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2011 homeselling guide woodlands tx
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2011 homeselling guide woodlands tx



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  • How to use this page This is a customized page that you can prepare each time you assemble a Homeselling Proposal. • Including the sellers’ names, property address and photo of the home [use logo if you cannot get a home photo before the appointment] lets the sellers know you have prepared a proposal that is tailored to them and their property. • Add your name, local company name, contact information and photo. Suggested presentation points • “ I really appreciate this opportunity to discuss the marketing of your property. My aim is to make the homeselling process as comfortable and successful for you as possible.” • “ As you think about selling your house, you’ll have several important decisions to make, so I’ve prepared some information that can help you in this process.” • “ You’ll be able to keep this booklet to use as a reminder of the information we discuss. I’d like to take a few moments now to go over it with you.”
  • Welcome Letter How to use this page The welcome letter adds a personal touch from you. It establishes a service-oriented tone and helps set the stage for the rest of the listing presentation. You can revise the wording to express your individual style. Addressing the letter to the sellers and including the current date demonstrates the personalized attention you will be giving them throughout the home selling process. You can customize the letter with your name, contact information and photo and the company name, Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors®. Suggested presentation points This page is designed to speak for itself when the sellers read it, either prior to the listing proposal or afterwards. It needs no comment during your face-to-face meeting; you can just move directly to your presentation of the Homeselling Proposal.
  • This can also be used at the end in the “Who We Are” section, however, from the get-go, it’s good to know your services come with a guarantee: Home selling Services Commitment The Homeselling Services Commitment sets you apart as a dedicated, caring real estate professional. The Commitment: • Affirms that the sellers’ needs drive the homeselling process, and that it is your goal to help the sellers feel as confident as possible through the entire transaction. • Describes the specific services that you will provide as the sellers’ marketing professional. • Demonstrates the quality and level of commitment you adhere to and lays the foundation for a strong working relationship with the sellers. How to use the Homeselling Services Commitment • As you discover the sellers’ concerns, priorities and objectives during your discussion, you can point out the corresponding item in the Commitment. They will see that you are in tune with their interests and are prepared to address their specific needs. • Note especially that the first item on the Commitment is communication. Lack of communication is often the biggest disappointment sellers have with their listing agents; this tells the sellers that communicating with them will be a top priority for you. • They can retain it as a reminder of your valuable services; you might suggest they keep it in the back pocket of their copy of the Homeselling Proposal.
  • Identifying Your Goals This section of the Homeselling Proposal can be the key to building a strong professional relationship with the sellers. It helps you lay the foundation of a successful homeselling experience by discovering the sellers’ needs, determining the unique features of the property, and clarifying agency relationships. This initial phase of the listing presentation builds the sellers’ trust and confidence in you -they will see that you sincerely want to serve them and that they are not going to be the victims of a high-pressure sales pitch. You will want to adjust the content of this section to reflect the sellers’ experience level and their specific questions and concerns. This section contains the following pages: • Your Needs Come First • Agency Relationships • Understanding Your Expectations • Appreciating Your Property • The Homeselling Process • From Offer to Completed Sale
  • Your Needs Come First How to use this page This page introduces the “Identifying Your Goals” section of the Homeselling Proposal. It helps the sellers understand why it is essential for you to learn about their real estate needs before plunging into a discussion of pricing and marketing. Suggested presentation points • “ In working with people, I realize that every seller’s expectations are unique and are influenced by their own individual needs and experiences. So it’s important to me that I understand what it is that you would like to accomplish in this process.” • “ I’d like to ask you some questions that will help me understand your interests and priorities, so please be open and candid as you share your thoughts with me.” • “ Clarifying your real estate objectives and the unique characteristics of your property will help us develop a Marketing Plan and Pricing Strategy that achieve the results you want.”
  • Agency Relationships How to use this page Note: This page works especially well in conjunction with the “How I Can Help You” page of the Homeselling Proposal. Suggested presentation points • “ When real estate practitioners work with sellers and buyers, professional relationships -called agency relationships -are established. There are different kinds of agency relationships, and it’s important to understand what they are.” • “ When you agree to have me and Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® assist you in the Homeselling process, we become your ‘seller’s agent,’ which means we will work for your best interests throughout the process of marketing and selling your house.” • “ When a buyer submits an offer on your property, they will have a separate agency relationship with their broker.” • “ What questions do you have about agency relationships?” • “ Is the agency relationship I have described acceptable to you?”
  • Understanding Your Expectations How to use this page Focusing on the sellers’ interests right from the start will help you build rapport, understand their concerns, and demonstrate that you really care about them. This page explores the sellers’ needs and expectations through a series of key questions. • If possible, leave this page with the sellers as part of the pre-listing package, to allow them to think through the questions prior to your meeting. • During the listing presentation, simply ask the questions in a conversational tone. This is not meant to be an interrogation. • Each of the questions on this page can lead to additional discussion that further clarifies the sellers’ interests. • Your job will be to listen carefully, take thorough notes, and ask follow-up questions in order to get a total picture of the sellers’ needs and expectations. Suggested presentation points • “ My job is to market your property successfully. To do that I need a clear picture of your goals, expectations and priorities.”
  • Appreciating Your Property How to use this page This page shifts the focus of the discussion to the property, and especially how the sellers’ perceives it. • If possible, leave this page with the sellers as part of the pre-listing package, to allow them to think through the questions prior to your meeting. • During the listing presentation, ask the questions in a comfortable, conversational style that encourages the sellers to share their candid views about the house. • The sellers’ insights into qualities of the home that have been important to them may indicate features that could be emphasized in advertising and marketing. • If the sellers’ understanding of their property’s value is distorted by sentimental attachment or misinformation, this discussion will help bring their views to the surface.
  • The Homeselling Process How to use this page Sellers are often unfamiliar with the complex sequence of events involved in a successful home sale, and they may be unaware of how hard you have to work for them to make that sale happen. With this page you can walk the sellers through the steps of a typical transaction, and at the same time educate them about the many responsibilities you will fulfill as their real estate representative. You do not need to discuss every detail of the Homeselling process in depth at this time. The important thing is to listen for the sellers’ questions and concerns, and adjust your presentation accordingly. For additional support on how to show the sellers how hard we work for them, download a copy of the “192 Steps We Take to Get Your Home Sold” in the “Working with Sellers” section of the www.GaryGreene.com Intranet.
