The Davidson Legacy Ch.1


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The Davidson Legacy Ch.1

  1. 1. The Davidson legacyChapter 1
  2. 2. “Now THAT is what I call three-bolt attraction!”Armando only had one bolt with Julia Davidson.
  3. 3. “Hi, I’m Julia Davidson.”“I’m Armando Cox...”
  4. 4. “...and I’m a member of the local garden club! Call us using the servicebutton over the phone and we’ll come and inspect your garden to see ifyou can join...”
  5. 5. “Er, look... Armando. This is a legacy. You’re a garden club sim. You’llbring in $1. That won’t help much. Sorry. We can be friends, but...”“I get it.”
  6. 6. “Oh, look, Lee. It’s the new girl,” said Emily.“Mhm,” Lee replied, not trusting himself to say anything else.
  7. 7. “Hi Amelia!” said Emily.“Hi.”
  8. 8. “Er, hi?” said Julia, looking around the three people surrounding her.
  9. 9. “I’m Emily, and look, I know why you’re here. You want to marry all thehot guys, and make me look like an idiot, and super ugly! I’m theprettiest girl here and NO ONE will take that away from me!Understand?”
  10. 10. “But I-”“Don’t try and act all innocent, Julia Davidson! You are stupid, cowardly,idiotic and will NEVER fit in!”
  11. 11. “What’s wrong with you?” Julia shouted.
  12. 12. “Come on Lee, we’re leaving.”
  13. 13. “Sorry about her,” said Amelia. “She’s like that with new people. I’mAmelia by the way.”
  14. 14. “Thanks. There’s one in every neighbourhood, I guess...” she said,thinking of Ivan.
  15. 15. “I hope Emily won’t turn everyone against me...” Julia thought aloud,later that day.
  16. 16. She obviously hadn’t, because a few people came and said hi later on.Goopy GilsCarbo...
  17. 17. Christy Stratton...
  18. 18. And Joe? Joe didn’t exactly say hi. Julia found him outside her house atone in the morning.“No! Stupid! Go away! Ohhh... The pain!” he was shouting, holding hishead.“Er... Joe?”
  19. 19. Joe threw up.He was drunk.
  20. 20. “Whoyuo...?”“Julia.”
  21. 21. “Look, Joe, come inside and sleep here for the night.”“Yeh okayee...” he said, his words slurred.
  22. 22. Julia watched him sleep peacefully.
  23. 23. When he woke up, he made the bed.
  24. 24. “I can get you breakfast if you want...”“You don’t have to...”
  25. 25. Julia got out some instant meals from the fridge.
  26. 26. “Thanks, Julia. But I need to go to work.”“Your welcome, see you soon!”
  27. 27. Julia left for work.
  28. 28. And when she came back, Joe Carr was waiting for her.“Hello... “ she said, and he hugged her tightly.
  29. 29. As they let go of each other, Joe ran his fingers through her hair.
  30. 30. “Joe... Please don’t touch me too much,” Julia said, pushing him away.
  31. 31. “Julia, can I just say, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”Julia blushed. “Have you been drinking again?”“Not at all.”
  32. 32. Joe kissed her.
  33. 33. “Joe, I... I don’t know what to say.... Why did you kiss me?”“Julia, ever since I set eyes on you, I’ve loved you.”
  34. 34. “I think now you’ve said that I feel the same way.”
  35. 35. “Joe!”“Yes?”“Joe... Do you want to move in with me? I mean, you probably needsomeone to look after you...” Julia laughed.
  36. 36. Joe moved in with $19,000, and so they could build more of the house.
  37. 37. Joe and Julia slept together that night.
  38. 38. The next morning, Julia woke up alone. Joe had gone to work.
  39. 39. She ran to the bathroom and threw up.
  40. 40. Julia was also very tired.
  41. 41. Joe returned from work with a promotion.
  42. 42. “Julia?”“Mm?”“You have to go to work...”
