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Hasco serices

  1. 1. ‫بسم ا الرحمن‬ ‫الرحيم‬
  2. 2. Al-Hadaf Services Co. Ltd (HASCO)Safety & Protection is our Profession
  3. 3. MEMBER OF INTERNATIONALPROFFISIONAL SECURITY ASSOCIATION ( Member of BRITISH STANDARD INSTITUTE(BSI ( Member of SECURITY INSTITUTE (UK( Certificate of compliance to security industry authority (SIA ( IPSA) ‫عضو منظمة خبراء المن العالمية‬
  4. 4. Why HASCO? Safeguarding Properties Providing body-guarding Providing Office Services (Various) Cleaning & Pests Control Provision of guards and labor force Actively using Technology in Safety & ProtectionYour Safety Depends on Your Choice
  5. 5. Our Specialized Services Safety & Protection of institutions against fire, theft and destruction. Providing Safety & Protection Systems. Provision, control & maintenance of Alarms Body-guarding Mobile & Static Guarding Control of Gates & ReceptionsCleaning Hygiene & Pests ControlWhatever your business, you need HASCO services!
  6. 6. International Companies:Position Technology (Canadian) Entrance Control SystemsDeltavistion (Canadian) Close Circuit TVParadox (Canadian) Burglar AlarmsVista Box (German) Network Image TransferTomsed Corp (English) Automatic DoorsCadex (American) Close Circuit TV` No limit to the technology we provide!
  7. 7. Advanced Safety & Security Systems:HASCO directly import Safety &Protection Systems from renownedinternational companies to ensurewarranty and spare parts.
  8. 8. Why?In modern world crime witnessedadvancement in its technique. With thelimited ability of man to protect himself, theneed for using modern technology isinevitable. Furthermore, the technology inthe field of Safety & Protection is witnessingalmost daily advancement.HASCO Technical Department (TD) is livingevidence of its interest in moderntechnology.The TD started to import and execute manySystems and Safety Project, among themare:
  9. 9. Network Camera SONY •This is dome-shaped color video camera ¼ type Super HAD CCD . •Supports PoE (Power of Ethernet •The camera is supplied with the IP setup Program for easy network setting. •The camera is supplied with the IP setup Program for easy network setting.•The best picture quality is available in thw lowest light degree (0.8 lux) to the object (in the color mode). •Includes the Vare-focal auto iris lins as the standard equipment. The focal length of the lens is from 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm.
  10. 10. Closed Circuits )( TV This system is a 24-hours surveillance service which cover entrances and desired locations. CCTV consists of the circuit, different cameras, monitors, recording and distribution equipment.
  11. 11. CCTV are oftwo types:1. Wire, and2. Wireless
  12. 12. Cameras are either: 1. Black & White, or White 2. Colored
  13. 13. Canadian and German cameras with special specifications for indoors and outdoors use.Cameras with OUTOIRISautomatically control lenssensitivity to light .
  14. 14. Colored Cameras are sensitive and cantake images day and night without a needfor light source.Range and angle of vision can becontrolled by using various size lensesMotorized Zoom Lens can be used tocontrol image size as required.
  15. 15. oPAN/TILT help moving the camera 360 toavoid installing many cameras.
  16. 16. Monitors are of high resolution anddifferent sizes.DUPLEXER can merge images frommore than 4 cameras in one monitor.Switcher can connect many cameras andallow showing images sequentially on onemonitor.
  17. 17. All situations can be recorded on TimeLapse or normal VCR cassettes withdate & time for easy reference.