  • From Offer to Completed Sale How to use this page The purpose of this page is to explain in greater detail what happens as a result of successful marketing-negotiating offers and closing the transaction. The sellers will obtain a clearer understanding of this phase of the homeselling process, and they will appreciate your indispensable role in it. “ For Sale By Owner” prospects may be particularly surprised and impressed by the amount of work required to reach a successful settlement. If you are working in a market where multiple offers are relatively common, you might want to give the sellers a brief explanation of how multiple offers are handled. Note: In demonstrating your indispensable role, this page works well in conjunction with three other pages in the Homeselling Proposal: • “ The Homeselling Process” • “ How Buyers Find the Home They Purchase” • “ How I Can Help You”
  • Preparing Your Property for Sale This section of the Homeselling Proposal will help you explain how the sellers can bring their home up to showcase condition and carry out their role in achieving a successful sale. This section contains the following pages: • You Are the Key Player on the Homeselling Team • How Will Buyers See Your Property? • Show Off Your Home -Every Time! • Recommendations for Creating a Competitive Property
  • As displayed
  • You are the Key Player in the Homeselling Team How to use this page Sellers need to understand the vital role they play in a successful sale. This page can help you clarify the sellers’ role, including some common sense cautions they should be aware of. Suggested presentation points • “ All of our marketing efforts have one goal in mind -to attract real estate sales professionals and their buyers to your property. Once that happens, it’s absolutely essential to make each showing count. This is where you play a crucial role.” • “ I’d like to share some common sense guidelines that will help ensure a successful selling experience for you.” Specific comments about property accessibility: • “ The most obvious element in a successful showing is sometimes overlooked -a property can only be shown when sales professionals and their buyers can get in to see it. If you’re going to be at home when an sales professional brings the buyers to see it, then of course you can let them in. But if you’re away, they need to have access.” “ A lockbox is a simple and safe way to be sure your property never misses out on a showing.” • “ One of the necessary challenges of being a homeseller is to be flexible in scheduling showings. It may be an inconvenience to drop everything at a moment’s notice for a showing, but remember – that showing may turn into an offer!” • “ Sometimes it may seem that buyers always want to see your house at the most inconvenient times. But please remember that many buyers -especially ones from out of town -may have very inflexible schedules, and the time when they want to view your house may be the only time they can see it. So try as best as you can to accommodate any reasonable request to view your property.” • “ One nightmare we want to avoid is the situation where a sales professional comes to me with an offer on your property, and I can’t get in touch with you to present it. So please be sure I always have a phone number where you can be reached.”
  • How Will Buyers See Your Property? How to use this page A successful sale may depend as much on the property’s condition and appearance as on the Marketing Plan or Pricing Strategy. Sellers can be extremely sensitive about their home, and pointing out areas that need attention requires tact as well as candor. This page will help you deal with this important but sometimes difficult topic. Try to help the sellers see their property from the buyers’ point of view . If possible, be prepared to share some real-life stories of the advantages of fixing up a property, or of what can go wrong when a property is not prepared for market. Suggested presentation points • “ When a property is on the market, it’s like any other product that is offered for sale. It needs to be packaged in a way that shows it off best to potential buyers.” • “ The old saying, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression,’ was never truer than in the marketing of properties. A home’s appearance can have a dramatic effect on how quickly it sells, and on the price you receive. Here are some specific areas that can influence a buyer’s impression of a property.”
  • Let’s walk together outside the home and check off things that may need our attention BEFORE we put your home on the market. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by its cover. The exterior of your house is of prime importance. It can motivate and attract drive-by lookers and those that set an appointment to take a look inside.
  • Let me walk with you throughout the inside of the home. Let’s check off everything that needs attention. The sooner we cross any checked items off our list, we will also have a highly marketable home from an eye-attraction standpoint.
  • Now that we have examined the exterior and interior of your home, let me jot down some notes on what I would recommend you doing for a competitive property. It is important to get these done as quickly as possible for several reasons: I want to take great photos for MLS. All of those photos will automatically feed into all the web sites we mentioned in the marketing section. It is very important to have the home in top condition because you re putting your home on stage to a world-wide audience, not to mention, enticing people already in the area to view your home. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. When I invite our agents and co-ops to come tour your home, how they saw your home for the first time is how they remember it – no matter how many re-showings we have. It’s all about positioning your home in the market. We want to compete successfully in the market by motivating agents to show it because it looks great and getting buyers to write an offer because it shows the owners have cared for it.
  • Show Off Your Home - Every Time How to use this page Every showing counts! Even if the sellers take care of all the home enhancement steps you recommend, a showing can be spoiled by dirty dishes or unmade beds. This is a checklist to remind the sellers of the fine tuning necessary for impressive previews and showings. Suggested presentation points • “ We’ll want your home to be just as beautiful as possible whenever it is seen, whether broker previews, buyer showings or open houses. First impressions really do matter, so your house will need to look its best on a moment’s notice.” Preparing Your Property for Sale Show Off Your Home - Every Time • “ Experience has taught us that the simplest things can spoil a showing, and that can be very costly. Here are some basic items you’ll want to take care of when a showing is expected.” • “ Whenever you’re going to leave the house, it’s wise to assume that it might be shown while you’re gone, so it’s always a good idea to put the house in prime showcase condition before you leave.”
  • • There are two components to the successful sale of a house. One is an effective Marketing Plan. The other is a realistic Pricing Strategy. They are equally important.” • “ You’ve made it clear that you expect to get nothing less than top dollar for your property, and that’s exactly what I want to help you do. My goal is to help you sell your house for the highest possible price, so that you’ll receive the maximum net proceeds.” • “ The challenge is, how do we do this? The key is to determine a realistic asking price -a price that is high enough to bring you top dollar, but not so high that it discourages buyer interest.” • “ Strange as it may seem, sellers and the sales professional they hire have no control over property values and no power to dictate sales prices. Market value is determined by what informed buyers will pay for comparable properties -houses with similar location, amenities and condition.”
  • As written
  • How to use this page It can be helpful to explain what a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is before going into the details of the form itself. This page introduces the CMA. It helps you explain how the CMA presents pricing information, and it establishes the CMA as the authoritative resource for determining market value. Suggested presentation points • “ In order to know what value buyers are placing on properties, we need to take a ‘ snapshot’ of the local real estate market. And that’s exactly what we do with what is called a Competitive Market Analysis, commonly known as a ‘CMA.’” • “ We can rely on the Competitive Market Analysis because it discloses hard facts -the actual list prices and sales prices of properties similar to yours in this market. The Competitive Market Analysis is the most reliable indicator we have of what a qualified buyer is probably going to be willing to pay for your house.” • “ The Competitive Market Analysis shows us real-life market activity involving properties that are more or less similar to yours. It reveals other houses that have recently sold, those that are on the market right now, and those that were on the market but failed to sell. It’s the same data that appraisers and financial institutions use in evaluating property values.” • “ To see what a buyer will be likely to pay for your house, our best indication is the actual prices buyers have already paid for similar properties.” • “ By looking at similar properties that are currently on the market, we see what your competition will be. They are the very properties that buyers will be comparing to yours.” • “ The Competitive Market Analysis also shows us properties that failed to sell. I call this the ‘Don’t let this happen to you!’ category. It reveals the pitfalls for us to avoid.”
