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A Very StarKid Legacy - Generation 1, Chapter 1
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A Very StarKid Legacy - Generation 1, Chapter 1


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Published in: Sports, Education

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  • 1. A Very Starkid Legacy – Generation 1, Chapter 1If you haven’t seen any Starkid shows (particularly Starship in thischapter) then it doesn’t matter, but you probably won’t have a clue whatI’m talking about at some points!
  • 2. Hey there, Nick. I’m the Creator.“And who am I?”You’re Nick Starkid – a pretty awful computer representation of NickLang.
  • 3. A Very PotterSequel (ArthurWeasley, Sorty,Scarfy, PeterPettigrew, MamaUmbridge), Starship(The Caller Bug,Mister Bug).Writer, A Very PotterMusical, Me and MyDick, A Very PotterSequel, Starship.Assistant Director, AVery PotterMusical,Me and MyDick, A Very PotterSequel, Starship.Puppet Designer, AVery PotterMusical, A Very Nick Lang was born on January 29th. He graduated from the University of MichiganPotter in 2008. He is one of the core group of writers for Starkid, having participated in theSequel, Starship.Costume writing process of all four productions. On top of this, he was the Assistant DirectorDesigner, Me and for A Very Potter Musical and one of the editors for A Very Potter Sequel. In AVPS heMy Dick. Puppet took multiple acting roles and played Sorty, Scarfy, Peter Pettigrew and MamaConstructor, A Very Umbridge. His inspiration comes from his brother, Matt Lang, and the filmmakerPotter Sequel. Video Sam Raimi. He is five feet four inches and a half. He likes to think that he is aEditor, A Very Potter Gryffindor even though he has some Hufflepuff traits. (fromSequel.
  • 4. “Why am I here?”To found a legacy.“Right.”
  • 5. “What’s this?”Your house.“No, it’s not.”It is now.
  • 6. That’s right, Nicky. Just lie on your bed whilst we wait for the paper.
  • 7. Speak of the devil...
  • 8. “But I’ve already got a job, haven’t I? I’m an actor.”No, that’s in real life. This isn’t real life.
  • 9. There wasn’t a job in the Athletic career, which is Nick’s LTW, so wechucked out the paper.
  • 10. Nick? Are you having trouble breathing?“Oh, I can breathe just fine... That’s just the noise I make when I’mpanning after a beautiful woman...”
  • 11. Oh, that’s Lindsey Lewis. Beautiful? Are you sure, man?“Yeah... She’s the finest creature to walk upon a pair of legs...
  • 12. “Lindsey, I’m Nick... Your hair is all shiny...”“Uh...”
  • 13. *click video to begin*From the part where there is a picture of Tootsie-Noodles and Mega-Girl thereis no more Sims, but the song is nice so you might just want to keep on theslide. No copyright infringement intended. (song and photos)
  • 14. I’m going to leave it here – I don’t want to take up too much of your day!This chapter is short because of the video (my cheating way of showinghow they fell in love). I don’t want too much to happen in this chapter,so, until next time,Happy Simming and Easter!