  18. 18. DSP COLOR - KT&C•1/3" EX view CCD •0.01 LUX / F1.2 •537(H)X505(V)270K•Auto Iris Lens Control
  19. 19. DVR-BX2
  20. 20. 16-Camera Digital Multiplex Recorder Now Available with Continuous Archive! 4 Internal Hard-Drives Providing up to 4 Month High- Quality Digital RecordingsScaleable Distributed Video Quick And Easy Copy to Internal CD-Writer Maximum Recording Rate up to 120PPS (NTSC), 100PPS (PAL) Variable Record Rate per Camera Video Motion Detection - Search for Movement in a Particular Area of an Image Network Integration - Remote Viewing from Any Networked PC
  21. 21. TCM-66301/4” Sony EXview HAD Interlaced Scan CCD Day and night function with mechanicalIR cut filter Minimum illumination 0.01 lux at F1.6 36x optical zoom 25/30 fps at fullD1 resolution Selectable H.264, MPEG-4 SP, MJPEG compressions with dualstreaming Two-way audio Video motion detection Digital input and digital outputWide Dynamic Range Analog video output with 650 TVL Weatherproof IP66 ratedcasing TCM-6630N (NTSC) TCM-6630P (PAL)
  22. 22. KCM-5211E18 x optical zoom, H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG, 4-Megapixel, IR D/N, CMOS, Outdoor, Poe/DC 12V,IP66 Box Camera with f4.7-84.6 mm/F1.6 DC-iriszoom lens, 8 fps at 2032 x 1920, Two-way audio,Motion Detection, DI/DO
  23. 23. KCM-39111/2.5” Progressive Scan CMOS Day and night function with mechanical IR cut filterMinimum illumination 0.06 lux at F2.8 180°/360° panorama and PTZ view Built-inf1.05 mm / F2.8 Megapixel Fisheye lens 6 fps at 2032 x 1920 resolution SelectableH.264, MPEG-4 SP, MJPEG compressions with dual streaming Up to 6 cropped regionsas independent channels Two-way audio Video motion detection Digital input anddigital output SDR (Superior Dynamic Range) 2D+3D Digital Noise ReductionPowered by Poe Class 3 / DC 12V
  24. 24. TCM-1231H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG, Megapixel, IR, D/N, CMOS,Outdoor, Poe/ DC 12V, IP66, Bullet Camera with f3.3-12 mm/F1.6 lens, 18 fps at 1280 x 1024, Two-wayaudio, Motion Detection, DI/DO and WDR.
  25. 25. TCM-1511H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG, Megapixel, IR, D/N, CMOS,Poe/DC 12V, Bullet Camera with f3.3-12 mm/F1.6lens, 18 fps at 1280 x 1024, Two-way audio, MotionDetection, DI/DO and WDR.
  26. 26. TCM-3511H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG, Megapixel, IR D/N, CMOS,Poe/DC 12V, Fixed Dome with f3.3-12mm/F1.6 Lens,18 fps at 1280 x 1024, Two-way audio, MotionDetection, DI/DO, WDR.
  27. 27. XNR-4200Manage up to 64 IP cameras or video encoders Support H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG formats up to4-Megapixel resolution Live view with 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, 25, 32, 36, 49, 64 windowlayouts PTZ and speed control, preset points and tours, mouse PTZ HDD Bay for 6 SATA disks(total up to 12 TB) RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 supported Maximum total recording frame rate 1920fps Scheduled, event triggered and manual recording Time and event based search Playbackwith 1x-500x speeds with AVI video exportFunction 4-channel synchronized playback Event management with motion detection andDI/DO Two-way audio unlimited number of remote clients using web browser
  28. 28. DM/WSD/36CM230Analogue PTZ Camera with Pendantmount(OUT DOOR) Oracle Ext PTZ 36x
  29. 29. DM/CMVU500/NColor IP Camera with excellent low light sensitivity Integrated Camera Recording andfull enterprise video server within camera 9364 0.3 lux F1.2 40 IRE 9365 Can formpart of a Closed IPTV system 9317 Transmission of multiple, simultaneous videostreams in MPEG-4 and JPEG format enables multiple users to view video streams atthe settings they require 9319 Analytics Capable - enables analytics solutions to bedeployed on your CCTV system 9366 Works with any DM DVR that supports IPStreaming &Recording 9320 Multimode Recording - Dynamically-switchableresolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG-4/JPEG) settings
  30. 30. DM/PR-1850D18-50mm F1.6 lens with auto-iris RemovableIR cut filter 1/3” sensor Sensitivity 1.0 /0.15lux (40 IRE) Resolution 540TVL Shutterspeed 1/1000s
  31. 31. CamVu 20002-mega pixel image capture – over 6 times the resolution of analogue cameras Maximumresolution of 1600x1200 pixels Simultaneous JPEG and MPEG-4 delivery for viewing andrecording multiple video streams High resolution images can be recorded by NetVu ConnectedDV-IP RT, DV-IP HD and HighVu Excel products C/CS Mount for high resolution/megapixel 1/3”lens Web server for remote configuration of camera features Multimode recording configuredby NetVu Connected DVRs and servers. Non alarm, alarm and static profiles supported in JPEGand MPEG-4 Support via NetVu Observer viewer software allows up to 800% zoom. Powerover Ethernet option Embedded Analytics Capable technology
  32. 32. Infiniti CameraSpeed range 0.05 to 180° / second max (both Pan and Tilt) Repeatability 5 minutes of arcControl DM RS485 and DM Coax protocols Storage capacity 99 preset positions 4 patrols of upto 32 preset positions 4 alarm inputs, 1 relay output Power Supply 24VDC, Camera & controlelectronics:-35W Dimensions Max Dims: 284 mm (W) x 302mm (H) x 249mm (D) Protection BSEN 60529 to level IP66 (no water ingress) Weight 6.2kg + mounting bracket MountingConfigurations Wall bracket or Column Server compatibility SD, SD Advanced, DV-IP Server,DV-IP HD, DV-IP RT full control and advanced features Eco4, EcoSense control via RS485 onlyand limited features DS2, BX2 control via BBV Coax and RS485 with limited features and
  33. 33. SD ADVANCEDLocal control from front panel Real-time display 8, 12 or 16 channel models, up to400pps across the unit Composite or VGA main monitor Streaming and Recording ofIP Cameras and devices Analytics Capable - enables analytics solutions to bedeployed on your CCTV system Text support - capture, record and search text datawith relevant CCTV footage NetVu Connected for seamless interoperability withOther NetVu Connected devices Coaxial & Serial Telemetry Control Easy to use, on-screen telemetry control with Point Go and Absolute Positioning Oracle Domeconfiguration
  34. 34. Accessories can be added to transferaudio-visual materials.Cameras can be networked to transferaudio-visual materials for longdistances through normal telephonelines or via ISDN.