  • Suggested presentation points • “ I know you want to get top dollar for your property. The way to do that is to price it right, at the market, right from the start.” • “ Setting too high a price will fail to get you what you want, and in fact it may cause you to end up with less. Overpricing inevitably leads to grief.” • “ When showing properties to their buyers, some sales professionals will seek out homes that are priced too high and use them as ‘bouncers.’ That means they’ll show them to their buyers to help sell another home that is more favorably priced. You don’t want your house used as a bouncer, do you?” • “ A high price is generally interpreted to mean the seller is not too motivated to sell, and that often attracts buyers who are not very motivated to buy. Tire-kickers, lookers and nosy neighbors won’t help you achieve your goals.” • “ There is a relationship between list price and the time it takes a house to sell. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the longer the market time.” • [Refer to the “Buyer Pyramid” graph on the page.] “This graph illustrates what happens when a property is priced too high. The pool of available buyers drops off quickly, and there are comparatively few buyers willing to pay higher prices. It takes more time to locate these buyers, so it takes longer for overpriced properties to sell -if they sell at all.”
  • See notes on previous page
  • Suggested presentation points [notes page 1 0f 3 on CMA • “ I have prepared this Competitive Market Analysis for you. It shows similar properties that have sold recently, those that are active on the market right now, and those that failed to sell.” • “ In selecting properties to include in the Competitive Market Analysis, I have used the ones that match yours as closely as possible, and that would appeal to the same set of buyers.” • “ Of course, every property is different. As we look at other properties in the Competitive Market Analysis, we will need to allow for those differences.” Comments about properties that sold recently: • “ [Address of property that sold recently] compares very closely with your home. That means that the price the buyers paid for it is probably a good indication of what someone will be willing to pay for your property.” • “ [Address of property that sold recently] sold for [selling price], but notice that it has a number of upgrades and unique features that allowed it to command a relatively high price.” • “ It’s true that [address of property that sold recently] is very similar to yours. However, in spite of what your neighbors told you, it didn’t sell for the [list price] they were asking. It actually sold for [true selling price], as you can see here.”
  • Estimate of Net Proceeds How to use this page This form gives the sellers a general idea of homeselling costs and the net proceeds they may obtain from the sale. You can customize it to reflect the costs that are typical for your area. When you use this form during the listing presentation, base the costs on the probable sale price of the property. You can also use the form: • When the sellers are considering an offer and want a more accurate idea of what their costs and net proceeds might be, based on the offered price and terms. • After reaching final agreement with the buyers, with the estimated costs and net proceeds based on the agreed-upon price and terms. Be sure to emphasize that this is only an estimate . You might consider supplementing this page with a “Who Pays What” chart of your own showing the costs typically paid in your area by the seller, as well as those paid by the buyer.
  • Marketing Your Property In this segment of the Homeselling Proposal you present your Marketing Plan, applying Prudential Real Estate programs and resources to the sellers’ specific needs and the unique attributes of the property. This section contains the following pages: • I will make yours stand out Consumer Research on Buying [ultimate resources used to purchase] • Consumer Research on Buying, part 2 [all resources used to purchase] The Goals of Effective Marketing 1. Enlist the Efforts of the Co-op Agent 2. Promote directly to buyers • The Internet • Online Seller Advantage – page one • Online Seller Advantage – page two • Local Advertising and Promotion • A Marketing Plan For Your Property • Schedule of Marketing Activities • Important Ways to Help Promote Your Property
  • How Buyers Find the Home They Purchase How to use this page If the sellers are thinking about selling “By Owner” and are not convinced they need the help of a sales professional, this page can help you demonstrate the importance of your role. Also, by comparing the relative effectiveness of various marketing activities, this page can help sellers realize that weekly open houses or daily classified ads will not do much to help sell their house. Open houses are great – sellers just need to understand how this activity compares with others in terms of buyer attraction. Note: In helping to establish the importance of your work, this page can be used in conjunction with three other pages in the Homeselling Proposal: • “ The Homeselling Process” • “ From Offer to Completed Sale” • “ How I Can Help You”
  • The Goals of Effective Marketing How to use this page This page sets the stage for the discussion of marketing and gives the sellers a general understanding of what your Marketing Plan will be designed to achieve, as well as an introduction to some of the specific marketing resources you will employ. The sellers will see that you intend to follow a well-thought-out process with clear objectives, not just a random collection of marketing activities. As you discuss each item on the page, be alert to those areas where the sellers ask questions or show special interest. You can then move directly to the page that explains that point in greater detail.
  • As it reads. Some agents will want to introduce all of these differentiators while others will choose not to have all included in their listing proposal. All of these are very effective programs to attract the co-op agent, make them aware and focus on your listing.
  • “ Mr. Seller – we have a great working relationship with all of these brokers and more. We offer all brokers half of our commission to SELL your home. They are an integral part of our marketing efforts to get your home sold.
  • Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors ® captures more buyer inquiries on properties than any other company real estate web site in Houston. And, Because we have more listings than any other company in MLS, har.com refers inquiries to us from all of our listings, so we enjoy the added referral benefit to our sellers.
  • When you enlist me to sell your home – this is an example of your home’s pathway to a successful sale. Your listing is distributed to all of these web sites so it gets the broadest amount of exposure on the Internet. Please note the Prudential.com pathway and the web sites that Prudential.com populates with your listing. These web sites are the ones you receive a report of online buyer activity in your neighborhood. I auto-send these reports to you daily or weekly.
  • Mr. Seller, many leads come from web sites daily, however, research has shown that their ability to convert this lead to a buyer for your home disintegrate within 30 minutes. Agents at Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors ® are equipped with technology that enables a response to a lead instantly! The benefit to you Mr. seller is that we have the technology to respond immediately and increase the chances for a showing and a sale on your property.
  • If you are marketing a property over $500,000 or more, keep this page. If not, discard and move to the next marketing promotion. The Portfolio of Fine Homes is distributed to: All 26 offices in the Houston Metropolitan area for distribution in their local market Direct mailed to target markets inside the loop Accessible by www.garygreene.com/efinehomes Marketed digitally [an online magazine in the exact same format at the printed magazine] on every detail page of our listings
  • Everyday, we get online leads from buyers all over the world, transferring to Houston on their jobs. We also have a corporate relocation department that brings buyers world wide to our sellers doorsteps. Here are where our world wide offices are located, however, one recent online lead came from Dubai, so these offices are not limited to the country in which they reside. With our online multi-media exposure and Prudential – we are the best positioned to find a buyer for your home.
