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  • Designed by:kamal

Home automation ppt-kamal lamichhane Presentation Transcript

  • 1. AT Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Yelahanka Bangalore, India Submitted by:- Kamal Lamichhane 1NT11EC043
  • 2. Abstract view of project i. This project is mainly concerned with design a system that allows users, upon authentication, to remotely control and monitor multiple home appliances using a cell phone-based interface. ii. In this project we make the use of DTMF module and relay to control the circuitry.
  • 3. INTRODUCTION Home/Industrial automation system Home/ Industrial automation System Call Centers & Security system Industrial Devices Home Appliances Eg.Oven,AC, Fan etc.
  • 4. Project in Action – Cellular Phone Communication 4 Thermostat Fan Lamp ControlledDevices…
  • 5. Home automation system  Home appliances control system accessed by a remote device such as mobile phone or palm-top(pc) to allow a home owner to control, monitor and co-ordinate home appliances.  HACS is a system which provides various services to remotely operate on home appliances. The HACS system receives command from remote devices that are manipulated by users.
  • 6. Block diagram showing the system
  • 7. Need of Automation i. Saves time ii. Save money(long run) iii. Self maintenance iv. Security v. Makes life easier
  • 8. DTMF signals  Dtmf(direct tone multifrequency) is a signaling system for identifying the keys or better says the number dialed on a push button or dtmf keypad.  Dtmf is a multifrequency tone dialing system used by the push button keypads in phone and mobile sets to conveys the number or key dialled by the caller.  Dtmf has enabled the long distance signalling of dialling numbers in voice frequency range over telephone lines.  Dtmf as name suggests uses a combination of two sine waves tones to represent a key.
  • 9. DTMF frequency combination
  • 10. Dtmf signalling application  Dtmf tones are thus mainly used at the telephone switching centers for detection of dialled/called number.  IVR systems, call centers, security systems.  Dtmf tones were also used by terrestrial stations for turning on and shutting off remote transmitters.
  • 11. Cellular Phone Communication Technologies Considered  Tone Decoding (DTMF) Features  High Compatibility with all cell phone models  Limited user interaction  More prone to user error (uneditable)  Inefficient, time consuming  Additional hardware required (convert sound to binary)  Text Messaging (SMS) Features  Data transmitted in binary form (ASCII)  Message can be edited prior to sending
  • 12. Mobile N/W & Remote control  SMS Based  DTMF Based  GSM Based logging Mobile service Transmitter Antenna/ Tower Gsm/ Cdma N/w Receiver TowerMobile services
  • 13. Connection of circuit - Supply Relay Board bulb Motherboard C NO C-common NO-normally open Home appliances AC Fan Oven
  • 14. Relay
  • 15. System requirement 1.Hardware Requirement i. DTMF module ii. Relay (Required voltage ) iii. A mobile phone iv. AC devices eg.bulb,fan,ac etc. v. Motherboards
  • 16. . 2.Software Requirements:- i. RobotC ii. Hyper term for manual operation Programming is done in simple c language.
  • 17. Image of Connection
  • 18. Image of software RobotC
  • 19. Programming in RobotC
  • 20. Steps carried out for controlling the appliances
  • 21. QUERIES SECTION Wana ask queries ? ?