  35. 35. Access Control Systems: 1. One Door Standalone 2. Access Control Network Systems: A) Magnetic B) Proximity
  36. 36. Access Control System Network One network controlled by one PC and one software. It can be customized and/or can be modified to function as Time & Attendance System.
  37. 37. HASCO has a device from PositionTechnology Co. with magnetic cardsusing proximity technology .User need to move his/her card nearthe system instead of inserting itinside the machine. This ensure cardslong use without damage anadvantage over old systems.
  38. 38. How to Operate the System?Special software in the control roomComputer controls “Cards Reader”placed at door(s) fronts.Every card will log bio data, time in andout as well as times for meals, rest oremergency out-of-office trips.
  39. 39. Staff and authorized persons can beallowed to open doors through readingdata on their electronic cards.The Software controls all ins and outsand store them and transfer them to theComputer in the control room.
  40. 40. Some staff can be provided with any-time permission to enter byprogramming their cards accordingly. Programmer can add new cards and/or terminate any undesirable cards such as missing or expired cards.
  41. 41. The System allow one permission forentrance. If any other person tries toenter with previously used card amessage will appear indicating that theowner of the card is already in,consequently denying the other personaccess.Card Reader can be placed at receptiondesk or at doors where special accessis required.
  42. 42. A report can be printed and/or stored ina special file. The report comprises ofinformation on users like:1. Working days of the user.2. Time log of ins and outs.3. Ins and out remarks.4. Total hours worked.5. Time-outs during working hours.
  43. 43. One person can control the systemvia a computer where all data onevery card are displayed such asthe bio data, time log, and otherinfo like intrusion, door status(close/open) and the status andlocation of all Readers in thebuilding (if many).
  44. 44. Doors can be closed and opened fromthe control room, especially atemergencies.Position of any card user can bedetermined in the building.The System has a backup battery whichswitches on instantly during powerfailure.
  45. 45. System Controller has big memory forstoring data, especially at times whenconnection with control roomcomputer is disrupted. All activitieswill be recognized and stored whenconnection is restored.
  46. 46. Automatic doors and entrancesHASCO controls doors and entrances with sophisticated systems.
  47. 47. CAV-71BFeature : 7” Color TFT LCD/ Surface Mount Type/Handset/ Door Answering & Monitoring/ Door Release/Room to Room Call & Pause(Expandable up to 20 Monitors)/Connectable up to 4 Cameras/ Visitor Image Memory (128Cuts)/OSD Menu Control/ CCTV Surveillance Camera/ Security:Burgla
  48. 48. CDV-50AFeature: 5” Color TFT LCD/ Surface Mount Type/Hands-free/Door Answering & Monitoring/Door Release/ Connectableup to 2 Cameras/Additional Interphone Connectable
  49. 49. CDV-50/ 50DFeature: 5” Color TFT LCD/ Surface MountType/Handset/ Door Answering & Monitoring/ DoorRelease/Additional Interphone Connectable/
  50. 50. DRC-4CH/ 4BHFeature: Color CCD (4CH)/ B/W 1/3” CCD(4BH)/Surface Mount Type/ Camera ViewingAngle/Name Plate/ Chime Sound
  51. 51. WI-2B� Feature : 2 channels (A,B)/ WirelessIntercom/Volume/ PLL Circuit
  52. 52. Intruder DetectionSystems: These systems launch voice These systems launch voice alarms if intruder(s) pass or alarms if intruder(s) pass or touch their sensors which are touch their sensors which are connected to a main control. connected to a main control. These systems cover various These systems cover various zones. Some covers 4, 18, 12, zones. Some covers 4, 18, 12, 24 or 48 zones. 24 or 48 zones.