  • This is just a sample marketing plan and based on your needs and feedback today, I will develop a marketing plan for your property specifically suited to your home. As you can see, many preliminary steps need to be accomplished before placing your home on the market. I am ready to go to work for you.
  • Communication is a key concern for most sellers. Use this page to discuss the advantages of the OSASM Listing Presentation Reports and email updates. Preprint a customized Listing Presentation Report to present the sellers during the presentation. Print a sample Listing Activity Report email to demonstrate how you plan to stay in touch and keep sellers informed while their property is on the market. Suggested presentation reports • “ I know how important communication is to you and the Online Seller AdvantageSM gives us the capabilities to peek inside consumer activity that is specific to your area and your property as well as know up to the minute details on what online buyers are interested in and communicate that information back to you.” Comments about the Listing Presentation Report: • “ One feature of the Online Seller AdvantageSM program is our ability to capture the search activity of buyers from PrudentialRealEstate.com and many other Web sites and share that information with you in our exclusive Listing Presentation Report. This report highlights the number of registered buyers who are looking for property in your area and who have requested to be notified the minute a property like yours goes on the market.” • “ The report also highlights how many buyers are monitoring other listings in your area, and how many times last week and in the last 30-days your property would have been presented to potential buyers on prospective property searches.”
  • Suggested presentation points Comments about negotiating offers : • “ All of our efforts to market your property have one aim -to attract offers from ready, willing and able buyers. Let me explain what happens when we get an offer.” • “ When an offer comes in, I’ll explain it, answer your questions, and indicate the choices available to you. You’ll always have three choices -accept the offer as-is, reject it completely, or respond with a counter offer. I’ll be your contact with the buyers, through their agent, and I’ll work for you to negotiate an agreement that is satisfactory to you.” • “ Do you have any questions about how offers are negotiated?” Comments about the settlement process: • “ After you’ve reached an agreement with the buyers, our one goal will be to ensure a successful closing. This will be a busy time for me. Most of my work will be behind the scenes and should involve a minimum of concern and hassle for you.” • “ I’ll work with the buyer’s broker and others involved in the transaction to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to, and that the sale is moving along on schedule. This includes monitoring progress of the buyer’s loan. If any unforeseen problems arise, it’s my job to help work out a solution that is in your best interests.” • “ Communication is a high priority with me. Be assured that I’ll stay in touch with you and keep you posted on everything you need to know throughout the entire transaction.” • “ Are there any areas of the settlement process that you would like to know more about?” Comments about after-sale service: • “ Be assured, I will follow up with you after the transaction closes to make sure that everything has been accomplished to your satisfaction.” • “ You mentioned that you will be relocating to [seller’s destination location], and I can provide information and relocation assistance for you.”
  • Who We Are This section of the Homeselling Proposal gives the sellers additional information about you, your company and Prudential Real Estate. It will help build the sellers’ confidence and strengthen your professional relationship. Sellers often dread that a listing presentation will be a high-pressure sales pitch -a fear that is confirmed when sales professionals talk too much and too early about themselves and their companies. The focus of a listing presentation must be the sellers and their property -how you, your company and Prudential Real Estate are the best choice to meet their needs. This section contains the following pages: • How I Can Help You • Customized Sales Professional Page • Customized Local Company Page • Core Values • Prudential Real Estate – Who We Are • Prudential Relocation – Connecting Buyers and Sellers • Homeselling Services Commitment
  • How I Can Help You How to use this page Homesellers don’t necessarily understand how you can help them -in fact, they may not be convinced they need you at all! It is important that they understand the complexity and value of your work. This customizable page clarifies your role as a service-oriented professional the sellers can rely on. Be sure to emphasize issues that the sellers have shown an interest in (such as frequent communication or handling important details). This page is an excellent introduction to the Homeselling Services Commitment, which explains in detail the specific ways you will help the sellers. Suggested presentation points • “ You’ll discover that I wear many hats. It’s my job to manage the marketing of your property, negotiate with the buyers when an offer is submitted, and coordinate all the details for a successful closing. Along the way, I’ll be available to consult with you whenever you have questions or concerns.” • “ My goal is to market your property successfully. Throughout this process, I’ll do my best to focus on your needs, interests and priorities.”
  • Customized Sales Professional Page How to use this page This page is all about you . It is your résumé – an entirely custom page that spells out your qualifications. As the sellers look over this page, they will ask themselves, “So what? What’s in it for us?” It is more important to highlight selected points that demonstrate how you successfully serve sellers than to list every accomplishment of your career. You can supplement this page with a selection of certificates, news clippings and testimonial letters from satisfied sellers. Suggested presentation points • “ We’re here today to talk about you, not me. But I do want you to know a little bit more about me. So when you have a minute you might want to look over this page that lists some of my professional accomplishments.” • “ I want you to have the confidence of knowing that you are putting the marketing of your home in the hands of someone who is serious about the real estate profession.” • “ Do you have any questions about my background or the services I provide?”
  • This is to establish that you are working for a credible firm – It’s the longest existing real estate firm in Greater Houston area It’s has listed more homes, sold more listings and closed more transactions and dollar volume than any other company in Houston. I say that not to brag but to give you confidence in our ability to get your home sold. We have a rich Houston heritage, a strong local presence and a connection to the local, state, national and international community.
  • Note: Do not rely on this sheet to give you the latest data figures. Consult the Intranet at the first of the year and quarterly for updates on these statistics. This and the following page is a table run directly from the Houston Association of Realtors ® Multiple Listing Service Company Ranking Report as of the dates reported. Bottom line, the ranking has stayed the same since 2007 – Listed more homes Sold more listings Closed more transactions and dollar volume than any other company in Houston. While it may not appear in the specific neighborhood you are getting a listing that these statistics ring true – the value to the seller is knowing that our market influence is city wide so sellers can benefit from local buyers.
  • This is what we stand for as a company and hold most dear in our relationships with our clients. You may want to include a page of your Core Values so sellers see that you personally live by a standard of service.


  • 1. Homeselling Proposal Prepared exclusively for Your Home 01/01/11 The Woodlands, TX Presented by Kathy Mann Pilcek Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® 9000 Forest Crossing The Woodlands, TX 77381 281-989-9647 [email_address] www.kathymannpilcek.com
  • 2. 1/11/11 Dear Home Owner Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the marketing of your property. Selling your home is an important decision for you and I understand that. My goal is to help you sell your property for the highest price attainable, within the time frame that fits your plans, and to make the home selling process as efficient, stress-free and successful as possible. The purpose of this Home Selling Proposal is to help guide you through the marketing process, to acquaint you with the current market activity in this area, and to explain how the Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® sales force [1,000 strong] and I, the orchestrator of the process, can assist you in achieving the sale of your property. My hope is that you will be delighted with your home selling experience. Again, thank you for allowing me to assist you in the marketing of your property. Very truly yours, Kathy Mann Pilcek
  • 3.  
