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  • 1. Wellington Primary School Presents Done by : Miss Nurkamaliah (2004) S H A P E S
  • 2.
    • Identify four different shapes.
    • Identify the properties.
    • Make your own pictures using shapes.
    What you will learn:
  • 3.
    • Identifying
    • Describing
    • Classifying
    Thinking Skills
  • 4.
    • Do you know what are shapes?
    • Can you name them?
    • Can you identify all the different shapes around us?
    • Let’s name some items around us and its shape.
    Lets identify shapes!
  • 5. These are some items that you can find around you. Can you identify what is its shape? Circle Rectangle Triangle Square
  • 6.
    • There are many different types of shapes.
    • Some shapes can come in different sizes
    • Some shapes comes in different colours.
    • BUT they will always have the same features.
    • Lets look closer at these features.
  • 7. A Square has...
    • 4 equal straight sides
    • All these are squares
  • 8. A Rectangle has...
    • 4 straight sides.
    • 2 equal ‘longer’ sides.
    • 2 equal ‘shorter’ sides.
    • All these are rectangles.
  • 9. A Triangle has...
    • 3 straight sides.
    • All the sides can have equal length
    • OR
    • All the sides can have different length.
  • 10. A Circle ...
    • No straight side
    • All these are circles.
  • 11. Let’s think critically. How many squares can you find in the picture? 1 How many triangles can you find in the picture? 2 4 How many rectangles can you find in the picture?
  • 12. Some pictures can be made from many shapes. Can you name all the shapes that make up the train? Discuss the answer as a class.
  • 13. Now its your turn! Create your own master piece using shapes!