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Complex to simple

  1. 1. Complex to simpleRule-1: if the subject of two clause ofcomplex sentence includingsince/as/when is same and bothclause have main verb then you haveto make it into simple by following thegiven formula :V+ ing of 1st clause + the rest of theverb + comma + 1st clause ar subject +the rest
  2. 2. Example:Since the old man killed the bird, hebrought bad luck to the crew.Killing the bird, the old manbrought bad luck to the crew.When the thief saw the police, heran away.Seeing the police, the thief ranaway.As I had forgotten him, I went out.Forgetting him, I went out.
  3. 3. Different: when the mutton chop arrived, shetook me to task.On the arrival of mutton chop, she took me totask.Rule-2: if the subject of two clause is differentand 1st clause hasam/is/are/was/were/has/have/had then tomake simple follow the rule given.Eliminate the since/as/when + in replace ofam/is/are/was/were use being orhas/have/had use having + 2nd clause.
  4. 4. Example:Since the weather was very cold,there were no birds and animals inthe snow covered country.The weather being very cold, therewere no birds and animals in thesnow covered country.When the meeting was over, wewent back home.The meeting being over, we wentback home.
  5. 5. Rule-3: if the subject of the two clause issame and the subordinate clause has beverb ( am/is/are/was/were/has/have/had)then make it simple in the following way.Because of in replace of since/as + thepossessive form of subject of 1st clause +being in replace of (am/is/are/was/were)or having in replace of (has/have/had) +the rest + comma + 2nd clauseExample:Since he was small, he could not workhard.
  6. 6. Because of his being small, he could notwork hard.Selim was loved by the teachers as he hadintegrity.Selim was loved by the teachers because ofhis having integrity.Rule-4: the rule of making simple includingrelative pronoun in complex sentence.Write from beginning up to the relativepronoun +eliminate the relative pronoun +eliminate the be verb + main verb + ing+the rest
  7. 7. Example:The writer lived in a cabin that belonged to theorphanage.The writer lived in a cabin belonging to theorphanage.A solar pond that absorbs heat from the sun cancook our food.A solar pond absorbing heat from the sun cancook our food.Village women who are sitting on the walkwaysmay enjoy gossiping.Village women sitting on the walkways mayenjoy gossiping.
  8. 8. Rule-5: the rule of making simple includingwhen in complex sentence which indicatestime.Eliminate the when + eliminate the subjectand verb after when + little time at/in +season in + age at the age ofExample:When it was daylight, I was half awakened bythe sound of chopping .At daylight, I was half awakened by the soundof chopping.When it is spring, the cuckoo sings.
  9. 9. In spring, the cuckoo sings.When he was four, he left his village .At the age of four, he left the village.But if the when doesn’t mean time ratherthan it means something is doing then atthe of + v + ing + the restExample:When it was raining, he woke up.At the time of raining, he woke up.
  10. 10. If the personal subject is used insubordinate clause including when thento make simple use possessivepronoun.Example:When they were playing, it began torain.At the time of their playing, it began torain.When I was eating, he came.At the time of my eating, he came.
  11. 11. Rule-6: to make simple of conditionalsentence including if negative complexsentence.Without + v + ing + rest + 2nd clauseExample:If you don’t work hard, you will not prosperin life.Without working hard, you will not prosperin life.If you don’t read attentively, you will notpass in the exam.
  12. 12. Without reading attentively, you will notpass in the exam. If the clause is affirmative then use by inreplace of without.Example:If you work hard, you can succeed in life.By working hard, you can succeed in life.Rule-7: to make simple including so that incomplex sentence.Write from beginning up to so + eliminateso up to may/might/can/could + to + therest of the sentence.
  13. 13. Example:He worked hard so that hecould proper in life.He worked hard to prosperin life.I read more so that I canmake a good result.I read more to make a goodresult.
  14. 14. Rule-8: to convert complex sentenceinto simple including so…………..thatuse the following rule.Use too in replace of so + place thesame thing up to that + eliminatefrom that to not + to + the restExample:He is so weak that he cannot walk.He is too weak to walk.
  15. 15. Rule-9 : to convert complex sentence into simpleincluding though/although use the following rule.Use inspite of in replace of though/although +possessive form of subject + being in replace ofam/is/are/was/were or having in replace ofhas/have/had or ( v+ing) + the rest + 2nd clauseExample:Though he tried heart and soul, he could not pass inthe exam.In spite of his trying heart and soul, he could notpass in the exam.Although the man has vast riches, he wants more.In spite of having vast riches, the man wants more.