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Complaint management
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Complaint management

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  • 1. Akwa Hermann MCVPX Interns & Exchange Complaint Management
  • 2. Understanding the exchange programme Policy(XPP) and Complaint management
  • 3. *AIESEC is Our Company *Exchange is Our Product *TNs,Eps,Interns are Our costumers,lets make thier complains our priority
  • 4.
    • X P P
    • The exchange program policies is a document
    • That shows the directions to be followed in the course of our exchange transactions
    • Structure:
    New Structure EP Document TN Organization Document Sending Entity Document Hosting Entity Document MC/ AI Document International Control Board Document
  • 5.
    • Match Break Policy
    • An intern can break a match Under the following conditions;
    • a)Intern Job is Completely different from the TN form
    • b)Racial Discrimination
    • c)Sexually Harassed
    • d)The organisation does’nt provide any benefit as per the TN form
    • e)When an organisation does'nt pay the intern for 2 months
    • f)Immigration laws in host country forbids the intern
  • 6.
    • Sanctions
    • *Incase of (a) the host LC should provide a new internship within 20% of the internship duration but not more than 1 month.
    • -The host LC has the right to make 3 propositions to the intern that is similar to the interns profile
    • *Incase of (d) The intern has the right of his living expenses
    • -the intern has to be paid the minimum AIESEC Salary in the host country.
    • *Incase of (e) the intern Will claim accrued Salary for 2 months
    • *Incase of (f) the intern has the right to claim full travel expenses from host country and other expenses
  • 7.
    • Complaint Resolution procedures
    • Internal level
    • 1)Inform LC and TN organisation to solve it privately
    • Local Level
    • 2)If step 1 fails the intern will send the information to the sending LC and the sending LC sends a mail to the host LC
    • National Level
    • 3)If step 2 fails,the sending LC should inform the MCs
    • 4)If the parties involve do not solve the problem in 2 weeks then the case is brought to the ICB
  • 8.
    • Tips
    • - All your transactions with interns should be written
    • Fire a complaint immediately you find an intern is breaking the policies
    • Master your XPP
    • Keep Professional relation with interns
  • 9.
    • THANK YOU!!!