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  • 1. where inventors meet investors…MYVENTURE.CO.IN1
  • 2. A THREE SERVICE PORTALMyVentureShare an IdeaFund YourStartupFund YourSmallBusiness2
  • 3. SHARE AN IDEA Share an idea which you want to see on the market. Join with people around the globe to work on an idea. See or write ideas in different categories. Keep most liked ideas on home page to increase userinterest. Let people know bya) holding competitions at IIT’s , IIM’s and mediumscale colleges like VJTI, TSEC and get a fewhundred biz ideas. 3
  • 4. SHARE AN IDEAb) Conducting city level competitions at radio stationsc) Make it compulsory to sign up to share or commentor like an idea. Source of Income: AD’s Time: 8-12 months. Return: large and highly demographic user base.4
  • 5. FUND YOUR STARTUP The 2nd service of MyVenture is “CrowdFunding” -- only crowdsourcing website in India What is Crowd Funding? Why Crowd Funding? Why would the crowd give money?5
  • 6. FUND YOUR STARTUP USP: Start a free campaign, cheapest crowd funding inIndia (8% or 16%), campaigners are verified, largertimeframe, referral system and follow button. 3-way win-win situation:1. Startup doesnt have to approach angels. Just startthe business and rock the world !!2. Crowds enjoy perks or equities.3. MyVenture earns through AD’s, premiumcampaigns, customized designs, money roll overand % commission. Also we get a quality user-basewhich is very crucial. 6
  • 7. FUND YOUR SMALL BUSINESS Applicable to businesses that are already in operationbut relatively new and need larger investment. Only after 2 yrs of else no investorconfidence. (After the Breakeven point) USP: MyVenture investment section provides an optionkeep your valuable ideas public or private as per theinventor’s wish. Sources of income:1. Fees from inventors to register their detailed idea inthe form of Basic, Professional or Advanced plan. 7
  • 8. FUND YOUR SMALL BUSINESS2. Let us make your application eye-cachy andattractive to the investors.3. 1% commission from inventors and investors ifangel investment is given.4. Free online counseling & mentorship with investorof concerned field for advanced account holders.For basic and pro account holders a charge of Rs.500/- and others Rs. 1100/- Time: 5-6 months. Return: better branding, professional user base andmore sources of income. 8
  • 9. REVENUE MODELYear 1 Year 2 (BEP) Year 3 Year 4RevenueStreamOnly AD’s CrowdFundingand AD’sCrowdFunding, AD’sandinvestors.CrowdFunding, AD’s,investors &recruitersRevenue 35-40,000 9 L + 70,000 =9.7 L12 L +70,000 +2.5 L = 15.2L15 L + 1 L +2.5 L + 1.7 L= 20.2 LExpenses 2.6 L 3.1 L 6.1 9.1 LNet -2.2 L 6.6 L 9.1 L 11.1 L9Average yield per crowdfunding = 20,000Average yield per investment = 20,000Homepage Design & Listing revenue per year = 60,000(Year2/Campaigns)
  • 10. SO HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT ? Generally personal contacts needed for funding astartup which is a major reason for less innovativenessin India. CROWDFUNDING:1. Angels don’t invest in small amounts2. Angels take away almost 1/4th stake3. Angels make sure that all possibilities of personaland family money are exhausted by the inventor.4. Angels occupy a space on board of directors andvirtually run the company.10
  • 11. SO HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT ? In case of angel investment confidentiality of the idea ismaintained A unique solution: 24 hr 365 days availability ofopportunities. Highly followed or liked idea often get funded and turninto reality. The users can also upload their videos on the portal.This removes the misconception that “a person cannotdescribe their idea online” 11
  • 12. SO HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT ? Competitions, cash prizes, etc. keeps a buzz amongstthe youngsters and encourage them to think out-of-the-box. Most of the process is online – ecofriendly andsustainable. “A Social Network Service For BuddingEntrepreneurs…” You can follow businesspersons andcommunicate with them! All you need is a dream and ability to express. 12
  • 13. INNOVATIVENESS Very few or no solutions presently give opportunitieswith no time or place restrictions. Mission of MyVenture is to provide an open and moreconnected business world. We make sure that “Money does not come in the way ofinnovativeness” More Options: Investors too have a larger and little moreexperienced and highly demographic pool of people andideas. 13
  • 14. EXIT STRATEGY Exit Strategy implies maximizing the value of yourbusiness and the entrepreneurial venture. Merger Acquisition IPO Private Stock Exchange: Stock exchanges that allowinvestors to trade the shares of hot start-ups likeFacebook Inc before they go public (IPO). Twoexchanges, SharesPost and SecondMarket, are leadingthe way in the private stock exchange boom.14
  • 15. SCALABILITY This portal can enhance its services by offeringrecruiters talent. There will be many talented users in the user-basewhose campaign may have been unsuccessful(crowdfunding) or who actively participate insharing and enhancing ideas. We can give users a feature of adding “skills” and“recommendation” that can help recruiters. This can be another source of income (fromrecruiters and job seekers)15