Enterprise mobility and cloud


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Enterprise mobility and cloud

  1. 1. How Enterprise MobilityWill Propel Cloud Adoption to the Next Level Kamesh Pemmaraju Director, Research, Sand Hill Group
  2. 2. About Sand Hill Group The business strategy destination for enterprise software executivesInvestment and Advice Publishing Research• Provider of • SandHill.com Web • Producer of strategic investments and site reports about key management advice • Software Pulse enterprise software to emerging electronic newsletter industry enterprise delivered to over trends which aim to technology leaders 12,500 executives provide executives each week with meaningful, actionable insight into the critical issues they face 2
  3. 3. 487.7Mmobile vs.414.6MPC’s63% mobilegrowth rate vs.15% forPC’s
  4. 4. Mobile end points + Internet Access + SERVICES 24/7 CLOUD Backend cloud servicesInterconnectedmobile devices Anywhere, Anytime, In ternet Access
  5. 5. Still a Huge Upside for Smartphone growth
  6. 6. Trends in Cloud - 2012• Public Clouds – Light weight custom apps to Public PaaS and IaaS – SaaS for non-core apps to replace legacy on-premise packaged apps• Private Clouds – Strategic, mission-critical, core business apps• Lock-in a big concern – Acceleration of OpenSource technologies: OpenStack, CloudFoundry etc, but maturity of tools a concern• Rogue IT, BYOD, mobile will drive need for tighter governance processes and tools• Application and Desktop virtualization will go mainstream
  7. 7. Enterprise Mobility is not just about the device, it’s about.. • Conducting business transactions from anywhere, anytime. • Improving collaboration and productivity of employees • Connecting with mobile customers • Building the backbone secure infrastructure and platforms to support new mobile devices and applications 7
  8. 8. Enterprise Mobile Applications: All Set to Take Off 73% Percent of companies using enterprise mobile applications today or plan to use them in the next 12 months
  9. 9. B2C Use Cases of Enterprise Mobile Solutions A financial services company is using geo-location awareness technologies once travelers arrive at their destination city to provide specific suggestions and coupons for shopping, restaurants, etc. based on the company’s knowledge of a traveler’s preferences. The coupon or discount is automatically applied when the traveler swipes his card in payment, and a text message arrives on the mobile device confirming the amount saved on the purchase.9
  10. 10. B2C Use Cases of Enterprise Mobile Solutions A CEO described his experience of being in a taxi on the way to an airport and needing to change his flight. He used his mobile device to change the flight, then scanned the subsequent barcode sent to his mobile phone to check in at the TSA gate and at the boarding gate. No paper, no errors, fast and easy.10
  11. 11. Top Internal Productivity Use Cases Faster and ubiquitous access to company 76.7% data, services, and applications Improve collaboration among employees 56.7% Improve sales and sales support 53.3% Improve customer interaction and service 40.0% Richer user experience 40.0% Provide analytics data to executives 30.0%Consolidate multiple devices into mobile one 10.0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 11
  12. 12. How companies procure mobile apps today70% 61%60%50%40%30% 25% 23%20% 13% 10%10%0% Off-the-shelf Develop in- Outsource Outsource Develop in- mobile app house app development customer code house custom using MEAP using MEAP development code
  13. 13. Mobile and Cloud
  14. 14. Private Mobile Clouds to begin with… “Yes, there will be a mobile cloud where our catalogue of services will be made available to our employees. This is a store-like environment which needs to have cloud discipline to provide the services efficiently and scalability across mobile and all other modes of access. This will be a private cloud until public becomes secure and reliable. The first step is private and once the public cloud is proven in a couple of years, we will move there.”, CIO, logistics company
  15. 15. Bring Your Device Model: Challenges and Opportunities• Isolating Personal and corporate data • Knowledge & maturity of Mobile• Backing up personal and corporate data Management Technologies (MDM) & to cloud Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms• Location awareness (MEAP)• Device and platform sprawl 57% Percent of companies that allow employees to use their personal mobile devices to access corporate information 15
  16. 16. Market Fragmentation, evolving standards, Native vs. HTML5 debateCurrently in the market “The jury is still out on how deep we want to customizeare five mobile devices on those three platforms [Apple, Android, Windows].running on iOS and more The experience is tied closely to the capabilities of thethan 170 running on the device. If we generalize that to a common denominatorAndroid system. across the platforms, will users tolerate if it’s not similar to their experience in their personal lives? The standards haven’t emerged yet to where we can bet onThe consensus opinion of our this. Back in the old days, enterprises used to drivestudy participants was that standards. Now it’s the consumerization of theHTML5 is not yet ready for prime enterprise, and we’re trying to mimic what’s going in thetime and could be many years industry.” - CIO, logistics companyaway from providing the samerich user experience as nativeapps16
  17. 17. Implications for Vendors• Mobility is on the top of CIO agendas. Enabling application delivery and governance is key.• SaaS vendors have an advantage as HTML5 matures• A massive opportunity exists for light-weight apps for the ―middle-market‖• MDM and MEAP vendors need to do better job of educating customers• Touch screen interfaces will become more pervasive— vendors should evolve their applications quickly
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