  • 4.
    • Our commitment is to provide a results-oriented real estate
    • experience that will achieve the highest price possible for your home with the least inconvenience to your family and in a time frame that meet your needs.
    • As your marketing professional, I will:
    • Communicate with you on an agreed upon interval and method: phone, email, text message
    • Provide you with ideas and recommendations that will enhance the presentation of your home to the public and to the real estate community.
    • Develop a list of features that will more likely attract showings to the right buyers.
    • Schedule the dates you can expect completion of marketing activities including:
      • Multi-photo marketing on all web sites, provided web site accepts multiple photos under normal conditions.
      • Color flyers strategically distributed to generate activity
      • Mobilize the entire local market force of Realtor® members of the Multiple Listing Service®. This will include e-mail, text messaging or direct notification to those agents who have sold a home in your area in the last six months.
      • Place your home on multiple internet sites including GaryGreene.com where a potential buyer can contact me or make an appointment on-line.
      • Send daily or weekly Online Sellers Advantage Report which updates you on the market.
    • Periodically reevaluate the market, reviewing with you recent activity of sales and new listings.
    • Provide you with available feedback after showings, when received and be candid about suggestions that are made to improve our position. I will look for every opportunity to obtain an offer to purchase your home.
    • At your request, I will obtain information and a sample quote on insurance for your home in order to facilitate the sale.
    • Obtain information from the buyer on their ability to qualify for a mortgage before you are asked to take your home off the market for a contract.
    • My manager will be available to discuss any concerns with you.
    • When an offer is received on your home, I will diligently work as your advocate to help you achieve the highest price and the best terms possible. I will also be your advocate in the negotiation of repairs.
    • Coordinate all the closing procedures with the mortgage company, the title company, the appraiser, the inspectors, and the cooperating agent.
    12. Review your papers before closing, if available and attend the closing with you. Our Guarantee to You: If, during the listing period, you feel that I do not perform to this standard, you may talk with my manager and if your concerns can not be satisfied, Prudential GARY GREENE REALTORS® will release you from the listing. __________________________________ ____________________________________ Kathy Mann Pilcek - Prudential GARY GREENE, REALTORS® ______________________________________Seller ______________________________________Seller
  • 5. Identifying Your Goals
  • 6. Your Needs Come First The process of marketing and selling your home must match your objectives, priorities and needs. In order to best serve you, I will want to learn more about your plans, so please feel free to ask questions and share your concerns with me. The following worksheets on the topics outlined below can help me understand your goals and help us build a strong working relationship: ·The agency laws that may apply as we work together in the marketing and sale of your property . · The objectives you want to achieve from the sale of your home and the support you expect to receive from me. · How the home selling process should be tailored to fit the characteristics of your property.
  • 7. Agency Relationships When real estate professionals work with sellers and buyers, “agency” relationships are established. As you start working with a real estate professional, please ask for a clear explanation of the current agency laws in Texas, so that you understand these important issues. There are three kinds of agency relationships: · Buyer’s agent A “buyer’s agent” represents the buyer during the home buying process. The buyer’s real estate professional (agent) has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the buyer’s best interests including reasonable care, loyalty and confidentiality. · Seller’s agent A “seller’s agent” represents the interest of the seller and has a fiduciary responsibility of reasonable care, loyalty, confidentiality and disclosure to the seller. A seller’s real estate professional (agent) works to assist the seller in locating a buyer and in negotiating a transaction suitable to the seller’s specific needs. · Intermediary A broker may act as an intermediary between the parties if the broker complies with the Texas Real Estate License Act. The broker must obtain the written consent of each party to the transaction to act as an intermediary. The written consent must state who will pay the broker and set forth the broker’s obligations as an intermediary. The broker is required to treat each party honestly and fairly and to comply with the Texas Real Estate License Act. A broker who acts as an intermediary in a transaction: 1. shall treat all parties honestly; 2. may not disclose that the owner will accept a price less than the asking price unless authorized in writing to do so by the owner; 3. may not disclose that the buyer will pay a price greater than the price submitted in a written offer unless authorized in writing to do so by the buyer; and 4. may not disclose any confidential information or any information that a party specifically instructs the broker in writing not to disclose unless authorized in writing to do so or required to do so by the Texas Real Estate License Act or a court order or if the information materially relates to the property condition.
  • 8. Understanding Your Expectations The following questions will help me understand what is most important to you in the sale of your property.
  • 9. Appreciating Your Property Each property has special features that may interest buyers. Please tell me about your house.
  • 10. Homeselling Process Selling a home typically includes many of the following elements. I will be your resource and guide every step of the way.
  • 11. From Offer to Completed Sale When our marketing efforts bring a purchase offer, I will:
    • Negotiate the agreement
      • Explain the offer to you and answer your questions.
      • Help you determine the best course of action by pointing out potential advantages and disadvantages of the offer and clarifying the choices available to you.
      • Prepare an Estimate of Net Proceeds based on the proposed price and terms.
      • Negotiate through the buyer’s agent, and handle possible counter offers, to reach a final agreement that is favorable to you.
    • Complete the transaction
      • Explain to you in detail all the steps that will occur for a successful closing, and answer any questions you might have.
      • Work with the buyer’s broker, settlement officer, title officer and others to help coordinate their activities and keep the transaction moving forward.
      • Monitor progress of inspections, the buyer’s loan and other contingencies as called for in the purchase contract. Resolve questions or problems that might arise, in order to ensure a timely closing.
      • Accompany the buyer and buyer’s agent during their final walk-through of the property.
      • Assist you in handling details required for the completion of the transaction.
      • Communicate with you on a regular basis so that you can stay informed and as worry-free as possible.
    • Follow up after the sale closes
      • Confirm that all your real estate-related needs have been met, and provide information on service providers you may require.
      • Offer relocation assistance, if moving to a new area.
      • Help you locate a new home, if remaining in this area.
  • 12. Preparing Your Property For Sale
  • 13. Important Ways That Help Promote Your Property
    • By attracting and providing peace of mind to prospective buyers, these steps can enhance the salability of your property:
    • Written disclosure
    • A written property disclosure statement will give buyers a clear understanding of this property and the surrounding neighborhood.