  43. 43. When Julia returned home, Joe had a little surprise for her. A littlesurprise that came in the form of a black velvet box with a diamond ringinside.“Julia Davidson, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”
  44. 44. “Yes!” Julia squealed, throwing herself into Joe’s arms.
  45. 45. The next day, Julia had discovered the reason for her sickness.“Joe... I think I’m pregnant... I want to be married to you when the baby’sborn...”“Then let’s get married now!”
  46. 46. And so they did.
  47. 47. Not long after their marriage, it was evident that Julia’s suspicions hadbeen correct.
  48. 48. “Let’s play red hands!”
  49. 49. “I win!” said Joe, laughing.“I let you...” Julia retorted.
  50. 50. “I love you, Julia.”
  51. 51. “I love you too, Joe.”
  52. 52. Whilst Julia was pregnant, Joe was the only source of income to thefamily.
  53. 53. Because of that, it was becoming hard to pay the bills.
  54. 54. Often Joe would come to home to Julia asleep.
  55. 55. And so, he started to decorate and furnish the nursery.
  56. 56. “I love it!” said Julia, kissing Joe lightly on the lips.
  57. 57. Julia couldn’t wait for the baby to be born.
  58. 58. Joe continued to get promoted.
  59. 59. So, they could buy an easel.“Joe? Are you painting me?”“Yes!”“It’s really...”“Pretty, because you are.”“Joe!!”
  60. 60. Julia’s portrait was hung in the dining room.
  61. 61. Julia tried painting Joe, but... It wasn’t really like him.
  62. 62. Half way through her ‘masterpiece’, Julia felt an odd sensation and herhands flew to her stomach as pain overcame her.“JOOOOEEEE!!!”
  63. 63. “I’m going to be a dad...” said Joe quietly.
  64. 64. “THE PAINN!!!” she screamed.
  65. 65. Julia gave birth to a little girl.
  66. 66. “Joe! Hold her, quickly!”
  67. 67. Julia hadn’t finished.
  68. 68. She popped out a baby boy.
  69. 69. Rebecca Davidson had blue eyes and brown hair.
  70. 70. And Dylan Davidson the same.
  71. 71. “I’m so proud of you,” Joe murmured.
  72. 72. Joe took a shine to his daughter.
  73. 73. And Julia wasn’t really a great mother....
  74. 74. But Joe made up for it with his good fatherly skills.
  75. 75. “Honestly, this is easy. Why does everyone make such a fuss?”
  76. 76. “Can’t-lift... I think I see why...”
  77. 77. Unfortunately, Julia was at work when Rebecca grew up.
  78. 78. She had Joe’s nose, but was a bit bald.
  79. 79. Instantly, she headed to the toilet.
  80. 80. Julia was home just in time for Dylan to grow up.
  81. 81. He had a much more suitable hairstyle, and the same features asRebecca.
  82. 82. Joe had a quick makeover...
  83. 83. did Rebecca.
  84. 84. Dylan loved to play on the xylophone.
  85. 85. Whereas Rebecca could more often be found playing with her blockgame.
  86. 86. Julia finally finished a suitable painting of Joe.
  87. 87. Julia took up the task of teaching Rebecca to talk, which was difficult, butafter a while Rebecca couldn’t stop!
  88. 88. Joe taught the much shyer Dylan, who took a while also, but preferred tostay quiet.
  89. 89. Teaching them to walk was easier.
  90. 90. “Once upon a time, there was a place called George Mountain. It wasruled by an evil man named Ivan, who placed a magical barrier aroundthe place, everyone was scared and lonely....”
  91. 91. Once upon a time, there was a place called George Mountain. It wasruled by an evil man named Ivan, who placed a magical barrier aroundthe place, everyone was scared and lonely....”“Where did this book come from?” wondered Julia...
  92. 92. That’s the end of this chapter, hope you enjoyed it! Please comment