.
  • 21. “Hey, Joe. Do you remember me from the hot tub?”
  • 22. “Yeah. Are you like... Stalking me, or something?”“Or something.”
  • 23. “So why did you come and find me then?”“I don’t know.”
  • 24. “Would you believe me if I said I’m a legacy founder?””“I guess.”
  • 25. “Would you believe me if I said I actually followed you because I thinkyou’re pretty cute?”
  • 26. “I guess,” Joe said.“Fair enough.”
  • 27. “Well, I’m part romance sim, and I think you’re pretty cute too.”
  • 28. You liar, Joe. You’re no romance sim.“Me? A liar?”
  • 29. “I have to go, Joe...”
  • 30. “...but I guess I’ll see you around,” Poppy said, kissing Joe gently on thelips.(Yes, I know. They fell in love quite quickly, but I’m rubbish at the fallingin love bit of the legacy)
  • 31. When Poppy got home, she had to fix the shower and clean her home ofweeds.
  • 32. And then she slept. Probably dreaming about Joe.
  • 33. The next morning, she invited Joe over because it was her day off work.How they kissed like that, I don’t know. Don’t you just love ACR?
  • 34. “Joe, I’m really sorry, but I just need to fix the shower...”“It’s fine! I’ll do it!”“Yay!”
  • 36. “Done!”
  • 37. “Yay, I love you Joe!”
  • 38. “Hey Joe!”“What?”
  • 39. *insert splashing noises here*
  • 40. You know earlier I said I love ACR? I take that back.
  • 41. “That was fun, Joe!”“Mhm.”
  • 42. “Will you marry me?”
  • 43. “The woohoo answered that for me... Yes!”
  • 44. In case you didn’t guess, this chapter I landed on ‘Get Engaged’! See younext time, and please comment at boolprop! ;)