    • Home warranty
    • A home warranty can give prospective buyers peace of mind by providing
    • repair-or-replace coverage of major home operating systems and appliances. We recommend American Home Shield or First American Home Warranty. They are financially sound and have a quality commitment to us to provide excellent service to our clients.
    • Professional home inspections
    • Professional inspections, such as structural, roof and termite will reveal the current condition of the property. We recommend a pre-inspection.
    • This buys you great peace of mind because any issues sited on an
    • inspection can be remedied before the buyer’s inspection sites it. A
    • pre-inspection saves you time; it can save you money and in many cases, can keep the buyer motivated to purchase the home.
    • Staging
    • Homes that are staged derive an average 6% higher sales price than non-staged homes and have proven to shorten market time. Staging enhances multi-photo marketing online and in brochures by enriching the look and feel of your home. Let’s review the Interior and Exterior Staging Checklists together.
    • Multi-photo marketing
    • Rich professional photography also helps sell your home online. We take extra care in presenting a great online experience by showcasing your home online.
  • 14. You Are the Key Player on the Homeselling Team No one has a more important role in the home selling process than you. Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale:
    • Maintain the property in ready-to-show condition.
    • Ensure that the house is easily accessible to real estate professionals (lock box and key).
    • Try to be flexible in the scheduling of showings.
    • When you are not at home, let me know how you can be reached in case an
    • offer is received.
    • If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate
    • professional, please contact me. Do not allow them into the property
    • unescorted.
    • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash and prescription medications.
    • If possible, do not be present when the property is being shown.
    • Securely pen up pets, or take them with you.
    • Be cautious about saying anything to buyers or their sales professionals that could weaken your negotiating position, especially regarding price or your
    • urgency to sell.
    • Collect the business cards of real estate professionals who preview and show
    • your home, and pass them on to me.
    • Let me know of any change in the property’s condition that would need to
    • be disclosed to potential buyers.
    • Be available to review with me the list price and condition of your property
    • if it has not sold in a reasonable period of time.
    • Contact me at any time with questions or concerns.
  • 15. How Will Buyers See Your Property? It is important for a property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers. The following can interfere with a buyer’s appreciation of a property:
    • Exterior
    • Clutter
    • Lawn needs mowing and edging
    • Untrimmed hedges and shrubs
    • Dead and dying plants
    • Grease or oil spots on the driveway
    • Peeling paint
    • Anything that looks old or worn
    • Interior
    • Worn carpets and drapes
    • Soiled windows, kitchen, baths
    • Clutter
    • Pet and smoking odors
    • Peeling paint, smudges or marks on walls
    A comparatively small investment in time, money and effort to remove these distractions can lead to stronger offers from buyers.
  • 16. Staging Checklist for Home Exterior
  • 17. Staging Checklist for Home Interior
  • 18. Recommendations for Creating A Competitive Property The following enhancements will help establish a strong market position for your property. (Home Owner) (Kathy Mann Pilcek, Prudential Gary Greene Realtors) Property address:15 Vinca Trail, The Woodlands TX 77382
    • Exterior
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Entry/Living/Dining/Family room
    • Bedrooms
    • Garage/Basement
    • Other
    Prepared for: By: Date:
  • 19. Showing Checklist To Show Off Your Home – Every Time! These tips can help your house make the best impression every time. It is previewed by sales professionals or shown to prospective buyers:
    • Exterior
    • Remove toys, newspapers, yard tools and other clutter.
    • Tidy up; pick up after pets.
    • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street; leave the driveway clear.
    • Add color with flowers and potted plants.
    • Interior
    • Make beds; clean up dishes; empty wastebaskets.
    • Remove clutter throughout; organize closets and cupboards; put away toys.
    • Set out “show towels” in baths.
    • Freshen the air; potpourri or baked bread aroma; deodorize pet areas; set comfortable temperature.
    • Do quick vacuuming and dusting.
    • Arrange fresh flowers throughout.
    • Fire in fireplace (when appropriate).
    • Turn off television; play soft background music.
    • Open drapes and shades; turn on lights.
  • 20. Establishing a Pricing Strategy
  • 21. Understanding Market Value Market-sensitive pricing can be the key to maximum Market exposure and, ultimately, a satisfactory sale.
    • The existing pool of prospective buyers determines a property’s
    • value, based on:
      • Location, design, amenities and condition.
      • Availability of comparable (competing) properties.
      • Economic conditions that affect real property transactions.
    • Factors that have little or no influence on the market value
    • of a house include:
      • The price the seller originally paid for the property.
      • The seller’s expected net proceeds.
      • The amount spent on improvements.
    • The impact of accurate pricing:
      • Properties priced within market range generate more
      • showings and offers, and sell in a shorter period of time.
      • Properties priced too high have a difficult time selling.
  • 22. Determining a Market Sensitive Price An impartial evaluation of market activity is the most effective way to estimate a property’s potential selling price. A Comparative Market Analysis is an x-ray of the market and considers similar properties that: Have sold in the recent past ∙ This shows us what buyers in this market have actually paid for properties similar to yours. Are currently on the market ∙ These are properties that will be competing with yours for the attention of available buyers . Failed to sell ∙ These homes were rejected by the market place. Understanding why these properties did not sell can help avoid disappointment in the marketing of your property.
  • 23. What happens when you price your home beyond market range? An asking price that is beyond market range can adversely affect the marketing of a property.
    • Fewer buyers are attracted, and fewer offers received.
    • Marketing time is prolonged, and initial marketing momentum is lost.
    • The property attracts “lookers” and helps competing houses look
    • better by comparison.
    • If a property does sell above true market value, it may not appraise,
    • and the buyers may not be able to secure a loan.
    • The property may eventually sell below market value.
  • 25. ENTER CMA HERE If you are conducting a two-step listing proposal, tell the sellers that after we conduct the preliminary steps of preparing the home for sale, [staging checklist, de-personalize, de-clutter, and clean] you will return with a competitive market analysis based on a staged home and take professional photographs. The estimate of net proceeds can be left behind to help them determine any pay-off. Fees on their loans and current loan balances, etc.
  • 26.
    • Property address:
    • Seller’s Credits
    • Sale price $_________
    • Other $__________
    • ∙ Property tax proration
    • ∙ Homeowner’s insurance ∙ refund (prorated)
    • Total Seller’s Credits $ _______________
    • Seller’s Costs
    • First loan payoff $
    • Second loan payoff $
    • Settlement agent fee $
    • Miscellaneous settlement/
    • Closing fees $
    • Attorney fee $
    • Inspections (not including
    • (corrective work) $
    • Real estate brokerage fee
    • Listing broker $
    • Selling broker $
    • Home warranty $ Other $
    • Other $
        • ∙ Property tax proration
        • ∙ Corrective work
        • ∙ Other liens and encumbrances
    • Total Seller’s Costs $
    • Estimated Net Proceeds $
    • Prepared for:
    • )
    • By: ____________________________________________________
    • (Sales Professional’s name and Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors ® )
    • Date:
  • 27. Marketing Your Property
  • 28. Consumer Research on Home Buying To successfully promote your property to the market, it is important to know how buyers found a home recently. Our marketing strategies are designed to target the major buyer resources found in the consumer research chart above because they are the most likely to result in a buyer for your home.
