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Kamil Mehmet öZkan Presentation


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  • 1. Is The World Flat ? Ten Flatters Of The World
  • 2. Business 4 Istanbul Commerce University Presentation Technichs
  • 3. Is The World Flat ? • In recent years world is become more and more global. The other saying, it became flat. Thomas L. Friedman explain ten flatters which make world more global, in “ The World is Flat”, pressed in Turkey , “Dünya Düzdür!” Boyner yay. • Thomas L. Friedman received three Pulitzer Prizes and currently works at the New York Times as the foreign affairs columnist • Let’s look together the ten flatters of the world…
  • 4. Friedman’s Ten Flatters 1. The Berlin Wall is fall down 2. Netscape, IE, Mosiac or Browsers 3. Developing Work Flow Software 4. Open Sourcing 5. Outsourcing 6. Off-Shoring 7. Supply Chaining 8. In-Sourcing 9. In-Forming 10. Digital Steroids
  • 5. Berlin Wall at 9 November 1989
  • 6. After Berlin Wall Fell Down • Cold War is became end. • World is now one power and one polar oriented, capitalism and USA • These are accelerated the globalization • And World became more flat than past.
  • 7. Netscape, IE, Mosiac or Browsers
  • 8. After Netscape, IE, Mosiac • With internet browsers revolution, all the computer from around the world connected each other easliy and share information. • This is aim of internet and the balloon was becoming bigger and bigger. • And all kind of information became digitalized and shared on internet.
  • 9. Developing Work Flow Software • Everybody can connect his/her business works or network with VPN technology and do his/her business anywhere. • Home based businesses become more popular around the world.
  • 10. Open Sourcing • Computer engineers found internet society, from around the world and developed more useful and free software. • Apache servers, common open source server software, serves 2/3 servers in the world. • Also Firefox and Linux developed against for Microsoft products.
  • 11. Outsourcing • With fiber optic investments in latest 90s india and Usa became internet based alliance. Indian computer engineers are work for USA companies.
  • 12. Offshoring • After china became partner of WTO in 2001, most of the westian producer move their plants to chine for cheaper workforce and raw meterials. But today chinese firms buy european and usa firms.
  • 13. Supply Chaining • With supply chaining, wal-mart and the others buy products for global scale and they can easily reduce their expenses.
  • 14. In-Sourcing • Today Toshiba’s laptops are fixed in UPS service center. UPS take them from customer and fix in its centers. Toshiba don’t do anything. Insourcing is a vertical value and allience.
  • 15. In-Forming • Today everybody can reach every information with using Google, MSN, Ya hoo, Twitter, Kin dle, • Information isn’t related anyone. It’s all reachable.
  • 16. Digital Steroids • Today you can easily reach information without using computer mobile devices,PDAs are easily connect interent with wireless, 3G and GSM Networks.
  • 17. World is now flat