  53. 53. HASCO has in store: System: Burglar Alarm Manufacturer: Cadex Origin: USA Components: 1. Control Panel 2. Keyboard 3. Sensors
  54. 54. System can be place in the control roomwith the sensors distributed arounddesired zones.Control panel connected to the keyboardwhich has a monitor displaying zone withsensors previously programmed.At times of intrusion the zone affected willappear on the monitor and voice alarm willbe on. Furthermore the system willautomatically dial 4 telephone numberspreviously stored sending a recordedmessage that intrusion is in progress in aspecific zone.
  55. 55. Kinds of Detectors:Motion Detector:This kind of detectors emits infra redrays covering a specific area. Whenmovement is detected within this area,the sensor will send a signal indicatingassault or intrusion.
  56. 56. Fixed Detector:This kind of detector is designed to befixed at door edges. It sends alarm whenthe door is suspiciously opened.
  57. 57. Push Detector:This detector is a Double Push deviceplaced beside employees to enable themto push a button to release Panic Alarmat emergencies.The Detector can also operated by foot topush without drawing the attention of thecriminals. The detector can also be fixed on windows to monitor any suspicious movement.
  58. 58. Vibration Detector:This kind of detectors is usually placedof safes to detect any vibration andrelease an alarm.The detector sends alarm in case ofdamage or wire cut or any disruptionin the electricity circuit. The detector is controlled by a keyboard where the operator can switch it of by entering special code.
  59. 59. FossThis detector is a sophisticatedsecurity system using fiber optic cordas a detector.The system is perfect for wide spacezones with high security requirements.The detector can be placed on wallsor fences.
  60. 60. Components:1. Electronic controller2. Optic Detector Operation:The system radiates laser beams throughthe fiber optic cord. This enables thecontroller to accurately analyze anychanges resulting from vibrations andthen an alarm is released. System sensitivity can be fine-tuned to minimize false alarms due to wind of merely near-by traffic.
  61. 61. Electronic Controller is very easy towork with. It has default sensitivityadjustment options easy to deal with,without any need for extra devices.The system releases two laser beams atdifferent channels (Interference &Alarm Channels). Comparing the twothe required sensitivity can beadjusted.The system also releases alarm if theoptic cord is cut.
  62. 62. Sensor light:It is a sensitive detector with infra redradiation detectors activated in case ofintrusion in its zone.
  63. 63. Explosive andDrug Detectors IonscanSabre 2000 They are small, light and very sensitive.
  64. 64. Prevention and fighting of firesSmoke Detector Extinguisher Using the best technology
  65. 65. ‫الحراسات البشرية‬‫‪Manned Guarding‬‬
  66. 66. Highly trained cadre, professionally and behaviorally. Modern Mobile Communication systems
  67. 67. Body-guarding dignitaries.
  68. 68. Control of Receptions
  69. 69. Some institutions enjoying HASCO’S Umbrellafor Safety & Protection
  70. 70. Petroleum Labs.
  71. 71. Sudan Grand Hotel
  72. 72. The InternationalCommittee ofthe Red Cross
  73. 73. Al-Gazera Trade & Services Co. Ltd.
  74. 74. Susuki Team
  75. 75. Friendship Hall
  76. 76. Ministry of Finance & Economy
  77. 77. Ministry of Mining & Energy
  78. 78. The National Fund for Social Security
  79. 79. Sudan Heart Center
  80. 80. HASCO also serves: Sudan Duty Free Zones Kenana Sugar Co. Kharoum Refinery (al-Jaili) Concorp Refinery (Shajara) Mechanical Transport Department San Frontier Doctors National Electricity Corporation Al-Shamal Islamic Bank
  81. 81. For more information, Please visit our WEBSITE at:www.el-hadaf.com Email: alhadaf@el-hadaf.com
  82. 82. HASCO .. The name, you should always keep in mind! Call us, You are the winners Al-Rayiad,Street (117),P. O. Box 1770 Postal Code 11111 Khartoum - Sudan Tel: +249 912941399 – +249 183520752 Fax: +249 183520753 Designed by Sawah Co. Tel: 788681
  83. 83. Thank You.For watching this presentation.