  • 29. The Goals Of Effective Marketing To successfully promote your property to the market, a comprehensive plan of targeted activities is essential. Our marketing program has three aims:
    • Promote directly to prospective buyers
      • The Internet [how 37% of buyers found their home.]
      • Yard sign [how 11% of buyers found their home.]
      • Open houses [how 11% of buyers combined with yard signs found home.]
      • Our on-site new home sales division resale referral program [how 4% of buyers found their home]
      • Print newspaper [how 2% of buyers found their home.]
      • Fine Homes International Portfolio magazine and ezine [how .5% of buyers found their home.]
      • The mobile community – via QR code on flyers / yard sign [not available until now]
      • Social media – via sharing and postings on homes’ unique aspects.
    • 2. Enlist the efforts of other real estate professionals [how 38% of buyers found their home]
    • 3. Maintain communication with you
      • Review the results of our marketing activities
      • Consult with you to fine-tune our marketing strategy, as needed
  • 30. I. Enlist the Efforts of Other Real Estate Professionals
    • Office Tour
    • You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Once your home is staged and in market ready condition, I’ll post it for tour by our agents.
    • Productive Agent Target Marketing
    • The 20% of agents that get you 80% of the results. I have e-mail addresses of all agents that have listed and sold homes in this area within the last year. These agents are the ones most likely to show and sell your home. The minute you endorse my marketing efforts, they will receive property details on your home in their inbox. In this way, those most likely to sell your home won’t have to search the Multiple Listing Service for it – I will personally invite them to tour your home and bring a buyer.
    • Productive Showing Agent Contact
    • We have a Centralized Showing Service for our entire Houston operations. I will review the showing reports throughout the term of our listing agreement in search of agents with buyers that are showing homes that match yours. I will call them and invite them to show your home while they are working with an actual buyer! Very effective.
      • *National Association of Realtors® 2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
  • 31. I. Enlist the Efforts of Other Real Estate Professionals We have a great working relationship with all of these brokers + in the market and they have a stake in selling your home. We make a unilateral offer to pay them one half of our commission to sell your home. They are an integral part of our marketing force.
  • 32. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers National Advertising
    • Advertising plays an important role in building your name and identity among consumers. Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services invests millions of dollars generating top-of-mind awareness among hundreds of millions of potential home buyers and sellers through television, cable, print and real estate websites
  • 33. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers When you market your home with me, you get exposure on Houston’s highest trafficked real estate web site:
    • Higher exposure from a full feature display
    • Relocation tools for home buyers.
    • Explore the neighborhood for home buyers.
    • Houston Market Graphs by neighborhood on the
    • home page.
    • Features “share your listing” on social media sites to
    • expand awareness.
  • 34. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers The Internet: In 2010, 37% of all buyers found their home on the Internet and 99% of all buyers used the Internet as a resource to find their home.* Potential buyers will have instant access to information about your property through our industry-leading Web site network. Your home will be displayed on the following buyer-targeted web sites. * National Association of Realtors® 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
  • 35. 1. Promote directly to prospective buyers TOTAL MONTHLY MINUTES SPENT ONLINE (NATIONWIDE COMPARISON, in millions) 232 Source: comScore Media Metrix, September 2010
    • I focus on REALTOR.com ®
    • where more consumers spend the most time
  • 36. 1. Promote directly to prospective buyers Realtor.com Listing Showcase Benefits
    • The REALTOR.com® Facebook® application is a non-intrusive way that I can keep my network apprised of your listing
  • 37. 1. Promote directly to prospective buyers
    • • Enable your home to rise to the top of the search above all other homes by adding more photos.
    Realtor.com Listing Showcase Benefits HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS?
  • 38.
    • I will make your home stand out with a virtual tour optimized for mobile from Toor.me
    1. Promote directly to prospective buyers Realtor.com Listing Showcase Benefits HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS? Over 173 million Americans watch tours and videos on the internet every month Source: comScore, January 2010: Top U.S. Video Properties by Videos Viewed.
  • 39.
    • Buyers driving through the neighborhood can:
    • - Find your home, get directions and a map
        • - Connect with me in one “click” to get details and make an appointment
    1. Promote directly to prospective buyers Realtor.com Listing Showcase Benefits HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS? Toor.me tours and the corresponding yard sign QR code is optimized for all cell phones. Buyers who already want this location find me through REALTOR.com® iPhone marketing
  • 40. 1.Promote directly to prospective buyers
  • 41.
    • National and international advertising
    • The Prudential Financial name is among the most widely recognized brands in the United States
    • Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services spend millions of dollars in advertising each year so home buyers know the sign in your front yard.
    • Realtor.com – your listing will be branded and featured to attract interest and generate buyers for your home.
    • Local advertising
    • Houston Chronicle – Sunday Real Estate edition and Thursday’s Neighborhood News to peak interest of local buying audience.
    • Fine Homes Magazine – direct mailed, eZine on our web site and distribution to all offices citywide.
    • Billboards located throughout Houston to drive traffic to our web site to view our listings.
    • Additional marketing programs
    • [ Homebuyers seminars you do and how they can benefit the seller]
    • [Direct mail campaigns you do and how they can benefit the seller]
    • [Open Houses and other community-wide activities, and how they can benefit the seller]
    Our innovative and aggressive advertising and marketing activities will help attract qualified buyers to your property. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers
  • 42. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers
  • 43. 2. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers OUR PORTFOLIO OF FINE HOMES MAGAZINE Designed and created for upscale homes price $500,000 and above, the magazine is published 3 times a year. Distribution : Distributed in bulk to 25 offices citywide for agent distribution. Corporate relocation packets and incoming employees Direct-mailed to move up neighborhoods determined prior to publication. Can be found on www.GaryGreene.com/eFineHomes Online edition of Portfolio can be found in a link and ad to the right of all detail property views of listings on www.GaryGreene.com .
