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Description of Social Media & Collaboration service offerings from Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH

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Lpc service offerings

  1. 1. Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH Service Offerings February, 2014 Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  2. 2. Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH - Wide cross-functional expertise in digital & social media implementation Strategy & Implementation Coaching & Training • • • • • • Definition of overall strategy and objectives Maturity and readiness assessment Alignment to business objectives Project planning and roadmap design Assessment of quantitative and qualitative value (RoI) Online insights & analysis • • • • Identification of target audiences & user personas Content strategy & implementation Development of targeted content in varied formats (e.g., animated videos, infographics) Development of social media channel engagement tactics Communication strategy • • • • Content Creation & Activation 2 • • • • • Training and certification program development (e-learning or in-person) Individual and group training and coaching sessions Workshops and facilitation User guides, manuals and other training documentation Definition and development of digital & social media policy Development of social media channel operational guidelines Risks assessment and mitigation actions Design and implementation of internal structure (channel mgmt processes, governance, resources, support structure) Governance & Risk Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  3. 3. Lardi & Partner Consulting - Our Social Media tools / methodologies (1/3) Social Media Strategy Framework The step-by-step guide takes a company from the point of understanding the value of social media for business to the point of implementing a solution aligned with the company's strategic objectives and business context. Social Media Maturity Assessment Tool The tool is a 7-question assessment that leads users through several key elements to determine how well they have adopted social media within the structure of their organization. http://www.lardipartner.com/smma/ Social Media Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Social Business 3 The book introduces an integrated social media framework describing all possibilities of social media in a business and enterprise context. It focuses on ensuring sustainable use for social media along the business value chain. Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  4. 4. Lardi & Partner Consulting - Our Social Media tools / methodologies (2/3) Social Media Training & Certification Social Media Health Check An assessment of all the social media activities in a company, intended to enable the identification of potential risks and gaps for improvements. Animated Video Design & Development 4 Social media training and certification modules to enable employees on the proper use of social media for business. Concept design, script and development of animation videos to Use an engaging explainer video or animation to promote product or service, raise awareness, tell strategic story, announce a new policy, summarise report findings, walk through a process, explain a concept or publish a how-to guide. Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  5. 5. Lardi & Partner Consulting - Our Social Media tools / methodologies (3/3) Social Media Policy Content Creation 5 Social Media Policy creation and communication approach to ensure the content is well understood, disseminated organisation-wide, and operationalised. Creation of creative content that fits the format of social media and collaboration channels, promotes engagement and activates specific calls to action. Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  6. 6. Thank you @KamLardi lardistrategy.com slideshare.net/kamalesn ch.linkedin.com/in/kamaleslardi xing.com/profiles/Kamales_Lardi Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC
  7. 7. Confidential. Do not copy or re-distribute ©LPC