5 Lead Generation Websites in South Africa


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Are you a small business owner/marketer is South Africa? Check out these top 5 lead generation websites in South Africa to generate better leads.

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5 Lead Generation Websites in South Africa

  1. 1. 5 Lead Generation Websites in South Africa
  2. 2. Sign Up for FreeIn an earlier post we had discussed about lead generationwebsites/local business directories in India, UK and USA.Here are the top lead generation websites in South Africa thatlocal businesses can use to generate leads.2
  3. 3. Sign Up for FreeFinditFindit listing site is a leading South African business directoryoperational for the last decade and a half.Over the years, this site which is a directory oftrade, commerce, industry and business opportunities in SouthAfrica has helped sellers get leads by letting them connect withbuyers directly.
  4. 4. Sign Up for FreeHow do you list your business on Findit?• As a marketer or a small business owner, it is vital that you post yourbusiness on this site to help consumers get to know you better. You canopt for a free listing which will include a logo of your company and link toyour business website.• However, for better exposure, you can also choose the map listing whichwill include the above mentioned features plus a map listing. This will helpyour customers locate you better on the map and reach you without afuss. This package will cost you around 20 Rands per month.• If this does not suffice, at 200 Rands per month, you can also choosethe featured listing. This ad will have similar features as a free ad and maplisting, but will be featured on the home page as a priority listing.• For further enquiries, you can call them up at 0861 10 64 06.
  5. 5. Sign Up for FreeBIZNIZThis lead generation website in South Africa is a fast growingbusiness directory.Adding your business to this site will help you drive traffic toyour website, increase your online presence and therebygenerate leads.
  6. 6. Sign Up for FreeHow do you list your business on BIZNIZ?• The basic plan to post your business on Bizniz is free.However, if you are looking for a premium ad listing, you canavail the same on this site.• This is how a paid ad works on this site – With eachposting, you earn a BIZbuck. You can then convert yourBIZbucks into advertising space on the website and post yourad. The moment you register your business, you will beawarded 100 BIZbucks. Every sign-up from a friend whom youhave invited to the site will also earn you 10 BIZbucks.• You can also purchase BIZbucks at 0.50c for 1 BIZbuck. Here isthe detailed rate card.
  7. 7. Sign Up for FreeAnanziAnanzi is South Africa’s first lead generation/classified site.Ananzi currently sees 4, 50 000 unique users and over 10 millionpage impressions per month, so adding your business to this sitewill sure give you an edge over the others OR at least make youeven with other competing businesses already listed on this site.
  8. 8. Sign Up for FreeHow do you list your business on Ananzi?• Advertising a website on Ananzi is absolutely free and you cando so by clicking on the ‘submissions’ tab on the home page.• Ananzi also has the option for a small businessowner/marketer to advertise his/her website/product.Advertising a business helps you promote yourcompany/business details better. Rates have not beenmentioned and you need to fill this form to get further details.• This lead generation site consists of two major segments: SASite Directory and Search Engine. In order to get your siteregistered into the search engine, you have to submit yourdetails to the SA Site Directory. Your business will then beapproved and added to the main Ananzi listing site.
  9. 9. Sign Up for FreeAardvarkThis lead generation website gets its name from a native SouthAfrican mammal of the same name which sniffs out ants fromlarge ant heaps…quite similar to the way customers/users sniffout a suitable business from a cluster of names.
  10. 10. Sign Up for FreeHow do you list your business on Aardvrak?You can either choose a free or paid ad on Aardvark.Here is the list of advertising options available on this lead generationwebsite:• Favourites: This will allow your business name to be added to theAardvark favorite’s tab which appears on each page just below thehome page logo. This will enhance your business exposure to a widersegment of the market.• Sponsored Link: As a marketer/small business owner, when youchoose this advertising option you get a customized link and 25specific keywords to help improve your web visibility.• Buttons: Aardvark also offers home page text button ads. You will get aspecial title that has been hyperlinked to your business website. Rateshave not been mentioned and you need to get in touch with themdirectly for the same. Email them at: onlineadsales@aardvark.co.za.
  11. 11. Sign Up for FreeSAyellowThis lead generation website is one of the oldest and mostcomprehensive online business directories in South Africa.This site puts details of more than 5 lakh companies on yourfingertips and vice versa for customers who are looking forcompany/business details.
  12. 12. Sign Up for FreeHow do you list your business on Sayellow?You can list your business on Sayellow for free which will gain you instant accessto millions of potential customers. A free add will include your companyname, website address, email address, physical address, telephone number, faxnumber, contact person and a description of your company in up to 1000 words.You can also opt for a paid listing which is called Priority Placement Ad.Apart from the benefits that an advertiser gets in a free ad, a Priority PlacementAd will get you:• Primary display in search results.• Brand button added to your business name.• Banner ad in your profile.• This package will cost you around 313.50 Rands per month.Your priority listing can also be displayed in other locations at an additional cost of156.75 Rands per month.
  13. 13. Sign Up for FreeYou can also try listing your business onAhooSalistingsOnline Business listBrabysYalwaDo comment and share which lead generation website/listingsites will you use to generate leads in South Africa?
  14. 14. Generate, Nurture and Follow your LeadsSoftware for Marketing and Lead Generation teamsTry a Lead Generation Software to gain visibility and enhance leadsSign up for free