  • 44. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers
  • 45. III. Maintain communication with you A MARKETING PLAN FOR YOUR PROPERTY The following marketing activities will promote your property to prospective buyers and their real estate professionals. Property address: The Woodlands TX
    • Take multiple pictures of your home [First visit] [During appointment]
    • Review pictures with consultants for staging advice [Next day]
    • Walk-through with Interior and Exterior Staging Checklist [To be arranged]
    • Staging make-ready for photo shoot [As per seller]
    • Take pictures for multi-photo marketing on web & brochures [Fill in the date]
    • Install lock box with key [Fill in the date]
    • Install yard sign Week of ­­__/_­­_
    • Enter property into MLS and on www.GaryGreene.com Week of ­­__/__
    • Listing distribution to web sites described in Internet section [Pre-scheduled feeds]
    • Subscribe property to Online Sellers Advantage for daily
    • updates on status of the market and online buyer activity Daily until it sells
    • Promote to Prudential Real Estate sales professionals at
        • office meeting Weekly
    • E-mail co-op agents who have listed or sold in area Week of __/__
    • Deliver home brochures to the property Week of __/__
      • Preview for Prudential Real Estate sales professionals Week of __/__
        • Real estate professionals preview Week of __/__
      • Advertise in newspaper Week of __/__
    • Review CSS company network report to find homes being
    • shown that match price and amenities of subject property Weekly
      • Open House Week of __/__
    • Feedback from Showing Service Realtor feedback As received
    • Distribute “Just Listed” eCards and postcards Week of __/__
    Prepared for: (Home Owner) By: (Kathy Mann Pilcek, Prudential Gary Greene Realtors) Date: Marketing Tactic Implementation
  • 46. Online Sellers Advantage What our daily e-mail reports look like. Note: If you prefer weekly updates to daily, we can accommodate you. However, e-mail relies on so many technologies to get through to the recipient that daily is more reliable. Would you prefer daily or weekly reports? III. Maintain communication with you
  • 47. III. Maintain communication with you FROM OFFER TO COMPLETED SALE
    • When our marketing efforts bring a purchase offer, I will:
    • Negotiate the agreement
      • Explain the offer to you and answer your questions.
      • Help you determine the best course of action by pointing out potential advantages and disadvantages of the offer and clarifying the choices available to you.
      • Prepare an Estimate of Net Proceeds based on the proposed price and terms.
      • Negotiate through the buyer’s agent, and handle possible counter offers, to reach a final agreement that is favorable to you.
    • Complete the transaction
      • Explain to you in detail all the steps that will occur for a successful closing, and answer any questions you might have.
      • Work with the buyer’s broker, settlement officer, title officer and others to help coordinate their activities and keep the transaction moving forward.
      • Monitor progress of inspections, the buyer’s loan and other contingencies as called for in the purchase contract. Resolve questions or problems that might arise, in order to ensure a timely closing.
      • Accompany the buyer and buyer’s agent during their final walk-through of the property.
      • Assist you in handling details required for the completion of the transaction.
      • Communicate with you on a regular basis so that you can stay informed and as worry-free as possible.
    • Follow up after the sale closes
      • Confirm that all your real estate-related needs have been met, and provide information on service providers you may require.
      • Offer relocation assistance, if moving to a new area.
    • Help you locate a new home, if remaining in this area.
  • 48. Who We Are
  • 49. How I Can Help You I will apply my knowledge and expertise to achieve the successful sale of your property. Here is what you can expect from me: ● Your needs, interests and objectives will be my top priority. ● I will want to learn what is important to you, so I can help you attain your real estate goals. ● I will give you reliable information and solid advice so that you can make informed decisions. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. ● I will work for your best interests at every stage of the home selling process, from the development and implementation of a Marketing Plan, through the negotiation of future offers, to the final settlement of the transaction. ● Communication is important. We will want to agree to a system of regular contacts (whether in person, on the phone, by mail, fax or email) so I can keep you up-to-date on the progress of the transaction. It is my hope that you will be so pleased with my service that you will turn to me for advice on your future real estate needs.
  • 50. Kathy Mann Pilcek, CRP,GMS
    • Here are some things you might like to know about me:
    • An active member of the community
    • ∙ I have lived and worked in The Woodlands area over 15 years.
    • ∙ Active in the PTA, Sunshine Kids and other community organizations.
    • An experienced real estate professional
    • ∙ Member of the Houston Association of REALTORS ® .
    • Global Mobility Specialist and Certified Relocation Specialist
    • ∙ My experience covers more than 20 years of Real Estate and Relocation in both Texas and California
    • With more than 7 years of Real Estate experience in California, including owning and operating a real estate franchise.
    • ∙ I apply the latest technology solutions to meet my clients’ real estate needs.
    • My clients’ interests and concerns come first, and I maintain continual communication throughout the home buying process.
    • I am ready to help you market your property!
    Kathy Mann Pilcek Realtor Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors®
  • 51. About Prudential GARY GREENE, REALTORS® What distinguishes Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® from others? A rich heritage ∙ Founded in 1963 in Houston by Gary Greene, the founder is still associated with Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors®. The company is the longest existing real estate firm in Houston. ∙ Locally owned and operated by partners, Mark Woodroof and Marilyn Eiland. ∙ Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® is in the Top Ten Ranking in Gross Commission Income in Prudential Real Estate Services and was ranked Number 42 nationally in 2010 by Real Trends in the Top 100 Brokers by closed transactions. A strong local presence ∙ From 2006-2010, Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® listed more homes, sold more listings and closed more transactions than any other broker in Houston. In 2009, we accomplished all of the above and closed more dollar volume in sales than any other company. ∙ The company has 25 offices [17 company-owned and 8 affiliates] that are strategically spread across the Houston Metropolitan area. ∙ Our corporate relocation department and e-leads department handle hundreds of moves every year. A connection to the community ∙ We support the local chapter of Sunshine Kids, helping children who are recovering from cancer. In 2010, we raised over $362,000 that went directly towards children with cancer. ∙ Our office sponsors community events to support the Sunshine Kids. ∙ We have helped hundreds of families relocate here and get settled in the community. We understand. Results matter.
  • 52. How We Rank in Productivity as a Company in Houston
  • 53. Core Values
    • Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services are guided by these core values:
    • Worthy of Trust
    • Our heritage reinforces the need to safeguard our customers’ interest.
    • We keep our promises and behave with integrity at all times.
    • Customer Focused
    • We believe the best way to win customers is to earn them. Our goal is not to simply attract them, but to gain them as customers for life.
    • Respect for Each Other
    • We maintain an environment where innovative, service oriented sales professionals work collaboratively to exceed our customers’ expectations.
    • Winning Attitude
    • We strive to anticipate our customers’ needs and proactively provide them with the best possible advice and solutions.
    • Quick Facts
      • Approximately 64,000 sales professionals
      • 170.6 Billion in Sales Volume
      • 483,000 Transactions
      • Nearly 2,100 Offices